File Title
1 Biodegradable plastic in clothing doesn't break down nearly as quickly as hoped--new research
2 Twisting under the stroboscope--Controlling crystal lattices of hybrid solar cell materials with terahertz light--ScienceDaily
3 Defense lawyers face challenges accessing and reviewing digital evidence, study shows
4 The white matter of the MS brain shows abnormalities even before inflammation--ScienceDaily
5 Egypt unveils recently discovered ancient workshops, tombs in Saqqara necropolis
6 Stretchable knee wearable offers insight into improving e-textiles for healthcare--ScienceDaily
7 Protein-based nano-computer evolves in its ability to influence cell behavior
8 In mice and human cell models, the drug 32-134D lowered protein levels known to contribute to diabetic macular edema and diabetic retinopathy--ScienceDaily
9 Death cap mushroom's invasion success may be linked to newly documented variability of toxin genes
10 Scientists target human stomach cells for diabetes therapy--ScienceDaily
11 Interdisciplinary study provides a detailed map of urban heat islands
12 Researchers weave deeper understanding of diverse ancestry and gene expression--ScienceDaily
13 Researchers present an unsupervised learning-based optical fiber imaging system
14 Keeping time with an atomic nucleus--ScienceDaily
15 Mechanistic understanding and porous structure
16 Combination of readily available treatments improved outcomes [for stroke]--with particular benefit for low- and middle-income countries, where most cases occur--ScienceDaily
17 Warm and dry climate over China in 2022 with extreme heatwaves and droughts
18 Afternoon exercise linked with greater improvements in blood sugar levels for patients with type 2 diabetes--ScienceDaily
19 Crash of private Japanese moon lander blamed on software, last-minute location switch
20 In lab, contradictory feedback linked to increased spine loading--ScienceDaily
21 All-optical, near-infrared imaging via ultra-thin structured films
22 Most effective ways of foraging can attract predators--ScienceDaily
23 Exploring 'compellingness' in mechanism design
24 These oldest-old are also less susceptible to other types of neurodegenerative changes--ScienceDaily
25 Examining the role of the Catholic church in shaping ideal societies
26 Growing blood stem cells in the lab to save lives--ScienceDaily
27 Researchers comprehensively assess the safety of using your head in youth soccer--ScienceDaily
28 Medical 'microrobots' could one day treat bladder disease, other human illnesses--ScienceDaily
29 Columbia Engineers develop machine-learning algorithm to better understand and mitigate the impact of extreme weather events, which are becoming more frequent in our warming climate.--ScienceDaily
30 Study shows key role for human T cells in the control of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection--ScienceDaily
31 Then and now: 70 years of Everest
32 What was the longest-lasting civilization?
33 German brewery has high hopes for powdered beer
34 Planet-friendly farming takes root in drought-hit Tunisia
35 Travelers will refuse an upgrade to sit near a loved one--new research into when people want to share experiences
36 Dangerous slowing of Antarctic ocean circulation sooner than expected
37 Warming Arctic could put chill on squirrel 'date nights'
38 New source of fire records gives a bigger picture of the risks
39 The last of the first on Everest
40 Why do animals keep evolving into crabs?
41 Drought-struck Barcelona quenches thirst with costly desalination
42 Picking up lightsabers for Mars
43 China plans to land astronauts on moon before 2030, another step in what looks like a new space race
44 The oldest tree in the world (and the 7 runner-ups)
45 Researchers shed further light onto zinc homeostasis in cells
46 Earth may have debris from alien star systems trapped in its orbit, new research suggests
47 Why more foam makes for the best beer-drinking experience--and always has
48 2,700-year-old petroglyphs depicting people, ships and animals discovered in Sweden
49 A simple model to evaluate skeletal muscle-macrophage interaction during skeletal muscle regeneration
50 The biggest asteroid to hit Earth in recorded history vanished without a trace: How?
51 153,000-year-old footprints from South Africa are the oldest Homo sapiens tracks on record
