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1 Live Nation and Ticketmaster are pledging to Joe Biden to show fees up front: NPR
2 One in five Brits go at least one day a week without brushing their teeth, study finds
3 Glenmark slashes price of HER2-positive breast cancer drug Trumab by 70%, making it cheapest in India
4 U.K. parliament concludes Boris Johnson lied about breaking COVID rules: NPR
5 Eating meals earlier in the day could reduce type 2 diabetes risk
6 The Gut-Brain Connection: How Good Digestion Impacts Mental Health. 4 Tips to Improve Gut Health
7 Expert warns using electric fan at night could cause four health problems
8 Sudanese fleeing to Egypt face challenges despite deep ties: NPR
9 Peritoneal cancer symptoms may be 'difficult to spot'--what to look for
10 British star Glenda Jackson has died after a long career in theater and politics: NPR
11 SPF mistake could cause lasting skin damage, warns health expert
12 Shortage of cancer drugs carboplatin and cisplatin continues to strain care: Shots
13 Dr. Amir Khan shares two blood types that attract mosquitoes
14 How Target, North Face have responded to backlash against Pride campaigns: NPR
15 Travel sickness tips including where to sit on a plane
16 Sen. Tammy Baldwin introduces bill to fund abortion care training: Shots
17 Live longer by keeping inflammation 'at bay'--expert's five 'simple' tips
18 8 Veggies to Add on Your Summer Plate for Reducing Extra Fat
19 Confidence in science fell in 2022 while political divides persisted, poll shows
20 Overcoming Barriers to Better Outcomes [for Prostate Cancer]
21 People who move to a new home because of flooding usually stay close: NPR
22 FDA advisers consider changing COVID vaccine to target latest omicron strain
23 Drug May Help Stop Breast Cancer from Returning
24 Georgia commits to electric vehicle tech without committing to climate: NPR
25 Dehydration could be worsened by three drinks, according to nutritionist
26 Simple Hysterectomy May Be Better Option for Cervical Cancer
27 Supreme Court leaves Indian Child Welfare Act intact: NPR
28 Some Breast Cancer Patients May Safely Forgo Chemotherapy
29 High cholesterol could be lowered with new pill--'as effective' as statins
30 Holocaust survivors to receive $1.4 billion in payments from Germany next year: NPR
31 Does Marijuana Help AFib?
32 Junior doctors threaten to walk out indefinitely as they demand: 'Pay us fair, pay us right, we don't want to have to strike'
33 Vermont man charged with killing his mother at sea over inheritance dies in jail: NPR
34 It's expensive to run a company: NPR
35 Pineapple can help tackle hay fever symptoms during UK 'pollen bomb' / UK / News
36 FDA Panel Backs New COVID Booster Focusing Only on Variants
37 Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira is indicted by a federal grand jury: NPR
38 9 more women sue Bill Cosby alleging sexual assaults: NPR
39 Court set to rule on Iowa governor's bid to reinstate strict abortion limits
40 Eating dark chocolate could protect the brain from stroke, says doctor
41 Pfizer is facing a penicillin shortage that may stretch into 2024: NPR
42 Teens with severe obesity are turning to surgery and new weight loss drugs, despite controversy
43 Brain tumour symptoms can include dizziness and headaches--dad given 'terminal' diagnosis
44 The best lifestyle tweaks to cut risk of three common cancers--study
45 Boris Johnson brought threats to the U.K.'s democracy. Its institutions resisted: NPR
46 A look behind at the scenes at Biden's reelection campaign for 2024: NPR
47 Eight signs you could have sun poisoning--'severe sunburn' symptoms
48 Menace to society: galore of illicit drugs available in the EU as powerful new substances emerge
49 Opioid settlement payouts to local governments made public for first time: Shots
50 Mum, 33, dies from incurable cancer after seeing GP with 'really bad cough'
51 Blood clot signs when flying--and how to lower your risk
52 Pope Francis discharged from hospital after abdominal surgery--National
53 A father needed to get to his daughter in the ICU. A stranger helped him: NPR
54 Doctor uncovers the causes behind excessive sweating and treatments
55 Toxic cough syrups pose 'an ongoing risk' to global health, WHO warns--National
56 High cholesterol causes and what you can do about it
57 Bone cancer symptoms could be mistaken for a sports injury--woman shares signs
58 Woman left disabled after surgeon 'experimented' on her
59 Prevent dehydration during a heatwave by eating three fruits
60 Doctor shares four unusual but effective tips to ease hay fever symptoms
61 Pharmacist warns sunburn could increase your blood sugar levels
62 Lower your blood pressure with four foods--cardiologist's advice
63 Supplement Berberine Isn't 'Nature's Ozempic'
64 Low testosterone? Taking the hormone doesn't increase heart attack risk: Shots
65 Popular 'low T' treatment is safe for men with heart disease, but doctors warn it's no youth serum
66 FDA Warns of Tattoo Ink Tied to Dangerous Infections
67 Dr. Mandy Cohen Appointed as New CDC Director: Shots
68 Feds find multiple civil rights violations by Minneapolis police: NPR
69 Swiss cyclist Gino Mader dies after crash during Tour de Suisse: NPR
70 Florida couple charged with more than $2 million in COVID-19 relief fraud
71 Testosterone 'Safe' for Most Older Men with Low Testosterone
72 Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower behind historic Pentagon Papers, dies at 92: NPR
