File Title
1 Do people and monkeys see colors the same way?
2 Indigenous attack army post in Venezuela with bows and arrows
3 US conducts strike near site of Shabaab attack in Somalia
4 China and DR Congo vow tighter ties, discuss mining contracts
5 In Sudan's capital, risking death in search of water
6 Over one million people displaced in four months in Somalia: UN
7 Two killed in clashes on Afghan-Iranian border: Taliban
8 US Supreme Court deals setback to clean water law
9 Pre-Hispanic aquaducts irrigate modern Peruvian crops
10 States reach consensus on Colorado River Basin water conservation deal
11 Against the stream: Iraq artist battles to save boating tradition
12 New non-toxic powder uses sunlight to quickly disinfect contaminated drinking water
13 Raw deal: English consumers stuck with sewage cleanup bill
14 Myanmar residents hunt for water as UN asks junta for access
15 Water woes shake up Spain's election campaign
16 The 'water cops' of Las Vegas make city a model in drought-hit US
17 Hong Kong's prominent pro-democracy party to disband
18 Brazil's Indigenous peoples ministry could see key powers curbed
19 'Patrol' film exposes Nicaragua forest threat from beef industry
20 Fate of Madrid's trees takes root in vote campaign
21 A new tool for deforestation detection
22 UK director, Indigenous group ambushed in Brazil: activists
23 Brazilian Amazon deforestation falls in April
24 A primal forest encircled by Ecuador port faces ruination
25 Illegal mining booms in Brazilian Amazon 'promised land'
26 Amazon scientists simulate how warming may impact jungle
27 'Don Goyo's angry': the legends behind rumbling Mexican volcano
28 Tonga underwater volcano disrupted satellite signals halfway around the world
29 Mexico keeps close watch on ash-spewing volcano
30 Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts, spewing 'avalanche' of lava
31 Italy's Etna spews ash, closing Catania airport
32 Despite rumblings, Colombia volcano survivor skeptical of repeat disaster
33 Study reveals presence of Hunga Tonga eruption aerosols in northern hemisphere stratospheric westerlies
34 Key facts about Neuralink, Musk's cyborg gamble
35 China and DR Congo vow tighter ties, discuss mining contracts
36 EU looks to boost boat tracking to fight overfishing
37 Dangerous slowing of Antarctic ocean circulation sooner than expected
38 Bird flu fells nearly 9,000 marine creatures in Chile
39 BlackSky and Spire create commercial, real-time AI-driven maritime custody service
40 Our oceans are in hot water
41 A better way to study ocean currents
42 Patagonia's underwater defense against climate change
43 Belgium learns to share its beaches with sleepy seals
44 How desert dust nourishes the growth of phytoplankton at sea
45 Iraq warned to end oil addiction to avoid 'intensive care'
46 Oil majors go slow on green transition despite pressure
47 Scientists urge crackdown on methane emissions with only 13 percent regulated
48 US, European lawmakers demand axe for oil exec heading climate talks
49 Consumer anxiety holds gasoline prices in check
50 China enters Sri Lanka's domestic fuel market
51 WVU researcher searching for 'holy grail' of sustainable bioenergy
52 New catalyst transforms carbon dioxide into sustainable byproduct
53 Researchers develop calcium rechargeable battery with long cycle life
54 Flexing crystalline structures provide path to a solid energy future
55 Small-scale proton exchange membrane fuel cells
56 Jaguar to pick UK over Spain for battery plant: BBC
57 Driving on sunshine: clean, usable liquid fuels made from solar power
58 China builds massive solar park to reduce carbon footprint
59 Boosting solar cell energy capture efficiency with a fullerene-derivative interlayer
60 Intercalation-type Li-free cathodes for all solid-state batteries
61 ASU researchers TEAMUP to advance solar power
62 The swarming behavior of microrobots
63 OpenAI chief seeks to calm fears on job losses
64 Perseverance captures view of Mars' Belva Crater
65 Element-ary, My Dear WATSON
66 Automated agricultural machinery requires new approaches to ensuring safety
67 The number of the world's farms to halve by 2100, study shows
68 UConn researcher explores impact of recreational homes on agricultural land use
69 Another step away from the farm: meat grown from immortal stem cells
70 InVADER mission to test its robotic laser divebot on a deep-sea expedition
71 Colombia nabs over 300 tons of illegally caught fish in a decade
72 Joint venture announced to build 'underwater space station of the ocean'
73 Pioneer 11, launched 50 years ago, helped solve mysteries of the universe
74 E-fuels--DLR selects Leuna as location for its PtL technology platform
75 Brazil faces dilemma: endangered macaw vs. wind farm
76 Spire to provide TrueOcean with weather forecasts for offshore wind farm development
77 Sweden greenlights two offshore windpower farms
78 Japan allows nuclear plants to operate beyond 60 years
79 UN nuclear chief to brief Security Council on Ukrainian power plant
80 Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant loses power for seventh time under Russian shelling
81 Demystifying vortex rings in nuclear fusion, supernovae
82 DOE announces $45 million for Inertial Fusion Energy
83 Niger uranium mine set to operate until 2040
84 National Academies Report suggests US build new advanced nuclear reactors
85 Small reactor startups vie to push US into new nuclear era
86 Europe's largest nuclear reactor enters service in Finland
87 How to decommission a nuclear power plant
88 Ukraine plant 'living on borrowed time': UN nuclear chief
89 The ups and downs of the global nuclear industry
90 Germany to switch off last remaining nuclear plants
91 Shutting down nuclear power could increase air pollution
92 Meet the scientist (sort of) spending a year on Mars
93 A deep underground lab could hold key to habitability on Mars
94 New findings indicate gene-edited rice might survive in Martian soil
95 Ancient northern ocean on Mars evidenced by in situ observations of marine sedimentary rocks
96 Martian crust like heavy armour
97 Mars rover Zhurong finds evidence of water at red planet's low latitudes
98 Perseverance images may show record of wild Martian river
99 NASA begins feedback process for Moon to Mars Architecture
100 NASA harnesses US Navy spinning device to simulate spaceflight
101 SpaceX set to launch Vast's commercial space station and inaugural human spaceflight mission
102 Prep in the pool for Europe's next astronauts
103 Juice deployments complete: final form for Jupiter
104 Research 'solves' mystery of Jupiter's stunning color changes
105 NASA's Juno mission closing in on Io
106 Dedication to lunar research pays off for China's Chang'e project
107 Chemistry: Meteoritic and volcanic particles may have promoted origin of life reactions
108 An improved view of global sea ice
109 A touch-responsive fabric armband for flexible keyboards, wearable sketchpads
110 Single-molecule valve: a breakthrough in nanoscale control
111 From sheets to stacks, new nanostructures promise leap for advanced electronics
112 How football-shaped molecules occur in the universe
113 What's in wine? Campaigners want ingredients on the bottle
114 Planet-friendly farming takes root in drought-hit Tunisia
115 Against the stream: Iraq artist battles to save boating tradition
116 EU's next food fight: regulating gene-edited crops
117 Gaza beekeeper tends hives by restive border