File Title
1 New method enables study of nano-sized particles--ScienceDaily
2 Rare 'warped' supernova revealed through space-time phenomenon predicted by Einstein
3 National economies recover faster when countries are powered by renewable energy, says new research
4 Technology demonstrations show the machine's [electric plane's] major components achieve the required performance--ScienceDaily
5 Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano is spewing 'vog' and may launch dangerous glass shards
6 New research provides a rapid and non-destructive method for identifying honey's botanical origin
7 Breaking through the limits of stretchable semiconductors with molecular brakes that harness light--ScienceDaily
8 Doctors identify never-before-seen genetic mutations that led to 2 children's insatiable hunger
9 Astronomers discover new link between dark matter and clumpiness of the universe
10 Campi Flegrei volcano edges closer to possible eruption--ScienceDaily
11 Mysterious rock art painted by Aboriginal people depicts Indonesian warships, study suggests
12 Virtual laboratory opens possibility for machine learning to understand promising class of quantum materials
13 Using photosynthesis for Martian occupation--while making space travel more sustainable--ScienceDaily
14 Metformin cuts risk of long COVID by 40% in patients with obesity, trial suggests
15 Climb in consumer food spending signals continued inflationary pressure
16 First hominin muscle reconstruction shows 3.2 million-year-old 'Lucy' could stand as erect as we can--ScienceDaily
17 Scientists discovered a crucial element for life gushing out of Saturn's icy ocean moon
18 How antelopes under threat from the climate crisis have responded to rising temperatures
19 SwRI helped find evidence for phosphorus in the liquid water ocean beneath the moon's icy surface--ScienceDaily
20 Research shows common antioxidant can be more beneficial through glycosylation
21 Building a new vaccine arsenal to eradicate polio--ScienceDaily
22 First illustration of the molecular machinery that makes cilia beat--ScienceDaily
23 Repentant ranchers rescuing Colombian wildlife
24 Some kangaroos didn't hop--ScienceDaily
25 Could the megalodon still exist today?
26 Mapping the evolution of E. coli's main virulence factor offers a refined drug target
27 Use of automation in the informed consent process for genomics research studies leads to wider reach and better understanding--ScienceDaily
