File Title
1 Cicadas could hold the secret to self-cleaning surfaces--new study
2 3D glasses for topological materials--ScienceDaily
3 ESA moves ahead with in-Orbit Servicing missions
4 New superconductors can be built atom by atom--ScienceDaily
5 Linewidth narrowing in self-injection-locked, on-chip lasers
6 Search for dark matter--ScienceDaily
7 Research teams confirm another equivalence principle--ScienceDaily
8 Rapid fabrication of a polymer lens on a laser chip for miniaturized spectroscopy
9 Participating in genetic studies is in your genes--ScienceDaily
10 Investigating gender equality in urban cycling
11 Boosting certain brain cells diminished hypersensitivity in Fragile X mice--ScienceDaily
12 Study shows runoff can be an important source of energy for coastal organisms and animals
13 Low-dose atropine eyedrops no better than placebo for slowing myopia progression--ScienceDaily
14 Why trees outcompete shrubs to shift upward
15 Novel marker found in cerebrospinal fluid also could speed development of Alzheimer's drugs--ScienceDaily
16 Precision technology, machine learning lead to early diagnosis of calf pneumonia
17 Controlling signal routing in quantum information processing--ScienceDaily
18 Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns use fundamentally different moral rhetoric, study finds
19 Theory from microeconomics used to predict how biological systems respond to environmental change--ScienceDaily
20 Researchers reveal rising compound risk inequality to aging and extreme heat wave exposure in global cities
21 New study finds aggression can arise from successful self-control--ScienceDaily
22 Watch: NBA star Stephen Curry exults after making hole-in-one at celebrity golf event / Golf News
23 Massive costs estimated to soar to more than 142.73 billion euros (US $150 billion) by 2040 in the absence of effective management--ScienceDaily
24 Successful cooperation depends on good 'mindreading' abilities--ScienceDaily
25 Why do deep-sea fish look like aliens?
26 High-quality sleep promotes resilience to depression and anxiety--ScienceDaily
27 Science news this week: Civil War haul and the moon's hot blob
28 Building a better forest tree with CRISPR gene editing--ScienceDaily
29 Lipid test can reveal risk of preeclampsia, a potentially deadly pregnancy complication--ScienceDaily
30 Study finds plastic pollution in the world's lakes can be worse than in oceans
31 New study finds that macrophages and macrophage-produced proteins contribute to heartbeat irregularities--ScienceDaily
32 Steph Curry nails hole-in-one at ACC golf tournament in Tahoe
33 Displacement or complement? Mixed-bag responses in human interaction study with AI--ScienceDaily
34 Canada wildfires have burned over 10 mn. hectares this year
35 Dangerous heatwaves strike globe as wildfires rage
36 New talking therapy for depression could be more effective and cheaper than CBT--ScienceDaily
37 US Southwest swelters under dangerous heat wave, with new records on track
38 Butterfly species' big brains adapted giving them a survival edge, study finds--ScienceDaily
39 Alaska volcano spews ash cloud high enough to draw weather service warning for pilots
40 Fungi blaze a trail to fireproof cladding--ScienceDaily
41 Novel method will make it easier for translational research to leap from the lab to the clinic, researchers say--ScienceDaily
42 Carlos Alcaraz shocks tennis world, ends Djokovic's long reign to claim first Wimbledon title
43 New book suggests historical infanticide in Europe was likely more widespread than estimated
44 Canada's Magdalen islands have 'front row' seat to climate change
45 How do plants with seedless fruit reproduce?
46 We've detected a star barely hotter than a pizza oven--the coldest ever found to emit radio waves
47 Study finds ChatGPT boosts worker productivity for some writing tasks
48 Dolphins and orcas have passed the evolutionary point of no return to live on land again
49 Findings indicate that microbes living at the bottom of the fjords can use petrogenic carbon
50 'Cannibal' coronal mass ejection that devoured 'dark eruption' from sun will smash into Earth tomorrow (July 18)
51 Breaking barriers in drug delivery with better lipid nanoparticles
52 Discovery could lead to more treatments to prevent cancer and infectious diseases--ScienceDaily
53 What the science says about how red and processed meat affects our health, and the health of ecosystems
54 Common bone density scans can detect a predictor of cardiovascular health risk--a process which can now be done a LOT faster--ScienceDaily
