File Title
1 Origins of Earth Elements: Supernova Findings in UGC 11860 Galaxy
2 Wildlife Crossing Guards: Achieving Ecological Connectivity on a Budget
3 Scientists Uncover Startling Impacts of Excessive YouTube on Loneliness and Mental Health
4 New Study: Climate Change to Push Countless Species Over Abrupt Tipping Points
5 Unique Quasar Sheds Light on Cosmic Mysteries: The Brightest in 9 Billion Years
6 New Study Reveals that Needle-Free Acupuncture Could Help You Lose Weight
7 MIT's AI and Laser Duo Is Shaking Up How We Make Medicine
8 Beyond Play: Board Games Boost Math Ability in Young Children
9 Scientists Uncover Molecular Mechanisms Behind Childhood Memory Development
10 Swarm Intelligence in Space: NASA's Starling CubeSats Ready to Test Critical Technology
11 Astronomical Boost: Chances of Finding Water on Alien Worlds Increased by x100
12 Historic Gamma-Ray Burst Detected at the Heart of an Ancient Galaxy
13 Scientists Discover Oldest Scale Plans of Mysterious Desert Mega Structures
14 Pain Beyond Bearable: Unraveling the Dark Connection Between Fibromyalgia and Death
15 Webb's Stunning 3D Visualization: A Cosmic Evolution Through 5,000 Galaxies
16 A New Mechanism Unveiled: Rapid Evolution of Multi-Drug Resistant Infections
17 Popular Theory Under Question: Global Warming's Unexpected Impact on Fish Size
18 Optoelectronics Nanotechnology Innovation: MIT Grows Precise Arrays of nanoLEDs
19 Reservoir Species--USDA Releases Shocking Research on COVID-19 Transmission Between White-Tailed Deer and Humans
20 Revolutionizing Cosmology: The 21-cm Forest Probe's Role in Deciphering Dark Matter
21 Garbage Patches in Our Backyard: Surprising Microplastics Contamination in Freshwater Lakes and Reservoirs
22 Your Pet Could Be at Risk--Beware of Raw Pheasant Dog Food
23 Chlamydia-Like Bacteria Discovered in Great Barrier Reef
24 Mercury's Metallic Mystery: NASA's MESSENGER Mission Decodes Chromium Clues
25 Unlocking Dark Matter Mysteries Through Gravitational Waves
26 Debunking the Myth: Bigger Research Teams Don't Necessarily Produce Better Research
27 Potentially Unlimited Supply--Scientists Grow Meat from Immortal Stem Cells
28 MIT's Cybersecurity Metior: A Secret Weapon Against Side-Channel Attacks
29 Researchers Uncover New Health Benefits of Watermelon
30 Against the Odds: ESA's Ingenious Solution to RIME Antenna's Deployment Failure
31 Debunking the Illusion: It's All About the Eyes, Not the Mind
32 New Study: Marijuana Users Three Times More Likely to Develop Peripheral Artery Disease
33 How Can a Common Virus Cause Multiple Sclerosis? New Study Explains
34 Bizarre: Scientists Discover New Species of Mosasaur with Strange "Screwdriver Teeth"
35 Neurological Secrets of Fear: The Eye-Averting Mechanism Uncovered in Fruit Flies
36 Quantum Breakthrough: First-Ever Entanglement of Microwave and Optical Photons
37 The Sound of Silence? Johns Hopkins Researchers Prove People Hear It
38 Harvard Scientists Uncover Long-Missing Piece in Breast Cancer Puzzle
39 Are We Alone?--Beginnings: Life on Our World and Others
40 Gulf War Syndrome Breakthrough? Scientists Say Mysterious Illness Caused by Impaired Mitochondria
41 Washing with the Wrong Soap? It Could Turn You into a Mosquito Magnet
42 Cosmic Paradigm Shift: New Research Doubles Universe's Age to 26.7 Billion Years
43 Good News: Older Adults Today Have Better Mental Health than 30 Years Ago
44 MIT's AI Learns Molecular Language for Rapid Material Development and Drug Discovery
45 Warning: Scientists Discover Elevated Levels of Toxic Metals in Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks
46 Salt Power: The Lithium-Sodium Fusion Revolutionizing Batteries
47 Aeolus' Epic Fall: The Wind Satellite Making Space History
48 Scientists Were Misled for Decades--New Study Unveils the Deceptive Role of Seaweed in Reef Health
49 ISS Astronauts Conduct Earth Observations, Space Biology and Hardware Installs
50 MIT's "FrameDiff"--Generative AI Imagines New Protein Structures that Could Transform Medicine
51 Outsmarting Cystinosis: AI-Led Discovery Brings Hope for Patients with Lyosomal Storage Disease
52 Scientists Successfully Use Exotic Atoms to Verify Quantum Electrodynamics
53 Europe's Sizzling Summer: A Heatwave like Never Before
54 Life on Mars? NASA's Perseverance Rover Finds Evidence of Diverse Organic Compounds
55 Surge at Sea: Alarming Increase of Norovirus Outbreaks on Cruise Ships
56 Sizzling Secrets of WASP-76b: Unmasking a Hot Jupiter's Vaporized Rock Atmosphere
57 MIT's "FrameDiff"--Generative AI Imagines New Protein Structures that Could Transform Medicine
