File Title
1 Climate change, habitat loss threaten East African bird populations
2 'Love hormone' guides young songbirds in choice of 'voice coach'--ScienceDaily
3 Study highlights threats to murasaki plant
4 Monkeypox viruses relatively stable on surfaces--ScienceDaily
5 Analyzing the fate and environmental risks of 40 pharmaceutically active compounds in the Pearl River basin
6 Researcher uses mammal DNA to zoom into the human genome with unprecedented resolution--ScienceDaily
7 Private satellites give boost to public sector in climate fight
8 Students positive towards AI, but uncertain about what counts as cheating--ScienceDaily
9 Canada seeks foreign help to fight spreading wildfires
10 Gut health may influence likelihood of developing Alzheimer's--ScienceDaily
11 2 hidden male skeletons discovered under pile of rubble in Pompeii's 'House of the Chaste Lovers
12 Humans were making fires at least 250,000 years ago in Europe, research finds
13 Reusable sponge can capture and recover critical metals and heavy-metal pollutants--ScienceDaily
14 Scientists discover past climate change to blame for Antarctica's giant underwater landslides
15 Earth scientists identify pivotal step in the Earth's later climate development--ScienceDaily
16 Researchers develop photochromic active colloids for the development of new smart materials
17 ChatGPT passes radiology board exam--ScienceDaily
18 Optimized prime editing alters genes of living mice, marking major advance
19 Scientists reveal breakthrough that could lead to cleaner hydrogen energy--ScienceDaily
20 Musician's head injury triggered rare synesthesia, causing him to 'see' music
21 Researchers advise limiting the number of intercropping species in rubber-based agroforestry
22 Study expands range of livable regions in interior South Africa nearly 200,000 years ago--ScienceDaily
23 New York's first dinosaur museum was trashed before it even opened. The culprit is not who we thought.
24 Ex-49er 'apparently' threatened Eric Swalwell, congressman says
25 Half of the world's largest lakes are losing water, shows new study
26 Fossil of mosasaur with bizarre 'screwdriver teeth' found in Morocco--ScienceDaily
27 Planet killer' asteroids pose no threat to Earth for at least 1,000 years--but smaller rocks could still be a problem
28 Why do Japanese teachers seem unready to teach critical thinking in classrooms?
29 Pet owners with hoarding tendencies may take toll on health of themselves, animals in care, study finds--ScienceDaily
30 A metal detectorist in Wales discovered an 'adorable' ox-headed bowl. It could reveal a lost Roman settlement.
31 Alaska scientists find novel way to aid earthquake magnitude determination
32 An edible CBD coating could extend the shelf life of strawberries--ScienceDaily
33 Scientists watched a 'reappearing supernova' explode 5 times in a row--and it could help reveal how fast the universe is expanding
34 Preclinical study could pave the way for multiple drug doses in a single injection
35 Homo sapiens likely arose from multiple closely related populations--ScienceDaily
36 Stunning full-scale scan of Titanic reveals complete shipwreck for the 1st time
37 Perseverance rover captures view of Mars' Belva Crater
38 Freedom to miss the optimal mark opens a wide range of new designs over time--ScienceDaily
39 Novel 3D printing method a 'game changer' for discovery, manufacturing of new materials--ScienceDaily
40 Orcas have sunk 3 boats in Europe and appear to be teaching others to do the same. But why?
41 Catching foodborne illness early
42 A new study shows that, in mice, the metabolite uridine can feed pancreatic cancer cells when glucose availability is low--ScienceDaily
43 Scientists grow swirling 'black hole rings' in the lab for the 1st time
44 New use for AI: Correctly estimating fish stocks
45 New electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries performs well in frigid regions and seasons--ScienceDaily
