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1 How affirmative action myths divided people of color: NPR
2 Are you confronting a big medical bill? Attack it with a plan--and these tips
3 Want to start therapy? Here's how to find a therapist that's a good fit for you: Shots
4 Pharmacist shares 'warning' signs of fibromyalgia--how to treat it
5 She found meaning where she least expected it--her childhood faith: NPR
6 More than 700 arrested and a mayor's home was attacked: NPR
7 FTC targeting fake reviews in a bid to help real-world shoppers: NPR
8 'Stark wake-up call': Dementia diagnosis rates hit five-year low
9 Ministers 'risk paying out more in legal fees' over COVID jab claims
10 Roller coaster closes for repairs after crack seen in park-goer's video: NPR
11 5 Tips to Keep Fungal Infection at Bay During this Humid Weather
12 The aftermath of mass shootings infiltrates every corner of survivors' lives
13 Quick Technique Lowers Blood Pressure in Minutes
14 The Vape Deception
15 Best sleep position recommended by an expert--six health benefits
16 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is making a long-awaited trip to China this week: NPR
17 Top 10 countries in Europe that drink the most alcohol--how does UK compare?
18 Bee deaths rose last year, so farmers are working harder to pollinate crops: Shots
19 Sleeping on your back could help prevent neck and shoulder pain
20 Doctor warns people not to pee in the shower--two reasons why
21 Researchers found a rare octopus nursery 2 miles below sea level: NPR
22 Fattest towns in England--where 75% or more adults are overweight
23 Cancer symptoms may be 'persistent' and 'won't go away'--signs to spot
24 Drinking alcohol on a plane could cause you to 'feel drunker' than usual
25 Wholegrain bread could cause 'significant' reductions in belly fat--study
26 Tooth brushing--warning signs you're not doing it correctly
27 US maternal deaths more than doubled over two decades in unequal proportions for race and geography
28 Prigozhin's Wagner mutiny, the counteroffensive and more: NPR
29 Former South Florida police officer pleads guilty to COVID-19 relief fraud
30 Creative Ways to Connect to Someone with Alzheimer's
31 New Zealand becomes first country to ban plastic produce bags at supermarkets: NPR
32 10 states plan to sue EPA over standards for residential wood-burning stoves
33 DeSantis slammed over Trump attack ad over LGBTQ rights: NPR
34 The aftermath of mass shootings infiltrates every corner of survivors' lives
35 Hong Kong police issue arrest warrants for political activists in exile: NPR
36 Poor air quality sparks some cities to get creative with their firework displays: NPR
37 Beloved chain Christmas Tree Shops expected to liquidate all stores: NPR
38 Here's what's likely to change for abortion access in year 2 after Roe's fall: Shots
39 Doctors urged to 'step back' from strikes for better pay offer
40 Quebec wildfires continue to improve but risks remain as smog warnings lifted
41 A North Dakota medical waste facility says a human torso was delivered to its site and is suing
42 Lung cancer survival gains celebrated ahead of NHS's 75th birthday
43 After Supreme Court affirmative action ruling, activists oppose legacy admission: NPR
44 Why Asthma Flares-Up in Monsoon. 6 Ways to Manage it During Rainy Season
45 GMOs Revealed
46 6 Herbs and Seeds Right Off the Kitchen Shelf to Enhance Digestion Naturally
47 Top 10 NHS milestones as the health service celebrates its 75th anniversary
48 Abortion bans in Texas change life for 2 women with devastating pregnancies: Shots
49 Skipping tooth brushing at night may raise cardiovascular disease risk
50 Eyesight can be improved by eating green, orange and yellow foods
51 Mum-of-four shares key to looking great at 60 is exercise
52 Russia says it foiled Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow: NPR
53 Dr. Mosley and Prof. Spector offer top dietary tips for a healthy heart
54 Mum-of-two could 'have died' after aggressive cancer mistaken for fibroids
55 Living near parks slows biological aging in city dwellers, study suggests / Science / News
56 Dad-of-two diagnosed with brain tumour after becoming tired and 'really aggressive'
57 Tongue cancer survivor 'can never kiss husband again' after half of tongue removed
58 Kremlin says talks possible on exchange for detained U.S. journalist: NPR
