File Title
1 Asteroid-smashing NASA probe sent boulders into space
2 Psyche enters home stretch before launch
3 Life on Earth didn't arise as described in textbooks
4 On space, poll shows most Americans support NASA's role, U.S. presence
5 Does this exoplanet have a sibling sharing the same orbit?
6 Plato's structural test campaign
7 The clays of Mawrth Vallis
8 Earth and Moon seen from Mars
9 Protecting Space Assets through Innovation: Hyperspace Challenge 2023
10 China unveils cutting-edge JF-22 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel facility
11 Raytheon, Northrop Grumman secure further hypersonic weapon development contract
12 Aerojet Rocketdyne unveils cutting-edge solid rocket motor for Kratos' Zeus Program
13 New study reveals Roman Telescope could find 400 Earth-mass rogue planets
14 Euclid calling: downloading the Universe
15 Experimental Phase commences for china's groundbreaking solar telescope array
16 Astronomers identify the coldest star yet that emits radio waves
17 Future of Satellite Internet: OneWeb vs. Starlink
18 SpaceX launches 54 Starlink satellites, ties record for first-stage returns
19 CASIC plans new satellite network by 2030
20 China begins construction of ultra-low orbit satellite constellation
21 The Strategic Use of Varied Orbits: US Space Force's New Mission
22 Why people tend to believe UFOs are extraterrestrial
23 Space Systems Command releases National Security Space Launch Phase 3 Draft RFP
24 Hack-A-Sat's Moonlighter Satellite deploys to LEO after successful launch
25 White House releases plan to increase investment in cybersecurity
26 Blinken warns Beijing on hacking as US, China keep dialogue going
27 On the wing-lets of innovation with NASA Armstrong
28 US condemns 'unsafe' Russian flying over Syria
29 US Air Force suspends personnel moves, bonuses over funding shortfall
30 What carbon footprint? American man flies 23 million miles
31 Climate and land use shifts alter Africa's Sudano-Sahelian dryland regions
32 HawkEye 360 raises $58 million for satellite architecture and data science acceleration
33 Spire using ever more satellite data to enhance global weather forecasts
34 New strategy to keep pace with our changing world
35 Fate of Tibetan Empire tied to ancient climate shifts
36 US climate envoy Kerry holds talks in China
37 NASA's TROPICS Offers Multiple Views of Intensifying Hurricanes
38 Senate expresses 'significant concerns' over NASA's Mars sample-retrieval plan
39 Artificial photosynthesis for real oxygen
40 NASA selects SwRI to lead DIMPLE lunar lander/rover instrument suite
41 China to carry out scientific exploration during manned lunar mission
42 ESA Astronauts Embark on Lunar Geology Training in Norwegian Wilderness
43 Has the standard cosmological model been broken or just cracked
44 Reinventing cosmology: uOttawa research puts age of universe at 26.7--not 13.7--billion years
45 Researchers propose new method to measure cosmic expansion
46 Using lensed gravitational waves to measure cosmic expansion
47 AROBS Engineering Takes Lead Role in Space Rider Project Software Verification and Validation
48 Ancient river is helping Perseverance Mars Rover do its work
49 Martian dunes eroded by a shift in prevailing winds after the planet's last ice age
50 CHAPEA Mars Simulation program a test bed for food systems and crop cultivation
51 Boeing's Millennium Space Systems amplifies small satellite production
52 Uniting Europe: DLR Spearheads Responsive Satellite Deployment Network
53 SmartSat CRC Pledges $7 million for Autonomous AI Spacecraft Development
54 Spire enables optical inter-satellite links with reduced data latency
55 Settling the guidelines to cover the entire life cycle of satellites
56 China's launches first plate-shaped satellite
57 Shenzhou XVI crew set to conduct their first EVA
58 Commercial space projects expected to provide more services in China
59 Timeline unveiled for China's advanced manned spacecraft's inaugural flight
60 China's Shenzhou XVI astronauts conduct fluid physics experiments
61 China Aerospace Foundation and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization Sign Cooperation MOU
62 Studying solar flares and sunspots can help protect Earth
63 Muon Space awarded additional funding from AFLMC and DIU to collect space weather data
64 Sino-European joint space mission enters flight model phase
65 NASA's Starling CubeSats set in motion: an innovative swarm in LEO
66 UAH researchers find brightest gamma-ray burst ever detected
67 Never before seen way to annihilate a star
68 First BepiColombo flyby of Mercury finds electron rain triggers X-ray auroras
69 How an "AI-tocracy" emerges
70 'Oppenheimer' a warning to world on AI, says director Nolan
71 Teams selected to teach AI Agents to interact with people and learn
72 UN chief warns of AI risks to global peace
73 Greenland melted recently, says study that raises future sea level threat
74 A roundup of the extreme heat hitting the globe
75 Millions hit by extreme heat on three continents
76 Sun-baked Iraqis protest water and electricity shortages
77 All concrete, no trees: Athens ill-prepared for heatwaves
78 Growing climate risks fuel surge in US home insurance costs
79 At least 16 killed in India landslide, dozens missing
80 Deals on wheels: Housing prices drive young Chinese into RV living
81 Rich-poor split could tighten 'grip of poverty': World Bank chief
82 Fighting in Sudan's capital, south after generals briefly surface
83 Rare Somali wild ass born in Chile zoo
84 Sri Lankan leader seeks to disarm India's China fears
85 Private firms scour booming Nevada desert for water profits
86 Building workers in torrid Texas say water-break ban is 'a law that kills'
87 'Forgotten' Buenaventura on edge as Colombian peace efforts drag on
88 'Committed' to peace, Colombia paramilitary leader tells AFP
89 Suspect in murder of Russian recruitment official held pending trial
90 Disappointment on Ukraine front line over NATO meeting
91 Top US Marines job unfilled as senator stalls nominations
92 Gullah Geechee, descendants of enslaved, fight to protect US island
93 How Tau tangles form in the brain
94 The sound of silence? Researchers prove people hear it
95 The Anthropocene heralds disaster. Can humans change course?
96 Hong Kong man jailed for replacing national anthem with protest song
97 Hong Kong questions families of wanted activists: police source
98 President calls Alabama senator's block on military promotions 'irresponsible'
99 Lebanese activists fight rampant beachside development
100 Marine animal poisonings overwhelm California volunteers
101 UK polluting firms to face unlimited fines; Toxic foam blights crucial Brazil river
102 France to pay bonus for shoe, clothes repairs to cut waste
103 Sri Lanka in shock treatment to reduce elephant deaths
104 Spain's drought-hit tourism sector seeks to save water
105 July likely to be warmest month on record: NASA scientist
106 Turkey's Antioch rises from the ruins, stone by stone
107 Iran's ancient 'wind catchers' beat the heat naturally
108 Mama's boys: Elder orca moms protect sons from fights
109 Scientists puzzled by killer whale boat attacks off Spain
110 Vaquitas still exist, but barely: Experiment halted in Norway after whale drowns
111 Nigeria army reinforces security in troubled central state
112 Chinese man convicted in Malawi over racist videos
113 Tunisia firefighters battle forest blaze on Algeria border
114 Extreme heat sparks wildfires, health warnings
115 Firefighters battle to control Swiss fires; Athen's forces evacuations; Sniffing out forest fires in Germany
116 Extreme heat straining health systems: WHO
117 Helicopter pilot dies fighting Canadian wildfires
118 'Life or death': Arizona heat wave poses lethal threat to homeless
119 Heat-struck Mediterranean is climate change 'hot spot'
120 Panama seizes six tons of illegally traded shark fins