File Title
1 Euclid: Europe's 'dark explorer' telescope launches
2 Sex life of rare 'leopard-print' frog revealed
3 Milky Way: Icy observatory reveals 'ghost particles'
4 Humans hundreds of times 'deadlier' than sharks
5 London Super Sewer gets underground flower garden
6 BBC Weather: Technical glitch which affected BBC platforms fixed
7 What is net zero and how are the UK and other countries doing?
8 The climate change-denying TikTok post that won't go away
9 El Nino planet-warming weather phase has begun
10 Wildfires: UK to set up new Mediterranean-style specialist units
11 Can 'enhanced rock weathering' help combat climate change?
12 Scientists pick up shock waves from colliding galaxies
13 Ukraine dam: Satellite images reveal Kakhovka canals drying up
14 James Webb telescope: Icy moon Enceladus spews massive water plume
15 Amazon's Jeff Bezos to help NASA return to Moon
16 Dorchester father and son detectorists find 14 axe heads
17 Paignton Zoo celebrates 100th anniversary
18 Jellyfish: Should sea swimmers expect to see more?
19 Smoke and heat warnings affect more than 170m in US
20 Shopkeeper wins legal battle against bottle return scheme firm
21 Salvation Army to recycle polyester clothes into pellets
22 EU court finds Ireland failed to follow nature laws
23 A 'different way' of taking care of business
24 Cambridge University bids to boost waste recycling to 80%
25 Guy's Cliffe gardeners look to unearth new volunteers
26 Blackpool Zoo sees birth of first orangutan for 20 years
27 Millions of single-use vapes littered on Scotland's streets
28 Flu hits breeding rate of UK's largest bird of prey
29 The quest to grow the perfect strawberry
30 Pokemon Go maker Niantic cuts a quarter of its workforce
31 Pokemon to go on without Ash Ketchum and Pikachu
32 Pokemon Go: Police fired for chasing Snorlax instead of robbers
33 UK porn age checks raise privacy concerns
34 Google to scrap local news links in Canada over Online News Act
35 Dutch to restrict chip equipment exports amid US pressure
36 Canada is going to war with Google, and it might not win
37 Virgin Galactic: Sir Richard Branson's rocket plane enters commercial service
38 What is Kick, the streaming platform that's signed up xQc?
39 Cut low-cost broadband VAT to help more online, peers say
40 ChatGPT owner OpenAI to open first foreign office in UK
41 BT investigated over major 999 call disruption
42 Illegal trade in AI child sex abuse images exposed
43 Meta: Facebook owner launches $7.99 a month virtual reality service
44 Airbus experiments with more control for the autopilot
45 The workers already replaced by artificial intelligence
46 Can Amsterdam make the circular economy work?
47 Why Singapore is the only place in the world selling lab-grown meat
48 Why millions of usable hard drives are being destroyed
49 5G deadline and bad weather threaten to disrupt US holiday weekend
50 Cambodia PM threatens Facebook ban after posts ruled violent
51 Colleen Ballinger: YouTube star writes song to respond to accusing fans
52 Brighton man undergoes "innovative" knee replacement surgery
53 New surgical robot used for first procedures in Swindon
54 Driving test fraudsters advertising services online
55 Apple joins opposition to encrypted message app scanning
56 Nursery closures threaten free childcare pledge, sector warns
57 Teaching assistant calls low pay disrespectful
58 Kevin Doxey: 'Why did nobody stop our abusive teaching assistant?'
59 Lords criticise University of East Anglia's arts jobs cut plan
60 Estimated 700,000 pupils in unsafe or aging schools in England, says watchdog
61 Queen's University Belfast: 10 students have degree results withdrawn
62 Free childcare: Is Jeremy Hunt's Budget promise feasible?
63 What is the plan for 30 hours of free childcare and how will it work?
64 Unmarried mothers' repatriations: 'I should never have been in Ireland'
65 US Supreme Court strikes down student loan forgiveness plan
66 Birstall off-road motorbike charity sees rise in mental health referrals
67 New College Swindon granted university status
68 Kent students receive results amid marking boycott
69 Ballougry Primary School closure postponed for a year
70 Essex school toilet sex assaults sees boy arrested
71 Asylum seeker abandoned on Tyneside street after 350-mile taxi ride
72 New 5.4 million pounds funding for struggling Wiltshire households
73 University marking boycott: What is the impact on students?
74 Teaching assistant calls low pay disrespectful
75 St. Patrick's College: Teachers in Dungannon raise concerns
76 Erne Integrated College: New board of governors appointed
77 Lecale Trinity Grammar: Controversial new merger school named
78 Housing crisis: Mum left on new home waiting list for two years
79 Shropshire funding boost to house homeless refugees
80 Legendary Canadian sex educator Sue Johanson dies at 93
81 COVID pandemic linked to surge in child and teen diabetes
82 Aspartame--is it a possible cause of cancer?
