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1 These are the winners of the 2023 James Beard Awards: NPR
2 Dr. Hilary issues warning about hay fever jabs to sufferers
3 Lifeguard shortage clouds summertime swims in the U.S.: NPR
4 Ghana's health system 'out of control' as nurses leave for NHS in UK
5 Egg prices are going down: NPR
6 Four key ways to prevent serious complications from high blood pressure
7 Here are the major Supreme Court decisions we're still waiting for this term: NPR
8 New U.S. immigration rules send asylum requests soaring in Mexico: NPR
9 How this Breakthrough Development May Lower Risk of Fatality? Experts Speak
10 AI in medicine need to counter bias, and not entrench it more: Shots
11 Prince Harry testifies at phone-hacking trial against tabloids: NPR
12 Debilitating hay fever symptoms caused man, 29, to miss job interviews and events
13 Five warning signs that your freckle could be pointing to skin cancer
14 LGBTQ+ 'State of emergency' declared, 'Americans Fight Back' guidebook released
15 Cholesterol levels could be lowered by eating peaches
16 Study finds defibrillators used in just one out of ten cardiac arrests--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
17 LGBTQ+ Americans are under attack, Human Rights Campaign declares in state of emergency warning
18 Merck sues federal government, calling plan to negotiate Medicare drug prices 'extortion'
19 Astrud Gilberto, 'The Girl from Ipanema' singer, dies at 83: NPR
20 Some Cancer Patients Might Safely Skip Radiation Therapy
21 Targeted Drug May Lower Odds for Breast Cancer's Return in Some Patients
22 How the SCOTUS 'Supermajority' is shaping policy on abortion, guns and more: NPR
23 US judge blocks Florida ban on trans minor care in narrow ruling, says 'gender identity is real'
24 PGA Tour, LIV Golf and DP World Tour to merge into one, for-profit golf entity: NPR
25 Rise in IBD among young kids 'baffling' experts. What's behind the surge?--National
26 U.S.'s top general Mark Milley draws lessons from D-Day to the war in Ukraine: NPR
27 Police: Fentanyl found in Waikiki hotel room, 2 men dead after suspected mass overdose
28 Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with These Tips
29 Gun deaths in U.S. hit their highest level ever in 2021, a new study finds: NPR
30 Abortion providers sue Kansas over new medication rule, longstanding waiting period
31 Menopause and Long COVID: What Women Should Know
32 Louisiana lawmakers approve anti-LGBTQ+ bills that include ban on trans care for minors
33 Changing Trends in Colorectal Cancer
34 Rishi Sunak announces 'game-changing' new drug to slim down the nation / Politics / News
35 Breastfeeding Linked to Moderately Better Academic Test Scores
36 House Freedom Caucus members buck McCarthy, showing anger over debt ceiling deal: NPR
37 Thousands of people now eligible for NHS-approved weight loss drug
38 Canada wildfires are leading to air-quality alerts in US. Here's how to stay safe
39 Some Cancer Patients Might Safely Skip Radiation Therapy
40 HIV protection, cancer screenings could cost more if 'Obamacare' loses latest court battle
41 US Army Corps revokes permit for Minnesota mine, cites threat to downstream tribe's water standards
42 Can't stop munching your 'healthy' quinoa snacks or cornflakes? You better read this
43 Protein intake 'key consideration to keep fit in older age, say experts
44 Yoga for Posture: 6 Easy Asanas to Enhance Body Posture
45 Francoise Gilot, the famed artist who loved and then left Picasso, dies at 101: NPR
46 Drinking beetroot juice linked to reduced risk of heart attacks in angina patients with stents: Study--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
47 School sports focus on the stars but kids of all abilities could benefit: Shots
48 Alzheimer's disease risk increased by storing fat in muscles--new study
49 Holiday hell for grandmother after heart attack mistaken for bad indigestion
50 Woman could barely open eyes after severe reaction to the sun
51 How High Blood Sugar Levels May Lead to Poor Brain Health
52 Voter Fraud: 5 takeaways from NPR's investigation: NPR
53 Breakthrough as new test could detect ovarian cancer in its early stages
54 To keep immigrants from fleeing, Florida GOP focus on immigration law loopholes: NPR
55 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma signs may include lumps--woman's first sign
56 More religious groups are showing up at Pride this year: NPR
57 Bowel cancer symptoms include 'subtle' sign on the toilet--doctor shares story
58 Poem is scientifically proven to boost your mood and lead you to be more active
