File Title
1 Ketamine for Migraine: One Person's Journey
2 Kentucky's ban on gender-affirming care takes effect as federal judge lifts injunction
3 What to know about the sweetener aspartame and cancer: NPR
4 Natural gas may contribute to climate change as much as coal, a study says.: NPR
5 Woman taken to hospital for UTI told she only had months to live due to dementia
6 Expert shares whether gin and tonic can repel mosquitoes
7 Sarcoma cancer symptoms can affect your eating--what to look for
8 Las Vegas could break heat record as U.S. endures scorching temps: NPR
9 What Is the Cell Danger Response?
10 The Greatest History Never Told
11 6 Health Risks to Watch Out for During Flood-Like Situation
12 Doctor warns of 15 'initial' symptoms of lung cancer to look out for
13 Court pauses order limiting Biden admin. contact with social media companies: NPR
14 Deadly virus 'guaranteed' to reach UK and defeat lockdown measures--expert warns
15 Disposable vapes could be completely banned as they litter streets and concerns for health / UK / News
16 How China's Forbidden City treasures were saved during 1930s war with Japan: NPR
17 Expert shares how to exercise if you have painful joints from arthritis
18 How Sen. Tuberville is holding up military promotions over abortion policy: NPR
19 Shein violated the RICO Act by stealing people's designs, a lawsuit says: NPR
20 Startup aims to make lab-grown human eggs from anyone's cells using IVG: Shots
21 Ukraine writer saved diary of author killed by Russia. Then she was killed too: NPR
22 988 mental health lifeline helps 5 million in first year: Shots
23 WHO warns of 'cancer risk' from aspartame, but '38% urban Indians' use artificial sweeteners monthly
24 Mexico files complaint over Texas' floating barriers on the Rio Grande: NPR
25 Eating disorders on the rise in children this summer
26 Unexplained Ringing in the Ear? 5 Expert Based Remedies to Manage Tinnitus
27 How to sleep well in the heat with expert's 10 dos and don'ts
28 The Kinks' Dave Davies relearned guitar after life-threatening health incident
29 US Southwest swelters under dangerous heat wave, with new records on track
30 NHS offers one-to-one digital scheme to help anxiety sufferers
31 People and pets seek shade and cool as Europe sizzles under a heat wave: NPR
32 A heat wave puts one-third of Americans under heat alerts: NPR
33 Grandad's first Alzheimer's disease symptoms that lead to diagnosis at 63
34 Coeliac disease can cause leg or arm numbness--other signs
35 Washington legal marijuana farms get back to work after pesticide concerns prompted restrictions
36 Doctor recommends chili to aid weight loss and suppress appetite
37 What is Sarcoma, Deadly Cancer Women Should Know About? Know Signs, Symptoms, Risks, and More
38 How a protein fragment in the brain & spinal fluid may simplify tracking Alzheimer's progression
39 Blood clot risk can be lowered by eating three foods, says expert
40 7 takeaways from 'Below the Belt,' a new film about endometriosis: Shots
41 Doctors strike 'will force 8 million onto the NHS's waiting list' / UK / News
42 Food additive added to thousands of products is a possible cancer-causing chemical
43 Expert unveils seven warning signs of a hormonal imbalance
44 What is Anaphylaxis? Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of this Contagious Body Allergy
45 Doctor shares two types of seeds could keep blood pressure in check
46 Iran's morality police return in a new campaign to impose Islamic dress on women: NPR
47 Smoke from Canadian wildfires creates unhealthy conditions from Montana to Ohio
48 Missing Alabama woman has returned home after vanishing on side of highway: NPR
49 Carlos Alcaraz beats Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon, his second major trophy: NPR
50 Woman thought she was seeing a GP but actually wasn't--days later she was dead / UK / News
51 What is prediabetes? Condition affecting '136 mn. in India' is a risk factor for heart attacks & strokes
52 A Simple Way to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease
53 Tour de France teams ask fans to behave better after mass pileup in 15th stage: NPR
54 Seven techniques that could help 'enhance and extend your life'
55 New Alzheimer's drug 'could be the beginning of the end,' expert says
56 Russia halts wartime deal that allows Ukraine to ship grain in a hit to global food security
