File Title
1 Taking Quantum Security to New Heights: A New Secure and Fast Source-DI QRNG Protocol
2 Megalodon Was No Cold-Blooded Killer--And that Spelled Its Doom
3 Four Confirmed Cases of Malaria: Florida Department of Health Issues Mosquito-Borne Illnesses Advisory
4 Adolescent Alcohol Dependency Linked with Later Depression Risk
5 Daylong Gene Activity Disruption: Unveiling the Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
6 Mission Accomplished: NASA's X-57, the Pioneering Electric Aircraft that Never Took Off
7 Perseverance Rover's Quest: Uncovering Mars' Magnetic Secrets Through Record-Keeping Rocks
8 Evidence of Hominin Cannibalism: Humans' Evolutionary Relatives Butchered One Another 1.45 Million Years Ago
9 Novel Quantum Theory of Light-Induced Matter Opens Door to Cutting-Edge Optical Technologies
10 Zircons Unlock Earth's Early History: Life Sprung from a "Stagnant Lid," Not Plate Tectonics
11 New Brain Hemorrhage Treatment Protocol Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Annually
12 Battle of the Dendrites: How Neurons Compete to Cut Connections
13 Intermittent Fasting vs. Calorie Counting: What Is Best for Weight Loss According to Science
14 New Study Overturns Established Understanding of Associative Polymers
15 New Study: Immune Activation in Depression More Common than Previously Thought
16 A Major Quantum Computing Leap with a Magnetic Twist--"A New Paradigm"
17 Lifesaving Drug Could Be Made Accessible to All
18 Scientists Reveal that Water Can "Talk" to Electrons in Graphene
19 Genetic Breakthrough: What Makes Multiple Sclerosis Worse--And New Paths to Better Treatments
20 International Collaboration: ESA, NASA, JAXA, Roscosmos Unite for SpaceX's Crew-7 Mission
21 Did You Really See that Breakup Coming? New Study Debunks Your Predictive Powers
22 Previously Unknown Weak Spot in Prostate Cancer Discovered
23 Birth of a New World: Astronomers Confirm Protoplanet 374 Light Years from Earth
24 The Shocking Truth About Your Avocado Oil--Scientists Reveal Misleading Practices
25 Quantum Electronic Vortices in Superconductors: Unprecedented Circulatory Phenomena Discovered
26 Unraveling Fish Evolution: The Surprising Impact of River Erosion
27 Quadruple Take: Unlocking Dark Matter Mysteries with Multiply-Imaged Gravitationally Lensed Supernova
28 Gene-Silencing Complexes Join Forces to Inactivate X Chromosomes--Insight into Female-Only Cancers
29 Startling Link Uncovered: Sleep Apnea Directly Tied to Early Cognitive Decline
30 Louder than Expected: Gravitational Waves from Merging Supermassive Black Holes "Heard" for First Time
31 Cracking the Tubulin Code: A Breakthrough in Cellular Mechanics
32 WATCH: Worms Use Electricity to Jump
33 Decoding Nuclear Matter: A Two-Dimensional Solution Unveils Neutron Star Secrets
34 Euclid's Final Earthly Sighting: Dark Universe Explorer Prepares for Launch
35 Metformin: The Diabetes Drug that Could Prevent Long COVID
36 Ravens in Prehistory: Scientists Unearth a 30,000-Year-Old Relationship with Humans
37 Proven Medication, Troubling Math: Only 1 in 4 Adolescent Treatment Facilities Offer Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder
38 Groundbreaking Findings--Previously Unknown Process Could Be Responsible for 12% of Earth's Total Oxygen Production
39 Panic at the Ant Hill: The Specialized Pheromone Response in Ant Brains
40 AI's Invisible Foe: Confronting the Challenge of Digital "Dark Matter"
41 Life After Death: Astronomers Discover a Mysterious Planet that Shouldn't Exist
42 The Flip Side of Evolution: How It Can Impact the Environment
43 Scientists Discover that Experimental Cancer Drug May Slow Inflammation Linked to Heart Disease
44 NASA's Laser Communications Relay: Showcasing the Future of Space Data Transmission
45 Researchers Discover Potential Target for Treating Neuropsychiatric Disorders like Autism and Schizophrenia in Teens
46 Scientists Discover Striking Similarities Between Chimpanzee and Human Infant Communication
47 Cosmic Shield: How Our Solar System Survived a Supernova
48 Conan O'Brien Worm: Not-So-Funny Threat to Spiny Lobsters and Fisheries
49 Sugar vs. Fat: Unraveling the Metabolic Mysteries of MAIT Cells
50 Saturn's Rings Shine in Webb's First Stunning Observations of Ringed Planet
51 Active Sleep in Octopuses: Surprising Parallels to Human REM Sleep
52 Prometheus Ignites: Future of Space Travel with Reusable Rockets
53 Scientists Identify an Unconventional Treatment for Depression and Anxiety: Humor
54 Quantum Breakthrough: The First Ever Realization of a Laughlin State
55 The Warm-Blooded Megalodon: Geochemistry and Fossil Teeth Illuminate the Prehistoric Predator
56 Alzheimer's Breakthrough: New Blood Biomarker Discovered
