File Title
1 Carbon-Fiber Conundrum: Physicist Explains the Tragic Implosion of OceanGate's Titan Submersible
2 Deciphering the Mystery of Neutrino Mass--a New Approach Uses Random Matrix Theory
3 Einstein Vindicated: Quasar "Clocks" Show Universe Was 5x Slower Soon After the Big Bang
4 Tooth Decay Surprise: New Bacterial Culprit Discovered
5 Unexpected Chemical Detectives: ALMA's Surprise Discovery Aids Protoplanet Search
6 Four Weeks to a Healthier Brain: Resistance Training Can Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's Disease
7 Decoding the Quantum Riddle: Learning Quantum Processes Made Easier
8 The "Weird Shrimp from Canada" Likely Much Weaker than Once Assumed
9 Harvard Scientists Control "Points of Darkness" for Remote Sensing and Covert Detection Applications
10 Nature's Chaos that Powers Life: MIT Chemists Discover Why Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Is So Efficient
11 500 Million-Year Journey: The Bacterial Origins of Our Vision
12 Beware the Horrifying Double Whammy that Inflates Gastric Cancer Risk by 45%
13 Cosmic Houdini: Scientists Baffled by Mysterious Planet that Should Have Been Destroyed by Its Star
14 Computational Agroecology--The Future of Farming
15 Insect Superheroes: Researchers Unearth Secrets of Leaf-Cutting Ants
16 The Invisible Killer at Work--Discrimination Can Have Major Heart Health Implications
17 New USC Study: Even "Safe" Air Pollution Levels Can Harm the Developing Brain
18 Artemis II Orion Heat Shield Installed: A Key Step Towards NASA's Moon Mission
19 Unlocking the Secrets of the Heart--Scientists Create a Miniature Heart in a Petri Dish
20 Anti-Gravity Transport of Water Droplets: Material Channels Mechanical Energy in a Preferred Direction
21 Voyage to the Sun: NASA's Parker Solar Probe Completes 16th Close Approach
22 For the Very First Time: Scientists Analyze a Single Atom with X-Rays
23 How an Ancient Herbivore Ate Their Way to Extinction
24 Unmasking the Protein Accomplice in COVID-19 Spread
25 Space Travel's Hidden Impact: Long Missions Trigger Significant Changes in Astronauts' Brains
26 Not Just a One-Time Event--New Research Reveals that Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Chronic Conditions
27 Combat or Climate: The Real Cause of Small-Scale Societies' Collapse
28 Magnetic Revelations: New Research Challenges Existing Theories of Life's Emergence
29 Profound Paradigm Shift in Cellular Biology--DNA Damage Repaired by Antioxidant Enzymes
30 A Simple Sponge Has Improved How Robots Grasp
31 Era of "Green Hydrogen"--New Advancement Paves Way for Artificial Photosynthesis
32 Japan's Alpha Particle Assassin: New Treatment for Multiple Types of Cancer
33 Dark Matter Discrepancy: A Cosmic Conundrum in the Standard Cosmological Model
34 Arctic's Melting Glaciers Reveal Hidden Methane Time Bomb
35 New Analysis Dispels Common Back Pain Myth and Reveals a Looming Crisis
36 Chemistry's Chameleon: The Self-Repairing Marvels of Chemical Gardens
37 4D Printing Reality: Metallic Gel Enables Shape-Shifting and Conductivity in 3D Prints
38 Electron Asymmetry and the Mystery of Matter's Existence: A Record-Breaking Study
39 Chemistry's Chameleon: The Self-Repairing Marvels of Chemical Gardens
40 Electron Asymmetry and the Mystery of Matter's Existence: A Record-Breaking Study
41 Black Hole Unmasked: Astronomers Capture First Image of Accretion Ring and Relativistic Jet
42 Postbiotics--The Latest Breakthrough in Gut Health
43 Harnessing the Power of Sound: A Novel Method to Test Protein Bonds
44 The Unseen Impact of Mental Illness: Biological Age Acceleration
45 Uncovering the Science Secrets Behind a Good Night's Sleep
46 Insect Armageddon: The Chaotic Consequences of Climate Change
47 Language and Stroke--Scientists Uncover Surprising Connection
48 New Harvard Research Links Omega-3 Fatty Acid Consumption with Slower ALS Progression
49 Revealed: Face of Teen VIP Buried 1400 Years Ago--Secrets of Trumpington Cross Woman
50 Synaptic Secrets Revealed: Scientists Use AI to Watch Brain Connections Change
51 Super-Earth May Reveal Secrets About the Edge of Habitability
52 Innovative Approach Successfully Traces Genomic Variants to Genetic Disorders
53 Why Does Eating Foods Cooked at High Temperatures Increase Cancer Risk? Stanford Scientists Discover Surprising New Reason Why
54 Palm-Sized Powerhouse: RIKEN's Handheld Terahertz Device to "X-Ray" Things Without Harmful Radiation
55 Schizophrenia Research Breakthrough: The Hidden Culprits Are Somatic Genetic Mutations
56 Unraveling the Mysteries of Human Tissue: A Comprehensive Atlas
57 Brain Surgery on an Awake Musician Reveals the Complexity of Music and Language Processing
58 Webb Space Telescope Illuminates Earliest Strands of the Cosmic Web
59 New Priming Method Improves Battery Life by Up to 44%
60 New Research Finds that Short-Term Exposure to Air Pollution Could Increase Your Risk of Arrhythmia
61 Artificial Muscles Flex for the First Time: Ferroelectric Polymer Innovation in Robotics
62 Molecular Time Bomb: How RIPK1 Deficiency Sparks the Aging Inflammatory Response
63 A Hidden Toll: Obesity Associated with Increased Risk of Complications After Surgery
64 The Largest Animals to Ever Walk on Earth--New Research Reveals How Super-Giant Sauropods Achieved Their Record-Breaking Sizes