55 Why is it harder for some people to build muscle than others?
56 Democrats' perceptions of immigrants largely favorable while Republicans hold positive and negative views: Study
57 Best conditions for elkhorn coral found in Dry Tortugas--ScienceDaily
58 'Building blocks of life' discovered on Mars in 10 different rock samples
59 Deadly flooding hit several countries at once. Scientists say this will only be more common
60 Poetic birdsong, precisely tuned--ScienceDaily
61 Evidence of Roman-era 'death magic' used to speak with the deceased found near Jerusalem
62 What do bats, priests and rabbis have in common? Network analysis reveals insights
63 A rare window into the early American monetary history--thanks to techniques from physics--ScienceDaily
64 Immune cells in single file--ScienceDaily
65 Research group develops biodegradable film that keeps food fresh for longer
66 New research shows babies' immunological weak spot and strength--ScienceDaily
67 Droughts in Western states drive up emissions and threaten human health
68 Is fast fashion slowing down? How global trade is being used as a 'force for good'
69 It's not what scientists thought--ScienceDaily
70 How fish evolved their bony, scaly armor
71 Data harnessed to identify previously unknown associations between genes, congenital disabilities, and drugs--ScienceDaily
72 System tracks movement of food through global humanitarian supply chain
73 Waves produced by Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities transfer energy in the solar system--ScienceDaily
74 Linguistics professor uncovering Toronto's unique style of English
75 Clinical trial to help millions with penicillin allergies--ScienceDaily
76 What motivates family forest landowners to manage invasive species?
77 Anti-inflammatory nanoparticles mimic glycocalyx--ScienceDaily
78 New XRISM satellite mission to study 'rainbow' of X-rays
79 When ET calls, can we be sure we're not being spoofed? New SETI technique filters out Earth interference to focus on extraterrestrial signals only--ScienceDaily
80 Rare Somali wild ass born in Chile zoo
81 Automated production for different objects--ScienceDaily
82 NASA space laser provides answers to a rainforest canopy mystery
83 New study shows anti-inflammatory drugs as a promising target for Alzheimer's disease--ScienceDaily
84 500,000-year-old fossil of strange Cambrian creature gives evolutionary clues about vertebrates
85 As interest rates soar, new study reveals insecure workers are 'trapped' and 42% fear job losses
86 Magnetic activity plays key role in exoplanet habitability--ScienceDaily
87 Phylogenetic analysis suggests fully aquatic mammals are unlikely to evolve back into terrestrial creatures
88 New study sheds light on the fundamental question of how viruses override their host cells' DNA replicating system--ScienceDaily
89 FDA OK of Alzheimer's Drug Brings Hope, Some Safety Concerns
90 Menopause May Start Earlier for Aging Women with HIV
91 Nebraska mom pleads guilty to giving daughter pills for an abortion and helping bury the fetus
92 Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, free from cancer, launches reelection bid: NPR
93 Three teas to lower cholesterol and keep high blood pressure in check
94 Cervical cancer symptoms include swollen legs--sign of advanced disease
95 Type 2 diabetes expert warns of foods to avoid or risk high blood sugar levels
96 Symptoms to Preventions, All You Need to Know About Rise in Diabetes in Kids
97 Why Do Vaccines Keep Failing to Live Up to Their Promises?
98 GM Children: Film Unveils 'Monstrous' Child Deformities
99 How to spot the difference between age spots and skin cancer--expert
100 Monsoon Skin Infection 7 Quick Ways to Avoid Fungal Issues During Humid Weather
101 Aspartame is as carcinogenic as aloe vera leaves or exhaust fumes. No reason for concern yet
102 Turkey's Erdogan hosts Zelenskyy and says Ukraine deserves membership in NATO: NPR
103 Malaria has re-emerged in the US. Is climate change to blame?
104 Heart disease risk can be lowered by 'eliminating' certain foods--expert
105 Passport delays continue with little progress from State Department: NPR
106 How understanding the gut-brain connection could improve mental health treatment: Shots
107 64% of Canadians have air conditioning. Is it enough for climate change?--National
108 Most stressful countries in Europe to live in--where does the UK rank?
109 Scotland wants to decriminalize drugs. The UK government just says no
110 8 Reasons Why this Medicinal Herb is the Best Remedy for Overall Health
111 An overdue library book returns 119 years later: NPR
112 More renters facing eviction now have the right to a lawyer: NPR
113 Four key ways to alleviate premenstrual symptoms--women's health expert
114 Tennessee can enforce ban on transgender care for minors, court says
115 'Ticking timebomb of osteoporosis blighted my mother's final few years'