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1 Fatal police shooting of teenager triggers protests and arrests across France: NPR
2 Oncology nurse points out the differences in age spots and skin cancer
3 Gurugram hospital performs India's 1st surgery to treat schizophrenia
4 Sweetener found in popular diet drinks could hold cancer risk, WHO set to declare
5 World's 1st RSV vaccine available for older Americans this fall: CDC--National
6 Supreme Court finds Harvard, UNC's admissions policy violate 14th Amendment: NPR
7 Aspartame, found in pop and gum, faces potential carcinogen classification: sources--National
8 Over a quarter of smokers set mid-year resolutions--like quitting smoking
9 Health clinic in Montana Superfund town faces penalties for false asbestos claims
10 How Can Ulcerative Colitis Affect Your Cholesterol? What to Know
11 Mexico acknowledges 112 heat-related deaths so far this year, almost triple the figures in 2022
12 Ghostly neutrinos have been found coming from the interior of the Milky Way: NPR
13 Affirmative action ruling by Supreme Court will affect elite colleges: NPR
14 Deadly germ behind infant formula shortage will join CDC watchlist of bad bugs
15 Heat is making squirrels 'sploot'--a goofy act that signals something serious: NPR
16 Bird flu outbreaks in humans may remain rare thanks to this gene--National
17 Gene therapy for severe hemophilia is approved by FDA
18 Hepatitis C treatment underused because of high cost and insurance restrictions: Shots
19 Number of homeless residents in Los Angeles County jumps by 9% in annual count
20 Google says it will start blocking Canadian news stories in response to new law: NPR
21 The latest victim of the MOVEit data breach is the Department of Health and Human Services
22 North Carolina governor signs law clearing up several aspects of impending abortion law
23 New Mexico regulators fine oil producer $40 million for burning off vast amounts of natural gas
24 In rural India, summer's heat can be deadly. Ambulance crews see the toll up close
25 Why is Getting Pregnant After 40 Difficult? 3 Tips to Maintain Healthy Fertility
26 Heat waves like the one that's killed 14 in the southern US are becoming more frequent and enduring
27 Man filmed carving his name on the Colosseum lives in Britain: NPR
28 Is Egg Freezing Really a Costly Affair? 5 Myths Debunked About Egg Freezing
29 Georgia launches Medicaid expansion in closely watched test of work requirements
30 Blood pressure reading could be lowered by three breakfast staples
31 The Chefs and Scientists Cooking Up New Ways to Feed Us
32 Cheaper competition for Humira is hitting the market, but savings will depend on your insurance
33 Horse fly bites--doctor shares signs you've been bitten
34 Geraldo Rivera quits Fox after decades of spectacle, sparring and self-promotion: NPR
35 Lower heart attack risk by 19% by taking vitamin D, study suggests
36 With affirmative action gutted for college, race-conscious work programs may be next: NPR
37 Regular work-outs could help stave off Alzheimer's disease--study
38 Influencers face backlash after gushing over working conditions at Shein factory: NPR
39 Affirmative action; student loan forgiveness; SAG-AFTRA: NPR
40 He was diagnosed with ALS. Then they changed the face of medical advocacy: NPR
41 Syrian refugee on migrant shipwreck was desperate to help cancer-stricken son: NPR
42 An afternoon with Bob the Drag Queen: NPR
43 Do diet colas pose cancer risk? What doctors say on 'possible carcinogen' tag for sweetener aspartame
44 Medical credit cards may lead patients to overpay for their health care, Democrats warn
45 More than 600 arrests after a new night of protests across France: NPR
46 India's private healthcare set investors' pulses racing in post-COVID boom
47 Parents of transgender youth are suing to block Georgia's gender-affirming care ban
48 Supreme Court strikes down student loan program: NPR
49 Is aspartame safe to consume after 'possible carcinogenic' link?
50 N.S. says sick notes from doctors now needed less by workers. Here's how.
51 Indiana Supreme Court upholds abortion ban, says state constitution gives only limited protections
52 Cells from Cadaver Pancreas May Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes
53 Man's hair loss transformation leaves people stunned--'That can't be the same guy'
54 Georgia launches Medicaid expansion in closely watched test of work requirements
55 Read Justice Sotomayor's dissent in same-sex wedding website case: NPR
56 Brazil court bans Bolsonaro from office for 8 years: NPR
