File Title
1 Protein Power Unleashed: Spitrobot Makes Time-Resolved Crystallography Accessible
2 Depression's Unexpected Role in Accelerating Biological Aging
3 The Intriguing Lifestyle of Neanderthals--Tooth Enamel Reveals New Clues
4 A Comprehensive Gun Violence Analysis: Who Has Been Shot and Witnessed Shootings by Race, Sex, and Birth Year
5 How a Single Mutation Causes a Devastating Neurological Disease
6 Surprising Results--What Happens When Robots Lie?
7 A Game-Changer for Space Telescopes: Membrane Mirrors Revolutionize Astronomy
8 Wastewater: A Hidden Hotspot for Antibiotic Resistance
9 Surprising Findings--Scientists Identify Complete Respiratory Supercomplex
10 Challenging Widely Accepted Theory of Planetary Formation--Small Stars May Host Bigger Planets than Thought
11 New Study Unveils Complexities of Long COVID
12 Nano-Wheels: Metallic Clusters with Unique Properties for Advanced Technology
13 Mars' Mega Volcano: A Tour of Ascraeus Mons' Rugged Terrain
14 Mutation Mystery: Unraveling the Secret Behind COVID-19's Rapid Spread
15 Disinfectant Disaster: Scientists Warn of Health Risks from Popular COVID Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers
16 Dementia's Genetic Secrets: NIH Scientists Discover Key Risk Factors
17 Carbon Neutral Biochemicals: Transforming CO2 into Valuable Materials Using Formic Acid
18 Alone and Exhausted: The Unexpected Energy Toll of Social Isolation
19 Revolutionary Stretchable OLED Display Bends and Expands--"An Entirely New Display Technology"
20 Google Quantum AI Braids Non-Abelian Anyons--a Breakthrough that Could Revolutionize Quantum Computing
21 This Week @NASA: Webb's Surprising Look at Fomalhaut's Asteroid Belt, TROPICS CubeSats Launched
22 Long COVID: The Invisible Consequence of Socioeconomic Inequality
23 A Cutting-Edge Diamond Sensor for Neutron Experiments and Quantum Information Science
24 Potentially Impacting Development--Preterm Infants Do Not Get Used to Repeated Pain
25 Mysterious Author of Early Astronomy Textbooks Unveiled--Researcher Uncovers New Details
26 Promising New Dementia Treatment Discovered: Sodium Selenate
27 Better than Medicine--a New Approach to Heart Failure
28 Misunderstood--Study Reveals Widespread Confusion Over App Tracking
29 Online Gaming and Mental Health--Could It Actually Be Beneficial?
30 Harvard Researchers Design "Mini Gene" Therapy for Severe Genetic Disease
31 How Old Are Saturn's Rings? Cosmic Dust Analyzer Reveals They Are Far Younger than Once Thought
32 When AI Plays Judge: The Unintended Severity of Machine Learning Models
33 Probing the Enigmatic Heart of a Celestial Star Cluster
34 Aging Strong: How Managing Heart Disease Risk Factors Benefits Physical Function
35 Webb Space Telescope Captures Nearby Planetary System in Breathtaking Detail
36 Despite Effective Cure, Many Remain Untreated for Hepatitis C
37 The Cocaine Comeback: Addiction Scientists Turn to Cash Incentives for Answers
38 Bridging the Cosmic Divide: Pioneering Measurement of Universe's Expansion Reshapes Longstanding Debate
39 Coastal Light Pollution Tricks Coral Reefs, Affecting Reproductive Success
40 New Quantum Computer Algorithm Unlocks the Power of Atomic-Level Interactions
41 Tiny Ocean Conquerors: How Ancestors of Prochlorococcus Microbes Mastered the Seas on Exoskeleton Rafts
42 Climate Change Could Be Catastrophic to Antarctica's Major Ice Sheets--But the Ice Has Melted Before
43 A New Subatomic Particle--The Most Beautiful Strongly Bound Dibaryon
44 CDC Warning: The Eye Drop Danger Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet
45 Marine Bacteria Turn Up the Heat on Asbestos Detoxification
46 Unmasking Long COVID: How SARS-CoV-2 Plays Mind Tricks with Your Pain
47 Brain Cancer Breakthrough: Glioblastoma Therapy Doubles Down on Tumor Destruction
48 Scientists Invent a New Type of Battery--The Oxygen-Ion Battery
49 How Caffeine May Play a Role in Gut Health
50 The Generosity Divide: How Political Views Shape Altruistic Behavior
51 Gene Editing Gets a Triple Boost: "Happy Accident" Leads to Enhanced CRISPR Efficiency
52 Revolutionizing Protein Design--Engineering a Perfect Molecular Match
53 Solar Sleuths: How 1,000 Undergraduates Helped Solve the Sun's Hottest Mystery
54 AI Can Detect Early Signs of Alzheimer's in Speech Patterns--Before Symptoms Begin to Show
55 Revolutionizing Disease Detection: Breathalyzer Sniffs Out COVID-19 and More
56 From Aging to Regeneration: The Unexpected Benefits of Senescent "Zombie" Cells
57 USC Researchers Zoom into the Human Genome with Unprecedented Resolution
58 Beyond Gravity: ISS Crew Works Human Research and Cleans Up After Spacewalk
59 Evolutionary Surprise: Mighty Miniproteins Appeared "From Nowhere"
60 Unexpected New Quest for Astronomers After Webb's Mysterious Find in Rare Main Belt Comet
61 Exascale Astrophysics: Simulating a More Detailed Universe with Frontier Supercomputer
62 Decoding Serotonin: From Molecular to Whole-Brain Scale Effects
