File Title
1 Earth-sized alien planet gripped by widespread volcanism
2 Researchers develop AI tool to monitor coral reef health from space
3 Researchers develop imaging system to mimic human vision
4 Groundbreaking proposal sets out to resurrect NASA's Spitzer Telescope
5 Genome data sheds light on how Homo sapiens arose in Africa
6 More than half of the world's large lakes are drying up, study finds
7 New ultrasonic sensor could be a breakthrough for deep tissue monitoring
8 A 'warm ice age' may have permanently changed Earth's climate cycles
9 Long-necked dinosaur fossil found by Argentine scientists is one of biggest ever
10 Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin selected to build NASA's Artemis vs. lunar lander
11 Saudi astronaut set to make history as first Arab woman to travel to space station
12 SpaceX sends Saudi astronauts, including nation's 1st woman in space, to International Space Station
13 Fuel from sunshine: Cambridge scientists make liquid fuels from solar power
14 South African fossils reveal ancient beast's epic journey to oblivion
15 World's oldest recorded kiss might have happened 4,500 years ago in Middle East
16 Feeling hungry? Looking at pictures of food on your phone might help, reveals study
17 Virgin Orbit auctions remaining assets as company folds
18 Space station welcomes 2 Saudi visitors, including kingdom's 1st female astronaut
19 'Sniffing' chicken eggs could help determine sex before hatching
20 NASA observes a polar cyclone on Uranus for the first time
21 Evidence of elusive 'intermediate' black hole found in cosmic neighbourhood by Hubble
22 NASA spacecraft documents how Jupiter's lightning resembles Earth's
23 Danish astronaut flying on SpaceX shuttle warns Europe not to fall behind in space
24 Life on Earth may have been created by extremely powerful solar flares
25 Scientists receive signal from Mars to prepare for alien contact
26 LIGO gravitational wave detector is back, ready to detect more colliding black holes & neutron stars
27 Giant underwater landslides in Antarctica caused by past climate change: Study
28 Scientists may have figured out why Jupiter's stripes change colour
29 2500-year-old toilets reveal prevalence of dysentery & diarrhoea in ancient Jerusalem
