File Title
1 Humanity's First Recorded Kiss Occurred in Mesopotamia 4,500 Years Ago
2 Bridging Quantum Theory and Relativity: Curved Spacetime in a Quantum Simulator
3 Virtual AI Radiologist: ChatGPT Passes Radiology Board Exam
4 New Study: Tai Chi Could Help Prevent Cognitive Decline
5 Parkinson's Warning: UCLA & Harvard Researchers Identify 10 Neurotoxic Pesticides
6 Powerhouse Puzzle Solved: How a Massive Supercomplex in Mitochondria Shapes Cellular Respiration
7 Pandemic Brain: The Silent Consequence of COVID-19 on Students
8 Peeling Back Quantum Mysteries: New Tool Disentangles the Electronic States Layer-by-Layer
9 Join the Hunt: Astronomers Need Help Finding Asteroids Hurtling Through Our Solar System
10 Icy Enigma Unveiled: Researchers Crack the Code of Jupiter and Saturn's Moons' Radar Signatures
11 MIT GENUS: 40 Hz Vibrations Reduce Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms
12 The "Apple" Crisis: The Hidden Dangers of Visceral Body Fat--And How to Reduce It
13 Core Discoveries: Extreme Experiments Unlock Earth's Inner Secrets
14 Beauty's Dark Secret: Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
15 Greener, Cheaper, and Charging Faster--a New Way to Manufacture Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes
16 Feeling the Unseen: Amputees Rediscover Lost Sensations Through Groundbreaking Technology
17 Melatonin Supplements and the Science of Sleep Enhancement
18 Dopamine--The Secret Ingredient to Effortless Exercise?
19 Bathing in Sunshine: The Paradoxical Overdose of Vitamin D
20 Arcturus, Omicron's Offspring: Understanding the New COVID Variant XBB.1.16
21 Quantum Biology: Unlocking the Mysteries of How Life Works
22 Heart Transplant, NASA Style: Roman Space Telescope Gets Its Core
23 Desulfovibrio Bacteria: Researchers Discover a Potential Cause of Parkinson's Disease
24 Blue Moon Lander: NASA Taps Blue Origin for Artemis vs. Lunar Mission
25 Unseen Trails: Your DNA Can Now Be Collected from Beach Sand or Even the Air
26 Cutting-Edge Climate Research: NASA's Final S-MODE Mission Studies the Ocean's Surface
27 Autism Continues to Rise: 1 in 36 U.S. 8-Year-Olds Diagnosed
28 Scientists Structurally Analyze Highly Reactive Anionic Pt(0) Complexes for the First Time
29 Axiom Mission 2: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Four Private Astronauts Toward Space Station
30 Cosmic Tidal Wave: Star Creation in the Tendrils of the Jellyfish Galaxy JW39
31 New Technique Allows for Faster and More Accurate Detection of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
32 End of an Era--NASA Shuts Down Mineral Mapping Instrument on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
33 The Future of Cherries--Researchers Successfully Sequence the Montmorency Tart Cherry Genome
34 NPR-8: The Protein that Could Extend Human Lifespan in a Warming World
35 Spectacular Mosaic of Mars' Belva Crater Captured by NASA's Perseverance Rover
36 Solving the Chronic Pain Puzzle: Brain Signatures Revealed Through Machine Learning
37 Nishinoshima, Japan: Satellite Captures a Fiery Island's Explosive Growth
38 Increased Long COVID Risk in Adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
39 The Shiniest Spy: How Everyday Objects Can Be Turned into "Cameras"
40 Great Mysteries of Physics: Is Time an Illusion?
41 62 New Moons Discovered: Saturn Takes the Crown for Most Natural Satellites in Solar System
42 New Research Reveals Why You Shouldn't Use Mint Vapes
43 Hidden Views of Vast Stellar Nurseries Unveiled in Epic Million-Image Mosaic
44 Researchers Discover New Ancestral Mechanism of Defense Against Nanoparticles
45 Incredibly Detailed Close-Ups of the Sun from Earth's Most Powerful Solar Telescope
46 Four Axiom Mission-2 Private Astronauts Arrive at International Space Station
47 Ancient Saber-Toothed Predator Sheds Light on the "Great Dying" Extinction Event
48 Unprecedented Discovery: Astronomers Find First Radiation Belt Beyond Our Solar System
49 Ladies First: Women More Likely to Die After Heart Attack than Men
50 MIT's New CRISPR-Based Gene-Editing Technique Transforms Cancer Mutation Studies
51 Smartphone Diet: How Viewing the Right Food Images Can Curb Your Appetite
52 The Dangers of Wild Garlic--How Confusion Can Be Deadly
53 How Contrast-Enhancing Agents Could Revolutionize Photoacoustic Imaging
54 NASA's PolSIR: New Mission to Unveil the Mysteries of High-Altitude Ice Clouds
55 Language Impairments Unraveled: How Mutations in a Language Gene Produce Speech Deficits
56 Complex Cognition: Dinosaurs Were the First to Understand Others' Perspectives
57 A Toast to Science: Researchers Unveil the Mystery Behind Champagne's Elegant Bubbles
58 An Apple a Day Keeps Frailty at Bay: The Power of Quercetin Flavonol-Rich Foods
