File Title
1 Science Made Simple: How Do Particle Accelerators Work?
2 New Hope in Alzheimer's Fight: Addressing Myelin Degradation Could Prevent Disease
3 Primordial Life: Scientists Discover "Lost World" of Our Early Ancestors in Billion-Year-Old Rocks
4 Top Guns of AI: MIT's Maverick Approach Toward Safe and Reliable Autopilots for Flying
5 Hopeful Findings--Two Thirds of Childhood Physical Abuse Survivors Are Psychologically Flourishing in Adulthood
6 Twice the Mystery: Astronomers Double the Number of Known Repeating Fast Radio Bursts
7 Biodiversity at Stake: The Dark Side of Our Food Production System
8 Loneliness, Insomnia, Drinking: The Costs of Working with AI Systems
9 Mount Sinai Research Finds Skipping Breakfast May Compromise the Immune System
10 New Hybrid Material Transforms Light: Revolutionizing Solar Energy, Medical Imaging, and Night Vision Technologies
11 Tailored to Heal: Programmable 3D Printed Dressing Improves Burn and Cancer Treatments
12 Tall Order: The Fight to Save the Masai Giraffes from Extinction
13 Cognitive Scientists Unravel the Secret--Can We Learn to Think Further Ahead?
14 Illuminating Pathways for Early Treatment of Brain Degeneration in "Children of the Night"
15 Pregnancy Exposure to "Forever Chemicals" May Fuel Childhood Obesity
16 Harnessing Quantum Physics: New Visualization Technique Gives Insight into Photosynthesis
17 Astronomers Discover BEBOP-1c: Tatooine-Like Exoplanet Orbits Twin Stars in a Multiplanetary System
18 Atlas of the Senseable City: Mapping Cities in Motion
19 Secrets of Stellar Matter Under Extreme Pressure in the Laboratory Revealed for the First Time
20 Obesity May Permanently Change the Brain--Yale Study Finds Severely Impaired Response to Nutrients
21 New Insights into Human Gut-Brain Connection Revealed in Pioneering Research
22 Why Do Some Species Survive Mass Extinctions? Hidden "Whole Genome Duplication" May Be the Secret
23 Nanodiamond "Heat Highways" to Keep Electronics Cool--Dissipates Heat Four Times More Effectively
24 Where Did Earth's Water Come From?
25 Unveiling Quantum Gravity: New Results from IceCube Neutrino Observatory and Fermi Space Telescope
26 An Unforeseen Impact of the Pandemic--How the Lockdown Increased Breastfeeding Duration
27 CP Symmetry Violation: Large Hadron Collider Tightens Precision on Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry
28 Mastering the Longevity Code: "Immune Resilience" Is Key to Resisting Disease and Living Longer
29 Scientists Identify 8 Factors that Put Black Adults at Greater Risk of Early Death
30 New Tool Detects ChatGPT-Generated Academic Text with 99% Accuracy
31 Decoding Deep Space Mysteries: Researchers Uncover Potential Link Between Two of Astronomy's Most Enigmatic Phenomena
32 New Study Reveals Surprising Factors in Dog Longevity
33 Scientists Unravel the Formation of Classic Soccer Ball-Shaped Molecules
34 Tired of Cancer? Long COVID Might Be Worse
35 MIT's Compact Megawatt Electric Motor Could Help Electrify Aviation
36 Researchers Discover 20 New Species of Sea Lettuce in the Baltic Sea Region
37 Accelerating Drug Development with New Way of Identifying Proteins
38 3D Muscle Reconstruction Reveals 3.2 Million-Year-Old "Lucy" Could Stand as Erect as Modern Humans