30 NASA unveils stunning new images, adding Chandra data to Webb observations
31 Flash droughts expected to increase globally as climate warms, reveals study
32 ISRO launches NVS-01 successfully, first with GSLV since 2021 failure
33 China to send astronauts to Moon by 2030 as space race intensifies
34 NASA looks to spice up astronaut menu with deep space food production
35 China launches Shenzhou-16 mission to Chinese space station--state media
36 Japan wants to beam solar energy back to Earth from space
37 Using the dark web, online ads and internet therapy to prevent child sexual abuse
38 Osaka researchers build a centipede robot that can 'walk' in a lab
39 From Google to Microsoft, 5 times brands failed in VR/AR market. And what we can learn from them
40 United Arab Emirates is heading for the asteroid belt
41 Private astronaut crew, including first Arab woman in orbit, returns from space station
42 Webb telescope spots gargantuan water plume on Saturn's moon Enceladus
43 New technology can generate electricity from humidity in air
44 Hubble captures a jellyfish galaxy drifting 900 million light-years away
45 Our galaxy likely has hundreds of millions of potentially habitable planets
46 Scientists expand search for signs of intelligent alien life
47 How to tune into live images from the red planet with ESA's Mars Express
48 Rare Higgs boson decay observed in Large Hadron Collider experiments
49 What makes us human? Primate genome study offers some clues
50 ISRO's Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft reaches Sriharikota for July launch
51 Boeing delays first Starliner launch with astronauts, again
52 Pandemic shutdowns lowered emissions but resulted in heightened climate warming: Study
53 Village garbage man helped unearth ancient bronze statues in Tuscany
54 Live from the red planet: Mars Express transmits first live stream from Earth's neighbour
55 Makers of toxic 'forever chemical' PFAs knew dangers but covered them up, reveals investigation
56 Vision Pro: Here's the science behind Apple's mixed-reality headset
57 Look at star factories and more than 45,000 galaxies in this new Webb telescope image
58 Webb telescope looks at oldest known complex organic molecules in the universe
59 Homo naledi, long-lost human species, buried their dead and carved cave symbols, say scientists
60 Webb space telescope looks beyond the bar to find a 'treasure trove'
61 Former US Intelligence officer claims country possesses alien craft: Report
62 Gulf states spending big on AI: Opportunity or oppression?
63 Molecular fossils open window on 'lost world' of primordial life
64 Scientists discover a virgin birth in a crocodile
65 'Most painful insect sting' from Bullet ants uses neurotoxins in a way never seen before
66 Brightest-ever space explosion might owe its strength to unique jet structure, finds study
67 Scientists document how space travel messes with the human brain
68 ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-3 by mid-July: Somanath
69 NASA concerned about delays to Artemis 3 after issues with SpaceX Starship: Report
70 Hubble captures a jellyfish galaxy 700 million light-years away
71 Chicken before the egg: Early birds, reptiles may have given birth to young, study suggests
72 Webb telescope shows how the universe became transparent
73 Rare extremely warped image of exploding star captured by astronomers
74 NASA and Boeing unveil experimental X-66A aircraft to test sustainable design, tech
75 World Economic Forum releases guidelines for tackling growing space debris problem
76 Saturn's icy moon Enceladus harbors essential elements for life
77 This hellish exoplanet is hot enough for molten iron rain, rock vapour
78 Light pollution could confuse an important 'natural recycler' species
79 Cyclone Biparjoy in pictures & video from outer space taken by UAE astronaut
80 Microsoft notches record high valuation of nearly $2.6 trillion
81 A day on Mars: NASA's Curiosity rover sends a beautiful postcard from Red Planet
82 NASA to help private companies, including SpaceX, Blue Origin, build space facilities
83 Indonesia, SpaceX launch satellite to boost internet connectivity
84 This solar-powered reactor can turn air into fuel, plastic into skincare ingredient
85 Missing 'submarine': What is a submersible and how is 'Titan' different from a submarine?
86 This is Calico, a tiny robot that can be your dance instructor, workout tracker, and more
87 Himalayan glaciers could lose 80% of their volume if global warming isn't controlled, study finds
88 Fossils show ancient long-necked sea beast's 'gruesome' decapitation
89 Titan submersible used Logitech controller, had 'catastrophic safety problems': Reports
90 BepiColombo spacecraft flew close to Mercury to take these pictures
91 Some ancient kangaroos 'skipped' hopping, finds new study
92 Meat grown from animal cells? Here's what it is and how it's made
93 Satellites capture auroras associated with carbon dioxide
94 Scientists looking for interstellar objects in the ocean have made a discovery
95 First abort mission of 'Gaganyaan' to be conducted in August-end: ISRO chairman
96 Climate change can disrupt insect evolution, hurting biodiversity, finds study
97 How to kill a star? Astronomers see a 'demolition derby' scenario
98 Testicle, glands, digestive tract intact in 50-million-year-old insect fossil
99 International Space Station achieves landmark 98% recovery of water from urine, sweat
100 Webb telescope detects crucial carbon molecule for the first time in distant system
101 NASA sees moon lunar mining trial within the next decade
102 NASA rover finds peculiar donut-shaped rock on Mars: SETI Institute
103 Orangutans can produce sounds like beatboxers, finds study
104 Chandrayaan-3 to take off on July 13, landing moves in August
105 Scientists discover that universe has a background 'hum'
106 Cabinet approves 'National Research Foundation' to promote research in universities: What will the NRF do?
107 New research ends myth of hunting man, foraging woman
108 Background hum of universe heard, Pune astrophysics lab listens in
109 Asteroid Day 2023: The Tunguska explosion and its connection to June 30
110 With neutrinos, scientists observe our galaxy in a whole new way
111 Scientists say our solar system could have another planet hiding at its edge
112 Cats' sense of smell works just like highly-advanced chemical analysis tech, finds study
113 Fungal networks are often hidden and overlooked but they can help save us
114 Saturn's rings shine in planet's first James Webb Space Telescope image
115 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter phones home after 2 months of no contact
116 Astronomers propose using lensed gravitational waves to measure universe expansion