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1 This is why your migraine worsens during summer
2 Nutrition alert: One papaya (about 152 grams) contains...
3 Is there actually a 'best and worst time' to have foods like milk, fruits, sugar, curd, rice?
4 This rare disorder inhibits a person's ability to feel pain
5 Artificial sweeteners--yay or nay? What WHO has said
6 Know Your Body: Turns out, the human skeleton is replaced about every 10 years!
7 Can the cat-cow pose help pregnant women during labour and delivery?
8 Try this 'best Ayurvedic coolant' to relieve thirst, burning sensation, indigestion, and abdominal pain
9 Expert decodes 'water fasting' and if it is safe for you
10 To control daily calorie intake, you may want to replace regular banana with this bite-sized variety
11 Dwayne Johnson reveals he has struggled with 'two, three bouts of depression'
12 Why many women start shivering and shaking after delivering a baby
13 Nutrition alert: One muskmelon (about 552 grams) contains...
14 What causes unexplained bruising on the body?
15 Understanding the role of vitamins in skincare: From preventing wrinkles to moisturising
16 'Wondered what I did wrong': Dipika Kakar Ibrahim opens up about developing gestational diabetes
17 Decoding 'DHL,' the three aspects that may help prevent cancer naturally
18 Natural, effective remedies to lighten dark circles
19 Key molecular mechanism disrupting human biological clocks found
20 Mechanism regulating PTSD in female brains found
21 Poha vs. rice: Which is healthier for you?
22 African scientists are working to pool data that decodes diseases--a giant step
23 Animal health body urges bird flu vaccination to avoid pandemic
24 Experts say sprinting 'comes with some concerns' for diabetics--find out what they are
25 Nutrition alert: One pineapple (about 905 grams) contains...
26 Know your body: The average percentage of water in our bodies is...
27 Gene therapy helps combat some forms of blindness--and ongoing clinical trials are looking to extend these treatments to other diseases
