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1 Trump says special counsel Jack Smith sent him target letter in January 6 probe: NPR
2 'My son's skull was broken apart and put together again like a jigsaw'
3 Dementia symptoms include signs when talking--what to look for
4 Mammal bites dinosaur, gets killed by a volcano 125 million years ago: NPR
5 Australia's flu season is hitting kids the hardest. What does this mean for Canada?--National
6 As the planet warms, scientists worry that cases of infectious diseases could spike
7 Kansas' governor gets to defend birth certificate changes in court, a judge rules
8 16 so-called fake electors are charged in Michigan: NPR
9 Human waste leaking from truck causes crashes on Connecticut highway
10 Iowa governor plans to appeal block on restrictive abortion law
11 Border Patrol fails to assess medical needs for children with preexisting conditions, report says
12 Florida county reports its 7th case of locally contracted malaria
13 Louisiana lawmakers overturn governor's veto on gender-affirming care ban for transgender minors
14 Adrift for 3 months, a man and his dog lived on raw fish until rescue: NPR
15 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Simply Cannot Skip Chana [Chickpeas] in Your Diet
16 What Is Oil Pulling?
17 6 Must-Have Nutrients to Enhance Sleep Quality
18 Eggs could help reduce belly fat and promote weight loss
19 Australian sailor stranded at sea could face 'huge' health implications
20 Diabetes risk linked to time you consume breakfast in new study
21 3 big rental sites will now show extra monthly charges beyond rent: NPR
22 Son of man with Alzheimer's details symptoms spotted 25 years before diagnosis
23 CBP One app for asylum-seekers is focus of a key court fight: NPR
24 'My daughter complained of a tummy ache--weeks later doctors said she had stage 4 cancer'
25 The U.S. soldier that crossed into North Korea is Travis King: NPR
26 Woman diagnosed with cancer after being told it was eczema
27 Climate and violence hobble Nigeria's push to rely on its own wheat after the hit from Russia's war
28 $102,000 was the bill for her teen's stay in a state mental hospital: Shots
29 How to improve memory and stay young--Dr. Michael Mosley's tips
30 Women denied abortions in Texas ask court for clarity over state's exceptions to ban
31 Meta's free AI; Trump's legal troubles; a scary fish's teeth: NPR
32 Bone cancer symptoms that could be easily dismissed--three signs
33 Israeli president heads to Hill as several progressives protest visit: NPR
34 The earliest signs of measles to spot after London outbreak warning
35 Aloe vera ruled a 'possible' carcinogen--expert shares advice on risk
36 The 'Purcell principle' let illegal voting maps be used in 2022: NPR
37 Do you feel tired all the time? You might have a common condition
38 'Active club' hate groups are growing in the U.S.--and making themselves seen: NPR
39 How to spot the difference between warts and skin cancer--expert
40 Best time of day to drink coffee to aid weight loss--Dr. Michael Mosley advice
41 Maine governor expands access to abortion later in pregnancy
42 COVID-19 mutation caused far fewer cat deaths than claimed, Cyprus veterinary leader says
43 Ocean heat wave slams South Florida waters: NPR
44 Boy catches toothy fish related to the piranha in an Oklahoma pond: NPR
45 Missouri Supreme Court weighs fate of amendment to restore abortion rights
46 Why QAnon supporters are promoting 'Sound of Freedom': NPR
47 Las Vegas police search house in connection to 1996 killing: NPR
48 Your air conditioner isn't designed for extreme heat. Tips to keep cool: NPR
49 Your Heart Benefits Even if You Exercise as a 'Weekend Warrior'
50 Opill, the over-the-counter birth control pill, may not be covered by insurance: Shots
51 WHO urges 'surveillance system' for those most vulnerable to extreme heat--National
52 Jill Biden welcomes proposal for Medicare to pay for navigation services for cancer patients
53 Federal public defenders face big cuts under current congressional budget plan: NPR
54 1st signs of Alzheimer's may be detected in your eyes. This AI scan may help find it--National
55 The U.S. soldiers who crossed into North Korea before Travis King: NPR
56 Texas women denied abortions give emotional accounts in court, ask judge to clarify law
57 Taco John's gives up its 'Taco Tuesday' trademark after a battle with Taco Bell: NPR
58 In-N-Out Burger bans employees in 5 states from wearing masks: NPR
59 Pfizer reports North Carolina pharmaceutical plant damaged by tornado, no serious injuries
