File Title
1 NYC skyscrapers turning to carbon capture to lessen climate change
2 Florida man sets record for living underwater
3 2,300-year-old scissors and 'folded' sword discovered in a Celtic cremation tomb in Germany
4 5,400-year-old tomb discovered in Spain perfectly captures the summer solstice
5 Communities of color disproportionately exposed to PFAS pollution in drinking water
6 Accretion disk around black holes recreated in the lab
7 Socio-economic development on the West African coast is a key factor for increasing flood risks
8 Latest research provides scientists close-up views of energetic particle jets ejected from the sun
9 New computational tool finds 'hot spots' where compounding environmental and economic risks converge
10 Alien-like comb jellies have a nervous system like nothing ever seen before
11 A crucial factor in determining tropical cyclone size and intensity
12 Study examines how the type of packaging influences purchase intention
13 NASA's Juno mission nears Jupiter's moon Io
14 Diver unexpectedly discovers Roman-era shipwreck carrying beautiful marble columns off Israel's coast
15 An electromagnetic isotope separator that continues to improve
16 James Webb telescope discovers ancient 'water world' in nearby star system
17 Student researchers create signs with impact
18 1st-of-its-kind drug for severe hot flashes during menopause approved by FDA
19 Automated agricultural machinery requires new approaches to ensuring safety, says study
20 A man's rare gene variant may have shielded him from devastating form of early Alzheimer's
21 Superconductivity with Tc as high as 32K found in borides
22 What is the deadliest spider in the world?
23 Postsecondary university education improves IQ of adult students with intellectual disability
24 Chemists unravel reaction mechanism for clean energy catalyst
25 Multi-site observation of large-scale eddies in the surface layer of the Loess Plateau
26 Researchers design smaller, lighter space-based imaging spectrometers with high spectral resolution
27 Commercial investors shift perspective of coastal properties in face of climate change
28 A rabbit rescue operation is launched to save bunnies from rising floodwaters
29 Robots can help find objects you've lost, thanks to new 'artificial memory'--ScienceDaily
30 First sea turtle nest of the season discovered on the Outer Banks
31 Most species, including humans, who experience early life adversity suffer as adults. How are gorillas different?--ScienceDaily
32 Novel AI-based software enables quick and reliable imaging of proteins in cells
33 Out of this world control on Ice Age cycles--ScienceDaily
34 New research maps out exactly what happens when agriculture replaces forestry
35 Butterfly tree of life reveals an origin in North America--ScienceDaily
36 How much wood can we expect from European forests?
37 Researchers develop a new method for the sustainable use of carbon dioxide--ScienceDaily
38 Tank-mixing herbicides may not be enough to avoid herbicide resistance
39 High-resolution imaging of radio emissions from an ultracool dwarf show a double-lobed structure like the radiation belts of Jupiter--ScienceDaily
40 Poor soils lose carbon regardless of crop residue and nitrogen inputs, shows study
41 Tetris reveals how people respond to unfair AI--ScienceDaily
42 New study quantifies link between climate crisis, wildfires
43 Tooth abrasion in cows--ScienceDaily
44 Ancient Egyptian children were plagued with blood disorders, mummies reveal
45 Tiny proteins found across the animal kingdom may play a key role in cancer spread
46 History of water supply in one of the driest regions in the USA--ScienceDaily
47 Scientists discover giant crater from ice age explosion that has methane-spewing mud volcano inside it
48 Methylated cyclodextrin effectively prevents the crystallization of supersaturated drugs
49 Researchers discover brain circuit underlying spontaneous synchronized movement of individuals in groups--ScienceDaily
50 High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals processes relevant to Alzheimer's disease
51 Our thoughts alter our tactile perception: Neuroscience--ScienceDaily
52 NASA spots El Nino precursor from space: 'If it's a big one, the globe will see record warming
53 With new experimental method, researchers probe spin structure in 2D materials for first time--ScienceDaily
54 300,000-year-old footprints reveal extinct humans went on a lakeside family outing among giant elephants and rhinos
55 Quantum physics proposes a new way to study biology--the results could revolutionize our understanding of how life works
56 An artificial intelligence developed at TU Wien (Vienna) can suggest appropriate treatment steps in cases of blood poisoning. The computer has already surpassed humans in this respect.--ScienceDaily