28 This simple breathing exercise will help 'decrease body temperature and stay cooler'
29 In what ways does sleep affect memory?
30 Why you must drink adequate amounts of water during pregnancy
31 Wow! Turns out, doing this simple thing may help relieve back pain
32 And the best food items for weight loss are...
33 TB vaccine may have protective effect against Alzheimer's: Study
34 Anand Mahindra warns against dangers of early smartphone use by children: 'Incredibly disturbing'
35 Habits and dietary changes that can help you maintain strong bones
36 Here's what makes cucumber or kheera a 'treasure box of nutrients'
37 Can 'unnatural load' on the spine make your body undergo 'creep deformation'
38 Myth or fact: Mangoes cause zits and pimples
39 Heatwave warning in parts of north and central India; follow these measures to stay safe
40 Is loneliness really as damaging to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?
41 Here's how to choose between chia, flax, and hemp seeds based on your nutritional requirements
42 All about EFT, the 'holistic healing practice,' for anxiety relief
43 The strongest muscle in your body is...
44 Women, here are some medical terms you must know when pregnant
45 Sharon Osbourne shares extreme side effects of using weight loss injections; know more about these medications
46 8 myths about condoms you must stop believing right away
47 All you need to know about runner's toe and ways to prevent the painful condition
48 Let's find out if experts recommend the viral DIY aloe vera ice facial
49 Why the summer season can be 'challenging' for people with diabetes
50 Nutrition alert: One pomegranate (250 grams) contains...
51 World Thyroid Day: Ways to effectively diagnose and manage the condition among the elderly
52 Can traditional remedies like onion salad or raw mango with salt and cumin prevent heat stroke?
53 One of the best sources of iron for women during pregnancy and post childbirth is...
54 Do high top shoes actually reduce ankle sprain risk? Here's what the research says
55 The significance of 'chabeel,' and why it makes for an ideal summer drink
56 Can these 'eating mistakes' lead to diabetes?
57 Toothpaste as remedy for acne, warm water to open pores--some skincare myths busted
58 This healthy fruit can be enjoyed raw or as curry, jam, and jelly--take a guess at its name
59 Know Your Body: Until what age does the skull keep growing?
60 'Safeguarding a valuable biological resource': Know all about umbilical cord and stem cell banking in India
61 In the battle of melons, the winner is...
62 'Disease X': Decoding the unknown pathogen WHO says could cause a 'deadlier pandemic'
63 Chinese woman shouts daily at 6 am to boost lung capacity; does it really help?
64 A glass of falsa juice a day may help keep stomach aches at bay
65 Running through middle age found to delay aging-related memory problems
66 TikTok promotes vaping as a fun, safe and socially accepted pastime--and omits the harms
67 Is your PMS a living nightmare? You may be suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder
68 Researchers pitch for more studies, trials of medicinal plants for diabetes management
69 Guinness World Record: Open heart surgery patient survives longer than any other
70 On Menstrual Hygiene Day, Anshula Kapoor addresses period taboos with a powerful note
71 Menstrual Hygiene Day: Things teenagers need to understand about menarche
72 Insomnia medication could treat acting-out-dream behaviour with fewer side effects
73 US man dies from Powassan virus: Know all about the tick-borne illness
74 Five rare and unusual psychiatric syndromes--including one where people believe they are dead
75 Four things you should 'never' consume on an empty stomach
76 Know your body: You won't believe the number of taste buds babies have (hint: its way more than adults!)
77 8-year-old diagnosed with cancer after feeling constipated; is there a link between the two?
78 Headaches after exercise: here's why they happen--and how to prevent them
79 Anushka Sharma says 'grab that morning sunlight,' and we couldn't agree more
80 Nutrition alert: One apple (182 grams) contains...
81 World Digestive Health Day 2023: Vital signs of an ailing gut
82 Why mouth breathing while sleeping is harmful to health
83 From causes to diagnosis and things to avoid--all your questions about fatty liver disease answered
84 Morning, noon, evening, or night--when is the right time to check your weight?
85 To or not to consume: Almonds in summer
86 Turmeric: here's how it actually measures up to health claims
87 Nutrition alert: One peach (150 grams) contains...
88 Sugar: How much you should eat in a day, if artificial sweeteners are a good option, whether fruits are healthy substitutes
89 Study establishes link between strong leg muscles and better outcomes after heart attack; experts weigh in
90 Can foxtail millet or kagni help 'stabilise glucose release, reduce diabetes prevalence'
91 Understanding the potential impact of kajal on the eyes
92 Fact check: Should you drink cold drink after eating mangoes?
93 Divaswapna and other Ayurvedic remedies that will help you beat the summer heat
94 Babies are born with 305 bones that fuse to become 206 by the end of these many years
95 Doctor dog: how our canine companions can help us detect COVID and other diseases
96 Shweta Kawaatra shares signs that 'your liver needs some love'
97 World No Tobacco Day: Tracing the rise and incidences of oral cancer among men and women in the country
98 Between raw and roasted nuts, find out which you should pick (and why)
99 Hot vs. cold packs: Which one should you use and when
100 Nutrition alert: One medium-sized plum (66 grams) contains...
101 Foods that may help lower high uric acid levels
102 Ever wondered why you sleep better next to your partner? We've got the answer
103 You may be consuming these 5 'white poisons' unknowingly
104 Green tea for the skin: Dos and don'ts to keep in mind
105 Soha Ali Khan goes for a run in summer: Things to consider when exercising in the sweltering heat
106 Know Your Body: What is nerve flossing, and can it actually help ease numbness in the hands?
107 Nutrition alert: A chikoo (100 grams) contains...
108 You must absolutely avoid cooking shelled eggs in a microwave--find out why
109 Sia reveals autism spectrum diagnosis; know more about the condition
110 Experts on whether it is possible to 'overcome depression without medication'
111 Myth or fact: Rich in calcium, ragi is a healthy substitute for milk and other dairy products
112 Can sunglasses cause sunburn?
113 Why many Indians don't trust mental health advice
114 Salt or sugar: The 'primary culprit' behind hypertension is...