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1 CPR's true survival rate is lower than many people think: Shots
2 Red flag symptoms of a thyroid disorder you must not ignore or risk a 'puffy-looking face'
3 Uganda's new anti-gay law calls for life in prison for those who are convicted: NPR
4 Groundbreaking gene therapy gives the gift of sight to Quebec child
5 NHS must change to deal with millions who have many major illnesses
6 Cheney tells Colorado graduates to stand in truth, warns democracy is in peril: NPR
7 An apple a day can help stop memory loss, research finds
8 The Uncommon Heart Attack that Kills Healthy, Young Women
9 The WHO Will Have Authority to Mandate Vaccines Globally
10 Two symptoms of multiple sclerosis that appear in up to '80%' of cases
11 Memory loss could be reserved by adding flavanols to diet--foods to eat
12 Are you a mosquito magnet? The science behind why some people get more bites--National
13 Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms: 6 Major Signs You Should Not Ignore
14 Reparations is the answer for sea level threat in West Oakland, Calif.: NPR
15 Arthritis of the knee--six symptoms you should see your doctor about
16 Thyroid cancer symptoms include diarrhoea and a red face--'Unusual' signs
17 'I thought I was tired--but doctors said I had cancer and 15% chance'
18 What is Florida SB 1718 and how will it affect immigrants, businesses, economy: NPR
19 Gemma Collins opens up on bladder leakage since infamous fall at Radio 1 Teen Awards
20 5 Tips to Manage Blood Pressure Levels During Fertility Treatment
21 Five symptoms of dementia that show up as 'changes in behaviour'
22 Gene and Cell Therapies Used in Treatment
23 Vitamin deficiency warning signs--expert lists five to look out for
24 Inherited Retinal Dystrophy (IRD): The Importance of Early Diagnosis
25 Inherited Retinal Dystrophy: Living with the Diagnosis
26 What Type Do You Have?
27 Birding in a tiny Washington, D.C., park yields big rewards: NPR
28 Former first lady Rosalynn Carter has dementia, the Carter Center says
29 Best Time of Day to Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes
30 Sick workers tied to 40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks, CDC says
31 Things People with AFib Wish You Knew
32 Air New Zealand weighs passengers for international flights: NPR
33 Living with the Side Effects of AFib
34 Can Statins Cause Brain Fog?
35 Yoga and Cholesterol
36 Nova Scotia wildfires force thousands of Canadians from their homes: NPR
37 Are Psoriasis and Allergies Linked?
38 Psoriasis and Body Image
39 James Comey knows the politics of NY law enforcement. Now, he's writing about it: NPR
40 Lifestyle Changes for Psoriasis
41 High Cholesterol in Younger People
42 The Paleo Diet and Your Cholesterol
43 Living Better: How Americans can take back their health: Shots
44 Colorado tackles eating disorders by limiting use of BMI and diet pill sales to kids
45 Leading experts warn of a risk of extinction from AI: NPR
46 Nevada Republican governor approves abortion protections in rare cross-party move
47 Former Connecticut lawmaker to be sentenced for coronavirus aid thefts
48 5 Hazardous Ways Smoking Damages Your Skin
49 The sleep position that could help you stay cool in the heat
50 Gaza Strip's Palestinians polarized by unorthodox watermelon delicacy
51 All About the Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria that Nearly Killed a Woman in UK
52 Doctor warns about killer virus 'you've never heard of'--symptoms
53 New study narrows down 200 long COVID symptoms to just 12
54 Are video games bad for teens? The answer is complicated: Shots
55 How IITs & other top science institutes are trying to boost mental health on campus--ThePrint--Select
56 Sweden close to becoming first 'smoke free' country in Europe as daily use of cigarettes dwindles
57 Heart disease risk lowered after retiring from work, new study finds
58 Alabama expands law limiting transgender athletes in sports to include colleges: NPR
59 Signs of skin cancer to look out for on your hands and fingers
60 Woman's rare condition means son can't sit on her lap--'I feel like a terrible mum'
61 Drinking rooibos tea could 'significantly' lower risk of diabetes