59 China imposes export controls on two metals used in semiconductors and solar panels: NPR
60 Palestinians flee as Israel conducts its largest West Bank offensive in years: NPR
61 Law will change on assisted dying if MPs support it, says minister
62 Meet Colleen Shogan, the first woman appointed Archivist of the U.S.: NPR
63 Former Saskatchewan NDP leader to release book on COVID 19 response
64 U.S. maternal mortality rates have more than doubled in the last two decades: Shots
65 Deforesting the Amazon for Green Energy Windmills?
66 Why the New York Times Advises Complete Avoidance of Sunshine
67 The Vape Deception
68 How to Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease
69 Collagen for Soft Tissue Injury and Repair
70 Japan gets U.N. approval to release nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean: NPR
71 Important Information About Low Carb, Cortisol and Glucose
72 Possible shark attacks prompt heightened patrols at New York's Long Island beach: NPR
73 The Unabomber Was a CIA Guinea Pig
74 Did Lou Gehrig Die Because of Low Omega-3s?
75 5 Ways How High Blood Sugar Affects Women
76 The Taliban say they are outlawing women's beauty salons in Afghanistan: NPR
77 Fiona Phillips diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 62--seven early signs
78 Skin cancer signs include a mole that changes color--footballer shares story
79 How doctors told Fiona Phillips 'gut punching, shuddering' news she had Alzheimer's / Celebrity News / Showbiz & TV
80 Why women are returning to the job market in such big numbers: NPR
81 Mum sent home from work with bad back given weeks to live
82 Alzheimer's drug miridesap being trialled by Fiona Phillips--what it is?
83 Condition critical? Britain's beloved but battered National Health Service turns 75
84 Out-of-body experiences reveal brain area tied to our sense of self: Shots
85 Dementia with Lewy bodies symptoms could appear while a person is sleeping
86 Dr. Michael Mosley shares beetroot could lower blood pressure
87 Stroke survivor defied odds after children told to say goodbye
88 Gun violence and trauma; women in the workforce; tip-flation: NPR
89 High cholesterol symptoms include three signs on the body--what to look for
90 Doctor warns against melatonin supplements--sleep tips to try instead
91 Cancer breakthrough as tumour cells induced to 'commit suicide' / Science / News
92 Zelenskyy warns of possible Russian sabotage at nuclear plant: NPR
93 Woman found out she was deficient in iron with 8 pounds at-home test
94 All about Leqembi, new Alzheimer's drug that's likely to get US approval, and its risks
95 Bobcat that attacked a camper in Connecticut tests positive for rabies
96 Weight loss could be prevented by not getting enough sleep
97 Doctor shares top three supplements to overcome brain fog post-COVID
98 Roller coaster riders in Crandon, Wis., were stuck upside down for hours: NPR
99 EU moves toward latest gene techniques in food production to counter climate change, shortages
100 'Recipe for potential disaster': The hazards of extreme heat, wildfire smoke on your pet--National
101 Ohio abortion rights backers submit nearly double needed signatures for fall ballot measure
102 'Every Body' documentary explores what it means to be intersex: Shots
103 El Nino and climate change are causing the hottest weather ever: NPR
104 Most overweight people are NOT at a greater risk of early death, study finds / Science / News
105 Ohio man guilty of raping a 9-year-old who traveled for legal abortion gets life sentence
106 Will New Drugs End the [Obesity] Crisis?
107 Iowa's Republican governor calls a special legislative session to revive abortion restrictions
108 Indiana abortions drop sharply ahead of state ban possibly taking effect, state reports show
109 North Carolina governor vetoes trio of LGBTQ+ restrictions in ongoing fight with GOP supermajority
110 What Helps Cancer Patients
111 Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood gets law license retired: NPR
112 How Doctors and Patients Can Do Better [about Obesity]
113 What a ruling barring federal interaction with social media means: NPR
114 Police drug busts can actually cost lives, researchers say: NPR
115 Study says drinking water from nearly half of US faucets contains potentially harmful chemicals
116 Vermont schools sue Monsanto over toxic PCB contamination
117 Ohio abortion rights backers submit nearly double needed signatures for fall ballot measure