60 Tornado damages Pfizer plant in North Carolina as other parts of US reel from scorching heat, floods
61 California Sen. Feinstein seeks more control over her late husband's trust to pay medical bills
62 4 members of a Florida family are convicted of selling a fake COVID-19 cure through online church
63 Former Nebraska State Patrol worker who stole drugs from evidence gets nearly 22 years
64 Stanford president resigns in wake of falsified data in academic papers: NPR
65 Netflix Q2 earnings shows steady growth: NPR
66 Texas abortion bans challenged in dramatic court testimony from 3 women: Shots
67 Israeli doctors hold 'warning strike,' caution that judicial overhaul threatens health care system
68 7 Foods to Boost Liver Immunity During Rainy Season
69 Dingo pack leader killed after attacking a jogger on a popular Australian island: NPR
70 Duodenal cancer can cause six symptoms--what to look for
71 Women's Health: 7 Nutrients that Should Make it to Everyday Diet for Women Above 20
72 In a refugee camp in Kenya, food shortages left kids hungry even before Russia ended grain deal
73 Drinking shots of espresso may reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease--study
74 Earliest signs of pancreatic cancer to spot--doctor's advice
75 How a no-frills college is making degrees more affordable: NPR
76 'My headache turned out to be a deadly condition which nearly killed me and my baby'
77 Norovirus symptoms as warning issued to people travelling abroad
78 After WHO alert, drug controller general warns against use of cough syrups containing pholcodine
79 'My world fell apart when my daughter's sore elbow turned out to be cancer'
80 Tony Iommi's four-year battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma--first sign
81 'We noticed our son's eye wobbling, now he's been fighting cancer for years'
82 'My bra scratched me, I got a flesh eating bug and part of my boob removed'
83 Wildfire smoke can worsen asthma. What you can do to protect yourself--National
84 Undue influence? Anonymous donations to World Health Organization's new foundation raise concerns
85 Climate change; Texas abortion bans; gene-edited mosquitoes: NPR
86 Thousands of UK hospital doctors walk out in latest pay dispute, crippling health services
87 Delivery drivers want protection against heat. But it's an uphill battle: NPR
88 Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor's first symptoms of prostate cancer
89 Belgian cyclist Wout van Aert leaves Tour De France to be with pregnant wife: NPR
90 Woman once suicidal urges others to speak out about their mental health
91 Homebuyers confront mortgages and prices near record highs: NPR
92 What to Eat and Avoid, According to New Guidance
93 Iraq expels Sweden's ambassador over Quran burning, after protests at Swedish Embassy: NPR
94 Homes become 'air fryers' in Phoenix heat, people sacrifice on AC for fear of cost
95 Woman, 65, lost 30 kilos using Dr. Michael Mosley weight loss plan
96 Tornado damage to Pfizer plant will probably create long-term shortages of some drugs hospitals need
97 18-year-old Nebraska woman sentenced to 90 days in jail for burning fetus after abortion
98 Why is hazing such a widespread problem? Abuse prevalent despite efforts to stop it
99 Where the criminal and civil cases facing Trump stand: NPR
100 U.S. says Russia wants to attack civilian ships and falsely blame Ukraine: NPR
101 Blood pressure can be lowered with one injection in major breakthrough
102 Got COVID with no symptoms? A mutated gene may explain why--National
103 Missouri Supreme Court orders the GOP attorney general to stand down in fight over abortion costs
104 The Link Between Gout and Depression: What to Know
105 The Inflation Reduction Act could deliver a big cut in U.S. emissions: NPR
106 Maternity care stepped up after review finds 45 babies may have survived
107 An 16-year-old worker died while working at a Mississippi poultry plant: NPR
108 El Nino will likely last into 2024, and more heat is coming: NPR
109 It could be in their genes: Goats and Soda: NPR
110 Transportation Secretary Buttigieg calls culture wars focus 'maddening': NPR
111 Most Americans want elected members of Congress to stay out of stock trading.: NPR
112 Biden administration asks employers to give more help to workers who lose Medicaid
113 What Happens When this Sleep Disorder is Ignored for Long?
114 Documentary--Stare into the Lights, My Pretties
115 World Brain Day 2023: Waking Up with Morning Headaches? 4 Reasons Why It May Be Concerning
116 Fatty liver disease signs that can appear in the mouth, according to a doctor