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1 US haze from Canada fires rare and extreme event: expert
2 Researchers leverage techniques to manage error accumulation, demonstrating the potential of quantum computing in the error-prone NISQ era--ScienceDaily
3 World warming at record 0.2íC per decade, scientists warn
4 How evolution impacts the environment--ScienceDaily
5 Liquid gypsum' burial from Roman Britain scanned in 3D, revealing 1,700-year-old secrets
6 Motor racing--Le Mans reaches 100 and looks to a hydrogen future--ThePrint--ReutersFeed
7 Employers should think twice before implementing peer recognition programs
8 Dying stars' cocoons could be new source of gravitational waves--ScienceDaily
9 Aviation turbulence strengthened as the world warmed, research shows
10 Bubble, bubble, more earthquake trouble? Geoscientists study Alaska's Denali fault--ScienceDaily
11 It's [El Nino] early, likely to be big, sloppy and add even more heat to a warming world
12 Early universe crackled with bursts of star formation, Webb shows--ScienceDaily
13 Mysterious bump on a man's tongue had an 'extremely rare' cause
14 US-German satellites show California water gains after record winter
15 Scientists extract a kilometer of rock from Earth's mantle in record-breaking mission
16 US cities shrouded in toxic haze as reinforcements reach Canada wildfires
17 Release of magnetic energy near the sun's surface enables the solar wind to reach gravity-defying speeds--ScienceDaily
18 Enormous structure discovered near doomed galaxy group is the longest galactic 'tail' ever seen
19 Professors call for further study of potential uses of AI in special education, avoiding bans
20 How much is enough to lose weight? 'You don't need to have perfect tracking every day to lose a clinically significant amount of weight'--ScienceDaily
21 Oldest evidence of humans in Greece is 700,000 years old, a quarter of a million years older than previously thought
22 Unraveling the role of the NiO electrocatalyst in alcohol electrooxidation reactions
23 Ancient volcanism dating back to 3.5 billion years ago are common to Archaean cratons of South Africa, India, and Australia--ScienceDaily
24 NYC's air quality ranked worst of any major city on Wednesday. With climate change, will it happen again?
25 Gene-edited mosquitos to fight malaria
26 Sabotage and collusion could be derailing your weight loss journey, finds study--ScienceDaily
27 Flare of light brighter than a trillion suns reveals location of rare double black hole galaxy
28 Ancient herbivore's diet weakened teeth and lead to eventual starvation, suggests study
29 'Hot Jupiters' may not be orbiting alone--ScienceDaily
30 Amino acid taurine can slow aging in animals, but we don't know if it works in people
31 New model offers a way to speed up drug discovery
32 Lingering effects of Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans--ScienceDaily
33 Ultra-rare, deep-diving whale dies on New England beach with possible case of bird flu
34 Non-police services for domestic abusive victims shown to decrease witness statement provision, but reduce victimisation
35 Taurine may be a key to longer and healthier life--ScienceDaily
36 Octopuses 'rewire' their brains to adapt to different ocean temperatures
37 For pet dogs, 'running with the pack' may be the best prevention to promote healthier living
38 Without fully implementing net-zero pledges, the world will miss climate goals--ScienceDaily
39 Gene therapy could be used as birth control for cats, small study suggests
40 Facing unprecedented fire season, Canada confronts logistical challenge
41 Scientists develop artificial molecules that behave like real ones--ScienceDaily
42 Canada wildfires spark 'ecoterrorist' conspiracy theory
43 The IL-17 protein plays a key role in skin aging--ScienceDaily
44 12,000-year-old flutes carved of bone are some of the oldest in the world and sound like birds of prey
45 Smoke from Canadian wildfires detected in Norway
46 When water temperatures change, the molecular motors of cephalopods do too--ScienceDaily
47 Astronomers investigate the properties of a nearby pulsar
48 Mirror, mirror on the wall...Now we know there are chiral phonons for sure--ScienceDaily
49 New approach 'stacks' genes for faster plant transformation
50 Study finds socially tolerant monkeys have better impulse control--ScienceDaily
51 1st mission to 'touch' the sun discovers a mysterious source of solar wind
52 Researchers map the blind spots for achieving a low-carbon transition in the Global South
53 Europe's most dangerous 'supervolcano' could be creeping toward eruption, scientists warn
54 Submerged players of climate change
55 Circular currents and their influence on the world's hottest ocean--ScienceDaily
56 El Nino is officially here, scientists say
57 Seismic waves convey lithospheric delamination mechanism in South China
58 Ancient herbivore's diet weakened teeth leading to eventual starvation, study suggests--ScienceDaily
59 Canadian wildfire smoke detected thousands of miles away in Norway
60 Importance of Wolbachia-mediated biocontrol to reduce dengue in Bangladesh and other dengue-endemic developing countries
61 Liquid metal sticks to surfaces without a binding agent--ScienceDaily
62 How to watch a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid the size of Earth's tallest building zoom past the planet Sunday
