File Title
1 An anthropological glimpse into entrepreneurial behavior
2 Orangutans can make two sounds at the same time, similar to human beatboxing, study finds--ScienceDaily
3 Don't toss that crab shell. A substance found in it could be key to renewable energy, researchers say
4 Game theory study shows that being uncooperative gives weaker parties the upper hand--ScienceDaily
5 'Smiling cat' Sh2-284 nebula captured in new image
6 Low-cost and versatile patch can be customized for different types and sizes of wounds, and provides early warning of adverse conditions to facilitate wound care and management--ScienceDaily
7 Fixes needed before first Vulcan Centaur launch
8 People endorse conspiracy theories due to complex combination of personality traits, motivations--ScienceDaily
9 New study reveals best words for brand slogans
10 Research in a place where geological processes happen before your eyes--ScienceDaily
11 Black families growing up on either side of the tracks have same economic outcomes, says study
12 Hyenas inherit power from mothers, but it's a privilege they pay dearly for--ScienceDaily
13 Senegalese go wild for prized 'maad' fruit
14 The future of clean water is electrified, according to chemists--ScienceDaily
15 Foreign firefighters come to the rescue in Canada's wildfires
16 Study of Earth's stratosphere reduces uncertainty in future climate change--ScienceDaily
17 Silver medal featuring winged Medusa discovered at Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall
18 Researchers unearth the mysteries of how Turkey's East Anatolian fault formed
19 Study of deep-sea corals reveals ocean currents have not fuelled rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide--ScienceDaily
20 Squid-inspired soft material is a switchable shield for light, heat, microwaves
21 Emulating how krill swim to build a robotic platform for ocean navigation--ScienceDaily
22 Numerous blue supergiants observed in detail
23 Newly discovered Jurassic fossils in Texas--ScienceDaily
24 There may be good news about the oceans in a globally warmed world
25 Researchers make a quantum computing leap with a magnetic twist--ScienceDaily
26 94 million-year-old fossilized sea monster is the oldest of its kind in North America
27 Probiotics positively influence honeybee health, study shows
28 Researchers combine two conduction pathways into a single 2D material--ScienceDaily
29 Yellowstone supervolcano magma chamber has far more melted rock than thought
30 Skin disease in endangered killer whales concerns scientists
31 Dogs and humans process body postures similarly in their brains--ScienceDaily
32 Men hunt and women gather? Large analysis says the long-held idea is flat-out wrong
33 Researchers categorize foreshocks for large earthquakes
34 Study suggests ongoing oxygen loss from the seas due to climate change may reverse in the future--ScienceDaily
35 Distortions in space-time could put Einstein's theory of relativity to the ultimate test
36 Anthropologist examines nomadic pastoralists in Russia
37 ALMA digs deeper into the mystery of planet formation--ScienceDaily
38 US public pensions could be $21 billion richer right now
39 As rising global temperatures shift snow to rain, mountains across the Northern Hemisphere will be hotspots for extreme rainfall events that could trigger floods and landslides--potentially impacting a quarter of the world's population--ScienceDaily
40 James Webb telescope discovers carbon compounds crucial to life in star system 1,000 light-years from Earth
41 Discovering evidence of superradiance in the alpha decay of mirror nuclei
42 How urea may have been the gateway to life--ScienceDaily
43 2,000-year-old 'not a pizza' fresco discovered in Pompeii
44 First misinformation susceptibility test finds 'very online' Gen Z and millennials are most vulnerable to fake news
45 Scientists find key evidence for existence of nanohertz gravitational waves
46 High resolution video coupled with artificial intelligence reveals that camouflaging in cuttlefish is more complex than previously thought--ScienceDaily
47 Clamor of gravitational waves from universe's merging supermassive black holes 'heard' for first time
48 Astronomers find a planet that shouldn't exist--ScienceDaily
49 New study reveals shifting public sentiment
50 Researchers detect the host galaxies of quasars in the early universe--ScienceDaily
51 Combining math with music leads to higher test scores, according to review of 50 years of research
52 Chocolate can be fruity or flowery--if you skip the roasting step--ScienceDaily
53 Study shows that even confident educators have trouble recognizing AI-generated essays
54 A surprise chemical find by ALMA may help detect and confirm protoplanets--ScienceDaily
55 France badly hit by climate change and ill-prepared: report
56 Bacteria that 'sense' Earth's magnetic field found on deep undersea vents--ScienceDaily
57 A dog's breed can affect pain sensitivity, but not necessarily the way your vet may think
58 Glial control of parallel memory processing--ScienceDaily
