File Title
1 Exercise shown to slash Parkinson's risk in women by 25%--study
2 Ovarian cancer symptoms include bloating and fatigue--woman's signs dismissed
3 Women's Health: What Happens When There is Excessive Androgen, 'Male Hormone,' Production in Body
4 Arizona farmers rely on drought-stricken Colorado River to water crops: NPR
5 'Wide-spread virus' in the UK linked to multiple sclerosis in study
6 A man is charged with the 2005 theft of the red 'Wizard of Oz' slippers: NPR
7 What I've Learned from My Patients About the Challenges of Psoriatic Arthritis
8 Glaucoma symptoms could include seeing 'rings' around lights--other signs
9 Urologist fears many men 'at-risk' of prostate cancer--signs to spot
10 Your gut health could raise your risk of Alzheimer's disease--study
11 Reduce visceral fat with expert's eight tips
12 A COVID Test Medicare Scam May Be a Trial Run for Further Fraud: Shots
13 Mum, 41, diagnosed with skin cancer after selfie revealed warning sign
14 An 'extremely rare' rainbow sea slug was spotted along the coast of England: NPR
15 Adding sesame seeds to your meals may help reduce bloating--doctor
16 What does Italy's pasta crisis mean for the U.S.?: NPR
17 How to live longer--expert share top three recommendations
18 RSV vaccine for pregnant women protects their newborns but is it ready for US sale?
19 An 8-year-old girl died in U.S. Border Patrol custody amid Title 42 wind-down: NPR
20 Cholesterol-lowering foods to add to your breakfast--dietician advice
21 5 new fantasy novels invigorate old tropes: NPR
22 Foods that 'should be avoided' if you have high blood pressure--expert
23 Early-Life Smartphone Use Tied to Poorer Mental Health in Gen Z
24 Australian ambassador calls Biden's Quad meeting postponement 'quite small.': NPR
25 Cold or hay fever symptoms--look at color of your mucus says expert
26 Supreme Court unanimously sides with Twitter in ISIS attack case: NPR
27 9 drinks to help you sleep better--recommended by expert
28 Syria's return, Sudan's conflict and Saudi Arabia's rise define Arab summit: NPR
29 Montana judge temporarily blocks enforcement of abortion ban; hearing next week
30 Mpox Virus Can Replicate on Surfaces for Days
31 Weight Gain Before 30 Raises Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer, Study Says
32 How a young Canadian entrepreneur is poised to improve the lives of women
33 Scientists May Understand Link Between Common Virus & MS
34 New lawsuit challenges Florida county's school book bans: NPR
35 New COVID vaccines should only target dominant XBB variants: WHO--National
36 Trans girl is told not to wear dress to Mississippi graduation, lawsuit says
37 Disney cancels plans for $1 billion Florida campus: NPR
38 Vaping rates have fallen among Canadian youth--but that could be temporary--National
39 Rhode Island Senate poised to approve expanded abortion access
40 As Montana bans TikTok, the 'unofficial ambassador' weighs in: NPR
41 Ex-drug users become mentors to help jobless addicts into work / Politics / News
42 New Mexico authorities describe caregivers' torture of disabled woman who died
43 FDA advisers back Pfizer RSV vaccine for infants: Shots
44 Former Food Tsar says tackling obesity as crucial as small boats and inflation
45 Deutsche Bank settles lawsuit with Epstein accusers for $75 million: NPR
46 Small bipartisan group of senators start work to create coalition behind AI law.: NPR
47 Mpox JYNNEOS vaccine gets new attention as CDC warns of possible resurgence: Shots
48 Conservationists rush to vaccinate California condors as avian flu strikes: NPR
49 In border towns, expected chaos after Title 42 ended hasn't materialized: NPR
50 Oklahoma agrees to not enforce gender-affirming care ban while temporary order sought
51 Arunachal may soon be 1st to standardise diagnostic test rates. Other states told to study model--ThePrint--Select
52 California lawmakers block bill allowing people to sue oil companies over health problems
53 Push for transit, walkable communities growing across US
54 Simple Steps to Help Prevent Metastatic Tumors
55 Dengue Cases Rise in India How it Impacts Immunity How Long Does it Last All FAQs Answered