57 Seeking to curb racial bias in medicine, Doris Duke Fund awards $10 million to health groups
58 Dylan Mulvaney says Bud Light never reached out to her amid backlash: NPR
59 5 takeaways from Supreme Court's student loan relief decision: NPR
60 Fox News settles with former Tucker Carlson producer for $12 million: NPR
61 Supreme Court sides with Colorado web designer in blow to LGBTQ protections: NPR
62 Phosphogypsum can be tested in paving: NPR
63 Supreme Court lets stand ruling that protects people with gender dysphoria under disability law
64 France is roiled by protests after police killed a teenager named Nahel: NPR
65 Minnesota saw 20% jump in abortions last year, partly due to patients from restrictive states
66 Supreme Court to consider whether domestic abusers can own guns: NPR
67 Radiotherapy treatment could be sped up for thousands of breast cancer sufferers
68 Louisiana governor vetoes anti-LGBTQ+ legislation including a gender-affirming care ban
69 Judge allows nearly all of North Carolina's revised 12-week abortion law to take effect
70 VP Harris says 'there's so much at stake' after Supreme Court rulings: NPR
71 Calcium deficiency symptoms include eight 'common' signs
72 SAG-AFTRA and studios extend contact negotiations to July 12: NPR
73 Changes in your sweat could signal three serious health problems
74 Healthy mum shocked when 'tumour size of a rugby ball' was found in her liver
75 Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment of this Cancer [Bladder] in Women
76 'Superfuel'--Your Definitive Guide to Dietary Fats
77 Australia Legalises MDMA, Magic Mushrooms for Mental Health Treatment; 1st Country in World to Do So
78 Morning-after pill vending machines gain popularity on college campuses post-Roe
79 7 Expert-Backed Ways to End Chocolate Cyst Discomfort in Women
80 Joe Rogan Interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
81 Improve sleep by eating foods rich in tryptophan, expert says
82 Women hardly part of research on gym exercises. It's written by men for men
83 Doctor shares the eight 'best' foods to lower your risk of dementia
84 Student loan borrowers blast Supreme Court decision on debt cancellation: NPR
85 5 Reasons Why Fats Are Essential for a Nutrient-Rich Diet
86 A day in the life of a volunteer bee conservationist: NPR
87 Teen thought he was just 'tired from work' until devastating diagnosis days after his 18th
88 Moderators are uneasy about Reddit's accessibility features: NPR
89 Sweden's Northvolt wants to rival China's battery dominance to power electric cars: NPR
90 Joby's electric air taxi is one step closer to taking flight: NPR
91 AI and fading recession fears are sparking big gains on Wall Street: NPR
92 Nutritionist shares essential foods to to help lower blood pressure
93 Web designer in Supreme Court ruling cited client who denies making request: NPR
94 How the Supreme Court's conservative majority happened, from Bush to Trump: NPR
95 Arthritis sufferers recommended exercises to try at home by physio
96 Dutch king apologizes for the monarchy's role in global slave trade: NPR
97 Support soars for Express campaign to wipe out 'silent killer' osteoporosis
98 Canada's record wildfire season continues to hammer U.S. air quality: NPR
99 Hundreds gather to mourn Nahel M., a teenager shot by police in France: NPR
100 Australia is the first country to let patients with depression or PTSD be prescribed psychedelics
101 Wagner uprising a reminder of Putin's corrosive power: NPR
102 Eye health could be protected by four vitamins and minerals
103 Heart-healthy spread could help slash your cholesterol levels
104 Health advocate first mistook her cancerous lump as perimenopause symptom
105 After fall of Roe, emboldened religious conservatives lobby to restrict abortion in Africa
106 10 Major PCOS-Related Complications for Women and How to Prevent Them?
107 6 Expert-Based Tips to Reduce the Effect of this Inflammatory Condition
108 Dark chocolate could cut risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
109 6 Reasons Why Women Should Include These Tiny Powerhouses in Daily Diet
110 Womb to the dinner table--Human sense of taste is a delicate dance between genes and diet
111 Many women don't feel free to speak on health issues online--as they risk being censored
112 Many gay and lesbian vets still owed benefits after don't ask, don't tell repeal: NPR
113 Prostate cancer could cause five 'worrying' signs, doctor says
114 Does wildfire smoke smell like burnt plastic to you? There's a reason--National
115 Diabetes could be prevented by drinking water, says doctor
116 Goats and Soda: NPR