59 Higgs Boson: Our Passport to the Hidden Valley of New Physics in Next-Gen. Particle Accelerators
60 All Alone in the Cosmos: A Unique Galaxy Mystifies Astronomers
61 Star Swarms Reveal a Hidden Beast: NASA's Hubble Hunts for Black Hole Close to Earth
62 Cracking the Code of Depression: New Research Sheds Light on the Neural Mechanisms Behind the Disorder
63 MIT's Innovative Volumetric Approach: The Future of 3D Shape Mapping
64 Axiom Astronauts Join ISS Crew as Station Prepares for Incoming Roscosmos Cargo Mission
65 Extinct Offshore Volcano Could Store Up to 8.6 Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide
66 Lethal Risk: Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure Linked to Severe COVID-19
67 Coral Calamity: Scientists Uncover Hidden Perils of Bleaching
68 The Surprising Impact of Time on Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
69 Improved Sensitivity and Usability--a New Way to Monitor Brain Blood Flow
70 Blown Away: How Desert Dust Fuels Ocean Life
71 Clean Energy 24/7: Engineers Use Nanotechnology to Harvest Electricity "From Thin Air"
72 Warning: Arctic's "Last Ice Area" Faces Meltdown
73 Readily Available Dietary Supplement Reverses HIV-Related Organ Damage in Preclinical Trials
74 Illuminating the Carbon Cycle: Coccolithophores' Ability to Absorb Organic Carbon
75 Elemental Alchemy: How Scientists Replicated the Nuclear Magic of Neutron Stars
76 The Egalitarian Illusion: Humans Are Unique but Not Exceptional Species of Mammal
77 NASA's Twisted Discovery: First Observation of a Polar Cyclone on Uranus
78 NASA: Saturn's Rings Are Young and Could Quickly Disappear
79 Rare Beetle Rediscovered After 55 Years
80 Light Control Breakthrough--Innovative Twist in Physics "A Blessing in Disguise!"
81 Fast Food Delivery: Progress Cargo Craft Successfully Resupplies Space Station Crew
82 Harnessing Gene Editing in the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance
83 NASA Reveals a Destroyed Planetary System
84 From African Dust to Atlantic Storms: NASA's CPEX-CV Mission Finds Clues to How Hurricanes Form
85 Revolutionizing Pancreatic Cancer Treatment with Personalized mRNA Vaccines
86 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): A Potential Biological Cause Discovered
87 Can't Find Your Phone? Scientists Have Created a Robot to Help
88 An Early Warning: How Your Walking Habits Could Predict Your Brain Health
89 Unlocking Healthy Longevity: Researchers Find Oxygen Restriction Extends Lifespan
90 Energy Breakthrough--Machine Learning Unravels Secrets of Argyrodites
91 Not All Itches Are the Same--The Neuroscience of Scratching
92 MIT's AI System Reveals Internal Structure of Materials from Surface Observations
93 Upgraded LIGO Reactivated: Resumes Unraveling Universe's Secrets with Enhanced Gravitational Wave Detection
94 Earth-Sized Exoplanet with Fiery Volcanoes Discovered in Habitable Zone
95 New Study Confirms: 20% of Adults Don't Want Children
96 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Observations Reported by 19% of Academic Survey Respondents
97 New Study: Attending Live Sport Improves Well-Being
98 The Dark Side of Anime Marketing--Are We Crossing Ethical Boundaries?
99 Researchers Have Flipped the Script on Autism Genetics
100 Metallic Magic: Forging a Dream Material with Semiconductor Quantum Dots
101 Chemical Reactions Spark Life into Self-Folding Micro Origami Machines
102 Breathing New Life: Oxygen Therapy Improves Heart Function in Long COVID Patients
103 Melting Point: Rapid Retreat at Petermann Glacier
104 Vitamin D Supplementation May Reduce Childhood Depression, Anxiety, and Psychiatric Symptoms
105 Bright Beyond Belief: How Ultra-Luminous X-Ray Sources Surpass Theoretical Limits
106 The Hidden Impact of Trauma: Why Clinicians Must Go Beyond Physical Symptoms
107 Unlocking the Secret Nanostructures of Magnetic Materials with the Right Illumination
108 Slushball Earth: New Evidence Rewrites Ice Age History
109 New Study Links Low Bone Density to an Increased Risk of Dementia
110 NASA's Spherical Tensegrity Robots: The New Frontier in Disaster Response
111 Mars Express Uncovers Collapsed Chains of Craters on Giant Martian Volcano
112 Scientists Discover New Probiotic that Could Protect Corals from a Mysterious and Devastating Disease
113 Crazy Mystery of Jupiter's Stunning Color Changes Finally Solved?
114 JPL and the Space Age: Landing on Mars--Six Minutes of Terror (NASA Documentary)
115 New Study: Having a Pet Dog May Increase Your Risk of a Sleep Disorder
116 NASA's TROPICS Mission: Rocket Lab, CubeSats, and the Quest for Earth System Understanding
117 NASA TROPICS Constellation: Rocket Lab Successfully Launches Final CubeSat Duo
118 Unexpected Findings--Graphene Grows, and We Can See It