File Title
1 A new bacterial blueprint to aid in the war on antibiotic resistance
2 [Photonic radar health monitor system] tested on cane toads--ScienceDaily
3 Lost Maya city discovered deep in the jungles of Mexico
4 As climate warms, US allows moving species threatened with extinction as a last resort
5 Getting adults on board with messy nature play--ScienceDaily
6 Australia clears legal use of MDMA and psilocybin to treat PTSD and depression
7 A relative of jellyfish and corals regrows its entire body with help from 'aging' cells.--ScienceDaily
8 35 amazing facial reconstructions, from Stone Age shamans to King Tut
9 Immune-boosting therapy helps honey bees resist deadly viruses
10 Lessons learned from first genetically-modified pig heart into human patient--ScienceDaily
11 Mysterious 'zombie planet' Halla seems to have survived the explosive death of its star. How?
12 New ferroelectric material could give robots muscles
13 Alarming antibiotic resistance discovered in war-torn Ukraine--ScienceDaily
14 NASA Goddard acoustics chamber and US marine band turn up the volume
15 Babies talk more around human-made objects than natural ones--ScienceDaily
16 Strange 'echo' from the Milky Way's central black hole reveals it briefly awoke 200 years ago
17 Astrophysicists propose a new way of measuring cosmic expansion: lensed gravitational waves
18 Even though our computers are now better than 15 years ago, they still malfunction between 11 and 20 percent of the time--ScienceDaily
19 The invisible plant technology of the prehistoric Philippines
20 Harnessing advanced simulation tools, a team of scientists from UNIGE, Northwestern University and University of Florida shed light on the enigmatic nature of these celestial 'beasts.'--ScienceDaily
21 I knew it was circling me': Man attacked by shark was waiting to die, then dolphins saved his life
22 New image from James Webb Space Telescope reveals astonishing Saturn and its rings
23 Science news this week: Gravitational waves and a winged Medusa medal
24 Polluting shipping to face climate reckoning
25 Fasting can help you lose weight, but you might gain it back quickly--ScienceDaily
26 Is there an 'up' and a 'down' in space?
27 Australian lizard species rediscovered following extinction fears
28 Climate disasters, traumatic events have long-term impacts on youths' academics--ScienceDaily
29 Bees are astonishingly good at making decisions--and our computer model explains how that's possible
30 Rutgers researchers conclude that the timing and type of workout is critical for optimal effects [on diabetes]--ScienceDaily
31 Scientists designed new enzyme using Antarctic bacteria and computer calculations--ScienceDaily
32 Europe's space telescope launches to target universe's dark mysteries
33 Discovering features of band topology in amorphous thin films--ScienceDaily
34 A neutrino portrait of our galaxy reveals high-energy particles from within the Milky Way
35 Earth is about to reach its farthest point from the sun. So why is it so hot?
36 Astronomers puzzled by 'planet that shouldn't exist'
37 Lensed gravitational waves--ScienceDaily
38 Using a detector the size of a galaxy, astronomers detect gravitational waves from supermassive black hole pairs
39 In eye-tracking study, half of participants look only at date--ScienceDaily
40 Static electricity attracts ticks to hosts--ScienceDaily
41 Study advances understanding of anthropogenic effects on climate change
42 A new dataset can help scientists develop automatic systems that generate richer, more descriptive captions for online charts.--ScienceDaily
43 Expanding large-scale agriculture is escalating flooding in the largest South American breadbasket--ScienceDaily
44 Study finds Europe is still far from meeting its targets
45 Birds and honey badgers could be cooperating to steal from bees in parts of Africa--ScienceDaily
46 Three myths about immigration in America
47 New AI tool beats standard approaches for detecting heart attacks--ScienceDaily
48 Scientists identify gene crucial for male meiosis during homologous pairing and synapsis
49 The intricate science of how genetics influences sociology--ScienceDaily
50 Study offers strategy for green synthesis of 15N-amino acids
51 Global study uncovers intricate balance between seed defense and dispersal by forest trees--ScienceDaily
52 Label date, not phrasing, drives consumer decisions to toss food
53 Soft, ultrathin photonic material cools down wearable electronic devices--ScienceDaily
54 System could be used aboard underwater vehicles for many applications--ScienceDaily
55 The finding opens the technology to wider use for more diseases--ScienceDaily
56 Carcinonemertes conanobrieni could be contributing to decreased landings of the ecologically significant and commercially lucrative species.--ScienceDaily
57 Vaccine to protect crocodiles and multi-million dollar industry--ScienceDaily
58 Research reveals sources of CO2 from Aleutian-Alaska Arc volcanoes--ScienceDaily
59 A dog's breed can affect pain sensitivity, but not necessarily the way your vet may think--ScienceDaily
60 Neutrons look inside working solid-state battery to discover its key to success--ScienceDaily
61 Nestle steps up reforestation project in Ivory Coast
62 Indigenous people most affected are least likely to make a connection [of human causes to climate change]--ScienceDaily
