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1 In mice, naturally derived nanocarriers reduce inflammation, tissue damage--ScienceDaily
2 Influenced by light, biological rhythms say a lot about animal (and human) health
3 New AI boosts teamwork training--ScienceDaily
4 Researchers discover materials exhibiting huge magnetoresistance
5 Catalysis under the microscope--ScienceDaily
6 More than 50 chemicals discovered in water off Hampshire and West Sussex coasts
7 Older trees accumulate more mutations than their younger counterparts--ScienceDaily
8 Why do horses sleep standing up?
9 Wireless olfactory feedback system to let users smell in the VR world--ScienceDaily
10 Ultrafast fluorescent imaging technology brings the molecular dynamics of living cells into clear view.--ScienceDaily
11 25 beautiful nebulas that showcase the wonder of the universe
12 A compound from fruit flies could lead to new antibiotics--ScienceDaily
13 Small-brained ancient human cousins may have buried their dead, according to a surprising study
14 Researchers have shown that defective myelin actively promotes disease-related changes in Alzheimer's disease--ScienceDaily
15 Exploring how during the 'anthropause,' animals moved more freely
16 Greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high and Earth is warming faster than ever, says researcher
17 Crocodile's 'virgin birth' is a first for science's history books
18 White rhinos reintroduced to DR Congo national park
19 Syrians turn plastic waste into rugs to make a living
20 Thousands evacuated as Philippine volcano spews ash, rocks
21 Most active Philippine volcano spews lava, locals ready to evacuate in event of explosion
22 How many people have died in space?
23 Reanimated' hearts can be successfully transplanted and could expand donor pool
24 A scalable method to create ferroelectric FETs based on AlScN and 2D semiconductors
25 Cholera bacteria found to form an aggressive biofilm to kill immune cells
26 Corporate 'net zero' pledges lack credibility
27 Life may already exist on the moon--and NASA's next mission could find it
28 Linguists have identified a new English dialect that's emerging in South Florida
29 AI identifies 3 more 'Nazca Lines' figures in Peru
30 Rising rainfall, not temperatures, threaten giraffe survival
31 Stunning images of the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru
32 Broken pagan statue of Greek god Pan unearthed at ruined church site in Istanbul
33 The Apollo moon landing was real, but NASA's quarantine procedure was not
34 New method enables study of nano-sized particles
35 New observatory instrument sets its sights on Turtle Nebula
36 Snowy owl and kingfisher triumph as Finland's most attractive birds
37 Net zero targets must become a reality to keep Paris temperature goals live
38 Where there's smoke, there are lessons in demands of global sustainability
39 U.S. consumers judge morality of armed self-protection on case-by-case basis, research shows
40 Lips pouted or not? How improved speaker recognition can help forensic investigations
41 Scientists develop cheaper method to sterilize ballast water
42 Opinion: Geoengineering is shockingly inexpensive
43 Team develops organic redox polymer for aluminum-ion batteries with improved storage capacity
44 The fire this time--facing the reality of climate change
45 New findings on a 'long distance relationship'
46 A breakthrough in spectroscopy to allow discoveries in materials physics
47 New insight into how xeroderma pigmentosum causative gene products ensure the accuracy of DNA repair
48 A magical way to get multidimensional information
49 Cyclists with more safety attire seen as 'less than fully human,' finds Australian study
50 Samurai wasp has minimal impact on native stink bugs, new study confirms
51 Webb Telescope proves galaxies transformed the early universe
52 Landmark US youth climate trial begins in Montana
53 Walls along River Nile reveal ancient form of hydraulic engineering
54 Team uncovers plant remediation effects on petroleum contamination
55 Watch cannibal crab gobble up baby crablets in Australia in David Attenborough's 'Our Planet II
56 Canadian Prairies farmers try to adapt to a warming world
57 Geologists challenge conventional view of Earth's continental history, stability with new study--ScienceDaily