57 Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: The Power of Personalized Vaccines
58 Perseverance Personified: Triumph in Martian Sampling After Initial Setbacks
59 More than 80% of Intravenous Drug Users Test Positive for Fentanyl--But Its Often Unintentional
60 Shocking Study: Humans' Ancestors Lived Among Dinosaurs and Survived Asteroid Strike
61 New Study: GenX Women Experience Age in 7 Different Ways
62 Illuminating Neural Pathways: A New Technique for Brain Imaging
63 Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus: Study Proves Existence of Key Element for Life in the Outer Solar System
64 Aging with Optimism: Yale Study Links Positive Attitudes to Cognitive Restoration
65 Igniting Performance: Small Tweak Doubles Charging Speeds in Solid-State Batteries
66 Over 57,000 Years Old--Scientists Discover Oldest Known Neanderthal Cave Engravings
67 Ghostlike Astronomical Messengers Reveal New View of Milky Way
68 Pioneering Quantum Simulations on Photonic Chips: A New Era in Quantum Computing
69 War's Echoes: How Childhood Traumas Amplify PTSD Risk for Military Veterans
70 New Insights into Human Evolution: The Unique Role of Our Foot's Spring-Like Arch
71 Euclid "Dark Universe" Space Telescope Lifts Off on Quest to Unravel Deepest Cosmic Mysteries
72 Lonely Clouds and Dark Tendrils: Hubble Observes Strange Galactic Neighbor
73 The Next Pandemic? New Study Reveals How the Recent Animal-Origin Virus Enters Human Cells
74 Brewing Clarity: The Unique Neurological Effects of Coffee Over Plain Caffeine
75 Probing the Universe's Secrets: Key Evidence for NanoHertz Gravitational Waves
76 Weight Loss' Secret Weapon: GDF15 Powers Calorie Burn During Dieting
77 Preparing for Asteroid Bennu: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Astromaterials Lab Opens Doors to Media
78 Harvesting Water from Desert Air: MIT's Revolutionary Superabsorbent Hydrogel
79 Luminous Molecules--a New Concept in Synthesis
80 Communications Blackout Over: NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Finally Phones Home
81 Saving the Rainforests: A Clean Alternative to One of the World's Most Common Ingredients
82 Unveiling Cosmic Mysteries: Euclid Launches on Epic Voyage to Map the Universe's Dark Side
83 Vitamin D Supplements May Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks and Major Cardiovascular Events
84 Beyond the Helix: DNA's Complex Folding Unveils New Functions
85 Discovering the Low-Energy "Break Point" for Exotic Quark-Gluon Plasma Creation
86 Parker Solar Probe Finds Magnetic Energy Near Sun's Surface Enables Solar Wind to Reach Gravity-Defying Speeds
87 Physicist Explains How Titan's "Catastrophic Implosion" Happened--And What It Meant for Those on Board
88 When Were You Diagnosed with Diabetes? It Could Be the Key to Predicting Your Risk of Dementia
89 Giving Robots Rights Is a Bad Idea--But Confucianism Offers an Alternative
90 From Ringing to Relief: Study Finds the Most Effective Tinnitus Treatment
91 Improved Thermal Conductivity in Semiconductors: Heat Transfer Using Surface Plasmon Polaritons
92 Artificial Intelligence Meets CRISPR: The Rise of Precision RNA-Targeting and Gene Modulation
93 Climate Change's Deadly Grip: Coral Disease Prevalence Projected to Skyrocket to 76.8% by 2100
94 Space Explosions Just Got More Interesting: Challenging Conventional Understanding of Classical Novae
95 RSV--a Serious Health Threat that the Public Knows Little About
96 The Inside of the Earth Is as Hot as the Sun's Surface--How Has It Stayed that Way for Billions of Years?
97 Unlocking the Secrets of "Good Fat"--Protein Discovery Advances Potential Treatments for Obesity and Diabetes
98 Physicists Prove that Parallel Worlds Cannot Be Extremely Different from Each Other
99 Intensely Powerful X1.0 Solar Flare Witnessed by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
100 Bamboo: The Next Source of Renewable Energy?
101 New Era of Exoplanet Discovery: Direct Imaging of "Jupiter's Younger Sibling"
102 Rapid Inactivation of Human Respiratory RNA Viruses with DUV LEDs
103 Revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy Offers New Hope for Heart Failure Patients
104 Elusive Ninth Dedekind Number Discovered: Unlocking a Decades-Old Mystery of Mathematics
105 New Molecule Shows Promise in Slowing COVID
106 Superconductivity Breakthrough: First Direct Visualization of a Zero-Field Pair Density Wave
107 New Study: Middle-Aged Running Keeps "Old" Adult-Born Neurons "Wired"
108 MIT's New Technology Can Probe the Neural Circuits that Influence Hunger, Mood, and Diseases
109 Cosmic Sandwiches: A New Explanation for Planet Formation
110 New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Utah Lived in an Era of Epic Ecological Changes