58 The Future of Camouflage: Mimicking Cephalopods' Color-Changing Ability
59 This Week @NASA: Webb Celebrates First Year, NASA Humanoid Robot, Low Altitude Flights
60 WHO: Artificial Sweetener Aspartame May Be Carcinogenic to Humans
61 Beating Parkinson's: Intense Exercise Regimen Helps Slow Disease Progression
62 Scientists Discover that a Simple Antibacterial Treatment Can Solve a Severe Skin Problem
63 Unexpected Results from Myopia (Nearsightedness) Eye Drop Treatment Trial
64 Rewinding Lunar Time: "Man in the Moon" Gets His Clock Reset by 200 Million Years
65 How to Repair a Damaged Heart: Key Mechanism Behind Heart Regeneration Revealed
66 Challenging Conventional Wisdom: New Discovery Transforms Our Understanding of Crystals
67 Playing Quantum Billiards with Protons at the Large Hadron Collider
68 Record-Breaking Advances in Next-Generation Flow Battery Design
69 Shining Light on Cosmic Secrets: Scientists Test a Controversial Theory of Blazar Emissions
70 Does COVID-19 Vaccination Cause Menstrual Changes? New Research Says No
71 Gigantic Insights: Tiny Scales Uncover Megalodon's Slow Speed and Huge Hunger
72 Soaring Through Skyscrapers: NASA's Low Altitude Flights Uncover Hidden Pollution
73 New Research: Current Climate Policies Will Leave Billions Exposed to Dangerously Hot Temperatures
74 Ketamine effective for treatment-resistant depression, study suggests--ScienceDaily
75 Researchers use liquid crystals that mimic beetle shell coloration units to create a more secure type of QR code
76 Genes for learning and memory are 650 million years old--ScienceDaily
77 Risk assessment for fluoride in groundwater of Mihe-Weihe River Basin--a region with high fluorine content
78 Research highlights benefits of wild plants in fallow land and other ecosystems in Madagascar--ScienceDaily
79 Nations call for swift fossil fuel exit to tackle climate change
80 Nuclear bombs set off new geological epoch in the 1950s, scientists say
81 Findings further understanding of the metabolic pathways underlying organ development--ScienceDaily
82 Structure of an enzyme crucial for tRNA maturation sheds light on cause of neurodegenerative disorders--ScienceDaily
83 A mining company is hunting for lithium, right on the edge of wildlife refuge
84 Stable photocatalyst material opens new possibilities for harvesting hydrogen--ScienceDaily
85 Japan rocket engine explodes during test: official
86 A continuous roller printing approach can precisely transfer thousands of microscopic semiconductor devices in a single shot--ScienceDaily
87 Record-breaking heat bakes US, Europe, China
88 Home blood pressure monitoring saves lives, cuts costs, and reduces healthcare disparities--ScienceDaily
89 Pets do not significantly benefit the emotional health of owners with severe mental illness, study shows
90 A new method allows quantifying the spatial intermittency of ocean currents--ScienceDaily
91 Thanks to trapped electrons, a material expected to be a conducting metal remains an insulator
92 A ferroelectric transistor that stores and computes at scale--ScienceDaily
93 Acropolis closes at hottest hours amid Greece heatwave
94 A nearby supernova nearly blew our solar system to bits 4 billion years ago, new research suggests
95 This eight-armed octopus-like pore detects taste
96 Researchers establish criterion for nonlocal quantum behavior in networks--ScienceDaily
97 UCI bars transgender women from competing in female category / More sports News
98 Biologists publish new guidelines to facilitate data sharing of research on disordered proteins
99 500 million people worldwide have active volcanoes as neighbors
100 Small-winged and lighter colored butterflies likely to be at greatest threat from climate change--ScienceDaily
101 Fears that dead 60-foot-long whale in Ireland could explode sends experts scrambling
102 Study offers a broader approach to quantum walks
103 Ketamine effective for treatment-resistant depression, study suggests--ScienceDaily
104 Risk assessment for fluoride in groundwater of Mihe-Weihe River Basin--a region with high fluorine content
105 Wearable sensors, automatic feeders yield clues about onset of bovine respiratory disease--ScienceDaily
106 'Smoothness' in parts of brain's surface may boost risk of depression, study suggests
107 Breakthrough in material design will help football players, car occupants and hospital patients
108 Stellar cradles and graves seen in farthest galaxy ever--ScienceDaily
109 Nuclear bombs set off new geological epoch in the 1950s, scientists say
110 Nations call for swift fossil fuel exit to tackle climate change