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1 Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes with time-restricted eating, says study
2 UK was ill-prepared for pandemic because resources were diverted to Brexit, ex-health chief says
3 New study shows how often most Britons poo--are you considered healthy?
4 Malaria cases reported in U.S. for the first time in 20 years--National
5 Doctor says 'MediterAsian' diet may reduce body fat and diabetes risk
6 Several failures at jail, BOP led to his [Jeffrey Epstein's] death: NPR
7 People with dementia at greater risk of dehydration in the heat--five ways to prevent
8 Nearly 36 million in Europe may have experienced long COVID, World Health Organization official says
9 The Supreme Court has rejected the Independent State Legislature theory: NPR
10 Doctor shares five reasons why you could be suffering from hair loss
11 Heart Disease Risk May Spike Risk for Muscle, Joint Problems
12 Standing where Prophet Muhammad gave his final sermon, 2 million perform Hajj: NPR
13 Smoke from Canada wildfires reach Europe: NPR
14 Scientists use stem cells to create models of human embryos and study our earliest days
15 Iowa meteorologist quits after death threat over climate coverage: NPR
16 Democrats say agencies 'failed to sound the alarm' on many tips they received.: NPR
17 Pakistan's law minister defends putting protesters on trial in military courts: NPR
18 Ryan Seacrest will be new 'Wheel of Fortune' host after Pat Sajak: NPR
19 Olivia Chow is elected Toronto's mayor--marking a shift in the city's politics: NPR
20 Billions in federal aid given during the pandemic involved potential fraud: NPR
21 Guantanamo Bay detainees face 'inhuman' treatment, a U.N. investigator finds: NPR
22 6 dead in a meningitis outbreak tied to Mexico clinics as officials struggle to reach more patients
23 $200 billion in pandemic business aid likely went to scammers, federal watchdog says: NPR
24 Struggling with a drug crisis, San Francisco wants Narcan available at every pharmacy
25 Maine Senate joins House in supporting greater access to abortions
26 Florida ramps up mosquito control efforts due to 4 cases of locally contracted malaria
27 Hamburger Mary's gets temporary win over DeSantis anti-drag law in Florida: NPR
28 Infant gets sick after being given wrong breast milk in Toronto ICU
29 Citrus fruits could help alleviate painful arthritis symptoms in weeks
30 Ministers buy 1,000 more defibrillators to aid communities / Politics / News
31 Audit shows Oklahoma likely misspent millions in federal relief funds
32 Hazy future for caregiver payments expanded during pandemic worries families
33 Wuhan Scientist Thrown Off Roof
34 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: 6 TellTale Signs of PTSD that Mean It
35 Essential drugs have price caps, but most medical devices don't. Now, govt. working to change that
36 What's All the Noise About Coffee?
37 Six heart-healthy foods that could slash cholesterol levels
38 A wall painting found in Pompeii doesn't depict Italy's iconic [pizza]: NPR
39 At least 8 dead, including children, from Russian missile strike in east Ukraine: NPR
40 Teenager died after brain tumour symptoms mistaken for an ear infection
41 The size of your mole could be signalling skin cancer--doctor advice
42 A mother's understanding of her son is transformed with a single phone call: NPR
43 New study pinpoints 'key component' for maintaining good bone health
44 Supreme Court justices' disclosures reveal details of their wealth: NPR
45 Nearly 2,000 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean this year. Here's why: NPR
46 'Independent state legislature theory' after Moore v. Harper ruling: NPR
47 Hay fever sufferers advised on best and worst parks in UK for pollen count
48 A place of hope for some of the most vulnerable new moms and babies: NPR
49 Mum, 33, passed away after receiving 'gut-wrenching' cancer diagnosis
50 Factory Farmed Salmon Full of Disease and Hazardous Chemicals
51 The Bud Light boycott shows brands are at a crossroads on using their voice: NPR
52 NHS 'couldn't help me'--frustrated grandad had to pay to remove huge nose growth
53 Some Dutch people seeking euthanasia cite autism or intellectual disabilities, researchers say
54 Contaminated COVID Products and Green Monkey Virus
55 Man diagnosed with MND shares how the condition affects him 26 years on