52 One-third of galaxy's most common planets could be in habitable zone
53 Are vape pens 'healthier' than cigarettes?
54 Vehicle stop study illuminates importance of officer's first words
55 Even lawyers don't like legalese: Study
56 Mapping the conflict between farming and biodiversity
57 UAE announces groundbreaking mission to asteroid belt, seeking clues to life's origins
58 Study investigates causes of cation pattern formation, with implications for energy applications
59 Want to be an asteroid miner? There's a database for that 61
60 Study finds familiarity promotes resident cooperation with volunteers in waste separation
61 Ready for study of Jupiter
62 New-look infrared lens shines a light on future technology and manufacturing
63 How forest fragmentation affects birds depends on their wings
64 Arnold Schwarzenegger calls fight against climate change his 'crusade'
65 Humans evolved to walk with an extra spring in our step, shows foot arch study
66 X-ray emissions from black hole jets vary unexpectedly, challenging leading model of particle acceleration
67 What happens when conflicting priorities collide and potentially compromise trees, woodland and forests?
68 Extreme heat events, high ambient temperatures, human morbidity and mortality in Africa: Review
69 Venice's Grand Canal turns bright green due to fluorescein
70 A Long March to the Moon and beyond
71 Chinese mission with first civilian reaches space station
72 What is the speed of light?
73 Robot centipedes go for a walk--ScienceDaily
74 Mystery pathogen is stripping sea urchins of their flesh and turning them to skeletons--and it's spreading fast
75 Kenya railway study shows investment projects aren't a one-way street
76 Super low-cost smartphone attachment brings blood pressure monitoring to your fingertips--ScienceDaily
77 World War II 'horror bunker' run by infamous Unit 731 discovered in China
78 A closer look at galaxy M64's outer disk shows that it came from a smaller dwarf galaxy
79 Nanorobotic system presents new options for targeting fungal infections--ScienceDaily
80 Storms lash drought-hit Spain
81 Judge orders halt to Ballona Wetlands restoration project
82 Philosophy aligns with economics on how to value future generations in climate policy--ScienceDaily
83 How the humble neutron can help solve some of the universe's deepest mysteries
84 Windshield washer fluid is an unexpected emission source--ScienceDaily
85 Extreme precipitation in the Northeast to increase 52% by the end of the century, study predicts
86 Symmetry breaking by ultrashort light pulses opens new quantum pathways for coherent phonons--ScienceDaily
87 Study shows light conveyed by signal-transmitting sucrose controls growth of plant roots
88 An optimal range of wind speed and environmental surface complexity may help flying insects locate an odor source--ScienceDaily
89 Quarter-ton marsupial roamed long distances across Australia's arid interior, reveals 3D-scanning study
90 Reusable packaging revolution is close--ScienceDaily
91 Marine fish are responding to ocean warming by relocating towards the poles
92 New DNA testing technology shows majority of wild dingoes are pure, not hybrids--ScienceDaily
93 Unique 'bawdy bard' act discovered, revealing 15th-century roots of British comedy
94 Self-driving cars lack social intelligence in traffic--ScienceDaily
95 New study highlights importance of democratic norms and learning about the other party
96 Almond milk yogurt packs an overall greater nutritional punch than dairy-based--ScienceDaily
97 Nevada fight over leaky irrigation canal and groundwater more complicated than appears on surface
98 Researchers design an innovative strategy to fight obesity through gene therapy--ScienceDaily
99 Could the rush for lithium near California's Salton Sea trigger earthquakes?
100 Engineers' device is gentle on neurons, could serve as sensory prosthesis--ScienceDaily
101 Researchers use 'natural' system to identify proteins most useful for developing an effective HIV vaccine--ScienceDaily
102 Can phrases like 'isn't it?' or 'right?' compromise classroom learning? New study answers
103 Light conveyed by the signal transmitting molecule sucrose controls growth of plant roots--ScienceDaily
104 Shell beads discovery sheds light on Stone Age seafaring
105 World leading health experts say aviation industry must act on cabin fumes as they launch new medical guidance--ScienceDaily
106 Four ways to advance equity and justice goals in climate action planning
107 Novel framework could offer chemists greater drug options--ScienceDaily
108 Quest for alien signals in the heart of the Milky Way takes off--ScienceDaily
109 Plants can distinguish when touch starts and stops
110 Mitigating climate change through restoration of coastal ecosystems--ScienceDaily
111 EU looks to boost boat tracking to fight overfishing
112 Saved from extinction, Southern California's Channel Island Foxes now face new threat to survival--ScienceDaily