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1 Mosquito zappers get a boost from static-electricity harvester redesign
2 Genetic change increased bird flu severity during U.S. spread--ScienceDaily
3 This psychedelic-eyed gecko isn't what we thought it was
4 Archaeologists identify Moluccan boats that may have visited Australia from Indonesia in rock art drawings
5 New catalyst lowers cost for producing environmentally sustainable hydrogen from water--ScienceDaily
6 Suspected Russian spy whale is looking for love in all the wrong places
7 Fairy tales offer accessible ways to communicate energy research in the social sciences to help tackle climate change
8 A team has discovered how the influenza A virus hijacks the mechanism for importing iron into cells to invade its host--ScienceDaily
9 Killer bees stung a man 250 times in swarm attack, but he survived. How?
10 Neanderthal and human fire-making methods suggest different origins, shared intelligence
11 Plants can distinguish when touch starts and stops, study suggests--ScienceDaily
12 NASA concludes first-ever public UFO briefing. What did we learn?
13 Countries tussle at 'rocky' global plastic talks
14 NIRISS instrument on Webb maps an ultra-hot Jupiter's atmosphere--ScienceDaily
15 New 'quasi-moon' discovered near Earth has been travelling alongside our planet since 100 BC
16 Revealing the secrets of freshwater streams
17 Can we learn to think further ahead? Cognitive scientists' computational model shows how expertise improves planning depth--ScienceDaily
18 Weight-loss surgery is becoming more common among US teens
19 New study quantifies the power of bipartisan coalitions
20 A protein mines, sorts rare earths better than humans, paving way for green tech--ScienceDaily
21 What is the science behind deja vu?
22 When the media believe that a firm is really green
23 First X-ray of a single atom--ScienceDaily
24 When countries cut taxes for new ideas, capital investments rise
25 One out of 10 breaths contains oxygen generated by cellular mechanism in microscopic algae--ScienceDaily
26 UFO study is limited by data gaps, lingering stigma, NASA panel says--National
27 Warming climate could turn ocean plankton microbes into carbon emitters
28 Further link identified between autoimmunity and schizophrenia--ScienceDaily
29 Biodegradable plastic from sugar cane also threatens the environment, finds new research
30 Secret industry documents reveal that makers of PFAS 'forever chemicals' covered up their health dangers
31 Foundations of stellar physics and nuclear fusion investigated--ScienceDaily
32 Producing large, clean 2D materials made easy: Just 'KISS'
33 Geneticists discover hidden 'whole genome duplication' that may explain why some species survived mass extinctions--ScienceDaily
