File Title
1 Gulf oil giants turn to start-ups in carbon-capture bid
2 Fine-tuning air pollution models
3 Demystifying vortex rings in nuclear fusion, supernovae--ScienceDaily
4 Mount Etna volcano erupts, raining ash on Catania, forcing flight suspension at local airport
5 An X-ray look at the heart of powerful quasars--ScienceDaily
6 Even slight traffic noise has a negative impact on work performance--ScienceDaily
7 Spain says containing wildfire as conditions improve
8 Oldest architectural plans detail mysterious desert mega structures--ScienceDaily
9 Smoke from Canada wildfires prompts air quality alerts in Colorado, Montana
10 New insights into the structure of phages will enable researchers to develop new uses for the viruses in biotechnology--ScienceDaily
11 Heat-loving marine bacteria can help detoxify asbestos--ScienceDaily
12 Longitudinal study uses acoustic telemetry to monitor rays in clam leases along Florida's Atlantic coast--ScienceDaily
13 We now know exactly what happens in nature when we fell forests--ScienceDaily
14 Researchers reveal DNA repair mechanism--ScienceDaily
15 Study highlights the need to move from populations to individuals in genomic medicine--ScienceDaily
16 Clean, usable liquid fuels made from solar power--ScienceDaily
17 Forgetfulness, even fatal cases, can happen to anyone--ScienceDaily
18 Smart material prototype challenges Newton's laws of motion--ScienceDaily
19 Stop eradication of small mammals to protect vital ecosystems, say scientists
20 New wireless system for greater 5G access--ScienceDaily
21 Healthy heart or cancer risk? Meet nutrition's Jekyll and Hyde
22 Smoke choking Canadians but cooling wildfires by blocking out sun
23 First-ever A.I. algorithm correctly estimates fish stocks, could save millions and bridge global data and sustainability divide--ScienceDaily
24 Automated window shades show potential for significant energy savings--ScienceDaily
25 Study finds carrying pollen heats up bumble bees, raises new climate change questions--ScienceDaily
26 Watch an octopus waking up from what scientists think could have been a nightmare
27 Impact of ancient earthquake revealed--ScienceDaily
28 Eruption of Tonga underwater volcano found to disrupt satellite signals halfway around the world
29 Brain-eating' amoeba ruled out in 'cluster of illnesses' in Oklahoma. What could the cause be?
30 In the Amazon, Brazilian ecologists try new approach against deforestation and poverty
31 Sensitive, reliable and durable sensors created for multiple industries--ScienceDaily
32 AI predicts the function of enzymes
33 Scientific demonstration with machine learning reveals 'extreme' DNA sequences with custom-tailored activities--ScienceDaily
34 Mysterious white, powdery substance found inside 3,000-year-old ruins in Armenia isn't what it seems
35 Ancient galaxy's traits revealed using Webb telescope
36 Physical chemists develop photochromic active colloids shedding light on the development of new smart active materials--ScienceDaily
37 New gene therapy gel is the 1st approved treatment for rare and painful 'butterfly disease'
38 AI-enabled forecasting model predicts nearly two years of ENSO events
39 Infidelity survey reveals little remorse, high rates of satisfaction--ScienceDaily
40 What happens if you skydive through a cloud?
41 Harvard study finds implicit racial bias highest among white people
42 Fine particulate matter catalyzes oxidative stress in the lungs--ScienceDaily
43 15 of the weirdest things we have launched into space
44 New book eyes Earth's excavators, from microbes to elephants and dinosaurs
45 Fluorine-based new drug synthesis at lightning speed--ScienceDaily
46 Spanish Civil War soldier saw the world 'backward' after bullet pierced brain, historic case report reveals
47 Unidentified aerial phenomena observations reported by almost one fifth of academic survey respondents
48 Exercise seems to protect against major brain hemorrhage--ScienceDaily
49 All butterflies evolved from ancient moths in North America 100 million years ago
50 How intermittent feedback drives consumer impatience
51 A new study focusing on the number of dividing bacterial cells in the North Sea challenges some dogmas about marine microbial life.--ScienceDaily
