File Title
1 Using data by AI for healthcare could be 'biased or misused,' warns WHO
2 Title 42 expired, but for border towns, life goes on around immigration policy: NPR
3 72-year-old who looks better than most guys half his age shares tips
4 Tata Memorial now 1st govt. facility in India to offer breakthrough 'proton therapy' for cancer
5 Weight-loss drugs and surgery for kids leave parents with tough decisions: Shots
6 Study links hot flushes and heart disease risk for women--Dr. Nighat's advice
7 'Imperative' to assess risks of AI in healthcare, WHO warns--National
8 N.Y. Times' Sulzberger argues reporters' beliefs should not influence news: NPR
9 Bone health check using online tool could slash risk of premature death
10 A simple act of kindness changed the trajectory of a young man's life: NPR
11 Motor neurone disease kills six Britons a day--symptoms to spot
12 What is Folate Deficiency? 6 Signs and Symptoms You Cannot Ignore
13 More companies help with fertility care, but it is still out of reach for many
14 Butterflies evolved from moths about 100 million years ago in North America: NPR
15 Storing fat in your muscles could raise risk of premature death--study
16 US soccer officials to discuss head injuries as 4 more ex-players diagnosed with CTE
17 Martha Stewart is the oldest model to cover a 'Sports Illustrated' swim issue: NPR
18 Type 2 diabetes connected to three 'poor' dietary choices in study
19 4 Side Effects of Not Paying Attention to Proper Menstruation Practises
20 Artificial sweeteners don't aid weight loss, may increase diabetes, heart disease risk, says WHO
21 North Carolina GOP to attempt swift override of governor's abortion veto
22 Marijuana Can Affect Fetal Development, Even if Used Early in Pregnancy
23 Florida professor breaks world record for longest time living underwater: NPR
24 Dementia symptom could be spotted with simple clock test
25 Man sentenced for BB gun attacks on California Planned Parenthood clinic
26 Family and Treatment Are Key [to Obesity]
27 Six 'common' bowel cancer symptoms 'worth visiting your GP' about
28 Cancer diagnoses fell 12% in first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: StatCan--National
29 Monopoly concerns push FTC to sue to block Amgen's more than $26 billion deal for Horizon
30 Most Crohn's and Liver Disease Info on TikTok Is Accurate: Studies
31 Cambodian runner finishes last but never gives up during SEA Games: NPR
32 'It's true what they say about dying': Saskatoon man struggles after four flatlines
