File Title
1 Jockey suicides shadow horse racing, bring attention to stress and mental health concerns of the job
2 A suspect is charged after crashing a truck into barriers near the White House: NPR
3 How to live longer--expert recommends 'daily routine'
4 Nova Scotia lifts COVID-19 health order, no more weekly case reporting
5 Firefighting foam contaminates public water for about 9,000 in Maine
6 Advanced bowel cancer symptom 'you may not notice'
7 Black kids face racism before they even start school. It's driving a major mental health crisis.
8 Federal law protects firearms industry from lawsuits. Uvalde parents test limits: NPR
9 Neurodiversity: What Is It?
10 Russia extends Evan Gershkovich's detention by 3 months: NPR
11 Learning You Have Adult ADHD Can Bring Grief, Relief, and Other Emotions
12 Georgia school book bans may have caused a hostile environment: NPR
13 Childhood ADHD Feelings Chart
14 Prosecutors: Man drove car into planned Illinois abortion clinic in attempted arson
15 FDA Approves New Nasal Spray to Reverse Overdoses
16 E. Jean Carroll asks for an additional $10 million in lawsuit against Trump: NPR
17 Court acquits German coronavirus denier of incitement over Israel remarks
18 Things Parents of Kids with ADHD Wish You Knew
19 Trump must obey protective order in hush money case: NPR
20 Jimmy Carter, 3 months into hospice, is aware of tributes, enjoying ice cream
21 Donor Hearts from Patients with COVID Tied to Lower Survival
22 Brian Cox backs ambitious plan to find a cure [for dementia]
23 Contractor says it has settled lawsuit with sick and dying coal ash workers
24 HIV: Managing Setbacks
25 He was a journalist covering education. What he saw made him switch professions: NPR
26 Medicaid plans to audit the prices of costliest drugs
27 Aging with HIV
28 Planned Parenthood union officials say they expect layoffs of at least 10%.: NPR
29 As abortion battle shifts, Planned Parenthood to boost regional affiliate funds, cut national staff
30 Living with HIV: Stress and Side Effects
31 CDC investigating salmonella outbreak in 6 states linked to Papa Murphy's cookie dough
32 What I Want You to Know About Living with HIV
33 Are There Benefits to Childhood ADHD?
34 South Carolina advances 6-week abortion ban. Here's where other states stand--National
35 ADHD and Your Child's Self-Esteem
36 Michigan man gets community service for shooting anti-abortion campaigner
37 PTSD, Other Mental Health Ills Haunt Gunshot Survivors
38 Protesters cut short questioning of San Francisco mayor over drug crisis
39 How They'll Change Health Care
40 Ex-Seattle man gets 8 years for stealing $1 million in pandemic benefits
41 What Happens When You Go Off Your ADHD Meds?
42 Adult ADHD: Finding the Right Therapy
43 Stopping ADHD Medications
44 ADHD in Young Adults
45 Drinking water could slash your risk of blood clots, doctor advises
46 Pills flowed for years as DEA dragged feet on disciplining opioid distributor
47 Ford reverses course and decides to keep AM radio on its vehicles: NPR
48 Takeaways of AP report on DEA probe of drug distributor accused of fueling opioid epidemic
49 Fever is the most common symptom of COVID, according to a new study
50 Netflix has begun its plan to make users pay extra for password sharing: NPR
51 Children need quiet environments to help early brain development: NPR
52 Women twice as likely to die after heart attack than men, says study
53 Takeaways of AP report on DEA probe of drug distributor accused of fueling opioid epidemic
54 California water officials scramble to capture this year's floodwaters: NPR
55 Keeping a toothbrush in your bathroom could expose it to poo bacteria
56 Who Does Your Doctor Work For?
57 A year after Uvalde's school massacre, healing remains elusive: NPR
58 Young woman given 16 months to live defies life-threatening diagnosis
59 CDC investigating salmonella outbreak in 6 states linked to Papa Murphy's cookie dough
60 Flight delays and cancellations may ruin the busy summer air travel season: NPR
61 A lack of credit history creates financial obstacles for immigrants: NPR
62 Yellowstone bison calf euthanized after being touched by park guest: NPR
63 The new Twitter account tracks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' air travel: NPR
64 Trouble sleeping could be 'early' symptom of liver disease
65 'Does govt. have the resources?' Why pre-export testing of cough syrups may not plug all loopholes
