File Title
1 Nevada secures $285 million opioid settlement with Walgreens, bringing total settlements to $1 billion
2 Meta takes aim at Twitter with the launch of its rival app Threads: NPR
3 A secondary test of powder found in the West Wing lobby shows it is cocaine: NPR
4 Is Stress Eating Real? 5 Ways to Lower the Streak of Overeating
5 Beijing orders outdoor work to be halted as scorching summer heat soars
6 Doctor shares the 'best' seeds for reducing your risk of heart disease
7 83,000 Hawaii homes dispose of sewage in cesspools. Rising sea levels will make them more of a mess
8 Headache to Weight Gain, 7 Signs to Increase Fluid Intake Right Away
9 China says 239 people died from COVID-19 in June in a significant uptick
10 Study says drinking water from nearly half of US faucets contains potentially harmful chemicals
11 Liver disease symptoms to spot as hospital admissions surge 22%
12 To protect against Russian airstrikes, Ukraine's defenders 'shoot and scoot': NPR
13 REI's unionized workers accuse retailer of playing hardball: NPR
14 'Undiagnosed ADHD saw me spiral into 20K pounds debt buying holidays and concert tickets' / Personal Finance / Finance
15 Munich synagogue rubble found in river 85 years after Hitler had it demolished: NPR
16 Lung cancer signs include seven 'less common' symptoms
17 Woman is found alive and stuck in the mud a week after she went missing: NPR
18 Vitamins your skin needs and which foods to find them in
19 Several immunisation drives hit, Union govt. prods Bharat Biotech over delay in vaccine supplies
20 German lawmakers fail to agree on new rules regulating assisted suicide
21 Yellen in China; Threads launches; synagogue rubble unearthed: NPR
22 Fluctuating cholesterol levels could raise your dementia risk--study
23 The legislation passed to help Joshua Trees: NPR
24 Campers living under Quebec expressway given ultimatum. Man calls it 'not fair'
25 What is Rat Fever Spreading in Kerala? Symptoms to Treatment, All You Need to Know
26 12 African nations to receive 18 mn. doses of 1st-ever malaria vaccine over next 2 yrs., says WHO
27 U.S. is expected to send cluster munitions to Ukraine for the war with Russia: NPR
28 Lesser known Alzheimer's symptom that can happen while driving
29 Synthetic soccer field gets the go ahead. Montreal public health now reviewing potential risks
30 Hartlepool ranked as one of the least healthy towns in England and Wales
31 Eight cholesterol-lowering foods that can aid weight loss--expert
32 Walt Nauta, aide to Donald Trump, pleads not guilty in documents case: NPR
33 Visceral fat could be slashed by reducing stress levels--expert's advice
34 UK government loses legal bid to keep Boris Johnson's messages from COVID-19 inquiry
35 Anti-abortion activists still in fight mode after Dobbs: Shots
36 Is BMI Flawed as a Measure of Overall Health?
37 Calls for Investigation after reports of abuse at Thomson federal prison: NPR
38 Johnny Knoxville on the art of pranking and adjusting to life after stunts
39 Health Challenges Facing Aging Black Americans
40 At Queens' new Louis Armstrong Center, an archive comes home: NPR
41 IVF success may depend on what season eggs are collected, study finds--National
42 'Barbie' movie could get banned in the Philippines, following Vietnam: NPR
43 Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is in Russia, says Belarus' Lukashenko: NPR
44 Can Meta's Threads really replace Twitter? Here's what to know.: NPR
45 Forever chemicals could be in some 45% of U.S. tap water, USGS estimates: NPR
46 Debate rages about how fast the auto industry can go electric: NPR
47 Sphere is a new Vegas venue and has the world's largest LED screen: NPR
48 Alzheimer's drug Leqembi has full FDA approval now and that means Medicare will pay for it
49 Alzheimer's drug Leqembi gets full FDA approval: Shots
50 Patients taking antidepressants up by a quarter in last six years
51 Railroad industry sues to block limit on crew sizes that Ohio imposed after E. Palestine derailment
52 Are roller coasters safe? Here's what to know after 2 recent scares: NPR
53 FDA Approves New Drug to Slow Alzheimer's Disease
54 CoCo. Lee, voice of Mulan and 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' singer, has died: NPR
55 Prosecutors may add charges against accused January 6 rioter found near Obama home: NPR
56 Cheap holiday linked to surge in skin cancer among over-55s