83 Bird flu defense discovered in our bodies
84 US health alert over malaria cases in Florida and Texas
85 Organ harvesting: Trafficked for his kidney and now forced into hiding
86 Major research lost after cleaner turned off fridge, lawsuit says
87 NHS watchdog rejects Mounjaro fat loss jab for diabetes
88 South Koreans become younger under new age-counting law
89 She helped kill Roe vs. Wade--now she wants to end abortion in America
90 US health panel releases new breast cancer screening guidelines
91 Kenya sickle cell: Fighting to dispel the myths around the disease
92 The woman who travelled seven hours by camel to give birth
93 Royal Surrey hospital opens new cardiac lab after 500k pounds revamp
94 Laura Kuenssberg: Love it or hate it, the NHS is here to stay
95 Artist's impressions reveal 24 million pounds Princess Royal Hospital care hub
96 Migraine: Ceredigion woman says condition controls her life
97 Will Rishi Sunak's plan to tackle NHS staffing shortages work?
98 MDMA: Australia begins world-first psychedelic therapy
99 Australia legalises psychedelics for mental health
100 University Hospitals Birmingham: Improvements but 'a mountain to climb'
101 Ben Condon: Hospital criticised over response after baby death
102 Margate: Doctor jailed for child sex offences
103 Betsi Cadwaladr: Ministers asked to consider vascular inquiry
104 Cancer patient regains ability to smile after innovative surgery
105 Radiographers in England to strike over pay
106 Ministers set out plan to train and keep more NHS staff
107 Bridgend: Politicians' shock and anger over plant closure
108 Suffolk student nurses training in new immersive building
109 Bristol children's hospital research centre set to be built
110 What to do when you see a bear
111 A tour of Boston's five best oyster bars with chef Michael Serpa
112 Having a baby can rock a marriage--and life post-children can be a challenge
113 An apple caramel pecan pie born from a railway lunch counter
114 Aspartame: What else is 'possibly carcinogenic'
115 What happens when 'fun' corporate retreats cross a line
116 US Supreme Court rules website designer can refuse to serve same-sex couples
117 The Supreme Court flexed its conservative muscles. What comes next?
118 Policy 713: LGBT school policy change causes political turmoil in Canada
119 How bad is repeat exposure to wildfire smoke?
120 Alan Arkin: Little Miss Sunshine actor dies aged 89
121 Pregnant, living in a car, and battling a Texas heatwave
122 Air quality: How to protect yourself from Canada wildfire smoke
123 Canada wildfire season is now the worst on record
124 Ukraine counter-offensive will be long and bloody, says US Gen. Mark Milley
125 Moving vans become a last resort in summer travel chaos
126 How a horse's death may lead to reform for ancient Japanese festival
127 China tightens Xi Jinping's powers against the West with new law
128 Magic-mushroom drug can treat severe depression, trial suggests
129 Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound 'promising' for depression
130 North Norfolk District Council buys house to support Afghan refugees
131 Climate change: China's green power surge offers hope on warming
132 Japan: Okinawa port turns blood red after beer factory leak
133 Maya civilisation: Archaeologists find ancient city in jungle
134 Illegal shark fin trade: Record haul seized in Brazil
135 Colosseum: Man who carved names on ancient Rome amphitheatre is UK tourist, Italian police say
136 Wagner still recruiting despite mutiny, BBC finds
137 Dutch King Willem-Alexander apologises for country's role in slavery
138 'As Palestinian youths, the political process has failed us'
139 'Golf truce shows how Saudi money is changing world sport'
140 Wagner's network in Africa faces uncertain future
141 West Bank: US 'troubled' by Israeli settlement expansion plans
142 Camp spotted on suspected Wagner site in Belarus
143 Belarus leader welcomes Wagner boss Prigozhin into exile
144 Ukraine war: Putin confirms first nuclear weapons moved to Belarus
145 Ukraine war: The challenges of training F-16 pilots
146 Ukraine offensive: Inside one of the villages freed from Russian forces
147 Dmitry Mishov, Russian airman who defected, gives BBC interview
148 Ukraine war: Russia executed 77 civilians detained by its forces, UN says
149 Wagner mutiny: Group fully funded by Russia, says Putin
150 Government heat pump scheme misses first year target
151 Climate Change Committee says UK no longer a world leader
152 Using pig fat as green jet fuel will hurt planet, experts warn
153 Climate change: Four things you can do about your carbon footprint
154 What is climate change? A really simple guide
155 Just Stop Oil: What is it and what does it want?
156 University students vote for plant-based catering
157 Climate change: How is my country doing on tackling it?
158 The Ocean Race: Teams helping track warming sea and plastic pollution