65 Upper Critical Temperature: How Hot Is Too "Too Hot" for Humans?
66 Breaking Protocols: How the FDA Approved a Questioned Antibiotic
67 Tackling Both Stress and Depression--a New Potential Depression Treatment with Minimal Side Effects
68 MIT Experts Shed Light on the Era of Far-Reaching Wildfires
69 Harnessing Sunlight: Breakthrough in Sustainable Catalysts for Chemical Synthesis
70 More than Pain Relief: Sustained Cannabis Use Leads to Improved Cognition in Cancer Patients
71 Synthetic Evolution: Genetically Minimal Artificial Cells Prove "Life Finds a Way"
72 Electronic Renaissance: How Machine Learning Reimagines Material Modeling
73 Titanic Risks: Why Would Anyone Get in a Submersible and Travel 2-1/2 Miles Deep into the Ocean?
74 Surprising Health and Mortality Study: Is Anyone Truly Healthy?
75 JUICE Spacecraft's Ultraviolet Spectrograph Springs into Action: First Data Collected
76 Toxic Hitchhikers: How Microplastics Carry Heavy Metals Across Our Rivers
77 MS Accelerator: Uncovering the Genetic Variant Driving Rapid Multiple Sclerosis Progression
78 More Powerful than SSRIs--Scientists Develop Two New Drug Candidates that Could Treat Addiction and Depression
79 Exploring the Universe's "First Light" with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
80 Stunning View of powerful Cyclone Mocha Closing in on Mount Everest
81 Time Reversal Photonics Experiment Resolves Quantum Paradox
82 This Week @NASA: Webb Finds Black Hole in Early Universe, Mars Helicopter, Parker Solar Probe
83 Unlocking the Secrets of the Cell: Scientists "Dive" into the Dark Hole of the Nuclear Pore Complex
84 LOFAR Uncovers Starlink's Secret: Unintended Electromagnetic Emissions from SpaceX's Satellites
85 Haunting Echoes: Memories of Childhood Abuse and Neglect Has Greater Impact on Mental Health than the Experience Itself
86 The Atomic Blueprint: Algorithmic Breakthrough Unlocks Materials Path to Sustainable Technologies
87 Scientists Shed New Light on Triphyophyllum peltatum--a Unique Plant with a Deadly Appetite
88 Researchers Discover the Best Treatment for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
89 Warning: Scientists Discover Melatonin--a Popular Sleep Supplement--Can Disrupt Gut Health
90 Unearthing Rare Earth Elements--Scientists Use AI to Find Rare Materials
91 Moss: An Unassuming Pillar of Planetary Health
92 Scientists Uncover Startling Impacts of Excessive YouTube on Loneliness and Mental Health
93 The Surprising Connection Between Chewing and Type 2 Diabetes
94 A Planet Within a Planet--Seismologists Peer into Earth's Inner Core
95 OceanGate Innovation or Negligence? Why a Successful Lawsuit Against the Submersible Company Is Unlikely