63 Which is better--digitalization or digital transformation?
64 The first prehistoric wind instruments discovered in the Levant--ScienceDaily
65 Florida man gets 'flesh-eating' bacterial infection after a relative bit him
66 Salt-induced changes in polyester microdroplet structure
67 New study reveals the abundance decline of African megafauna--ScienceDaily
68 Great white sharks have almost no interest in eating humans, study confirms
69 First satnav receiver designed to operate in lunar orbit delivered to satellite maker
70 Greenhouse gas emissions at 'an all-time high'--and it is causing an unprecedented rate of global warming, say scientists--ScienceDaily
71 Medici family's famous hunting grounds may have killed them, report suggests
72 Elusive planets play 'hide and seek' with CHEOPS--ScienceDaily
73 Largest explosion since the Big Bang was powered by a bizarre energy jet unlike any other
74 Underwater noise shown to disturb feeding behavior of marine organisms
75 Aviation turbulence strengthened as the world warmed--ScienceDaily
76 AI chatbot ChatGPT can't create convincing scientific papers...yet
77 Engineers seek more efficient processes
78 Study unravels the mysteries of actin filament polarity--ScienceDaily
79 New mud-slinging thermal feature at Yellowstone is spewing scalding hot muck
80 UK hobbyist stuns math world with 'amazing' new shapes
81 Visual range is a critical asset for top athletes in almost any sport--ScienceDaily
82 Amazon's giant air-breathing fish in poachers' sights
83 Large study in children reveals Selenomonas sputigena as a key partner of Streptococcus in cavity formation.--ScienceDaily
84 Koalas are both endangered and so plentiful they're causing problems. How'd that happen?
85 Local newspaper coverage improves information about public companies
86 Octopuses rewire their brains to adapt to seasonal temperature shifts--ScienceDaily
87 Stephen Hawking wanted scientists to 'make black holes' on Earth. Physics says it's possible.
88 How we may have solved the mystery of its [gamma ray bursts (GRBs)] puzzling persistence
89 How chronic stress drives the brain to crave comfort food--ScienceDaily
90 Meet 'Dr. Deep Sea,' the scientist who broke the record for the longest time living underwater
91 While humans were in strict lockdown, wild mammals roamed further--new research
92 ChatGPT designs a robot--ScienceDaily
93 The 12 biggest volcanic eruptions in recorded history
94 Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in summer by 2030s, with global, damaging and dangerous consequences
95 New study could help unlock 'game-changing' batteries for electric vehicles and aviation--ScienceDaily
96 Why does hair turn gray?
97 Fungi and their 'necromass' absorb one-third of the carbon emitted by burning fossil fuels every year
98 Physicists discover an exotic material made of bosons--ScienceDaily
99 Using photosynthesis for Martian occupation--while making space travel more sustainable
100 Ancient genomes show that the farming lifestyle in northwestern Africa was ignited by oversea-migrants from Iberia 7,400 years ago--ScienceDaily
101 Push-pull practices 'control pests, increase maize yields'
102 New dino, 'Iani,' was face of a changing planet--ScienceDaily
103 Invasive oak processionary moth caterpillars cause concern for England's trees
104 What made the brightest cosmic explosion of all time so exceptional?--ScienceDaily
105 Water molecules define the materials around us--ScienceDaily
106 Harnessing people power to help with plastic pollution in Portsmouth
107 Until now, certain biomarkers, the 'protosteroids,' have been overlooked as fossil witnesses to primordial life--ScienceDaily
108 Hubble observes jellyfish galaxy JO206
109 Autonomous products like robot vacuums make our lives easier. But do they deprive us of meaningful experiences?--ScienceDaily
110 Help, bees have colonized the walls of my house! Why are they there and what should I do?
111 'Heat highways' could keep electronics cool--ScienceDaily
112 New study takes a high-level look at Nazca boobies' breeding
113 Surgeons must tackle three global health challenges to save lives--ScienceDaily
114 Conceptualizing and studying infrastructure junctions and the power geometries of low-carbon place-making
115 Researchers' device is more energy efficient and versatile than past models--ScienceDaily
116 Prescribed burning can prevent catastrophic wildfires in the future