33 YouTube sends gun videos to 9-year-olds: 'It's not the kids. It's the algorithms,' study finds
34 Hypnosis Can Be Powerful Therapy--But Will It Work for You?
35 Same-sex couples will now have full adoption rights in Taiwan: NPR
36 Washington state Senate OKs bill keeping drugs illegal, boosting resources for housing and treatment
37 Rural communities are getting nearly $11 billion for renewable energy: NPR
38 Bird flu detected in 2 poultry workers in the UK; no transmission between people
39 Could Vitamin D Supplements Help People with Long COVID?
40 Democrat to force vote to expel George Santos from Con: NPR
41 The IRS is working on software to allow taxpayers to file online: NPR
42 Biden meets McCarthy and others over a debt ceiling impasse: NPR
43 How Atlanta's Boot Girls are challenging the car booting industry: NPR
44 Patient pleas to Steve Barclay to "please save my life" for new liver
45 IRS chief 'deeply concerned' over higher audit rates for Black taxpayers: NPR
46 Type 2 diabetes is becoming a public health disaster, expert warns
47 Montana abortion clinics ask judge to block law that bans second-trimester abortion method
48 LA's Star Garden strippers are poised to unionize: NPR
49 Missouri terminates emergency rule to limit trans care for minors, some adults
50 4 killed after gunmen attack U.S. convoy in Nigeria: NPR
51 Elizabeth Holmes loses latest bid to avoid prison and gets hit with $452 million restitution bill
52 Abortion pill case moves to appeals court, on track for Supreme Court
53 Biowarfare Through the Food Supply
54 Elizabeth Holmes loses latest bid to avoid prison: NPR
55 Brain tumour symptoms could include losing control of limbs--girl, 10, diagnosed
56 Taco Bell wants to reverse a trademark given to Taco John's for 'taco Tuesday': NPR
57 Two exercises shown to slash risk of death from flu or pneumonia by 48%
58 Google will begin deleting accounts that have been inactive for 2 years or more: NPR
59 Gaining 1kg per year in late teens could raise risk of prostate cancer
60 EU sets carbon border tax to boost climate efforts: NPR
61 Expert's 'top tips' to help bring down harmful blood pressure readings
62 Week after doctor's killing, Kerala govt. approves ordinance to protect healthcare workers
63 5 on trial in Germany over far-right plot to topple government: NPR
64 Bird flu symptoms to spot as two people the first in years to be infected in UK
65 Feeling of hunger may be enough to slow down aging, study suggests
66 Sleep expert recommends the NASA-approved 'zero gravity' position for health benefits
67 What is partisan gerrymandering? It's allowed in some states: NPR
68 Blood pressure risk: Half of pizzas sold in the UK have too much salt, finds survey
69 Church closings have created crisis, and opportunity, for the faithful: NPR
70 2 people were hurt in a bee attack. What to do if it happens to you: NPR
71 Alzheimer's disease--doctor shares 'early signs' to look out for
72 Beyond the 'abortion pill': Real stories about mifepristone: Shots
73 Pumpkin seeds could lower blood sugar levels by 35%, doctor advises
74 Abortion after 12 weeks banned in North Carolina after GOP lawmakers override governor's veto
75 Don't buy abortion or morning-after pills from this website, Health Canada warns--National
76 Scientists may have found antidote for world's deadliest 'death cap' mushrooms--a medical dye
77 Here are all of the abortion debates happening this week in US courts and statehouses
78 Teens say social media is stressing them out. Here's how to break the habit: Shots
79 Liver cancer symptoms could include three signs in your tummy--what to look for
80 US drug overdose deaths slightly increased in 2022, CDC says
81 Why were 2 scientists fired from Winnipeg lab? MPs to examine documents
82 Drug overdoses in the US slightly increased last year. But experts see hopeful signs
83 COVID Emergency Over, but Hundreds Are Still Dying Weekly
84 A 1,100-year-old Hebrew Bible sells for $38 million at NYC auction: NPR
85 Expert recommends six foods and drinks with 'anti-cancer' properties
86 Harry and Meghan in a car chase with paparazzi in NYC: NPR
87 Minnesota to announce details of settlement with e-cigarette maker Juul
88 Elizabeth Holmes requests May 30 as new date to report to prison after losing her bid to remain free
89 Illinois Democrats say abortion-access protections are a promise: 'You're safe here'
90 Nigerian doctors begin 5-day strike, leaving many without health care
91 U.S. Will Fund Study of Safe Injection Sites Despite Pushback
92 Mark Gietzen, abortion foe who forced recount of Kansas vote, dies in plane crash at 69
93 Trends I See in Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment
94 Can politicians catch up with AI?: NPR
95 New work requirements for federal aid? GOP pushes proposals in debt talks
96 Federal appeals court hears arguments over mifepristone: Shots
97 Warning issued on surgery in Mexican border city after suspected cases of meningitis, 1 death
98 Rep. Cori Bush introduces bill on reparations for Black Americans: NPR
99 Abortion pill opponents appear to get favourable hearing at U.S. appeals court--National
100 $2 billion budget bump: Oregon GOP walkout stalls two-year funding plan amid rosy revenue forecast
101 Ukrainian trauma surgeon operates on soldiers all day long amid Russia's war
102 Soccer, health officials gather for head injury summit amid criticism from CTE researchers
103 Montana is the first state to totally ban TikTok: NPR
104 New work requirements for federal aid? GOP pushes proposals in debt talks
105 Texas Legislature OKs ban on gender-affirming care for minors
106 Texas Legislature OKs ban on gender-affirming care for minors: NPR
107 Here are the restrictions on transgender people that are moving forward in US states
108 New Hampshire House voting on whether parents who ask must be told about transgender talk at school
109 What Causes Water to Move Inside Your Body?