96 Scent of a Woman: Hand Odor Can Reveal a Person's Sex with 96% Accuracy
97 Einstein's Monsters: Hubble Space Telescope Observes Merging Galaxy Clusters
98 Early Universe Revelation: Webb Detects Most Distant Active Supermassive Black Hole
99 New Air Monitor Can Detect COVID-19, Flu, RSV, and Other Viruses in Real-Time
100 The Invisible Enemy: Ambient Air Pollution Elevates Dementia Risk
101 Hiding in Plain Sight: Researchers Reveal Impact of Ancient Earthquake
102 An Unexpected Twist: What Really Makes "Golden" Fossils Shine?
103 Harnessing Hydrogen in a Safe, Easy, and Affordable Way for a Decarbonized Future
104 Daily Vitamin D Consumption May Reduce Cancer Mortality
105 Quantum Error Correction: Shattering the Breakeven Barrier
106 A Shield Against Anxiety and Depression: Mindfulness Courses Improve Mental Health
107 Gravitational Waves Detected Using "Cosmic Clocks" and Unseen Spatial Distortions
108 Earning Cash While Saving Lives: How DiagnosUs Is Revolutionizing AI
109 Buzz-Off: New Genetic Technology Developed to Stop Malaria-Spreading Mosquitoes
110 Twice the Size of a Killer Whale--New Evidence Suggests Giant Pliosaurs Swam in Late Jurassic Seas
111 Massive Granite Formation Discovered Beneath the Moon's Surface
112 A Peek into the Quantum Realm: MIT Physicists Generate the First Snapshots of Fermion Pairs
113 Neglected 80-Year-Old Antibiotic Could Provide a New Way to Fight Difficult-To-Treat Infections
114 A Big Step Forward: New Breakthrough Could Lead to Cleaner Hydrogen Energy
115 Quantum Physics in a Leaf? Scientists Discover Link Between Photosynthesis and the "Fifth State of Matter"
116 Mars' Last Ice Age Ends with a Twist: Climate Changes Evident in Dune Formations
117 These Spiders Are Rapidly Spreading Across the US--But There's No Need to Panic
118 Sonic Thump Not Sonic Boom: NASA's X-59 Quiet Supersonic Aircraft Rolls Out
119 Space Station Crew Engaged with Science and Tech Upgrades, Earth Observations and Trainings
120 Shiny Surprise: Cheops Discovers Scorching Hot Exoplanet Acting like a Mirror
121 Solid Tumor Eradication: MIT's Vaccine Delivers a Boost to T Cell Cancer Treatment
122 A "Silent Hazard" Is Lurking Underneath Our Major Global Cities--Subterranean Climate Change Threatens Urban Stability
123 Scientists Identify New Cause of Heart Failure Condition in Children--And Successfully Reverse Its Effects
124 Scientists Discover Astonishing 36-Million-Year Geological Cycle that Triggers Bursts of Biodiversity
125 Unveiling Invisible Particles: Physicists Use Water to Detect Neutrinos
126 Toxic Tap Warning: Unsafe Manganese Levels Found in Massachusetts Drinking Water