File Title
1 Lighting Up Quantum Realms: Terahertz Spectroscopy and Symmetry-Broken Materials
2 Achilles Neck--Fossils Reveal Long-Necked Reptiles Were Decapitated by Predators
3 Scientists Discover New Surprising Links Between Personality and Cognitive Abilities
4 Microbial Electrosynthesis--Scientists Discover that Bacteria Can Produce More Chemical Substances than Thought
5 Earth Tilted: We've Pumped So Much Groundwater that Earth's Spin Shifted
6 Bubble Wonder--Researchers Develop New Mathematical Model to Enhance Ultrasound Resolution
7 Revitalizing the Golden Years: Dietary Supplements Boost Nutrition in Older Men
8 Solving Dark Cosmic Mysteries: ESA's Euclid Mission into the Unknown [Video]
9 El Nino's Surprising Lifeline: Ocean Current Safeguards Pacific Island Reefs
10 Elderly Beware: Sneaky 20% Boost in Anemia Risk with Low-Dose Aspirin Use
11 Super-Resolution DNA Analysis: Multi-Scanning Individual Molecules for Extreme Precision
12 New Study Reveals How a Common Laxative Improves Cognitive Function and Memory
13 Healing Innovation: MIT Engineers Create "Smart Sutures" that Can Deliver Drugs or Sense Inflammation
14 Scientists Completely Define the Process of Methylation
15 Cloak, Dagger, and Paranoia: The Lure of Conspiracy Theories
16 Solar Paradox: How the Sun's Coldest Sunspot Umbra Powers Its Million-Degree Corona
17 Unraveling a Quantum Enigma: How Tantalum Enhances Qubit Performance
18 3.5 Million Years Old--Scientists Identify Australia's First Long-Distance Walker
19 Accelerating Drug Discovery with the AI Behind ChatGPT--Screening 100 Million Compounds a Day
20 Science Made Simple: What Are Particle Accelerators?
21 Solar-Powered Reactor Converts CO2 and Plastic Waste into Sustainable Fuels
22 Where You Live--a Surprising Factor that Could Be Making You Age Faster
23 Unmasking the Universe: Astrophysicist Catalogs All Known Planet-Hosting, Three-Star Systems
24 Flight of Fancy: Unraveling the Mysteries of Pigeon Dreams
25 New Species of Dome-Headed Dinosaurs May Have Had Elaborate Headgear
26 Hydration Solids: The New Class of Matter Shaking Up Science
27 Legalese Fatigue: Even Lawyers Prefer Plain English
28 Huntington's Disease Breakthrough: New Altered Neural Circuits Discovered
29 Euclid Spacecraft Fueled for Launch--New Space Telescope Will Explore the Dark Universe
30 Unraveling the Mysteries of Vision Degeneration: Pioneering Research Unveils Dynamic Human Eye Architecture
31 200,000 Lightning Flashes--Tonga's Hunga Eruption Produced the Most Intense Lightning Ever Recorded
32 Spotting the Invisible Enemy: Scientists Discover Immune "Trip Wire" that Detects COVID-19
33 Not Science Fiction: Planet Orbiting 2 Stars Discovered Using New Technique
34 Harnessing the Speed of Light: Artificial "Life" Unlocks Photonic Computing Power
35 Reimagining the Universe: Right-Handed Currents and Neutron Decay Interaction
36 Wild Mammals Roam Farther: An Unforeseen Effect of COVID-19 Lockdowns
37 Directly Imaging Quantum States in Two-Dimensional Materials
38 NASA Science in the Shadows: Five Exciting Experiments for 2024 Total Solar Eclipse
39 The Future of Medical Diagnostics: All-Purpose Biosensor Chip with 10,000-Fold Increase in Detection Range
40 Empowering Citizens to Combat Climate Change Threats: A Revolutionary Method
41 New Research Challenges Longstanding Beliefs About the Isolation of "Hot Jupiters"
42 Reversing Baldness: Surprising New Molecular Mechanism Discovered for Stimulating Hair Growth
43 Farewell to the Master of Quantum Puzzles: MIT's "Giant of Theoretical Physics" Roman Jackiw Dies at 83
44 Universal Physics Uncovered in the Dynamics of a Quantum System
45 Electron Affinity Unleashed: The Surprising Chemical Capabilities of Flat Fullerene Fragments
46 Cytoelectric Coupling: A Groundbreaking Hypothesis on How Our Brains Function
47 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is There Weather on the Moon?
