File Title
1 Three lunches to avoid if you have high cholesterol--what to eat instead
2 Midwife shortage and rising obesity rates straining maternity care, says report
3 Aging process could be sped up if you have atherosclerosis--hardened arteries
4 Dad with 'hundreds of tumours' thought 'life was over'
5 Doctor shares eating yoghurt weekly could help lower blood pressure
6 Are Monsoon Blues Real? Understanding the Relation Between Rainy Season and Feeling Gloomy
7 Russia's threat to pull out of Ukraine grain deal raises fears about global food security
8 4 reasons why homelessness keeps going up: NPR
9 'Less common' signs of a heart attack someone may experience without knowing
10 SII vaccine for deadly meningitis gets WHO nod on quality & safety, can now be procured by UN
11 Microsoft says Chinese hackers breached U.S. government agencies' email: NPR
12 Liver cancer symptoms could be mistaken for signs of indigestion
13 Canada's Indigenous women forcibly sterilized decades after other rich countries stopped
14 I'm Perfectly Healthy and Still Got High Blood Pressure. Why?
15 Study links Europe's summer 2022 heat waves to 61,600 deaths: NPR
16 Parents who lost their baby son throw support behind new book about baby and child CPR
17 Iowa's new abortion ban is challenged in court, a day after it was passed by GOP lawmakers
18 FBI Director Christopher Wray grilled by GOP-led Judiciary Committee: NPR
19 Diabetics can enjoy alcohol 'in moderation'--expert advice for drinking
20 How Psychedelics Can Heal a Broken Mind
21 Grandfather found disturbing sign of cancer while taking a shower
22 Leslie Van Houten, Manson Family member, freed after parole was reversed 5 times: NPR
23 Logan Paul, KSI's 'Prime Energy' drinks recalled in Canada over excess caffeine--National
24 Indiana authorities investigate deaths of 3 patients within a week at addiction treatment center
25 Meta's Threads wants to become a "friendly" place by downgrading news and politics: NPR
26 Suspect in Larry Nassar stabbing said ex-doctor made lewd remark watching Wimbledon, AP source says
27 'Missing' Houston man Rudy Farias says his mother brainwashed him: NPR
28 Plastic surgeon who livestreamed procedures on TikTok banned from practicing medicine in Ohio
29 Fox News sued for defamation over Tucker Carlson's January 6 allegations: NPR
30 What Your Mucus Says About Your Health
31 Our 'Scorched Planet' is getting hotter, and no one is immune to rising temperatures: NPR
32 Why inflation is losing its punch--and why it could get even better: NPR
33 Buffalo Tops mass shooting families, attorneys announce new lawsuit filed: NPR
34 Dangerous heat wave baking US Southwest brings triple digit temperatures, fire risk to California
35 Peril on Your Plate: Effects of GE and Chemical Agriculture
36 How the Supreme Court's conservative majority happened, from Bush to Trump: NPR
37 5 Health Complications Caused Due to Vitamin D Toxicity
38 Doctor shares nine dietary tweaks that could stave off dementia
39 5 Dietary Tips to Enhance Platelet Count Naturally
40 Dr. Mosley says foods with carotenoids are 'key to looking young'
41 A sea otter in California is hassling surfers and stealing their boards: NPR
42 Five warning signs of early heart failure--use the FACES acronym
43 Tens of thousands of doctors in England start 'longest' strike in health system's history
44 RFK Jr.'s presidential campaign is driven by conspiracy theories: NPR
45 TikTok warns pale lips could be a sign of anaemia--other symptoms
46 Biden risks obscuring his climate record by focusing on jobs instead: NPR
47 Folate deficiency shown to increase risk of bowel cancer--signs of condition
48 'I was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 23--people don't believe I have it'
49 Skin cancer symptoms to look for other than a new mole
50 Do health care deals work? Feds overhauling data collection to help answer--National
51 'I used to be a beauty queen, now I'm bed bound due to debilitating illness'
52 Russian lawmakers move to further restrict transgender rights in a new legislation
53 Doctor shares how to fall back asleep quickly when you wake up in the night
54 First over-the-counter birth control pill gets FDA approval
55 Guatemala's presidential election is thrown into chaos by party suspension: NPR
56 Woman who 'knew something was not right' in remission after diagnosis
57 Cambridge named the happiest place to live and work in the UK
58 FDA approves first daily birth control pill without a prescription: NPR