58 This collapsed star is turning into an gigantic diamond before our eyes
59 Study identifies new mechanisms driving genomic instability
60 Chronic exposure to lead, cadmium and arsenic increases risk of cardiovascular disease--ScienceDaily
61 Human-caused climate change to blame for increase in California's wildfires, says study
62 All-electric rideshare fleet could reduce carbon emissions, increase traffic issues--ScienceDaily
63 How octopuses could have helped avert the Cuban missile crisis
64 Wildfires likely to grow more common on East Coast, experts predict
65 Four-legged robot traverses tricky terrains thanks to improved 3D vision--ScienceDaily
66 Astronomers discover 2nd-ever 'Tatooine' star system with multiple planets orbiting multiple suns
67 Astronomers have figured out clever tricks to reduce the impact of satellite trails
68 The findings could help in identifying new interventions that reduce the brain's stress activity without the negative health effects of alcohol--ScienceDaily
69 PNNL scientists investigate the promising properties of a common, Earth-abundant salt--ScienceDaily
70 Top-secret special-ops submarine from World War II discovered after 20-year search
71 Brighter nights risk extinguishing glow-worm twinkle
72 Marine environment at risk due to ship emissions--ScienceDaily
73 Ethereal ice swirls dance around Arctic peninsula in stunning new satellite image
74 Light pollution confuses a color-changing coastal woodlouse, new research shows
75 DESI early data release holds nearly two million objects--ScienceDaily
76 3.2 million-year-old human ancestor 'Lucy' had massive leg muscles to stand up straight and climb trees
77 First hominin muscle reconstruction shows 3.2 million-year-old 'Lucy' could stand as erect as we do
78 Computer models confirm that the African Superplume is responsible for the unusual deformations as well as rift-parallel seismic anisotropy observed beneath the East African Rift System--ScienceDaily
79 86,000-year-old human bone found in Laos cave hints at 'failed population' from prehistory
80 Some ancient kangaroos didn't hop, scientists explain
81 Hotter sand from microplastics could affect sea turtle development--ScienceDaily
82 World's most painful ant sting targets nerves in the same way scorpion venom does
83 Researchers turn black bitumen into green carbon fibers
84 Microplastics stick around in human airways--ScienceDaily
85 Common weight-loss surgery for teens may weaken their bones
86 Researchers succeed in arranging nanoscale quantum sensors on desired targets
87 First side-necked turtle ever discovered in UK--ScienceDaily
88 'Viking disease' hand disorder may come from Neanderthal genes
89 This space rock holds clues as to how Earth got its water--ScienceDaily
90 90% see it as a serious problem in the criminal justice system
91 A pioneering and multidisciplinary study involving serial entrepreneurs and managers found evidence of increased neuronal connectivity in the brains of entrepreneurs, which may contribute to distinct cognitive attributes--ScienceDaily
92 Afghan farmers despair as locusts plague precious crops
93 Gold, the most precious noble metal--ScienceDaily
94 Reptiles help heal in Brazil
95 New study links contraceptive pills and depression--ScienceDaily
96 Extreme weather killed 195,000 in Europe since 1980
97 Flaring star could be down to young planet's disc inferno--ScienceDaily
98 Advancements in meta-holographic display enable ultraviolet domain holograms
99 Rising rainfall, not temperatures, threaten giraffe survival--ScienceDaily
100 New insights into the origin of food sharing among humans
101 A new Tatooine-like multi-planetary system identified--ScienceDaily
102 Scientists have finally discovered how photosynthesis starts--by setting it off with a single photon
103 Climate change releases carbon stocks deep underground: Study
104 The reptile or the egg?--ScienceDaily
105 Endangered Masai giraffes may be inbreeding themselves to extinction
106 New technique in error-prone quantum computing makes classical computers sweat
107 Astronomers discover supernova explosion through rare 'cosmic magnifying glasses'--ScienceDaily
108 Orcas attack boat with ruthless efficiency, tearing off rudders in just 15 minutes
109 A's 'reverse boycott' started with a single tweet
110 Study shows community is key to a sustained passion for science among adolescents