57 Maine governor expected to sign bill easing restrictions on abortions later in pregnancy
58 OceanGate suspends its exploration operations after Titan implosion: NPR
59 Arizona governor makes contraceptive medications available over the counter at pharmacies
60 Why $4.99 Costco Chicken Is a Massive Problem
61 Kennedy's Health Policy Roundtable
62 Five nutritionist approved ways to manage your blood sugar levels
63 Iowa teen gets life for beating death of Spanish teacher: NPR
64 Nasal cancer symptoms may include change in a person's smell
65 Skin cancer cases reach record high in UK--signs to look for
66 Full-fat dairy products could slash the risk of premature death, says study
67 Biden launches new push to limit health care costs, hoping to show he can save money for families
68 Why PBMs, or pharmacy benefit managers, are the focus of new bills in Congress: Shots
69 After riots in France, Macron partially blames video games on violence: NPR
70 The endangered Devils Hole pupfish's recovery remains a mystery: NPR
71 CDC helping states address gun injuries after years of political roadblocks: NPR
72 Climate change is our reality--and it's starting to appear in reality TV: NPR
73 Omega-3 deficiency could raise risk of heart disease--signs to spot
74 Data finds UK town where more than one in 20 are in poor health
75 Alzheimer's drug; Ukraine cluster bombs; tap water chemicals: NPR
76 Silent' killer [liver] disease with very few early symptoms sending thousands to hospital
77 The U.S. added 209,000 jobs in June as hiring starts to slow: NPR
78 Blood pressure could be reduced by eating 10 foods
79 Tweak norms on 'biosimilars' to make new life-saving drugs cheaper--patient rights groups to govt.
80 Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant--what are the risks if Ukrainian power plant explodes?
81 Brain cancer could be cured by artificial intelligence, new research shows
82 Trump special counsel Jack Smith's investigations have cost more than $5 million: NPR
83 N.C. man had flight to himself after waiting out 18-hour delay: NPR
84 Record Temps Leave Us All Vulnerable
85 One Man's Long Journey to an RA Diagnosis
86 Gold Star families targeted in Army Reserves major's fraud scheme: NPR
87 6 Foods to Avoid When Dealing with Thyroid
88 Twitter threatens Meta's Threads with a lawsuit, calling it a 'copycat' app: NPR
89 Wisconsin judge: Lawsuit to repeal abortion ban can continue
90 Staying Cool in Extreme Heat When the Power Fails
91 The job market is cooling but still strong. Is that a good thing?: NPR
92 Are current cooling standards in long-term care enough? Advocates say no--National
93 Iowa Republicans will pursue a 6-week abortion ban during a special session that starts Tuesday
94 Geena Davis received ADHD diagnosis at age of 41--'I was kinda shocked'
95 The world is officially 'free' of chemical weapons: NPR
96 Hope on the horizon in Alzheimer's battle but thousands missing out
97 Kentucky AG challenges federal judge's blocking of state law banning transgender youth treatment
98 U.S. sends cluster bombs to Ukraine despite humanitarian warnings: NPR
99 Behind every face is a story telling why the UK must fund trials of child cancer jab
100 Adult albatrosses found gnawed to death by mice on 3rd remote island
101 Team constructs highly active covalent organic framework from benzimidazole monomer in solvothermal pathway
102 Humans' ancestors survived the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs--ScienceDaily
103 A 'captured' alien planet may be hiding at the edge of our solar system--and it's not 'Planet X
104 Pakistan Signed A Participation Agreement..., ICC Reply to PCB On Govt. Clearance for Participation in Cricket World Cup 2023
105 A green transition will not be good for everyone
106 Human embryo-like models created from stem cells to understand earliest stages of human development--ScienceDaily
107 5 malaria cases in Florida and Texas were acquired locally, CDC warns
108 'Critical climate solution' or 'worse than coal'? Study explores debate around divisive energy technology
109 50-million-year-old katydid fossil reveals muscles, digestive tract, glands and a testicle--ScienceDaily
110 25 million-year-old 'slasher' dolphin with weird teeth discovered in museum collection
111 Host genetics shown to play a significant role in the composition of switchgrass root microbiomes
112 Bigger bottles keep champagne bubbly for decades--ScienceDaily