File Title
1 Brazil blocks oil giant from drilling at Amazon River mouth
2 Scepter, ExxonMobil, and AWS partner for space-based methane emissions monitoring
3 Russian oil exports hit post-invasion high: IEA
4 Iraqi Kurds await 'final deal' on Turkish crude exports
5 Iraq awaits Turkey's response to resume Kurdish oil exports
6 Oil spill in Ecuador Amazon region blamed on 'sabotage'
7 Shell wins legal case over Nigeria oil spill
8 Church of England joins shareholder revolt on Shell climate goals
9 Greenpeace sues Italian energy giant Eni
10 US needs $30 billion to seal 14,000 unplugged offshore oil and gas wells: study
11 Shell Q1 profits jump despite lower energy prices
12 COP28 chief says fossil fuels have role to play
13 BP back in Q1 profit after record loss on Russia exit
14 Sudan's conflict has its roots in three decades of elites fighting over oil and energy
15 BlackSky and SynMax partner to monitor US Coal Powerplant Inventory
16 Successful in-orbit testing of hyperspectral comprehensive observation satellite ground system
17 Planet announces AI Partnerships at GEOINT 2023
18 Umbra and Ursa Space empower global market with advanced SAR Analytics
19 Private satellites give boost to public sector in climate fight
20 Chinese aerial remote sensing system obtains mountain, glacier detection data
21 Smaller, lighter space-based imaging spectrometers with high spectral resolution
22 When it comes to satellite data, sometimes more is more
23 LiveEO and Capella Space offer fast, high-res SAR imaging to asset managers
24 Alexandrite laser crystals from Europe for space applications
25 Musk, China industry minister hold talks on 'new energy vehicles': ministry
26 Elon Musk meets Chinese FM in Beijing
27 Laggard Italy battles EU over green car transition
28 Will the vehicle charging networks arrive in time
29 Uber taps into self-driving tech of former rival Waymo
30 Carmaker Aston Martin says China's Geely doubles stake
31 UK to roll out first driverless bus service
32 Protesters throw cake at Volkswagen shareholders' meeting
33 Demand for electric cars 'booming': IEA
34 Designing a next generation hypersonic demonstrator
35 NASA continues key test series with rocket engine hot fire
36 South Korea postpones third launch of homegrown rocket
37 China continues testing its 130-ton reusable liquid oxygen kerosene engine
38 New sensors with the HOTS for extreme missions
39 For 191st time, SpaceX booster successfully returns after launch
40 Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site can launch new-generation rockets
41 China's reusable experimental spacecraft successfully lands
42 WTO to rule in Indonesia-EU steel stand-off
43 Travel industry looks to Chinese tourists to cap post-COVID rebound
44 Washington concerned by China moves against US companies
45 China's new ambassador arrives in US as 'severe challenges' fester
46 Biden says US, China should see a 'thaw very shortly'
47 Commerce minister to pay rare senior Chinese visit to US
48 EU lawmakers urge environmental protections from Brazil
49 Italy treading carefully on China's Belt and Road
50 EU, India vow to boost trade ties despite differences
51 EU wants to 're-calibrate' position on China
52 Australia trade minister hails 'positive momentum' in Beijing talks
53 Germany says controversial Chinese stake in Hamburg port to go ahead
54 China says US consultancy Capvision raided to 'safeguard national security'
55 'We abuse plastic, it's so cheap': UN Environment chief
56 France's Macron urges end to plastic pollution at global talks
57 Fungi and plants clean up California pollution
58 And now the weather: cloudy with scattered showers of plastic
59 High-stakes talks to end plastic pollution resume
60 Dutch to hold US firm 3M liable for 'forever chemicals'
61 Plastic-eating fungi found in Chinese coastal salt marshes
62 Coming years 'critical' to slash plastic pollution: UN
63 Australia settles lawsuit over military base contaminations
64 Improved cookstoves emit more ultrafine particles than conventional stoves
65 Macron urges 'pause' in EU environment regulations
66 Dark clouds on the horizon
67 Thailand chokes on pollution but greens struggle to be heard in election
68 Heatwave prompts Hanoi to reduce street lights as power cuts loom
69 Five Eyes: China-sponsored hackers spying on U.S. infrastructure
70 $45 million in DOE grants will help non-profits cut energy use in buildings
71 France unveils new, more ambitious emissions-cutting plan
72 Climate activists put the heat on shareholder meetings
73 US moves to curb power plant emissions
74 World near positive 'tipping point' on climate solutions: expert
75 France opens its first electric car battery factory
76 Flexing crystalline structures provide path to a solid energy future
77 An electric vehicle battery for all seasons
78 Intercalation-type Li-free cathodes for all solid-state batteries
79 Europe charges up car battery drive with new plants
80 Glencore eyes European lithium battery recycling centre
81 New concept for lithium-air batteries
82 UN nuclear chief encouraged by Russia, Ukraine support of 'principles'
83 Elon Musk says wants to expand China business in FM meeting
84 Salvage of oil tanker stranded off Yemen can begin: UN
85 Markets tumble as hardline Republicans threaten US debt deal
86 Crypto here to stay, must be regulated: Hong Kong treasury chief
87 Equity markets mixed as traders await US debt ceiling vote
88 Hong Kong treads fine line on regulating retail crypto trade
89 US default would harm military 'readiness, morale': top US officer
90 Most markets down as US debt impasse sparks Fitch ratings warning
91 China factory activity declines further in May
92 Denmark PM delivers speech partly written by AI
93 Key facts about Neuralink, Musk's cyborg gamble
94 NASA Successfully Completes Globetrotting SuperBIT Balloon Flight
95 Biden blames China relations on 'silly balloon' shootdown
96 Solar-powered balloons detect mysterious sounds in the stratosphere
97 Hybrid airship enters the transfer portal
98 Chemistry: Meteoritic and volcanic particles may have promoted origin of life reactions
99 An improved view of global sea ice
100 UAF scientists to hunt for clues about Arctic Ocean glaciation
101 Warm Ice Age changed climate cycles
102 Out of this world control on Ice Age cycles
103 Similar but different: Antarctic and Arctic sea ice and their responses to climate change
104 Brazil lawmakers vote to limit demarcation of Indigenous reserves
105 Serotonin's impact across molecular and whole-brain levels in a simple animal
106 Oldest architectural plans detail mysterious desert mega structures
107 Scientists reveal more inclusive update to human genome
108 Evidence of Ice Age human migrations from China to the Americas and Japan
109 Archaeologists map hidden NT landscape where first Australians lived more than 60,000 years ago
110 India's new mums live in hope and fear for next generation