46 How good is the data for tracking countries' agricultural greenhouse gas emissions?
47 With thousands of pesticides in use, the researchers' new screening approach could make it easier to determine which ones are linked to [Parkinson's] disease--ScienceDaily
48 The Noah's Ark for plants beneath the English countryside
49 One step closer to developing a potentially ultraprotective sunscreen from our own melanin--ScienceDaily
50 An X-ray look at the heart of powerful quasars
51 New experiments with ultra-cold atomic gases shed light on how all interacting quantum systems evolve after a sudden energy influx--ScienceDaily
52 Push for transit, walkable communities growing across US
53 Climate change to push species over abrupt tipping points--ScienceDaily
54 Threatening 22 million people, Mexico's Popocatepetl is a very closely watched volcano
55 Specifically modifying gene expression causes feathers to replace scales in the chicken--ScienceDaily
56 Surprisingly-bad acting is key to jumping spider's survival
57 Study reveals gut microbiota can ferment carbon nanomaterials into organic metabolites
58 New study of baboons shows that a stressful upbringing can shorten life, but strong social bonds can help get those years back--ScienceDaily
59 How does sunscreen work? / Live Science
60 Evidence of bird sacrifices to the goddess Isis in ancient Roman Empire
61 Past climate change to blame for Antarctica's giant underwater landslides--ScienceDaily
62 Wild horses spent the harsh winter at California's Mono Lake. Now they're turning up dead
63 A new machine-learning model makes more accurate predictions about ocean currents, which could help with tracking plastic pollution and oil spills, and aid in search and rescue--ScienceDaily
64 Human ancestry has been shaped by mixing and matching alleles, show two recent studies
65 Butterflies on the decline--ScienceDaily
66 James Webb Telescope finds evidence of 'celestial monster' stars the size of 10,000 suns lurking at the dawn of time
67 Examining puppeteer fungus' targeted takeover of zombie flies
68 Turbulent flows take on a surprising spin in an experiment inspired by the Earth's core--ScienceDaily
69 Birth of wild red wolf pups brings hope to species on brink of extinction
70 New images released by Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope
71 The number of the world's farms to halve by 2100--ScienceDaily
72 Invasive giant spider in US is actually 'shyest ever documented,' study finds
73 Study shows accuracy of genetically based disease predictions varies from individual to individual
74 Symptoms [to trichloroethylene exposure] take decades to develop, UCSF-SFVA led study shows--ScienceDaily
75 World's only known albino giant anteater appears to be thriving in the wild, photos show
76 Radiant protostars and shadowy clouds clash in stellar nursery
77 Rare tropical plant gains appetite for meat--ScienceDaily
78 Is decay fast or suppressed?
79 How watching the clock impacts insomnia, use of sleep aids--ScienceDaily
80 A guide through the genome of crops
81 New study illustrates unique genetic landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador with links to Ireland and England--ScienceDaily
82 NASA picks Bezos' Blue Origin to build lunar landers for moonwalkers
83 A look inside stem cells helps create personalized regenerative medicine--ScienceDaily
84 Italy's deadly floods just latest example of climate change's all-or-nothing weather extremes
85 Scientists discover a deadly brain cancer's hidden weakness--ScienceDaily
86 'Mini kangaroos' hop back in South Australia
87 Future scenarios for eastern Massachusetts include 69% increase in runoff--ScienceDaily
88 Atypical 'mad cow disease' case detected in US
89 China's mysterious space plane released an unidentified 'object' in orbit, US intelligence reveals
90 United States returns 'Earth Monster' Olmec sculpture to Mexico
91 Where is the coldest place on Earth?
92 Researchers unveil key predictors of bitcoin returns
93 1,100-year-old breastplate to ward off evil may contain the oldest Cyrillic writing ever found
94 Trace DNA samples in the water, sand and air are enough to identify who you are, raising ethical questions about privacy
95 For the first time, astronomers have detected a radio signal from the massive explosion of a dying white dwarf
96 Humans were using fire in Europe 50,000 years earlier than previously thought
97 Resilient gorillas reveal clues about overcoming childhood misfortune
98 Mapping the shallow seabed of the Mediterranean coast using satellite images
99 Science news this week: Deadliest spiders, mysterious noises in space and 1.7 billion T. rexes
100 Red tide toxin sent them to the hospital. See what happened to a pair of Florida turtles
101 Even weak traffic noise has a negative impact on work performance, finds Swedish research
102 Extended-range forecasts to be recast in next model upgrade
103 A simple way to improve employee well-being without denting productivity
104 Could NASA resurrect the Spitzer space telescope?
105 Fatty acids might exist in space
106 Bees can do so much more than you think--from dancing to being little art critics
107 From bird feces frogs to alligator snapping turtles--here are nature's masters of deception
108 Did life evolve more than once? Researchers are closing in on an answer
109 Why are insects attracted to artificial lights?
110 Despite rumblings, Colombia volcano survivor skeptical of repeat disaster
111 Paraguay confirms bird flu cases
112 New York City may be sinking under its own weight because the buildings are too heavy, scientists warn
113 Study reveals generation mechanism of radiative effects on novel active optical hyperspectral LiDAR system
114 Humongous, 100-foot-long dinosaur from Argentina is so big its fossils broke the road during transport
115 Almost 40% of land burned by western wildfires can be traced to carbon emissions
116 A new 'family tree' traces their [butterflies] 100-million-year journey across the globe