48 Breaking Barriers in Holography: Revolutionary Metamaterials Expand Spectrum Possibilities
49 GASPACHO: A Game-Changer in Unraveling Genetic Susceptibility to COVID-19
50 Alzheimer's Disease: Are the Seeds Planted at Birth?
51 The Universe Throws a Curveball: The Dark Matter Distribution Paradox
52 Harnessing Hypnagogia: MIT and Harvard's Breakthrough in Boosting Creativity Through Targeted Dream Incubation
53 Medical Miracle: Scientists Baffled as Men Overcome "Incurable" Heart Failure
54 The Shopping Trip that Saves Your Life: Supermarket Carts that Diagnose Heart Problems
55 Misinformation Express: How Generative AI Models like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney May Distort Human Beliefs
56 Elevating Artemis II: Mobile Launcher Upgrades and New Escape Routes at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
57 Unlocking the Green Hydrogen Future with High-Efficiency Catalysts
58 MIT's Nematic Leap: Physicists Discover a New Switch for Superconductivity
59 Swimming with Ancient Giants: Earliest Ancestors of Today's Dolphins Discovered
60 Unraveling Cosmic Mysteries: Celestial Monsters and the Origins of Globular Clusters
61 Unveiling the Catalyst of Life: The Unexpected Role of Sulfate
62 A New Way to Annihilate a Star: Stellar Demolition Derby Near Black Hole in Ancient Galaxy
63 Biodegradable but Dangerous: The Hidden Environmental Hazards of Sugar Cane Plastic
64 Stunning Image of Jupiter's Atmosphere Captured by NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reveals High-Altitude Hazes
65 Trouble Falling Asleep? That Could Mean You Have an Increased Risk of Stroke
66 Radio Revelations: Unraveling the Origins of a Supernova
67 Lost World of Ancient Creatures Discovered--1.6 Billion-Year-Old Eukaryotic Organisms
68 Illuminating Genetic Dark Matter: How "Junk DNA" Influences Blood Pressure
69 Cataclysm in the Cosmos: Princeton Researchers Unmask the Violent Origins of the Geminids Meteor Shower
70 Timing Matters: When to Exercise for Greater Improvements in Blood Sugar Levels for Type 2 Diabetes Patients
71 Saving Our Soil: How to Preserve U.S. Breadbasket Fertility for Centuries
72 Critical Point in Matter Transformation: When the Universe Changes Its Mind
73 Double Duty: HIV Drug Maraviroc Takes on Dementia and Huntington's Disease
74 Russian Cosmonauts Complete Spacewalk Replacing Space Station Hardware
75 New White Dwarf Pulsar Discovery: "Stellar Fossils" Unveil Cosmic Secrets
76 Cutting Alcohol Consumption in Half--Scientists Discover Surprising Side Effect of Obesity Drug Semaglutide
77 Study Finds Gentle Cleansers Are Just as Effective in Killing Viruses--Including Coronavirus--As Harsh Soaps
78 Decoding Neurological Mysteries: How Blood Triggers Brain Disease
79 Fusion, Recoil, Discovery: A New Type of Atomic Nucleus Discovered
80 Scientists Discover New Benefits of Eating Fatty Fish
81 Why Does Temperature Determine the Sex of Turtles?
82 New Cambridge Study: Current Climate Projections Significantly Underestimate Impact of Volcanic Eruptions
83 JPL and the Space Age: Triumph at Saturn--Part II (NASA Documentary)
84 New Immune System Discovery Opens New Doors for Spinal Cord Injuries
85 JPL and the Space Age: Triumph at Saturn--Part II (NASA Documentary)
86 Foundation of All Known Life: Webb Telescope Makes First Detection of Crucial Carbon Molecule
87 Key Protein Vital for Structural Integrity of Neurons--Without It Axons Break, Synapses Die
88 Monarch Butterfly Migration: The Secret Power of White Spots
89 MIT Pioneers Quantum Light Source for Optical Quantum Computers and Teleportation Devices for Communication
90 ALS Breakthrough--Parkinson's Drug Safely Slows Disease Progression by Over 6 Months
91 Coolest Rocky Exoplanet Ever: James Webb Reveals Surprising Atmosphere of TRAPPIST-1íC
92 Can Humans Survive Long-Term in Deep Space? Maybe
93 Daily Multivitamin Supplements Improve Memory and Slow Cognitive Aging in Older Adults
94 More than a Pest--The Importance of Saving Moths
95 NASA's New Earth Information Center: Showcasing a 60-Year Journey in Earth Monitoring
96 Scientists Accurately Predict Individuals' Income Solely off Social Media Posts
97 Stunning Views of Mars Captured by Ultraviolet Eye Aboard NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft
98 Deciphering Disasters: How Santorini's Seafloor Is Unveiling the Secrets of Volcanic Tsunamis
99 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Will Deliver 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Asteroid Samples to Specially Designed Facility
100 Counterintuitive Surprise! Weaker Bonds Can Make Polymers 10x Stronger
101 The Neanderthal Handshake: Unraveling the Genetic Origins of "Viking Disease"
102 Quantum Puzzle Solved: The Great Mystery of Quantized Vortex Motion
103 Scientists Discover a New Potential Way to Stop Dementia Progression
104 Astronomers Discover the Last Three Planets NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Observed Before Going Dark
105 Shattering Preconceptions: Diverse Spinosaur Species Roamed Cretaceous Britain
106 Harvard Researchers Help Unravel the Mystery of Sleep
107 New Research Unlocks Hidden Secrets of Primate Evolution
108 Boulder Bonanza! Science and Sampling Attempts at the Onahu Outcrop on Mars
109 Unseen Intruders: Ancient Viruses Discovered in Coral Symbionts' DNA
110 The Great Odyssey: Where Does Beach Sand Come From?
111 Comprehensive Overview of Progress Achieved in the Field of Quantum Teleportation
112 Can't Take Statin Side Effects? Bempedoic Acid Lowers LDL Cholesterol and Reduces Cardiovascular Risks
113 Radiant Fury: Sun Unleashes Powerful X1.0 Class Solar Flare
114 New Obesity Breakthrough: Protein Molecular Structure Discovery Could Unlock Fat Burning 61
115 Scientists Discover First Evidence of Symmetry Violation--And It Could Explain Why You Exist
116 Effective Myopia Treatment: Eye Drops Slow Nearsightedness Progression in Kids
117 Cloak, Dagger, and Paranoia: The Lure of Conspiracy Theories
118 Scientists Completely Define the Process of Methylation