59 High cholesterol symptoms can include leg cramp--what to look for
60 Stoltenberg's NATO summit takeaways, from Ukraine to Turkey and Sweden: NPR
61 Fatty liver disease symptoms include swelling in five areas of the body
62 WHO agency set to classify aspartame as 'possibly carcinogenic'--but here's what you need to know
63 Teach Your Kids to Avoid Colds
64 In 'When Crack Was King,' Donovan X. Ramsey looks back on the drug epidemic: NPR
65 'My twins were killing each other in the womb, now they're doing amazing'
66 'Seek medical attention' if yawning excessively--doctor shares four causes
67 10 leading causes of early death, according to study--from high BMI to smoking
68 Families and doctors sue Texas over its new ban on transgender care for minors
69 ChatGPT under investigation by the FTC about 'risks of harm to consumers': NPR
70 A record 19-foot-long Burmese python is caught in a Florida preserve: NPR
71 Video shows LA deputy punch a woman in the face as she holds her baby: NPR
72 Canada recalls more energy drinks over caffeine, labelling issues--National
73 June 2023 was the hottest on record since 1850: NPR
74 An anti-trans Kansas law doesn't prevent birth certificate changes, the governor argues
75 The federal deficit surges, nearly tripling in the last nine months: NPR
76 Artificial sweetener aspartame declared possible carcinogen. What are the risks?--National
77 Sweetener aspartame is 'possibly' carcinogenic, WHO report says. FDA disagrees: Shots
78 Online, 'unalive' means death or suicide. Experts say it might help kids discuss those things
79 Top Sweetener Officially Declared a Carcinogen
80 Iowa's restrictive abortion measure faces legal challenge as governor prepares to sign it into law
81 5 Basics You Must Know When Your Periods Are About to Stop Permanently
82 Lisa Marie Presley died from weight loss surgery complications, officials say: NPR
83 Blood cancer signs and symptoms--some may differ on different skin tones
84 What is Phone Anxiety and Why Do Some People Avoid Taking Calls? Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
85 A Russian general says he was fired for raising problems his troops face: NPR
86 Loneliness linked to brain shrinkage and dementia, new study finds
87 The beautiful little town repeatedly named the happiest place to live in the UK
88 Student loan forgiveness isn't dead yet. Biden's SAVE plan will help: NPR
89 London could see tens of thousands of measles cases warns UKHSA
90 Rural Gen Zers in 2024? Here's what some think so far.: NPR
91 India launches a lander and rover to explore the moon's south pole: NPR
92 Disposable vapes are illegal but shops still carry them and teens buy them: Shots
93 Megachurches growing even as some other churches close nationwide: NPR
94 Lower biological age with diet and exercise, doctor, 63, says
95 UK officials warn low measles immunization rates could lead to tens of thousands of cases in London
96 IOC says it will not invite Russia and Belarus to the 2024 Olympics: NPR
97 'I've never even been to Wales!' Mum's frustration after waking up with Welsh accent
98 Student loan forgiveness is on the way for more than 800,000 borrowers: NPR
99 Lisa Marie Presley's unusual cause of death--what is it and what are the symptoms?
100 Women lose jobs, safe gathering space: Goats and Soda: NPR
101 Two new human cases of bird flu identified in the UK
102 Should youth avoid energy drinks? Here's why pediatricians say yes--National
103 Headaches and tiredness could signal a hidden chronic illness
104 Victorian-era diseases surge due to cost of living crisis--key symptoms
105 Biden campaign reports 'blockbuster' $72 million in fundraising for quarter 2: NPR
106 Explore the science of cellphones at the National Museum of Natural History: NPR
107 5 Heart Health Essentials to Be Mindful of this Rainy Season
108 House defense bill passes, with divisive social issues attached: NPR
109 78 pilot whales were killed in front of cruise ship docked in the Faroe Islands: NPR
110 The Capitol rioter arrested near Obama's home indicted on six charges: NPR
111 Parkinson's symptoms could be reduced by running on the treadmill every day
112 Post-COVID smell problems? Ontario researchers investigate treatments
113 Mississippi, under judge's order, starts allowing religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations
114 Get the Benefits of Exercise Without Breaking a Sweat
115 Self-Injected Drugs on the Rise
116 Researchers discover stardust sprinkled on a nearby asteroid: NPR