66 South Korea mosque project met with anti-Muslim protests and pig heads: NPR
67 A Uvalde teacher reflects, a year after the Robb Elementary school shooting: NPR
68 A daily multivitamin pill could slow age-related memory decline
69 A daily multivitamin to boost memory? Here's what to know
70 Haley commits to federal abortion ban but says it's unlikely without more Republicans in Congress
71 Do Weight Loss Drugs like Ozempic Cause Hair Loss?
72 Cholera kills 17 in South Africa and a further 9 in neighboring Zimbabwe
73 Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City spews ash as evacuation plans are set: NPR
74 Medicaid enrollees are losing coverage in states like Florida: Shots
75 'His pension has gone, the council sent a drug dealer carer then a 5k bill' / UK / News
76 Resident doctors at NYC's Elmhurst Hospital reach tentative deal after 3-day strike
77 Amanda Gorman's famous poem is restricted in a Florida school: NPR
78 'Hearing shouldn't be for the privileged': Family fights for cochlear implant coverage
79 Family of Georgia woman who died after falling from moving patrol car files wrongful death lawsuit
80 Less Invasive Procedure for 'Leaky' Heart Valves Proves Successful
81 Target removes Pride Month products after backlash against LGBTQ support: NPR
82 Standard Tests May Underestimate Severity of Sleep Apnea in Black Patients
83 Tina Turner Dead at 83: NPR
84 Help for the Often Misdiagnosed Condition TMD
85 Republican-controlled committee rejects Louisiana bill to ban gender-affirming care for minors
86 Twitter glitches mar DeSantis debut as presidential candidate: NPR
87 CDC: 2 dead of suspected cases of meningitis after surgeries in Mexico, over 200 patients at risk
88 2020 census LGBTQ data is limited to same-sex couples: NPR
89 Scientists Warn GE Insects Could Be Easily Weaponized
90 Pending abortion restrictions strain providers in US Southeast
91 Primary school teacher put type 2 diabetes into remission within 12 weeks
92 Indiana doctor faces discipline hearing over 10-year-old Ohio girl's abortion
93 Capitol rioter who put feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk is sentenced to over 4 years: NPR
94 Celebrities and presidents pay tribute to Tina Turner: NPR
95 A 95-year-old Australian woman dies after police shoot her with stun gun: NPR
96 Heart disease risk may be reduced with a plant-based diet, says study
97 What are realistic expectations for Ukraine's military offensive?: NPR
98 Ohio scrambles before August election on constitution changes: NPR
99 Dad thought he had 'long COVID' but it was actually a brain tumour growing for years / UK / News
100 A Miami zoo apologizes for letting people pet a kiwi: NPR
101 Susan Rice reflects on what's possible in a divided nation: NPR
102 TV has changed--and that's bad news for writers, says 'The Wire' creator: NPR
103 3 money tips in case debt-ceiling talks fail: NPR
104 5 things people get wrong about the debt ceiling saga: NPR
105 Drag show burger restaurant files suit against Florida and Gov. DeSantis: NPR
106 Diabetics three times more likely to develop dementia, says study
107 Multivitamins may slow memory loss in elderly, shows US study. But don't start popping pills just yet
108 Hi-Tech Implant Helps Paralyzed Man Walk More Naturally
109 Woman diagnosed with melanoma after mum spotted mole on her back
110 Supreme Court narrows scope of Clean Water Act: NPR
111 Miracle weight-loss drugs warning over "harmful side effects" of so-called "quick fix"
112 Tick-Borne Powassan Virus Can Kill--How to Protect Yourself
113 Ultraprocessed foods dominate Americans' diets. Here's what they're doing to us: Shots
114 HIV: Getting Past the Fear
115 Germany's economy shows signs of recession: NPR
116 Mpox is down, but US cities could be at risk for summertime outbreaks
117 Amid Therapy Waitlists, New AI Coach May Be Quicker Option
118 Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes will spend 18 years in prison, longest sentence yet: NPR
119 US study finds 1 in 10 get long COVID after omicron, starts identifying key symptoms
120 How We're Learning to Treat It [Breast Cancer] More Effectively
121 Virgin Galactic sends astronauts briefly into space: NPR
122 Colorado embraces broad law requiring patient consent for pelvic exams while sedated
123 Exercise Might Boost Your Tolerance for Pain
124 NOAA predicts a "near-normal" 2023 hurricane season: NPR
125 Paralyzed man can walk again with new brain and spine implants--National