59 Mum-of-two left in 'agony' after not being able to wee properly for five years
60 Dad, 27, died of brain cancer after being misdiagnosed with anxiety
61 Three rashes could be warning signs of creatures living on your skin
62 Reduce hay fever symptoms with 'cheap' hack to catch pollen--'Highly effective'
63 Always remember to put sunscreen around your eyes--experts issue warning
64 Coronation Street legend diagnosed with dementia--early signs of illness to spot
65 Court seeks compromise that might preserve preventive health insurance mandates as appeals play out
66 Raging wildfires force thousands more to evacuate in northern Quebec
67 Can One Recover Completely After [a Heart] Attack? All FAQs Answered
68 Sabotage, collusion might be derailing your weight loss journey: Study--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
69 England's unhealthiest town named where 2 in every 5 people are obese
70 Can Changes in Vision Be a Red Alert for Tumor? 4 Early Symptoms to Know
71 Doing good for others is beneficial to children's emotional, physical health: Study--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
72 Former Trump aide testifies before grand jury in Florida: NPR
73 Missouri governor signs bill banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors, some adults
74 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic under a smoky haze thanks to Canadian wildfires: NPR
75 Cataracts can happen to anyone, here's how to protect your eyes--National
76 A look at Pope Francis' health over the years
77 Moms for Liberty named 'extremist' by civil rights watchdog: NPR
78 Apple is fixing its 'ducking' autocorrect problem: NPR
79 Wildfires pose health risk to pregnancy, experts warn. Here's what to know--National
80 Your Risk of COVID-Linked Smell Loss Is Much Lower Now
81 Hakeem Jeffries reflects on the debt ceiling drama, Biden and replacing Pelosi: NPR
82 FDA Finalizes Limit on How Much Arsenic Can Be in Apple Juice
83 'L.A. Times' to lay off 13% of its journalists: NPR
84 Newer heart transplant method could allow more patients a chance at lifesaving surgery
85 A wolverine was spotted in California. Here's what happens next: NPR
86 Cancer centers say US chemotherapy shortage is leading to treatment complications
87 Judge weighs Missouri GOP dispute over estimated cost of allowing abortions
88 The inside story of how Puerto Rico lost its only elephant: NPR
89 Former White House chief of staff testifies before grand jury: NPR
90 Supreme Court justices, minus Thomas, and Alito, file financial disclosure reports: NPR
91 'Keep them alive': More states legalize fentanyl test strips to combat surging opioid deaths
92 Researchers Discover a Potential Cause for Parkinson's
93 USDA's Phony 'Animal Welfare' Rule and Other Shenanigans
94 Positive attitude could help you live seven years longer--expert
95 China's baby gene-editing scientist is out of jail and back in the lab: NPR
96 Hawaii's Mount Kilauea volcano has erupted again. Watch it live: NPR
97 Stroke risk raised by struggling to sleep at night--new study
98 Five symptoms of [Legionella] disease that could hide in pools and air conditioning
99 Test your own fertility in just five minutes this infertility awareness month / UK / News
100 How to protect yourself from smoke from the Canadian wildfires: NPR
101 Four health risks of drinking alcohol in hot weather, expert warns
102 Police bodycams hold K-9, drug-sniffing dogs accountable now: NPR
103 First signs of breast cancer to spot amid Amy Dowden health battle
104 Study reveals how devastating heart conditions can be reversed--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
105 Coalition reaches $1 billion goal for business loans in underserved communities: NPR
106 Eating avocados could lower blood pressure levels by 17%
107 Researchers reveal seizures while driving, it's important to diagnose epilepsy--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
108 Warning signs of dementia to spot as cases are on the rise, experts warn
109 11% Indians diabetic, 36% have hypertension, says pan-India Lancet study on lifestyle diseases
110 Religious right leader Pat Robertson dies at 93: NPR
111 Biden is naming a point person to talk to schools about book bans: NPR
112 Old age risk factor for dementia--the age linked to increased risk
113 Supreme Court unexpectedly upholds provision prohibiting racial gerrymandering: NPR
114 COVID deaths: Map shows where you were 5 times more likely to die
115 For Asian Americans, preventing diabetes may start with earlier screenings: Shots
116 How to apply sunscreen--four point checklist to help prevent skin cancer