39 Craton Deception: Geologists Challenge Conventional View of Earth's Continental History and Stability
40 Early-Day Fasting Diet Could Be the Key to Reducing Your Risk of Diabetes
41 Secure Communication Breakthrough: 1,000+ km Quantum Key Distribution Achieved
42 Decoding Long COVID: Is Overactive Inflammation the Missing Key?
43 Uncorking the Mystery: Researchers Discover Why Light-to-Moderate Drinking Is Linked to Better Heart Health
44 Tripping Through Time: How Psychedelic Drugs Reopen the Brain's Learning Window
45 KISS: A New Way to Easily Produce Large, Clean 2D Materials
46 Keto Diet: The Dark Side of a Promising Cancer Weapon
47 Einstein's Theory in Action: Supernova Explosion Revealed by Rare "Cosmic Magnifying Glasses"
48 Unleashing Hydrogen's Potential: Baking Soda as the Key to Renewable Energy Storage
49 Revealing the Neanderthal Legacy: Modern Humans Inherited More than You Think
50 Over 20 Million Americans Struggle to Regain Smell and Taste After COVID
51 Fractons as Information Storage--Scientists Unveil Surprising Behavior
52 Scientists Solve Colorful Kuiper Belt Mystery
53 Autism in Adulthood: Finding Out You're Autistic in Later Life Can Be a Positive Experience
54 Prepping for a Starlit Stroll: Astronauts Gear Up for Dual Spacewalks
55 Critical Ingredient for Life Discovered at Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus
56 Demystifying E. Coli's 500-Year-Old Deadly Secret: Mapping the Path to Future Therapies
57 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Sheds Light on Unusual, Violent Origin of Geminid Meteor Shower
58 Opioid Epidemic: Teens Rarely Receive Proven Lifesaving Addiction Medication in U.S. Treatment Centers
59 NASA's Artemis II Moon Mission: Innovative O2O Laser Communications System Delivered
60 The "Cucumber Cure": A Seafood Solution to Diabetes?
61 Global Food Supply at Risk: Profound Effects of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Uncovered
62 Biocompatible Innovation: MIT's Soft, Printable, Metal-Free Electrodes for Next-Gen. Implants
63 Hot Days, Hot Tempers: The Correlation Between Warm, Polluted Days and Dog Bites
64 Hijacking Cellular Factories: Retooling the Ribosomal Translation Machine to Biosynthesize Molecules
65 How to See the Invisible: Measuring Dark Matter with Hyper Suprime-Cam Reveals Discrepancy
66 Weight-Loss Surgery's Hidden Hazard: Weakened Bones in Teens and Young Adults
67 NASA Power Play: Astronauts Finish Installing Roll-Out Solar Array in Record-Tying Spacewalk
68 SETI's Technosignature Hunt: Quest for Extraterrestrial Signals in the Heart of the Milky Way Takes Off
69 Remains of an Extinct World of Primordial Organisms Discovered
70 Pheromone Frenzy: World's First Transgenic Ants Reveal How Colonies Respond to an Alarm
71 Productivity Paradox: "Smart" Drugs like Ritalin Can Lead to Erratic Thinking in People Who Don't Have ADHD
72 Triplex Origami: A Game-Changer in Gene Therapy and DNA Nanotechnology
73 Silent Danger: Hidden Link Discovered Between Low-Dose Radiation and Heart Disease
74 Evolutionary Fuel: How an Ancient Chromosomal Inversion Could Foster Survival
75 Mars in a Day: NASA's Curiosity Captures Martian Morning and Afternoon in Single "Postcard"
76 Turning Back Time with Taurine: Study Finds Supplement Improves Health and Longevity
77 Building Block for Life Discovered in Enceladus' Ocean by NASA's Cassini Spacecraft
78 Neanderthal Legacy: Unraveling the Genetic Threads of "Viking Disease"
79 New Microscopy Imaging Technique: RESORT Unveils Living Systems like Never Before
80 In a Flash: NASA's Juno Mission Captures Lightning on Jupiter
81 Quantum Frustration Leads to Fundamental Physics Discovery: A New Phase of Matter
82 The "Sayonara" Gene: Flies Aren't Freaks When It Comes to Cell Death
83 Progress Overshadowed: Two Mercury Emissions Hotspots Persist Despite National Progress
84 Astonishing--Scientists Develop Artificial Molecules that Behave like Real Ones
85 Bainiku-Ekisu: Scientists Find Japanese Fruit Juice Benefits Cardiovascular Health, Lowers Blood Pressure
86 New Research Paves Way for Potential Universal HIV Cure
87 Quantum Boomerangs: MIT Physicist Explores the Universe's Mysteries in an Alternate Reality
88 From Solar Arrays to Spacesuits: Busy Week Aboard the International Space Station
89 Intracranial Intrigue: Unmasking the Mutant Genes Behind Brain Aneurysms
90 Earth Formed Much Faster than Previously Thought--Increases Chances of Alien Life
91 NASA's Newest X-Plane: Next Generation Experimental Aircraft X-66A "Will Help Shape the Future of Aviation"
92 Breaking Biological Boundaries: The Remarkable Tale of a 12-Times Cancer Survivor
93 Dads Make the Difference: The Impact on Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep Safety
94 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is Polar Ice Melting?