28 Airport threatens Albania's fragile wild paradise
29 A new approach to optical communication that can be deployed with conventional technology.--ScienceDaily
30 Old, ultra-faint and metal-poor star cluster discovered
31 The Viking disease can be due to gene variants inherited from Neanderthals--ScienceDaily
32 Scientists develop new AI tool for gene discovery in clinical and research settings
33 Single-atom vacancies in atomically thin insulators created in ultra-high vacuum--ScienceDaily
34 Cosmic-ray 'GPS' system that tracks underground movement could change the way we respond to disasters
35 A 79-year-old mathematician may have just solved an infinite dimension puzzle that's vexed theorists for decades
36 Many urban waterways were once waste dumps. Despite restoration efforts, there's more to do to bring nature back
37 A new way to develop drugs without side effects--ScienceDaily
38 Endometriosis may be caused by a common gut bacteria, small study suggests
39 Study examines Southern Ocean warming and its climatic impacts
40 Scientists discover small RNA that regulates bacterial infection--ScienceDaily
41 Gigantic, 9.4-foot-long catfish is the largest ever caught
42 Algae blooms increase snowmelt in the Pacific Northwest by 20%
43 Quantum computer barely edged out supercomputer, showing utility of noisy quantum computers--ScienceDaily
44 Quantum computers could overtake classical ones within 2 years, IBM 'benchmark' experiment shows
45 Carbon mitigation payments can make bioenergy crops more appealing for farmers
46 Sun's coldest region stores secret to heating million-degree corona--ScienceDaily
47 Scientists discover the fastest stars ever seen in the Milky Way
48 New armored dinosaur named for museum professor
49 New images capture unseen details of the synapse--ScienceDaily
50 Octagonal' sword from Bronze Age burial in Germany is so well preserved it shines
51 Tiny nanopores can contribute to faster identification of diseases
52 Conflict in marriage less harmful for kids when dad keeps it constructive--ScienceDaily
53 Vast cemetery of Bronze Age burial mounds unearthed near Stonehenge
54 We've pumped so much groundwater that we've nudged the Earth's spin, says new study
55 A machine learning approach to freshwater analysis--ScienceDaily
56 Australia's 'worst female serial killer' freed after her children's deadly gene mutations come to light
57 Study investigates how young fish ingest plastic
58 New butterfly species named after Smithsonian's retired museum specialist
59 Dirtiest snow-year in the Wasatch accelerated snowmelt by 17 days in Utah, finds study
60 Night owls may die earlier because they tend to drink and smoke more, study suggests
61 In burned-out groves of giant sequoias, crews plant seeds of hope; will they survive?
62 El Nino, not avian flu, caused the deaths of hundreds of birds in Mexico, government says
63 Overfishing pushes reef sharks toward extinction: study
64 Viral video of deer eating a snake isn't as weird as you might think
65 Climate talks stymied by stand-off
66 Rare 1,760-pound goblin shark pregnant with 6 pups trawled up from Taiwan waters
67 Swiss rider Mader dies after ravine crash on Tour de Suisse
68 Vietnam drought dries up income
69 Global food supply at risk--ScienceDaily
70 Anderson localization of electromagnetic waves in three dimensions
71 Jelly-like material could replace metals as electrical interfaces for pacemakers, cochlear implants, and other electronic implants--ScienceDaily
72 Examining how plants develop different routes to replication
73 The shifting of mass and consequent sea level rise due to groundwater withdrawal has caused the Earth's rotational pole to wander nearly a meter in two decades--ScienceDaily
74 New technologies reveal the impact of circular economy on threatened species such as the Egyptian vulture
75 A new material developed by engineers exhibits 'record-breaking' vapor absorption--ScienceDaily
76 NASA's Curiosity rover snaps extremely detailed 'postcard' of Martian landscape after waking up from a 'brain-boosting nap
77 Researchers' analysis underpins new 2040 climate targets by EU advisors
78 Illusions are in the eye, not the mind--ScienceDaily
79 Researchers create new imaging technique based on photoswitchable Raman probe
80 10-year countdown to sea-ice-free Arctic--ScienceDaily
81 Scientists believe disorienting the malaria parasite may prevent it from causing harm
82 'Chiral bose-liquid state' is a new phase of matter--ScienceDaily
83 France to push shipping carbon tax at finance summit
84 Metamaterials with built-in frustration have mechanical memory--ScienceDaily
85 'Multiplicity of impact' from natural disasters affects Black people most
86 A scorching-hot exoplanet scrutinized by astronomers--ScienceDaily
87 Team discovers microbes thriving in groundwater and producing oxygen in the dark--ScienceDaily
88 More efficient supply chains mean more help for every euro donated
89 A cutting-edge experiment has revealed the quantum dynamics of one of nature's most crucial processes--ScienceDaily
90 Forest fire risks mount in drought-hit Nordic nations
91 Psychedelic drugs reopen 'critical periods' for social learning--ScienceDaily
92 Overcoming the trade-off between sub-nanometer size and high metal loading in meta cluster catalysts
93 Treatment creates steel alloys with superior strength and plasticity--ScienceDaily
94 The massive dam removal on the Klamath may save salmon but can't solve the West's water crisis
95 New diagnostic finds intact sperm in infertile men--ScienceDaily
96 Pulsars could help map the black hole at the center of the Milky Way
97 Astronomers discover new link between dark matter and clumpiness of the universe--ScienceDaily
98 Study describes first fossil record of thorn snails in the southern US
99 Tiny device mimics human vision and memory abilities--ScienceDaily
100 Climate warming pits geese against farmers in Finland
101 Metaverse could put a dent in global warming--ScienceDaily
102 Science news this week: Lucy's legs and ancient rock art
103 Nanoparticles deliver small interfering RNA to slow multiple myeloma
104 The finding contradicts previous assumptions about the role of mobile plate tectonics in the development of life on Earth--ScienceDaily
105 Is Africa splitting into two continents?
106 Remains of new species of duck-billed dinosaur found in Chile
107 Hybrid AI-powered computer vision combines physics and big data--ScienceDaily
108 New tracking device to keep better tabs on wolves
109 'Smart' drugs can decrease productivity in people who don't have ADHD, study finds--ScienceDaily
110 Jupiter's moon Europa may have had a slow evolution
111 Slowing deep Southern Ocean current may be linked to natural climate cycle--but melting Antarctic ice is still a concern
112 Finding can increase yield of a crop that feeds half the world--ScienceDaily
113 Why marine sponges suffer with rising temperatures
114 3D printing of glass without sintering--ScienceDaily
115 Light pollution is taking the sparkle out of glow-worm mating