56 86% safai karamcharis in Delhi have poor lung function, women 'more vulnerable,' finds NGO-led survey
57 How Colostrum Can Benefit Your Immune Health
58 Myeloma caused dad, 49, to feel like his neck 'wasn't attached'--symptoms to spot
59 The Importance of Omega-3 for Cell Membrane Functionality
60 'Fit and healthy' mum's 'devastating' MND diagnosis
61 How the Censorship Industry Works, and How We Can Stop It
62 Colon Cancer in People Under 45
63 Detroit, Chicago and the Midwest blanketed by haze: NPR
64 Estimated 350,000 people in UK are unaware they have glaucoma
65 A Tiny Patch May Someday Measure Your Critical Health Needs
66 I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast is Me, A Warning About Swans: NPR
67 Railroad says Superfund town's health clinic submitted false medical claims
68 Oral Myofacial Therapy
69 Babies with Food Allergies: Easing Caregiver's Anxiety
70 New York cracks down on unlicensed pot shops, but closing them might take time
71 Growing view of gun violence as an epidemic may help U.S. limit it: NPR
72 The Reset Riddle
73 Filling the Nutritional Gaps for Babies with Food Allergies
74 Police chief who became a serial arsonist is sentenced to life terms: NPR
75 Belgium-based Solvay to pay $393 million to clean up and compensate for PFAS contamination in New Jersey
76 The number of Kansas residents changing their gender jumped 300% before a new law began
77 Justice Department charges 78 in multibillion-dollar health care fraud schemes: NPR
78 Dozens in 16 states charged with health care fraud schemes, including $1.9 billion in bogus claims
79 Biden's sleep apnea has led him to use a CPAP machine: NPR
80 President Biden has started using a CPAP machine at night to deal with sleep apnea
81 Judge considering blocking parts of North Carolina abortion law won't halt broader 12-week ban
82 Advice from a Lebanese sweets shop owner: Goats and Soda: NPR
83 Biden's brother says the president is 'very open-minded' about psychedelics for medical treatment
84 Western tribes' last ditch effort to stall a large lithium mine in Nevada: NPR
85 Michigan Legislature approves ban on 'conversion therapy' for LGBTQ+ minors
86 Domestic terrorism charges in Georgia prompt concern over political repression: NPR
87 Smoke impacts from Canada wildfires hit U.S. Black, poor communities harder--National
88 North Carolina lawmakers give final OK to ban gender-affirming care for trans children
89 Opioids no more effective than placebo for common back pain, a study suggests: Shots
90 Relatives of man who died during admission to psychiatric hospital seek federal investigation
91 Cyprus battles disease-carrying mosquitoes by breeding them with irradiated, sterilized ones
92 Turner Classic Movies wasn't broken--and didn't need fixing: NPR
93 Potential for AI in NHS limitless, expert says
94 NHS shake-up means millions of Britons will receive DIY 'Midlife MOT' test kit
95 Audit shows Oklahoma likely misspent millions in federal relief funds
96 Federal judges in Kentucky and Tennessee block portions of transgender youth care bans
97 Philippines survey shows growing support for gays and lesbians: NPR
98 Real reason you should pee before car journey / UK / News
99 Has a 'magical' weight loss drug finally arrived? Hopes soar with US firm's never-before-seen results
100 Mental health NHS staff sickness levels
101 7 Superfoods that Should Make the Cut to Your Rainy Season Meal Plate
102 Shepherds of the Singularity
103 Presumed human remains and more Titan debris are recovered, Coast Guard says: NPR
104 Do Animals Self-Medicate?
105 Yankees pitcher throws a perfect game, just the 24th in MLB history: NPR
106 Diet expert unveils four top tips to improve your gut health today
107 Sleeping on your right side could be harming your digestive health
108 Britons urged to avoid using Vaseline for sunburn by British Skin Foundation
109 Liver fibrosis linked to reduced brain ability--signs of condition to look out for
110 How generative AI may empower political campaigns and propaganda: NPR
111 Data finds seaside town with the lowest life expectancy in England
112 England records 100,000 extra deaths from heart attacks and stroke since the pandemic
113 Doctor says 'male menopause' is misleading and gives key symptoms to watch for
114 Older Americans can get RSV vaccine this fall after speaking with their doctor, CDC says
115 Smoke and heat waves; French protests; gravitational waves: NPR