95 A Risky Pill to Swallow: Contraceptive Use Linked to 73% Increase in Depression Risk
96 Casting Light on Dark Mysteries: LHAASO's Analysis of Tera-Electronvolt Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow
97 JPL and the Space Age: Triumph at Saturn--Part I (NASA Documentary)
98 Trapping Light in 3D: Physicists Unlock the Longstanding Mystery of Trapped Waves
99 Ancient Cave Reveals New Secrets of Our First Ancestors
100 A Precursor to Cancer--Gut Microbiome Changes Linked to Colon Polyps
101 Neuroscience Breakthrough: Missing Link Explains mRNA Delivery in Brain Cells
102 High Risk: Extensive Study Links Cannabis Use Disorder to Bipolar and Depression
103 Astronomers Unravel the Mystery of the Missing Twins in Galactic Center
104 Decoding Emotional Intelligence: MIT's Computational Model Excels in Predicting Emotions
105 Why Most People Regain Lost Weight? Obesity Severely Impairs the Brain's Response to Nutrients
106 Watt's Next? Oxford Study May Unlock "Game-Changing" Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Aviation
107 Molecule NPY and Weight Gain: How Chronic Stress Drives the Brain to Crave Comfort Food
108 First Measurement of Electron Spin in Kagome Quantum Materials
109 Harnessing Photosynthesis: A Green Energy Solution for Martian Occupation & Space Exploration
110 Jet-Lagging--a New Way to Battle Malaria
111 Chasing Ghost Particles: Discovery Could Help Answer One of the Most Puzzling Questions in Physics
112 New Hope in Alzheimer's Battle--How Removing a Genetic Variant Could Be Key
113 Invisible Architects: New Link Discovered Between Dark Matter and Clumpiness of the Universe
114 When Carbon Sinks Sink: New Research Uncovers a Climate Change Time Bomb
115 Roscosmos Cosmonaut Assigned to SpaceX Crew-7 Space Station Mission
116 Harnessing the Hidden Power of Defects: Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Thermal Insulators
117 Resurrection--Scientists Discover It Is Not Due to a "Miracle Gene"
118 Kirigami Cuts Through Shape Barriers: MIT's Innovative Method for Material Transformation
119 Beaming Up Security: Spire Global Launches Optical Link Nanosats
120 Unlocking the Mind's Grid: Separating Sensory and Cognitive Networks Through Brain Receptor Mapping
121 The Sweet Spark of Life: Unmasking the Origins of Earth's First Sugars
122 Atomic "Breathing"--a New Building Block for Quantum Technology
123 LMAN1, the Unexpected Game-Changer in Allergy Treatment
124 Skipping Evolution: The Kangaroos that Didn't Hop
125 Earth's "Boring Billion"--Study Unveils 19-Hour Days in Earth's Deep Past
126 First Direct Evidence of Phosphorus--a Key Building Block of Life--on an Extraterrestrial Ocean World
127 Why Does COVID Affect People Differently? Researchers Uncover New Insights