56 PEN America honors Salman Rushdie, first in-person appearance since stabbing: NPR
57 Allergy medication side effects may include dry mouth--tooth decay risk
58 Supreme Court sides against Andy Warhol Foundation in copyright case: NPR
59 Warning as man suffers potentially fatal stroke caused by wasp stings--signs to spot
60 Craving two food groups could be sign of dementia, study suggests
61 Nebraska expected to pass combo bill on abortion, gender-affirming care for minors
62 Democrats worry Biden might cave to some GOP demands on debt ceiling: NPR
63 Grandmother told she's cancer free 15 years after given months to live
64 Disney World is shutting down its $2,500 a night Star Wars-themed hotel: NPR
65 Having teeth implants shown to lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients
66 Two men cornered her on a dark street. Then she saw a car, and a glimmer of hope: NPR
67 Jojoba oil benefits may include acne treatment, according to studies
68 Experimental cancer treatments can be tantalizing. Here's how to assess them: Shots
69 Early signs of a heart attack that can strike 'months' before
70 Feds will join class action lawsuit against McKinsey over opioid marketing
71 Hypertension in Women: How Blood Pressure-Issues Affect Women Differently
72 Texas lesbian bar denied insurance for hosting drag shows, owner says: NPR
73 Dentist warns of six oral health signs you 'shouldn't ignore'
74 Welcome to the NCAA transfer portal--where athletes can make a shot at glory: NPR
75 Study finds 10 pesticides linked to development of Parkinson's disease
76 High blood pressure drug shown to clear up adult acne--study
77 Veterans funding the focus of showdown over budget talks, debt ceiling default: NPR
78 The Impact of Weight Bias--As-Told-To with Joe Nadglowski, President/CEO, Obesity Action Coalition
79 Despite promised reforms, inmates are still dying in tribal jails: NPR
80 Personal trainer shares five of the best ways to get rid of harmful belly fat
81 How one North Carolina lawmaker's defection from the Democratic Party upended abortion protections
82 95-year-old woman was Tasered by Australian police, in critical condition: NPR
83 Lower cholesterol by avoiding seven types of food
84 Parents of transgender kids seek to block DeSantis ban on gender-affirming care for minors
85 Tim Scott makes presidential ambitions official with FEC filing: NPR
86 Hospitals failing to reschedule more than a quarter of cancelled elective surgeries
87 COVID emergency orders are among 'greatest intrusions on civil liberties,' Justice Gorsuch says
88 FDA Approves First Pill to Treat Moderate-to-Severe Crohn's
89 D.C. police lieutenant charged with tipping off Proud Boys leader: NPR
90 Canada mulls regulating products with 'forever chemicals' amid health concerns--National
91 Fat Growing Around Muscles Could Be a Silent Killer
92 Weight Loss Drug Helps Half of Teens in Study Tackle Obesity
93 Carvana-like ad helps a cat rescue in Atlanta promote adoptions: NPR
94 NFL Hall of Fame Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown has died: NPR
95 4th death, more vision loss cases linked to tainted eyedrops
96 An abortion doula pivots after North Carolina's new 12-week ban: NPR
97 Dementia may result in personality changes--expert shares what to look for
98 Stop bloating with four foods and drinks--expert
99 Doctor on warning signs of cancer that 'can be worse in the mornings'
100 5 Lifestyle Tips to Keep Your Cardiac Health in Check
101 Meet the influential new player on transgender health bills
102 Can You "Catch" Alzheimer's Disease?
103 American Airlines and JetBlue must end partnership in Northeast, judge rules: NPR
104 How Does this Hormonal Condition Affect Overall Health?
105 Transgender health: Comparing model bills to real proposals
106 Write with your non-dominant hand to lower dementia risk, claims doctor
107 Nebraska lawmakers pass 12-week abortion ban, restrictions on gender-affirmin: NPR
108 A look inside the playbook on transgender health bills
109 Talking to babies can aid their brain development--this is the best way to do it
110 Skimmed milk could lower your blood pressure by up to a third