59 Turning over a new leaf, Colombian ranchers plant trees
60 Taking higher-than-recommended doses of vitamin D for five years reduced the risk of atrial fibrillation--ScienceDaily
61 New venom discovery from deadly cone snails
62 Scientists discover what could be the oldest evidence of cannibalism among ancient human relatives
63 Engineers develop first-of-its-kind integrated optical isolator
64 The system analyzes the likelihood that an attacker could thwart a certain security scheme to steal secret information--ScienceDaily
65 Tagging system allows researchers to track protein traffic in living cells
66 Dolphin ages, pod health revealed with drone photographs--ScienceDaily
67 Pastoralists are an asset to the world and we have a lot to learn from them, says researcher
68 Machine learning technique viewed as boon to urban research--ScienceDaily
69 Controversial 'vaginal seeding' shows promise in small trial, but questions remain
70 Virgin Galactic launches rocket plane in space tourism venture--National
71 First 'ghost particle' image of Milky Way galaxy captured by scientists: Neutrinos detected by IceCube
72 An unexpected doorway into the ear opens new possibilities for hearing restoration--ScienceDaily
73 The universe is rippling with a faint 'gravitational wave background' created by colliding black holes, huge international study suggests
74 Engineers overcome 'light scattering' with full-motion video--ScienceDaily
75 Neutrino map of the galaxy is 1st view of the Milky Way in 'anything other than light
76 Disorder lends robustness to the embryonic development of a tiny shrimp
77 The mosquito species Culex modestus has been found in Finland for the first time. In Southern Europe it is known to spread West Nile virus, but it is highly unlikely for the disease to occur in Finland--ScienceDaily
78 Aspartame to be declared 'possible carcinogen' by WHO. Don't panic.
79 Consumers more likely to use virtual apparel try-on software if interactive
80 Earliest strands of the cosmic web--ScienceDaily
81 Euclid space telescope launches this week. Here's what the groundbreaking mission will do.
82 Study finds 1.3 million disabled workers trapped in insecure work in UK
83 Combining maths with music leads to higher scores, suggests review of 50 years of research--ScienceDaily
84 Enigmatic Anglo-Saxon ivory rings discovered in elite burials came from African elephants 4,000 miles away
85 Analyzing the expression of hate speech in YouTube comments
86 Study finds that wildfire smoke levels have yet to affect attendance numbers at US national parks
87 A system using photonics-based synthetic dimensions could be used to help explain complex natural phenomena--ScienceDaily
88 Watch rare footage of a shapeshifting eel with 'remarkably full tummy' swimming in the deep sea
89 Is early childhood education contributing to socioeconomic disparities?
90 Snow cover plays a major role in global energy balance, continental thermal stability, and regional temperatures--ScienceDaily
91 Rare streaks of light above US are a sign that solar maximum is fast approaching
92 New platform slashes time to engineer and select the best genome editors for specific applications
93 Elusive neutrinos reveal a portrait of our galaxy unlike any before--ScienceDaily
94 For job applicants with a criminal record, showcasing the right credentials can make a difference
95 Study reveals function behind complex nasal structure--ScienceDaily
96 Native Americans' awareness of omission and discrimination fuels civic engagement, finds research
97 Gullies on Mars could have been formed by recent periods of liquid meltwater, study suggests--ScienceDaily
98 Smog and extreme heat, an unsafe combo for Texans
99 How the motion of DNA controls gene activity--ScienceDaily
100 Indiana Jones: What do (real) archaeologists think of his legacy?
101 Australia scraps billion-dollar satellite program
102 Interacting for millions of years--ScienceDaily
103 As prices soar, Japan returns to human waste fertilizer
104 The clean energy economy is out of reach for many households--ScienceDaily
105 See Saturn disappear in eerie, unfinished James Webb telescope images
106 Study finds apple pollination in Australia reliant on introduced species
107 Virus-like transposons wage war on the species barrier--ScienceDaily
108 Are honey bees, wild bees still in trouble?
109 Applications in sensing and anti-counterfeit technology--ScienceDaily
110 Disappearing' Y chromosome in aging men may worsen bladder cancer, mouse study shows
111 Researchers discover Gulf Stream thermal fronts controlling North Atlantic subtropical mode water formation
112 Robotic glove that 'feels' lends a 'hand' to relearn playing piano after a stroke--ScienceDaily
113 Ground beneath Italy's awakening 'supervolcano' rose 66 feet before its last eruption
114 Why that's pivotal for future human genetics research
115 Rising monkey and pig populations pose human disease risk--ScienceDaily
116 Complete Bronze Age town with elite tombs discovered in northern China