62 Young paramedic died from lung cancer despite not being a smoker
63 FDA Commissioner Talks AI and Misinformation
64 Drownings are killing hundreds of Canadians each year. Experts urge caution
65 Oklahoma high court strikes down 2 abortion bans; procedure remains illegal in most cases
66 Each cigarette in Canada will soon have a health warning. Here's how it looks--National
67 Brazil's Indigenous people protest as lawmakers vote to limit their land rights: NPR
68 California advances fentanyl bills on prevention, increased penalties
69 About 1 in 3 with Diabetes Have Unknown Heart Risk: Study
70 Children's hospices put at risk by loss of 21 million pounds grant
71 In Canada, each cigarette will get a warning label: 'poison in every puff'
72 Facebook and Instagram owner Meta threatens to cut off news in California: NPR
73 An eating disorders helpline has shut down. Will an online chatbot fill the gap?: Shots
74 Doctor shares the 'earliest indications' of brain damage caused by dementia
75 Doctor shares warning signs of seven 'silent killer' cancers
76 A balanced diet with moderate amounts of protein could be the key to a long life
77 Five lesser-known symptoms of coeliac disease to discuss with your GP
78 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins with these storm names: NPR
79 Medical students aren't showing up to lectures, so how do med schools teach them: Shots
80 Bruce Willis' daughter opens up about when her father's dementia started to show
81 Five lung cancer causes to be aware of after Jonnie Irwin diagnosis
82 Brain inflammation found in long COVID patients: Canadian study--National
83 Four signs a dangerous blood clot could have reached the lungs
84 Recovering from stroke harder for women, report shows. Why?--National
85 Amazon to pay over $30 million to settle claims Ring, Alexa invaded user privacy: NPR
86 85% of British men report feeling stressed due to 5 factors--how to reduce stress
87 Government body warns of increased health threats from climate change in Germany
88 Type 2 diabetics could better control blood sugar with 'small' tweak to breakfast
89 5 Ways to Enhance Peace in Your Relationship
90 FDA warns consumers not to use off-brand versions of Ozempic, Wegovy
91 Trans inmate to move to women's prison after settling lawsuit against Minnesota: NPR
92 Dementia could cause four mobility issues in its 'later' stages--what to look for
93 Supreme Court revives claims that SuperValu, Safeway overcharged governments for generic drugs
94 Time and Support Key for Younger Stroke Patients
95 Two types of meat could raise your risk of stroke by 14%, doctor warns
96 Pfizer sees promising results from antibiotic combo for superbug infections--National
97 Families sue to block Idaho law barring gender-affirming care for minors
98 Tupperware changed women's lives. Now it might go out of business: NPR
99 Woman mistakes gym dizziness for need to train harder, nearly dies of cancer
100 Racial bias in testing likely led to underdiagnosing Black men with lung problems, study suggests
101 States sue FEMA over flood insurance rate hikes: NPR
102 Unions relieved as Supreme Court leaves right to strike intact: NPR
103 Some trans people turn to crowdfunding to leave Florida after anti-LGBTQ+ laws
104 Should You Take it [Zinc] Everyday? 6 Reasons to Add it in Your Diet
105 Scabies symptoms to look out for as doctor warns of rise in cases in UK
106 Study finds behavioural changes that could be 'early' dementia signs
107 'Impressive' cancer treatment has 90% success rate for putting patients into remission
108 A Black girl won the first national spelling bee, dealing a blow to racism: NPR
109 Gut health could hold the key to living to 100, scientists say
110 'Aunty Edith' is the first Hawaiian woman on a U.S. quarter: NPR
111 Foods that contribute to heart disease and increase heart attack risk
112 Want Johnny Carson's desk? A trove of TV memorabilia is up for auction: NPR
113 Lung cancer symptoms could include pain in two areas when breathing
114 Americans say teachers are underpaid, half of Republicans oppose book bans: NPR
115 Scientists zap sleeping humans' brains with electricity to improve their memory: Shots