File Title
1 Researchers make a surprising discovery about the magnetic interactions in a Kagome layered topological magnet--ScienceDaily
2 Massachusetts drinking water may contain unsafe levels of manganese--ScienceDaily
3 Hospital understaffing and poor work conditions associated with physician and nurse burnout and intent to leave--ScienceDaily
4 Tectonic changes alter sea levels that can create breeding grounds for life--ScienceDaily
5 The key to why plants flower early in a warming world--ScienceDaily
6 Study reveals how a tall spruce develops defense against hungry weevils--ScienceDaily
7 Study shows same-sex sexual behavior is widespread and heritable in macaque monkeys--ScienceDaily
8 GPT detectors can be biased against non-native English writers--ScienceDaily
9 Forest can adapt to climate change, but not quickly enough
10 Large collaboration at ISTA yields an unprecedented 'live' view into the brain's complexity--ScienceDaily
11 Scientists use NASA MESSENGER mission data to measure chromium on Mercury
12 In-person mindfulness courses help improve mental health for at least six months--ScienceDaily
13 ATLAS experiment reports fundamental properties of strong interactions
14 A potential therapeutic for one of the major chronic diseases of aging--ScienceDaily
15 Florida in hot water as ocean temperatures rise along with the humidity
16 Developer dollars not enough to save species--ScienceDaily
17 Scientists discover huge, heat-emitting blob on the far side of the moon
18 High-resolution, ultrastable solutions with lead-free anti-perovskite nanocrystals
19 Researchers create an innovative method to produce soft, recyclable fibers for smart textiles--ScienceDaily
20 Indian Ocean gravity hole was caused by extinct ancient sea, scientists say
21 Synthesizing 200 years of research on the urban impact on regional climate and extreme weather
22 While robots and artificial intelligence have the potential to act as nurses, it raises several ethical concerns--ScienceDaily
23 Mathematicians finally identify 'seemingly impossible' number after 32 years, thanks to supercomputers
24 Great gratuity explosion pushes consumers to the tipping point
25 Roots are capable of measuring heat on their own--ScienceDaily
26 Bees make decisions better and faster than we do, for the things that matter to them--ScienceDaily
27 Personal experience with wildfire increases engagement in disaster preparedness, study finds
28 Revolutionary self-sensing electric artificial muscles--ScienceDaily
29 SpaceX's Starlink satellites are leaking radiation that's 'photobombing' our attempts to study the cosmos
30 New research dispels 'protectionism' myth
31 A neurobehavioral signature of risk for mania--ScienceDaily
32 500 million-year-old 'abnormal shrimp' used facial spikes to 'pincushion' soft prey
33 New fish species discovered after decades of popularity in the aquarium trade
34 New research puts age of universe at 26.7--not 13.7--billion years--ScienceDaily
35 By combining the efforts of professional and citizen scientists, the study of cosmic cataclysms expands our understanding of the universe's extraordinary phenomena--ScienceDaily
36 Humans were in South America at least 25,000 years ago, giant sloth bone pendants reveal
37 Here's when they'll get here
38 Carbon taxes that focus on luxury consumption are fairer than those that tax all emissions equally--ScienceDaily
39 Hidden 36 million-year-long cycles may fuel bursts of life on Earth, ancient rocks reveal
40 As toxic algae sickens sea lions and other marine animals, California wildlife center needs help
41 Thermal cloak passively keeps electric vehicles cool in the summer and warm in the winter--ScienceDaily
42 Sawfish tagged in Cedar Key for first time in decades
43 New method reveals intricate behaviors of micron-sized particles in real, artificial tears--ScienceDaily
44 Were Neanderthals really killed off by Campi Flegrei, Europe's awakening 'supervolcano'
45 Canned, frozen corn industry struggling across US growing regions
46 Researchers uncover dynamics of buoyant spheres and the formation of horizontal air cavities at the air-water interface--ScienceDaily
47 First study to quantify effects of subsurface climate change on civil infrastructure--ScienceDaily
48 A study reframes the definition of marine heatwaves to improve responses to climate change
49 Europe in summer: scorching new normal
50 Newly identified protein regulates the creation of cellulose in plant cells--ScienceDaily
51 Florida waters now 'bona fide bathtub conditions' as heat dome engulfs state
52 Focus on state as 'problem parent' rather than care-experienced mothers, says new research
53 Supercomputer used to simulate winds that cause clear air turbulence--ScienceDaily
54 Volcano begins erupting in an uninhabited valley in southwest Iceland
55 56% drop in post-operative complications and shorter stays in hospital--ScienceDaily
56 This discovery may help doctors reduce blood-sugar levels in patients with diabetes by targeting neurons in the brain--ScienceDaily
57 Mucus-loving gut bug could be key for controlling cholesterol, lab study finds
58 Study presents new database linking RNA editing and blood cell differentiation