34 Petit-spot volcanoes involve deepest known submarine hydrothermal activity, may release methane
35 New method enables C-H activation across saturated carbocycles--ScienceDaily
36 Study examines how DNA damage is repaired by antioxidant enzymes
37 Tracking the world's weather and climate
38 Researchers say a low-carb start to the day may help control blood sugars--ScienceDaily
39 Astronomers discover a hot-dust-obscured galaxy
40 Protecting large ocean areas doesn't curb fishing catches--ScienceDaily
41 Optical effect advances quantum computing with atomic qubits to a new dimension
42 Ground beneath Thwaites Glacier mapped--ScienceDaily
43 Shining rainbow rings around the sun photographed in Finland. What caused them?
44 Are liberals truly more depressed than conservatives?
45 Two species of naturally-occurring bacteria found to breakdown chlorinated 'forever chemicals,' AKA PFAS--ScienceDaily
46 Quarter-ton marsupial that ambled across Australia 3.5 million years ago was 'unlike anything alive today
47 Mining atlas helps map Australia's clean energy future
48 Four ways to advance equity and justice goals in climate action planning--ScienceDaily
49 What is SPF? A guide to understanding sunscreen labels
50 Ozone layer recovery delayed, surface UV radiation continues to rise, finds study
51 Open-analysis platform for pediatric brain tumors provides robust data resource for childhood cancer research--ScienceDaily
52 There may be hundreds of millions of habitable planets in the Milky Way, new study suggests
53 Shows like 'Succession' tap into our deepest desires for escapism, says researcher
54 Record 19.31% efficiency with organic solar cells--ScienceDaily
55 Ancient Egyptian queen's bracelets contain 1st evidence of long-distance trade between Egypt and Greece
56 UK's poorest children likelier to have less understanding of personal finances, study finds
57 Little-known microbes could help predict climate tipping points--ScienceDaily
58 Watch out for Ozempic copycats containing unauthorized active ingredients, FDA warns
59 8 ancient 'zombie viruses' that scientists have pulled from the melting permafrost
60 For sheds in wildfire zones, researchers determine how close is too close to home
61 Researchers also report first direct evidence supporting main theory for how human memory is consolidated during sleep--ScienceDaily
62 Nearly 6 million-year-old 'elephant graveyard' unearthed in Florida
63 Researchers show mobile elements monkeying around the genome
64 The small, distant galaxy JD1 is typical of the kind that burned through hydrogen left over from the Big Bang--ScienceDaily
65 Repeated signals from the center of the Milky Way could be aliens saying hello, new study claims
66 Underwater forest's recovery offers hope for marine restoration across the globe
67 You can make carbon dioxide filters with a 3D printer--ScienceDaily
68 Hidden tunnel and rooms unearthed under 1,500-year-old church in Istanbul
69 Couples' social networks took long-lasting hit during COVID
70 Why do some people live to be 100? Intestinal bacteria may hold the answer--ScienceDaily
71 Theoretical study proves Stephen Hawking partially correct
72 A nanocrystal shines on and off indefinitely--ScienceDaily
73 Arizona limits building as groundwater dries up
74 Actively reducing noise by ionizing air--ScienceDaily
75 2,300-year-old Egyptian mummification workshops found at Saqqara
76 Color-changing material shows when medications get too warm--ScienceDaily
77 A conductive self-healing hydrogel to create flexible sensors
78 Could a moderate protein diet be the coveted elixir of youth? Researchers decode the correlation between dietary protein intake and improved metabolic health in mice--ScienceDaily
79 NASA looks back at 50 years of gamma-ray burst science
80 Elon Musk's Neuralink 'brain chips' cleared for 1st in-human trials
81 Protecting dogs against outbreaks of respiratory disease
82 The clams that fell behind, and what they can tell us about evolution and extinction--ScienceDaily
83 Examining domain walls in magnetic nanowires
84 Hundreds of horizontal filaments point toward our central supermassive black hole--ScienceDaily
85 New study finds strengthening protection of existing parks is crucial for biodiversity conservation
86 Towering plume of water escaping from Saturn moon--ScienceDaily
87 Parkinson's disease drug ropinirole safely slowed the progression of ALS for over 6 months in a clinical trial--ScienceDaily
88 Thousands ordered to flee advancing wildfires in Quebec
89 Buckle up! A new class of materials is here--ScienceDaily
90 Stephen Hawking's most famous prediction could mean that everything in the universe is doomed to evaporate, new study says
91 Discovery challenges 30-year-old dogma in associative polymers research
92 House of moveable wooden walls unveiled, promising a cheaper, greener alternative to 'knocking through.'--ScienceDaily
93 Does the giant blob of seaweed headed to Florida really contain 'flesh-eating' bacteria?
94 AI software can provide 'roadmap' for biological discoveries
95 Researchers uncover reasons to rethink how mountains are built--ScienceDaily
96 150-year-old mystery of strange half-circles from Paleolithic site in France finally solved
97 Improving fluid simulations with embedded neural networks
98 Innovating with nanoporous model electrodes--ScienceDaily
99 Deadly fungal meningitis outbreak linked to cosmetic procedures in Mexico
100 Predicting the composition of a steel alloy
101 Eventually everything will evaporate, not only black holes--ScienceDaily
102 Better understanding the bonds between carbon group elements
103 New insights into the genetic diversity and evolution of our closest relatives and the genetic causes of human diseases--ScienceDaily
104 School closings during pandemic affected parents' work schedules, finds German study
105 Researchers surprised to find fragments of RNA viruses in coral partners' genomes--ScienceDaily
106 The planning and design of environmental education sites from the perspective of pro-environmental behavior
107 Clinical trial suggests low-dose atropine is effective myopia treatment--ScienceDaily
108 Science news this week: A quasi-moon and a lonely spy whale
109 A new class of materials is here
110 Preventing truck crashes needs to take 'dashcam' approach to driver 'microsleeps'--ScienceDaily
111 New grasshopper species from central Texas named in honor of two iconic musicians
112 The hippocampus plays a crucial role in assigning positive value through interactions with others--ScienceDaily
113 Why do cats knead? / Live Science
114 Mini-satellites by Canadian university students set for 'exciting' space mission--National
115 Examining the propagation of ultrasonic waves through liquids containing encapsulated bubbles
116 Petit-spot volcanoes involve the deepest known submarine hydrothermal activity, possibly release CO2 and methane--ScienceDaily
117 Hundreds of ancient, invisible structures discovered near our galaxy's center