57 Nora Roberts, Margaret Atwood sign Authors Guild letter to fight AI: NPR
58 Explosions disrupt traffic on a key bridge from Crimea to Russia's mainland: NPR
59 Expert warns against using a towel to dry your face--health risks
60 Myasthenia Gravis: What Remission Looks Like
61 Doctor Daniel Lieberman recommends strength training to promote longevity
62 Concussions have no impact on children's IQ, Canadian study finds
63 Haptic suits give deaf people a new way to feel live music at Lincoln Center: NPR
64 World is on the brink of a wonder drug to slow dementia
65 Dele Alli sleeping pills addiction--doctor warns of serious health risks
66 Got tipping rage? A barista shares how it feels behind the tip screen: NPR
67 Word association test could help identify dementia at home
68 Stomach Cancer Risk in Asian Americans: Expert Q&A
69 Russia suspends Black Sea Grain Initiative: NPR
70 Waxing or plucking nose hairs could lead to infections, doctors warn
71 ZZTEST FEAT Allergy Tips for Outdoor Living, Gardening, Hiking
72 Experimental Alzheimer's drug donanemab outperforms Leqembi in clinical trial: Shots
73 Blood cancer symptoms include back pain--student given just weeks to live
74 Bird flu kills dozens of cats in Poland. What's happening?--National
75 Second Alzheimer's drug in the pipeline promises to slow worsening but with safety concern
76 Top House Democrats reject Rep. Jayapal's comments calling Israel a 'racist state': NPR
77 ZZTest Med REF What Causes Sinus Problems?
78 Taylor Swift is the first female artist with 4 Billboard Top 10 albums at once: NPR
79 Dr. Mosley recommends HIIT exercise to 'turn back the clock by decades'
80 New drug to protect babies and toddlers from RSV gets FDA approval ahead of cold season
81 What Young People Should Know About Stroke Risks
82 Grain deal is out, cluster bombs and NATO expansion are in: NPR
83 Mallory Beach family gets large settlement from store: NPR
84 ADHD and Epilepsy in Adults: What to Know
85 Takeaways from latest FEC campaign finance reports for 2024 presidential race: NPR
86 Mosquito and Tick-Borne Illnesses on the Rise: What to Know
87 'Blight' warns of the alarming public health threat posed by fungi: NPR
88 Deadly flooding hit several countries at once. Scientists say this will only be more common
89 Abortion in Iowa is legal again, for now, after a judge blocks new restrictions
90 Biden will meet with Israel's Netanyahu after months of tension: NPR
91 'Turning point' in dementia fight as new drug slows Alzheimer's by up to 60 percent / UK / News
92 Health Canada pest control advisor steps down, says regulation 'obsolete--National
93 South Dakota governor prods Washington to address national drug shortages
94 Federal ruling blocks tribes' objection, approves building largest lithium mine: NPR
95 Florida family accused of selling fake COVID-19 cure through online church goes on trial in Miami
96 The New York Police Department has sworn in its first Latino commissioner: NPR
97 Is Obesity Linked to Thyroid Cancer? Symptoms and Precautions One Must Consider
98 Billionaire Stands to Make Millions from Addiction Treatment
99 Having high blood pressure could raise risk for 'severe' nosebleeds, say experts
100 How Rainy Season Aggravates Tonsils? 7 Ways to Manage it
101 5 Reasons Why this Edible Fungi is NOT Healthy for You
102 What Exactly is ADHD, the Mental Condition Barbie Director Has
103 Man, 41, hit with brain tumour diagnosis after drinking too much water
104 Family caregivers take on a lot of responsibility in 'hospital-at-home' trend: Shots
105 Thyroid cancer symptoms include a red face--what to look for
106 7 Powerful Asanas to Improve Overall Mental Well-Being
107 Sweden digs into Europe's largest deposit of rare earths used in green tech: NPR
108 List of 18 medical conditions that could see you banned from flying
109 Jeremy Paxman's first signs of Parkinson's as University Challenge host replaced
110 Giving up alcohol could aid weight loss--man lost six kilos in 30 days
111 As heatwave intensifies, WMO warns of heart attack, death risks--National
112 Heart failure silent killer, lands 1.8mn Indians in hospital/year--Asia-Pacific cardiologists' report
113 U.S. man is being held by North Korea after crossing the DMZ: NPR
114 Dr. Mosley says short bouts of exercise could cut heart disease risk by 16%
115 How to stop excessive sweating--experts suggest using sage