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1 Researchers identify genetic mechanism that controls petal color in lotus
2 Food labels offer consumer choices but also confusion about animal welfare--ScienceDaily
3 Time moved '5 times slower' in the early universe, mind-bending black hole study reveals
4 A bright future in eco-friendly light devices, just add dendrimers, cellulose, and graphene--ScienceDaily
5 What increases people's willingness to pay for online journalism?
6 Fecal transplants show promise in improving melanoma treatment--ScienceDaily
7 For the third time this week, Earth sets an unofficial heat record. What's behind those big numbers?
8 Materials researcher promotes cradle to cradle approach--ScienceDaily
9 Stop drainage and cultivate reed grass instead of potatoes on peat soil, says agricultural emissions study
10 Real-time tumor profiling can guide surgical, treatment decisions--ScienceDaily
11 A promising platform for the electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction reaction
12 How a genetic mutation can cause individuals with normal cholesterol levels to develop coronary artery disease at a young age--ScienceDaily
13 Asteroid named after Portuguese astrophysicist
14 Research demonstrates the important role woodlands have played on the island--ScienceDaily
15 Researchers discover drug-resistant, often deadly pathogen living in dogs' ears, creating concern it may jump to humans
16 Researchers have shown that combining climate data with visually engrossing art can make data more meaningful to viewers and bridge political divides related to climate science.--ScienceDaily
17 How a unique tomato mutation could transform sustainable agriculture
18 Doom-and-gloom climate news may scare but also encourage audiences--ScienceDaily
19 Study uncovers the secrets of plant regeneration
20 Learning the language of molecules to predict their properties--ScienceDaily
21 Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge develops diverse hydrothermal systems, potential large polymetallic deposits
22 Ticks may be able to spread chronic wasting disease between Wisconsin deer--ScienceDaily
23 Predictable mutations chart cancer's path--ScienceDaily
24 Enhanced dominance of soil moisture stress on vegetation growth in Eurasian drylands
25 Deep-sleep brain waves predict blood sugar control--ScienceDaily
26 Webb detects most distant active supermassive black hole to date
27 Pain risk varies significantly across states--ScienceDaily
28 Considerable but unsustainable water supply from thawing permafrost on the Tibetan Plateau in a changing climate
29 Did the Cambrian explosion really happen?
30 A multi-model prediction system for ENSO
31 Building models to predict interactions in plant microbiomes--ScienceDaily
32 Chemists create the microspine with shape-transforming properties for targeted cargo delivery at microscale--ScienceDaily
33 Lavish tomb in ancient Spain belonged to a woman, not a man, new research shows
34 One of the first human studies on how mitochondrial function impacts immune cells to guide future treatments.--ScienceDaily
35 World daily temperature records smashed--here's how we know
36 Deep learning approach enables accurate electronic structure calculations at large scales--ScienceDaily
37 Wildfires 'off the charts' in Canada as temperatures climb
38 Triple combination therapy brings lasting improvement in cystic fibrosis--ScienceDaily
39 Madagascar hippos were forest dwellers: Study
40 Diet score derived from ongoing, large-scale global Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study--ScienceDaily
41 Art that integrates data visualizations can help bridge the US political divide over climate change
42 New design rule for high-entropy superionic solid-state conductors--ScienceDaily
43 More extreme-heat occurrences related to humidity in China: Study
44 Asian clams' spread in Columbia River warns of worse invaders--ScienceDaily
45 An inhomogeneous Dirac cone system gives rise to in-plane chiral Landau levels
46 Number cruncher calculates whether whales are acting weirdly--ScienceDaily
47 How will Megan Rapinoe be remembered in hometown of Redding?
48 Multi-dimensional band structure spectroscopy in the photonic synthetic frequency dimension
49 An anti-biofilm cyclic peptide targets a secreted aminopeptidase from P. aeruginosa--ScienceDaily
50 Weeks later, potentially harmful chemicals lingered in homes affected by Marshall Fire--ScienceDaily
51 New eco-friendly, long-lasting light-emitting electrochemical cell
52 The device transmits measurements wirelessly and can be seamlessly applied to the outer surface of textiles--ScienceDaily
53 'This is a big step toward understanding dark matter and dark energy'