63 New study reveals shifting public sentiment [about GMOs]--ScienceDaily
64 Brain scans reveal that lonely people process the world in unique ways--ScienceDaily
65 Do the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean mix?
66 An internationally collaborative endeavor identified a new receptor in the intestine, opening the door to utilization in disease treatment--ScienceDaily
67 Scientists have finally 'heard' the chorus of gravitational waves that ripple through the universe
68 Get ready to be amazed by the latest James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) image.--ScienceDaily
69 Why that's 'pivotal' for future human genetics research--ScienceDaily
70 Displays controlled by flexible fins and liquid droplets more versatile, efficient than LED screens--ScienceDaily
71 Deep sea mining permits may be coming soon. What are they and what might happen?
72 Amazon dolphins at risk from fishing, dams and dredging
73 Roman aqueduct and 'luxurious' burials unearthed during construction of underground parking garage in Serbia
74 More green spaces linked to slower biological aging
75 Scientists devise approach for selecting coral species for reef restoration
76 5 fascinating facts about the Big Bang, the theory that defines the history of the universe
77 Urine tests identify brain tumors by capturing cancer DNA using nanowires
78 Zoo monkey eats her baby's corpse after carrying it around for days
79 AI combined with CRISPR precisely controls gene expression
80 Hawai'i observatories add color, depth to European Euclid mission
81 Catastrophic climate 'doom loops' could start in just 15 years, new study warns
82 'Sandwich' discovery offers new explanation for planet formation
83 Researchers develop recycling method to address carbon and glass fiber composites waste crisis--ScienceDaily
84 It's time we stopped exploiting interns and paid them for the hours worked
85 Inadequate energy intake affects female athletes--ScienceDaily
86 Study investigates climate change's impact on intensity, frequency and duration of extreme-weather events
87 Scientists finds conservation strategies should address avian responses to climate-driven shifts--ScienceDaily
88 Why do our stomachs growl?
89 'Workplace AI revolution isn't happening yet,' survey says
90 The disorganized arrangement of the proteins in light-harvesting complexes is the key to their extreme efficiency--ScienceDaily
91 Maya canoe surrounded by animal and human bones found in 'portal to the underworld' in Mexico
92 In the wake of winter storm damage, Pajaro River flood-control efforts slide
93 Climate change's impact on extreme-weather events--ScienceDaily
94 Los Angeles air the 'cleanest' it's been in a decade, but rising temperatures could change that
95 Researchers dig into how chemical gardens grow--ScienceDaily
96 Bitter taste receptors could serve as endogenous sensors for bile acids--ScienceDaily
97 Cognitive flexibility moderates teacher stress, shows study
98 Artificial intelligence and computer vision provide most accurate estimate yet [of bat population]--ScienceDaily
99 A theoretical understanding of what makes some hollow-core optical fibers more efficient than others will inspire the design of new low-loss fibers--ScienceDaily
100 Unraveling the super-complex structure of supercooled liquids
101 Maternal mortality in the U.S. more than doubled between 1999 and 2019--ScienceDaily
102 Winds not strong enough to push smoke away; Michigan air quality alerts continue
103 RNA-based predictive models developed--ScienceDaily
104 The shift to an El Nino-like phase between 1600 and 1900 A.D. was identified by sediment analysis of a Philippine lake--ScienceDaily
105 Scientists reveal genomic distribution and evolutionary patterns of 6mA modifications in plants
106 Scientists propose new strategy for modern sails to help shipping sector meet its carbon reduction goals--ScienceDaily
107 Physicists rediscover a discarded theory to solve a mystery of how glass damping sound
108 AI chatbots to be approved as medical devices?--ScienceDaily
109 Could vaccines prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease?
110 Researchers grow bio-inspired polymer brains for artificial neural networks
111 Water storage capacity in oceanic crust slabs increases with age, researchers find--ScienceDaily