File Title
1 Climate: Battle lines harden over how to slash CO2
2 UN climate chief hails 'unique insights' of embattled COP28 head
3 Incoming UN climate agency chief forecasts wind of change
4 Far-right party at new high as climate issues split Germany
5 Vietnam detains climate activist on tax evasion accusation
6 UN climate agency picks Argentina's Saulo as first woman leader
7 Twitter hinders 'troll hunters' battling climate denial
8 World breaks average temperature record for early June: EU
9 Rising land surface temperature in Maharashtra poses urgent environmental risks
10 Spain logs 'hottest spring on record'
11 Bangladesh shuts schools, cuts power in longest heatwave in decades
12 Tornado ravages Texas town, three reported dead, 100 hurt
13 Extreme weather killed 195,000 in Europe since 1980
14 Three dead, thousands displaced following Cuba storms
15 Fourteen killed in southwest China landslide: government
16 Heavy rain triggers evacuation warnings in Japan
17 Intercommunal forums seek to end deadly violence in Niger
18 No respite for Sudan civilians two months into brutal war
19 African space tech? Don't rule it out, says Nigeria's startup king
20 Rwanda's Kagame orders major military purge
21 Israeli soldiers to join Moroccan war games for first time
22 Over 16 million need aid in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger: report
23 After a terrible year, Spain ramps up wildfire defences
24 West Darfur governor assassinated as Sudan's war enters third month
25 Photosynthesis, key to life on Earth, starts with a single photon
26 Plate tectonics not required for the emergence of life
27 Remains of an extinct world of organisms discovered
28 Earth was created much faster than we thought
29 Earth had an 19-hour day for a billion years
30 Unlocking early Earth chemistry
31 South Africa, India and Australia shared similar volcanic activity billions of years ago
32 Pterosaur bones found three decades ago are Australia's oldest
33 S. Africa clinic hopes to save penguins' future
34 In Cyprus no-man's land, owls come to the rescue of farmers
35 White rhinos reintroduced to DR Congo national park
36 Pirarucu: Amazon's giant air-breathing fish in poachers' sights
37 The university making quantum science more accessible
38 How evolution impacts the environment
39 Divers fish deadly 'ghost nets' from Santorini's depths
40 Chile says recent mass seabird death not due to avian flu
41 Protecting India's tigers also good for climate: study
42 Intelsat starts testing NASA air pollution monitor
43 The Vietnamese octogenarian fighting for Agent Orange victims
44 Smoke from Canadian wildfires cloaks eastern US with haze
45 Canada fires trigger air quality alerts for 100 mn. in US: govt.
46 Major US firms agree to $1.2 billion 'forever chemicals' settlement
47 'Swimming in plastic': Greek fishermen fight pollution
48 French NGOs sue state over pesticide use
49 Extreme weather killed 195,000 in Europe since 1980
50 110M displaced by war, climate change, human rights abuses
51 'Failure not an option' for jungle commandos in Colombian children rescue
52 Children lost for 40 days in Colombian Amazon found alive
53 Dutch to send rescue boats, water pumps to Ukraine
54 Ukraine PM calls dam destruction 'environmental catastrophe'
55 Austin rebukes China on lack of 'serious' crisis management measures
56 AI, Africa and climate crisis star at Art Basel fair
57 Vatican court hits climate activists with tough fines
58 Floating island plan for French Riviera dropped after ecological concerns
59 Gales lash India and Pakistan coast as cyclone approaches
60 Bill Gates in China to meet with development partners
61 'Serious concerns' for new dry summer in France after 2022 fires
62 Indonesia Indigenous group requests internet blackout
63 Rwanda leaps forward in its journey to build a robust and vibrant space innovation ecosystem
64 Geologists challenge conventional view of Earth's continental history and stability
65 Researchers uncover reasons to rethink how mountains are built
66 With bows and spears, Indigenous 'warriors' defend the Amazon
67 Brazilian Amazon deforestation falls 31% under Lula
68 Space exploration company brings high-tech laser lab to the ocean floor
69 Repentant ranchers rescuing Colombian wildlife
70 Airport threatens Albania's fragile wild paradise
71 Amid melting glaciers, Swiss to vote on new climate law
72 Fake Twitter 'blondes' promote UAE climate summit
73 New Zealand, Fiji deepen military ties amid growing challenges in Pacific
74 Fiji cools on China police cooperation
75 Australia issues El Nino warm weather alert
76 Pacific ire at Australia's backing for fossil fuels
77 HawkEye 360's Cluster 7 begins operation in record time
78 Zelensky: ICC investigating dam attack
79 MIT engineers develop a soft, printable, metal-free electrode
80 Ex-Samsung exec charged with stealing chip tech for China factory
81 Stretchable semiconductors harness molecular light brakes
82 Single quantum bit achieves complex systems modeling
83 Beyond Liquid Crystal is DARPA's next mission for tunable opticals
84 Stanford University sends semiconductor investigation to ISS
85 'Heat highways' could keep electronics cool
86 Taiwanese chip giant TSMC says industry could have 'stabilising' effect
87 France announces massive state aid to chips factory
88 Spintronics at BESSY II: Domain walls in magnetic nanowires
89 Functional 2D-enabled microchips become reality
90 This salty gel could harvest water from desert air
91 Flying with NASA--Digital-Fly-By-Wire
92 Air force chief appointed chairman of Ethiopian Airlines
93 Northrop Grumman delivers first Modified E-6B Mercury to US Navy
94 37 Chinese warplanes cross into Taiwan's defense zone
95 NATO plans record German-led air force exercise
96 Germany tells China to stop poaching ex-air force pilots
97 NASA grant funds aeroacoustic research to develop quieter vertical lift air vehicles
98 Singapore to put more police robots on the streets
99 Macron demands French AI 'champions'
100 Should robots be given a human conscience?
101 Can you trust your ears? AI voice scams rattle US
102 Takashi Murakami loves and fears AI; Michelango's 'new' statue
103 Apple, defying the times, stays quiet on AI
104 Human extinction threat 'overblown' says AI sage Marcus
105 Rise of the cute robots
106 Singapore to put more police robots on the streets
107 UK keeps coal fired up despite climate goals
108 Greenpeace slams UK grid operator over coal decision
109 'Black city': Polish port Gdansk chokes on coal dust
110 'Heating hammer': Germany huffs and puffs over climate law
111 Vietnam's power crisis hits local firms, foreign investors
112 Controversial German green heating law to go to parliament
113 Solar cells can, finally, stand the heat
114 Boric acid-anchoring hole-selective contact for perovskite solar cells
115 Using photosynthesis for living on Mars while making space travel sustainable