52 Brain signals underlying chronic pain could be 'short-circuited,' study suggests
53 Allowing financial trading in California's wholesale electricity market significantly reduces volatility
54 A multiomics approach provides insights into flu severity--ScienceDaily
55 Rarest of rare: 2 albino egg-laying mammals spotted in Australia
56 In terms of neurobiology ants are a model species--ScienceDaily
57 Exclusive: It is time to graduate to being best in the world, says Bernard Dunne / Boxing News
58 Sexing chicken eggs by scent
59 Dinosaurs were the first to take the perspectives of others--ScienceDaily
60 Endangered macaw vs. wind farm
61 Identifying trends, emerging topics, and key insights
62 Under control to the very end--how our cells kill themselves--ScienceDaily
63 Investigation reveals "shocking" epidemic of sexual assault in the NHS
64 Microorganisms' climate adaptation can slow down global warming--ScienceDaily
65 Why do people like spicy food?
66 Prescribed burns encourage foul-smelling invaders
67 Does brain's electrical encoding of information 'tune' sub-cellular structure?--ScienceDaily
68 Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts, spewing 'avalanche' of lava
69 Effects of crypto mining on Texas power grid--ScienceDaily
70 Telecom-wavelength quantum repeater node transmits quantum information over tens of kilometers
71 Montreal protocol is delaying first ice-free Arctic summer--ScienceDaily
72 Watch exclusive clip of never-before-depicted dinosaur from Prehistoric Planet season 2
73 New approach to teaching computer science could broaden the subject's appeal
74 In cold, harsh environments, drought can actually benefit the trees by extending the growing season--ScienceDaily
75 Recent shark bites scary, but serious injuries remain vanishingly rare
76 A deep underground lab could hold key to habitability on Mars--ScienceDaily
77 How the body changes in space--usually, for the worse
78 Evaluating the ecological impacts of mountain biking
79 Improving the fluid flow inside noselike chambers can enhance detection of harmful chemicals.--ScienceDaily
80 Strange star system may hold first evidence of an ultra-rare 'dark matter star
81 Using nuclear spins neighboring a lanthanide atom to create Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger quantum states
82 First long-distance quantum repeater node for telecommunication networks--ScienceDaily
83 2,000-year-old stone receipt discovered in Jerusalem
84 Swift, deadly epidemic kills all the black sea urchins in Gulf of Eilat, posing threat to Eilat's coral reef
85 What makes news get shared widely? The answer is in your head--ScienceDaily
86 Brain-eating' amoebas are a new concern in northern US states, health officials advise
87 Social media did not help in preventing anxiety and depression during the pandemic, says research
88 Humans are unique but not exceptional species of mammal--ScienceDaily
89 Watch a great white shark devour a seal off the coast of Cape Cod, shocking nearby whale watchers
90 Establishing a wildflower meadow bolstered biodiversity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, study finds
91 Calcium rechargeable battery with long cycle life--ScienceDaily
92 James Webb telescope discovers gargantuan geyser on Saturn's moon, blasting water hundreds of miles into space
93 Largest study of video games reveals male characters say twice as much as female characters
94 Prescribed burns encourage foul-smelling invaders--ScienceDaily
95 Extinct offshore volcano could store gigatons of carbon dioxide
96 Machine learning approach opens insights into an entire class of materials being pursued for solid-state batteries--ScienceDaily
97 Investors overvalue companies that align with presidential policies; their mistakes 'leave money on the table'
98 Researchers examine cooling power plants with brackish groundwater--ScienceDaily
99 Analysis also dispels common back pain myth--ScienceDaily
100 Scientists uncover health benefits of melatonin supplement for cattle
101 From mangroves to fjords, coastal ecosystems can take up or emit greenhouse gases. But globally, they're a vital sink--ScienceDaily
102 Mexico keeps close watch on ash-spewing volcano
103 Modular builds may help construction industry weather a perfect storm--ScienceDaily
104 What marsupials can teach us about brain development--ScienceDaily
105 The study suggests that extrinsic foot muscles, which connect the lower leg and foot, are more susceptible to damage from marathon running--ScienceDaily
106 Miami zoo's meet-a-kiwi scheme ruffles feathers in New Zealand
107 Previous smallpox vaccine provides immunity to mpox--ScienceDaily
108 Breakthrough in computer chip energy efficiency could cut data center electricity use--ScienceDaily
109 Failed antibiotic could be a game-changing weed killer for farmers
110 Rare green fireball explodes over Australia, creating bright flash visible for hundreds of miles
111 Heat-stressed fish embryos can induce stress in nearby embryos
112 Mice are tricked to think there is no point digging for seeds--ScienceDaily
113 Extremely rare case of mad cow disease detected in the US
114 Database stores names for family members in 1,200+ languages
115 Engineers create bacteria that can synthesize an unnatural amino acid--ScienceDaily