54 Climate-friendly air conditioning inspired by termites--ScienceDaily
55 Why do we find so much amber in Cretaceous rocks?
56 Researchers calculate economic value of temporary carbon reduction with 'Social Value of Offsets' formula--ScienceDaily
57 Getting citizen scientists involved in pollinator tracking
58 Marine heat waves caused mass seabird die-offs, beach surveys show--ScienceDaily
59 Study asks if eponymous business owners are more reticent about the transparent disclosure of company finances
60 Obesity risk genes make people feel hungrier and lose control over their eating, but practicing dietary restraint could counteract this.--ScienceDaily
61 Webb Telescope detects most distant active supermassive black hole--ScienceDaily
62 Unveiling the secret of viruses-bacteria interactions in human-made environments--ScienceDaily
63 In an empty parking lot, a car 'thinks' it is on a real road--ScienceDaily
64 Creative people enjoy idle time more than others--ScienceDaily
65 Study uncovers gut bacteria differences in children who later develop juvenile idiopathic arthritis--ScienceDaily
66 Demonstration of safety of microbiota transplant therapy in stem cell transplant and leukemia patients--ScienceDaily
67 Did Alexander the Great have any children?
68 Schizophrenia is associated with somatic mutations occurring in utero--ScienceDaily
69 Shrinking Arctic glaciers are unearthing a new source of methane--ScienceDaily
70 New study shatters conventional wisdom and unlocks the future of electrochemical devices--ScienceDaily
71 Lack of sleep lessens cognitive benefits of physical activity--ScienceDaily
72 Why are there hopping mice in Australia but no kangaroos in Asia? It's a long story
73 Study of 600 UK teenagers suggests that having stronger self-awareness and sense of purpose may raise GCSE Maths scores 'by a couple of grades.'--ScienceDaily
74 More IVF babies born after egg collection in summer rather than in autumn--ScienceDaily
75 Strawberry fields forever? Strawberry production leaves long-term plastic pollution, research finds
76 Man-made materials in nests can bring both risks and benefits for birds
77 Beak shape can predict nest material use in birds, study finds
78 Study finds wild bees emerge from nests a week earlier for every 1íC rise in temperature
79 Developer dollars not enough to save species, finds koala study
80 In search of a lost cemetery, dig begins at a former Native American school in Nebraska
81 Ecologist Tim Blackburn: 'Moths pollinate a wider range of species than bees
82 Signs of the human era, from nuclear fallout to microplastics
83 Kentucky man finds over 700 Civil War-era coins buried in his cornfield
84 How the weight of the world fell on one geologist's shoulders
85 Proof humans reshaped the world? Chickens
86 How a plant with a toxic past can become a climate-smart crop of tomorrow
87 Researchers devise new quantum photonics technique to create better holograms
88 Examining why plants flower early in a warming world
89 Male monkeys on tiny island have way more sex with each other than females, scientists discover
90 Tin selenide may hold the key for thermoelectric solutions
91 Scientists discover natural repair process that fixes damaged hearing cells--ScienceDaily
92 Harvard scientist claims 'anomalous' metal spheres pulled from the ocean could be alien technology. Others are not convinced.
93 These lollipops could 'sweeten' diagnostic testing for kids and adults alike
94 Criticism with care is more persuasive--ScienceDaily
95 Airborne' elephant dangles from a crane by its feet in award-winning photo
96 Researchers explain how mushrooms can live for hundreds of years without getting cancer
97 Burns take a toll on academic outcomes--ScienceDaily
98 Scientists think they saw an asteroid crash into a dead star--and release one of the brightest explosions in the universe
99 Study explores the complex connections between managerial feedback and creative outcomes
100 In a long-term culture, scientists find and characterize two new microorganisms growing on the toxic gas nitric oxide, reducing it completely to N2--ScienceDaily
101 James Webb telescope discovers the oldest active black hole in the known universe
102 Whale of a debate put to rest
103 New biodegradable plastics are compostable in your backyard--ScienceDaily
104 Metal detectorists find buried WWII aircraft in Ukraine while disarming wartime bomb
105 Study increases probability of finding water on other worlds by 100-fold
106 Addressing justice in wildfire risk management--ScienceDaily
107 MacBook Air 15-inch M2 review: The ultimate student laptop
108 Global cooling caused diversity of species in orchids, confirms study--ScienceDaily
109 Unused renewable energy an option for powering NFT trade--ScienceDaily
110 Tiny transistor enables device to acquire and transmit neurophysiologic brain signals while simultaneously providing power to the implanted device--ScienceDaily
111 Sugar additive plays a surprise role, boosting flow battery capacity and longevity for this grid energy resilience design--ScienceDaily
112 Evolutionary origins of the pygmy right whale--ScienceDaily
113 New fish species discovered after decades of popularity in the aquarium trade--ScienceDaily
114 Gauging the strength of ancient and active rivers beyond Earth--ScienceDaily
115 Caterpillar venom study reveals toxins borrowed from bacteria--ScienceDaily
116 Mechanical control over vital cellular processes could revolutionize drug design--ScienceDaily
117 While most forests in the U.S. have the potential to adapt to hotter, dryer conditions, they aren't changing quickly enough to avoid the impending stress--ScienceDaily