59 The color changes reflect significant shifts in essential marine ecosystems.--ScienceDaily
60 Dire wolves and saber-toothed cats may have gotten arthritis as they inbred themselves to extinction
61 Natural history collections shed light on bumblebees' modern struggles
62 Device opens the door for soft robotic applications in food handling, manufacturing, and biomedical therapeutics--ScienceDaily
63 Star system with galaxy-like 'arms' may be holding a secret planet
64 'Lava lamp' vesicles show how cells could self-organize--ScienceDaily
65 X-ray scans reveal 'hidden mysteries' in ancient Egyptian necropolis paintings
66 How the immune system can alter our behavior--ScienceDaily
67 Detailed map of the heart provides new insights into cardiac health and disease--ScienceDaily
68 Mars had an extreme climate shift 400,000 years ago, Chinese rover finds before its demise
69 Global study details microplastics contamination in lakes and reservoirs--ScienceDaily
70 Earth's newest 'baby' volcano is painting Iceland's Fagradalsfjall region with incandescent lava
71 It irons out wrinkles in thin films of these novel superconductors so scientists can see their true nature for the first time--ScienceDaily
72 $500,000 chunk of 'floating gold' found in dead whale
73 Social isolation linked to lower brain volume--ScienceDaily
74 Marine fossils unearth story about Panama's deep past--ScienceDaily
75 Researchers invent trap for capturing and comparing individual bacterial cells
76 Could AI-powered robot 'companions' combat human loneliness? Companion robots may help socially isolated people avoid the health risks of being alone--ScienceDaily
77 Salinity changes threatening marine ecosystems--ScienceDaily
78 Circular DNA, thought to be an accidental byproduct, is borrowing the cell's DNA repair mechanisms to copy itself--ScienceDaily
79 Cracking the mysterious case of dying desert forests
80 Plastic pollution on coral reefs increases with depth and mostly comes from fishing activities--ScienceDaily
81 Webb Space Telescope reveals moment of stellar birth, dramatic close-up of 50 baby stars
82 Enigmatic immune cells help us avoid harmful allergens--ScienceDaily
83 New study reveals evidence of diverse organic material on Mars--ScienceDaily
84 Elite Bronze Age tombs laden with gold and precious stones are 'among the richest ever found in the Mediterranean
85 New radar technique lets scientists probe invisible ice sheet region on Earth and icy worlds--ScienceDaily
86 Deforestation and warming lock rainforest in dry and damaged grassland state
87 Could drops replace eye injections for retina disease?--ScienceDaily
88 Astronomers find answers to mysterious action of ghost stars in our galaxy
89 Adults with multiple kids get 50-80 fewer minutes of vigorous physical activity each week--ScienceDaily
90 The carbon footprint of a pet fish calculated
91 Oral medication is the leading choice for multiple sclerosis treatment--ScienceDaily
92 Rare 'night-shining' clouds have not arrived on schedule--and a brewing storm of solar activity could be to blame
93 Effects of porosity on piezoelectric characteristics of polyvinylidene fluoride films for biomedical applications
94 On-site analysis of paint layering identifies history of alterations in ancient paintings--ScienceDaily
95 'Eye-catching' gold hair ring and Britain's oldest wooden comb found in Bronze Age burial
96 Food insecurity rate hits 17% for the second time in 18 months
97 While rates of infertility rose during the 20th century, the success of assisted reproductive technology overcome these trends--ScienceDaily
98 Explosive 'star factory' image marks the James Webb telescope's one-year anniversary of operations
99 Rethinking role of charity in cost-of-living crisis
100 Gemini South captures the spectacular end-of-life display of a red-giant star--ScienceDaily
101 Researchers engineer nanostructures to enhance the immune system's ability to combat cancer
102 Multiple ecosystems in hot water after marine heatwave surges across the Pacific--ScienceDaily
103 Maternal death rates doubled in the past 20 years in the US
104 As California bakes, Newsom launches campaign to warn of the dangers of extreme heat
105 Astronomers find answers to mysterious action of ghost stars in our Galaxy--ScienceDaily
106 Elite Roman man buried with sword may have been 'restrained' in death
107 A new, thin-lensed telescope design could far surpass James Webb--goodbye mirrors, hello diffractive lenses
108 Scientists move toward engineering living matter by manipulating movement of microparticles--ScienceDaily
109 1st over-the-counter birth control pill approved by FDA
110 Targeted prevention helps stop homelessness before it starts
111 University of Minnesota researchers create thin film of unique semimetal for the first time--ScienceDaily
112 Man sprouted thick, green 'fur' on his tongue in odd medical case
113 Night-flying helicopters prepare to battle wildfire as heat wave bakes California
114 Biomaterial-delivered one-two punch boosts cancer immunotherapy--ScienceDaily
115 Scientists knit futuristic eco-building designs using fungal networks