63 New Strategy Could Eliminate Aging Cells
64 Cosmic Clockwork: The Outer Space Origin of Ice Age Cycles
65 Sexual Double Standard Debunked: Women Are Not Judged More Harshly than Men
66 Restoring Key Brain Rhythm: A Novel Approach to Combat Depression
67 Sweet Science: Unraveling the Physics of Gummy Candies
68 Silent Killer: The Hidden Danger of Muscle Fat
69 Don't Miss: Moon Occults Jupiter--Ideal Viewing from North America
70 Holy Guacamole! Using Science to Help Avocados Stay Fresh Longer
71 Pioneering Experimental Method Unlocks Spin Structure Secrets in 2D Materials
72 62 New Moons Discovered Orbiting Saturn Using Innovative Astronomy
73 Cognitive Functional Therapy: Fresh Hope for Those Suffering from Chronic Back Pain
74 E-MOTIVE: New Lifesaving Solution Dramatically Reduces Severe Bleeding After Childbirth
75 From Caves to Batteries: Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Longer-Lasting Batteries
76 Physics Experiment Inspired by Earth's Core Leads to Groundbreaking Discovery in Fluid Flow Turbulence
77 Alarming Findings--Emissions of Banned Ozone-Destroying Chemicals on the Rise
78 The Origin of Butterflies: A 100 Million-Year-Old Mystery Unraveled
79 Strange Quark Matter: Gravitational Waves Hold Clues to the Universe's Densest Matter
80 Moon Struck: NASA's Lunar Flashlight Fizzles Out, but Not Without a Flash of Success
81 Bariatric Surgery: A Weighty Decision with Lifesaving Outcomes
82 Axiom Mission-2 (Ax-2) Cleared for Launch--ISS Crew Prepares for Arrival of Private Astronauts
83 Machine Learning Makes Waves: A Better Way to Study Ocean Currents
84 Clock Out of Losing Sleep: A Simple and Effective Solution to Manage Insomnia
85 American Heart Association: Learning to Save Lives Can Start as Early as Age 4
86 Synthetic Peptides: A Game Changer for Inflammatory Disease Detection
87 Molecular "Superpower" of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Revealed in New Research
88 String Theory's Surprising Twist: Black Holes Might Be Defects in Spacetime
89 Beyond the Spectrum: Machine Learning Unlocks Predictive Power in Organic Chemistry Research
90 700 Million-Year-Old Family Feud Settled: Genetic Linkages Illuminate Earliest Animal Evolution
91 A Mighty Martian River? Latest Astonishing Discovery by NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
92 Placenta, Not Brain: Groundbreaking Study Shifts the Schizophrenia Narrative
93 Rising Suspicion: Satellite Sentinel-6 Detects Elusive El Nino in the Making
94 Volcano World: Earth-Size Planet Discovered by Astronomers May Be Carpeted with Volcanoes
95 Astronauts Conduct Space Biology Experiments Before Emergency Training Session
96 What Did the Earliest Animals Look Like? Chromosomal Clues Unearth the Origins of Animal Evolution
97 Antarctica's Massive Underwater Landslides--Which Could Generate Giant Tsunamis--Caused by Past Climate Change
98 The Truth About Brain Decline: New Research Reveals Surprising Findings
99 New DNA Research Changes Origin of Human Species
100 Solar Powered "Artificial Leaf" Produces Clean, Car-Ready Liquid Fuels from Sunlight
101 Eternal Shield: Science Breakthrough for Long-Lasting Vaccines
102 Beyond Romance: Ancient History of Kissing and Its Role in Disease Transmission
103 Rethinking the Universe: Astronomers Disturbed by the Unexpected Scale of James Webb's Galaxies
104 12 Billion Miles Away: NASA's Voyager 2 Continues Science Quest with Innovative Power Strategy
105 Master of Disguise: The Ant-Plant-Spider Triple Threat!
106 New Study: Psychological Issues like Anxiety and Depression May Play a Role in Long COVID
107 A Monster of a Machine: NASA Harnesses US Navy's Kraken Device to Simulate Spaceflight
108 Axiom Mission 2: Space Station Preps for Arrival of Four Private Astronauts
109 Harnessing Energy Waves: Smart Material Prototype Challenges Newton's Laws of Motion
110 Physics Breakthrough: First-Ever Measurement of a Quantum Paradox
111 Radio Signal Reveals Origin of a Thermonuclear Supernova Explosion
112 Researchers Discover New Way to Fight the Aging Process
113 Genetic Switch: Scientists Transform Chicken Scales into Feathers by Modifying Gene Expression
114 Weight Loss Success: Semaglutide Turns the Scales on Teen Obesity
115 Decoding Superconductivity: "Charge Density Wave" Linked to Atomic Distortions in Superconductor
116 Massive Spiders Spreading Across the Southeastern U.S. Have a Surprising Survival Trait
117 The "Rosetta Stone" of Paleontology: 400 Million-Year-Old Fossil Cache Unveils Early Life
118 Climate Change Is Threatening "Sea Butterflies" Life Cycle--And It Could Upend the Entire Southern Ocean Ecosystem
119 Earth's Ancient Dance: New Evidence Suggests Plate Tectonics Occurred Over 4.2 Billion Years Ago
120 Extreme Twisted Magnetic Fields Discovered Around Mysterious Fast Radio Burst
121 Super Seaweed: Scientists Have Dramatically Increased the Health and Medicinal Value of Seaweed
122 Two-in-One: Quantum Dot Breakthrough Combines Laser and LED Capabilities