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1 How can universities better understand students' experiences of violence and victimization?
2 Extinct offshore volcano could store gigatons of carbon dioxide--ScienceDaily
3 Some mice tails are secretly reinforced with bony scales, just like dinosaurs
4 Fossil tells the 'tail' of an ancient beast
5 Researchers treat depression by reversing brain signals traveling the wrong way--ScienceDaily
6 Climate change-caused underwater landslides could spawn gigantic tsunamis from the Antarctic
7 Study finds people who expect others to vote are more likely to vote themselves
8 Newly discovered signalling pathway specifically protects the stem cells in the plant root from salt stress--ScienceDaily
9 What's the difference between outer space and deep space?
10 The most effective ways of foraging can attract predators, scientists find
11 Scientists find evidence for new superconducting state in Ising superconductor--ScienceDaily
12 Groundhog Day' syndrome made a man feel like he was reliving the same events
13 Fuzzy falcon chicks who nest at Michigan State football stadium get tracking bands
14 Seismologists use supercomputer to reveal complex dynamics of multi-fault earthquake systems--ScienceDaily
15 Scientists discover possible antidote for death caps, the world's deadliest mushroom
16 Danish masters prepped canvases with leftovers from brewing beer
17 Failed antibiotic now a game changing weed killer for farmers--ScienceDaily
18 Mini kangaroos on steroids' make comeback in South Australia after disappearing for 100 years
19 Pre-Hispanic aquaducts irrigate modern Peruvian crops
20 Propellers are louder over ground--ScienceDaily
21 2,700-year-old leather saddle found in woman's tomb in China is oldest on record
22 Danish researcher and NASA predict how many people will die from air pollution in the future
23 How tasty is the food? A hormone and specialized brain cells regulate feeding behavior in mice--ScienceDaily
24 Researchers discover the church of a sunken medieval trading place
25 Epigenetic landscape modulates pioneer transcription factor binding--ScienceDaily
26 Relating to someone else's situation 'equally' can be validating, shows research
27 A student's poor eating habits can lead to a lifetime of illness--ScienceDaily
28 High-stakes talks to end plastic pollution resume
29 Brain regions mapped to aid future diabetes therapies and studies--ScienceDaily
30 Vitamin D alters developing neurons in the brain's dopamine circuit--ScienceDaily
31 Cloudy with scattered showers of plastic
32 Deadly virus structures point toward new avenues for vaccine design--ScienceDaily
33 New 'super-Neptune' exoplanet discovered with TESS
34 Good for your health and your hip pocket--ScienceDaily
35 Massive dino from Brazil ate 'like a pelican,' controversial new study finds. Why is it causing an uproar?
36 Japanese researchers successfully induce primate oocytes in the lab
37 Genetic diversity is also a component of biodiversity--ScienceDaily
38 Why are cave-dwelling eels growing skin over their left eyes? It may be evolution in action.
39 Top FIBers dashboard tracks superspreaders of low-credibility information online
40 Engineers harvest abundant clean energy from thin air, 24/7--ScienceDaily
41 Raging 'polar vortex' discovered over Uranus' north pole for 1st time
42 Deep sea surveys detect over five thousand new species in future mining hotspot--ScienceDaily
43 Antarctic currents supplying 40% of world's deep ocean with nutrients and oxygen slowing dramatically
44 How a Bay Area man won Bay to Breakers for the first time in 57 years
45 Climate-stressed trees get a boost from new microbial partnerships
46 Study reveals how exercise helps maintain memory function during aging--ScienceDaily
47 In rare case, man develops painful deep vein blood clots following brown recluse spider bite
48 New skyrmion transistors propel quantum and AI research
49 New study reveals first details on how stem cell transplantation can kill virus that causes AIDS--ScienceDaily
50 2,500-year-old poop from Jerusalem toilets contain oldest evidence of dysentery parasite
51 Early toilets reveal dysentery in Old Testament Jerusalem
52 Confucianism Offers Alternative--ScienceDaily
53 A rare type of black hole never proven to exist could be orbiting our galaxy right now, Hubble telescope reveals
54 US Supreme Court deals setback to clean water law
55 The system, named TOI-2096, consists of two planets orbiting a cool star in a synchronized dance at approximately 150 light-years from Earth.--ScienceDaily
56 Gravitational wave lab LIGO roars back online to detect the oldest black hole collisions ever seen
57 3 healthy kittens born to mountain lion tracked by biologists in wilderness near Los Angeles
58 Living in an almshouse can boost the longevity of its residents by as much as two-and-a-half years compared to their counterparts in the general population--ScienceDaily