73 Should Some Older Adults Shed Their Meds?
74 NCAA medical committee recommendations include removal of marijuana from banned drug list
75 Pfizer warns of looming penicillin shortage in the U.S. What about Canada?--National
76 40 years ago, Sally Ride became the first American woman in space: NPR
77 Donald Triplett, the 1st person diagnosed with autism, dies at 89
78 Federal judge blocks much of Indiana's ban on gender-affirming care for minors
79 Gas stoves emit benzene, linked to cancer, a new Stanford study shows: NPR
80 Next round of COVID-19 shots in fall will target latest omicron strain
81 Republicans want Trump to stay in the race for president as party support grows: NPR
82 Four 'healthy' drinks could be causing a rapid increase in blood sugars
83 You're 'never too young' for hypertension, diabetes, bowel cancer or osteoporosis--doctor
84 Nine warning signs of a bowel cancer tumour spreading to the liver
85 Asda's 4 pounds sunscreen beats 22 pounds premium product in tests / UK / News
86 Food Allergy and Food Intolerance: What is the Difference and How Can You Prevent it?
87 Most People Don't Know of this Until They Have a Fracture
88 Germany hands over 2 Indigenous masks to Colombia as it reappraises the past: NPR
89 Six warning signs of heart disease that warrant seeing a GP
90 Prebiotics vs. probiotics: What's the difference and what are the health benefits?
91 Woman shares first symptoms of motor neurone disease
92 Seven 'heart healthy' cooking oils to use if you have high cholesterol
93 How Colombia Indigenous kids survived 40 days after a plane crash in the jungle: NPR
94 Bread isn't as bad as you think. It's more than an ultra-processed food
95 Japan redefines rape as nonconsensual sex, raises age of consent to 16: NPR
96 How to transform urban neighborhoods? Ask the kids who revamped their schoolyard: Shots
97 6 Everyday Habits that Are Bad for Your Hormone
98 Trump's search for his wartime consigliere: NPR
99 U.S. has no system for tracking deadly new street drug: NPR
100 Dietitian shares four easy recipes to eat healthier throughout the week
101 Six dementia signs that may become 'more pronounced' in the summer
102 George Michael was found dead in bed--but what did he die from?
103 Ecuadorean woman who revived during her wake is dead after a week in intensive care at a hospital
104 Donald Triplett, the 1st person diagnosed with autism, dies at 89: NPR
105 Air quality concerns persist in Quebec as wildfires slow and residents return home
106 An NCAA panel recommends dropping marijuana from its banned drug list: NPR
107 'Mentally & physically debilitating'--PCOS on the rise in India, but new treatments bring women hope
108 Nutritionist shares three easy recipes to try if you want to lower cholesterol
109 Cholesterol-lowering chamomile tea could cut risk of heart disease
110 Feeling tired 'all the time' could be due to a number of medical issues--doctor's advice
111 A heat wave is hitting the South, from a tornado in Texas to Florida beaches: NPR
112 Biden says rich must 'pay their share' at first reelection campaign rally: NPR
113 Ukraine war is hurting Africa, South African President Ramaphosa tells Putin: NPR
114 Four drinks to avoid if you are suffering from urinary incontinence
115 How 'shy girl' workouts can help women gain confidence--minimal gym space, only dumbbells
116 What's next after Supreme Court's Alabama ruling: NPR
117 Hay fever symptoms could be eased by eating pineapple