57 Solar 'superflares' millions of times stronger than anything today may have sparked life on earth
58 Dual-radical observation in a photoswitchable coordination polymer with synergy effect of semi-conductivity
59 Radioactive elements replace essential rare earth metals--ScienceDaily
60 Neanderthals passed down their tall noses to modern humans, genetic analysis finds
61 Discrimination, crime and suicidal thoughts associated with greater odds of firearm ownership among Black adults
62 Ancient Romans sacrificed birds to the goddess Isis, burnt bones in Pompeii reveal
63 Pre-primary education 'chronically' underfunded as richest nations drift further away from 10% aid goal
64 Milk reaction inspires new way to make highly conductive gel films--ScienceDaily
65 New study suggests the massive spiders are gentle giants, mean people no harm--ScienceDaily
66 Face blindness' could be rare long COVID symptom, case report hints
67 Online search data shows Russian morale remained low and 'tacit dissent' spiked after invasion of Ukraine
68 Robotic proxy brings remote users to life in real time--ScienceDaily
69 Australia is vaccinating endangered wild koalas against chlamydia in ambitious bid to save the species
70 Study finds carrying pollen heats up bumble bees, raises new climate change questions
71 AI used to identify two-dimensional van der Waals magnets--ScienceDaily
72 Non-sugar sweeteners don't help with weight loss and may come with health risks, WHO says
73 Reflections on the use of anime characters for tourism promotion
74 Human ancestors preferred mosaic landscapes and high ecosystem diversity--ScienceDaily
75 Fauna return rapidly in planted eelgrass meadows, study shows
76 The feeling of hunger itself may slow aging in flies--ScienceDaily
77 Researchers reveal impact of ancient earthquake
78 Nature is changing as land abandonment increases--ScienceDaily
79 Frigid US city becomes haven in climate change era
80 Moves to use carbon credits accrued by banning trawling could be directing efforts away from more effective methods--ScienceDaily
81 Diagnosing inflammatory diseases with synthetic peptides
82 Modeled behavior consistent with results from helical magnet experiments--ScienceDaily
83 What are the heaviest organs in the human body?
84 US 'space symphony' puts stunning NASA images to music
85 Quantum electrodynamics verified with exotic atoms--ScienceDaily
86 What is a 'black moon'? Why May's new moon has an unusual name.
87 Webb telescope spots signs of universe's biggest stars
88 New study reveals boreal wetlands are a large source of reactive vapors in a warming climate--ScienceDaily
89 Apple Watch vs. Garmin: Which is better?
90 Yellowstone volcano super-eruptions appear to have multiple explosive events
91 Life comes in all shapes and sizes, but some sizes are more popular than others--ScienceDaily
92 Modern humans arose after 2 distinct groups in Africa mated over tens of thousands of years
93 Want more good ideas from your workers? Try giving them a reward--and a choice
94 Assessing emotions in wild animals--ScienceDaily
95 Shark launches 3 attacks on surfer in Australia, in deadly and 'atypical' encounter
96 Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan board game--here's what it can teach modern educators
97 Curved spacetime in a quantum simulator--ScienceDaily
98 What happens during a heart attack?
99 Fine particulate matter found to catalyze oxidative stress in the lungs
100 AI voice coach shows promise in depression, anxiety treatment--ScienceDaily
101 1,700-year-old Roman watchtower ruins discovered in Switzerland
102 Discovery of clusters of two types of bacteria in the tentacles of corals sheds light on their role in coral reef health
103 Extremely hot days are warming twice as fast as average summer days in North-West Europe--ScienceDaily
104 Uncovering universal physics in the dynamics of a quantum system
105 What did the earliest animals look like? Chromosome analysis resolves debate about sister group of all animals. It's comb jellies, not sponges--ScienceDaily
106 8,000-year-old rock carvings in Arabia may be world's oldest megastructure blueprints
107 Accelerated Christian Education textbooks used in UK schools deny human-caused climate change
108 Radio signal reveals supernova origin--ScienceDaily
109 James Webb telescope spots ancient water frozen in a near-Earth comet--and scientists want to collect it
110 Plastic-eating fungi thriving in man-made 'plastisphere' may help tackle global waste
111 Mpox could surge again this summer, CDC warns doctors
112 NIR spectroscopy provides easy, cost-effective method for food allergen testing
113 NASA's Spitzer, TESS find potentially volcano-covered Earth-size world--ScienceDaily
114 Global warming will likely cross dangerous 1.5íC threshold within 5 years, UN report warns
115 'Charge density wave' linked to atomic distortions in would-be superconductor