59 More than 5,000 new species found in 'pristine' deep-sea wilderness. But they could soon be wiped out.
60 C. difficile, emerging pathogens, genomics, and antimicrobial resistance
61 The structure harnesses a strange physical phenomenon and could enable engineers to manipulate light in new ways.--ScienceDaily
62 Scientists may be able to put Mars-bound astronauts into 'suspended animation' using sound waves, mouse study suggests
63 In situ investigation of the structure-activity correlation for carbon dioxide electrolysis in SOECs
64 Unique long-term study helps us understand biological responses to climate shifts--ScienceDaily
65 Strong cultural regions slowed Britain's urbanization, new research finds
66 The new findings could explain biodiversity hotspots in tectonically quiet regions--ScienceDaily
67 Yeast screen uncovers genes involved in chromosomal mutation
68 Helium nuclei research advances our understanding of cosmic ray origin and propagation--ScienceDaily
69 US predicts at least 12 named storms this hurricane season
70 The metaverse can lead to better science--ScienceDaily
71 NASA uncovers shattered remains of Japanese lunar lander that mysteriously disappeared on April 25
72 Fungi and plants clean up California pollution
73 A new device can measure power levels with unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity, offering a major step forward for quantum technologies--ScienceDaily
74 Movement of filaments of Trichodesmium and their interactions with other filaments help form aggregates
75 Study suggests ancient microorganisms helped cause massive volcanic events--ScienceDaily
76 Pandemic policies may have increased challenges and inequalities
77 Scientists propose revolution in complex systems modelling with quantum technologies--ScienceDaily
78 Over half of the world's largest lakes and reservoirs are losing water
79 More efforts are needed to protect orchids in karst forests
80 Study finds brain connectivity, memory improves in older adults after walking--ScienceDaily
81 Watch the biggest supernova in 10 years explode tonight on this free telescope livestream
82 Embracing chatGPT in the financial technology classroom
83 A special kind of intertwined plant-pollinator relationship, thought to be rare, is present in hundreds of weevil species--ScienceDaily
84 Scientists changed scales on chicken feet to feathers by tweaking a single gene
85 How the war in Sudan could exacerbate impacts of the climate crisis in the Horn of Africa
86 How to extend US breadbasket fertility for centuries--ScienceDaily
87 Heavy rains expose ancient phallus and 'imposing' face carvings at Roman fort in Spain
88 Active Brownian particles have four distinct states of motion, researchers find
89 Snapshots of photoinjection--ScienceDaily
90 Would you get a brain implant? Neuralink says it will start human trials--National
91 'Jumping genes' found to alter human colon genomes, offering insights into aging and tumorigenesis?--ScienceDaily
92 Global flash droughts expected to increase in a warming climate--ScienceDaily
93 Examining networks in the dog brain provides further insights into mammalian evolution
94 Research on how animals move around the world helps determine the influence of human activity--ScienceDaily
95 Nanorobotic system presents new options for targeting fungal infections
96 How efficient are blue LEDs, actually? LEDs are the ultimate lighting source--ScienceDaily
97 What's in a name? Sometimes, the climate
98 Emergence of solvated dielectrons observed for the first time--ScienceDaily
99 Experiments see first evidence of a rare Higgs boson decay
100 Protein-based nano--'computer' evolves in ability to influence cell behavior--ScienceDaily
101 GPS tracking reveals how a female baboon stopped using urban space after giving birth
102 Cancers in distant organs alter liver function--ScienceDaily
103 How efficient are blue LEDs, actually?
104 Researchers identify potential new treatment for those who act out their dreams while sleeping--ScienceDaily
105 Science news this week: Sinking cities and tree of life mysteries
106 Meet the scientist (sort of) spending a year on Mars
107 New research offers insights into how researchers can use their platforms to help end the use of stigmatizing language--ScienceDaily
108 Observations reveal deep ocean currents are slowing earlier than predicted
109 The fruit fly gut influences reproduction by 'tasting' fructose--ScienceDaily
110 What is the 'ship of Theseus' thought experiment?
111 Study reveals changes of lake area in permafrost regions of arctic and Tibetan Plateau from 1987 to 2017
112 Researchers successfully induce primate oocytes in the lab--ScienceDaily
113 Tracking the accelerated melting of glaciers in Greenland
114 Researchers find a molecular pathway that controls sleep rhythms and homeostasis--ScienceDaily
115 'Chemical camouflage' can hide crops and cut losses by over 60%
116 Scientists perform computational simulations for biological molecules detected in meteorites to clarify the origin of life on Earth.--ScienceDaily
117 From mangroves to fjords, coastal ecosystems can take up or emit greenhouse gases. But globally, they're a vital sink
118 Gene editing tool could help reduce spread of antimicrobial resistance--ScienceDaily