File Title
1 Hidden supermassive black holes brought to life by galaxies on collision course
2 Researchers close to unleashing rapeseed's protein power for human consumption--ScienceDaily
3 Piranhas swarm 8 tourists at Brazilian resort, leaving them with bloody legs and feet
4 California's wet winter sparks a new gold rush
5 Specialized neurons in some insect brains, related to highly evolved behaviors, may have developed from a multifunctional ancestor--ScienceDaily
6 Can the menstrual cycle affect people's sleep and dreams?
7 Bacteria killing material could tackle hospital superbugs
8 Metal-filtering sponge removes lead from water
9 Astronomers detect unusual galaxy system with a long, highly collimated tail of gas and stars
10 Speckle structured illumination endoscopy with enhanced resolution at wide field of view and depth of field
11 Daily smoking linked to brain shrinkage in massive study
12 Reasons for talent gap in procurement field examined in new business analysis
13 Lost' bacteria found on Neanderthal teeth could be used to develop new antibiotics
14 Clarifying trends of tropical cyclones to better predict and cope with their destruction
15 Mysterious 'sea swirls' off Poland's coast have a surprising explanation
16 Taboo words, disability and marginalized communities
17 Runaway black hole,' or sneaky galaxy in disguise? Experts are conflicted.
18 Examining ethical considerations for human remains
19 Breast cancer screening should start at age 40, expert task force says
20 Researcher uses artificial intelligence to discover new materials for advanced computing
21 Rare and deadly albino cobra slithers into house during intense rainstorm
22 Astronomers reveal the largest cosmic explosion ever seen
23 Human pangenome reference will enable more complete and equitable understanding of genomic diversity--ScienceDaily
24 A messy black hole may have just triggered the largest explosion in the universe
25 New hemp-based biomaterial to help with global microplastic pollution crisis
26 New research could help breed for less 'spooky' horses
27 Giants of the Jurassic seas were twice the size of a killer whale--ScienceDaily
28 Google Quantum AI braids non-Abelian anyons for the first time
29 Clearest snapshot of human genomic diversity--ScienceDaily
30 New research links changes in land use to water quality and quantity
31 Astronomers say exoplanet GJ 1214b is too hot to be habitable but likely contains water vapor--ScienceDaily
32 How fast is the universe really expanding? Multiple views of an exploding star raise new questions
33 How bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics
34 Water warming study shows unexpected impact on fish size--ScienceDaily
35 Solar-powered balloons detect mysterious sounds in the stratosphere
36 Human eyes really do play 'tricks' on the mind, say experts--ScienceDaily
37 On Galapagos Islands, Darwin's flycatcher makes a tiny comeback
38 Basic 'toolkit' for organ development is illuminated by sea star--ScienceDaily
39 Tiny bats provide 'glimmer of hope' against a fungus that threatened entire species
40 Study shows first evidence of Ediacaran-Period habitat selection--ScienceDaily
41 New material facilitates search for room-temperature superconductivity
42 Exploring the underground connections between trees--ScienceDaily
43 Truly gigantic' Jurassic sea monster remains discovered by chance in museum
44 Visualizing PET's degradation by bacterial enzymes
45 Tooth enamel provides clues to hunter-gatherer lifestyle of Neanderthals--ScienceDaily
46 Significant El Nino event is almost guaranteed this year, experts warn. And it could be a big one.
47 How large is the US 'green economy?'
48 Long-extinct Tasmanian tiger may still be alive and prowling the wilderness, scientists claim
49 Study examines survival of the fittest for critically endangered parrot
50 Scientists stumble upon a new part of a cell in one of the most studied animals on Earth
51 Research explains tooth abrasion in cows
52 Weird balloon circling the Southern Hemisphere isn't a spy craft--it's NASA's newest telescope
53 Researchers track antimicrobial resistance in E. coli isolated from swine
54 MSU, Audubon fight to conserve a disappearing bird species
55 Scientists discover 62 new moons around Saturn, raising total to 145--the most in the solar system
56 Ranchers fear for livestock as Canada wildfires rage
57 Haphazard' burial of 400-year-old skeleton from Colonial Maryland points to tragic fate of 'indentured' teenager
58 Stuck antenna freed on Jupiter-bound spacecraft
59 Super salty water leaking from the Indian Ocean may have helped end the last ice age
60 In Southern California, everything is blooming everywhere all at once
61 Bizarre Martian 'book' spotted by NASA's Curiosity rover
62 Studying the effects of microplastics on the infectivity of bacteriophages in an aqueous environment
63 New study puts a definitive age on Saturn's rings: They're really young
64 China has its own secret space plane, and it just landed
65 What do London employers really think about hybrid working?
66 Study finds the brains of modern dog breeds are larger than those of ancient breeds
67 Researchers use 3D models to investigate bacteria movement
68 Pioneers in landscape transcriptomics study genes in the wild
69 When did the Isthmus of Panama form between North and South America?
70 Meteorologists targeted in climate misinfo surge
71 Novel enhancer of inorganic nitrate's protective effects, predicated on a swarm learning approach
72 Mysterious, ultra low-frequency noises detected in Earth's atmosphere--and scientists can't explain them
73 Astronomers just saw a star eat a planet--an astrophysicist on the team explains the first-of-its-kind discovery
74 New study finds prehistoric migration from China to Americas
75 Research suggests smoke from the Black Summer fires may have made the triple La Nina more likely
76 Researchers discover superconductive images are actually 3D and disorder-driven fractals
77 Carbon nanotube membranes with Pd-Cu modification successfully reduce nitrate levels via electrocatalysis
78 Dark matter can make dark atoms, say theoretical astrophysicists
79 New artificial intelligence algorithm for more accurate plant disease detection
80 Australian fruit may hold the key to citrus disease resistance
81 Study highlights best practices in buffelgrass control
82 Startling quantities found in the ice algae that are essential for all Arctic marine life
83 Using urine to make sub-Saharan city region food systems more sustainable
84 What's a Luddite? An expert on technology and society explains
85 Advanced life should have already peaked billions of years ago, says paper
86 Celestial monsters at the origin of globular clusters--ScienceDaily
87 New study puts a definitive age on Saturn's rings--they're really young--ScienceDaily
88 Astronomers reveal the largest cosmic explosion ever seen--ScienceDaily
89 Singing humpback whales respond to wind noise, but not boats--ScienceDaily
90 Understanding the speed of brain communication--ScienceDaily
91 Researchers find new approach to explore earliest universe dynamics with gravitational waves--ScienceDaily
92 Hidden supermassive black holes brought to life by galaxies on collision course--ScienceDaily
93 Global warming puts whales in the Southern Ocean on a diet--ScienceDaily
94 Bacteria killing material could tackle hospital superbugs--ScienceDaily
95 Culprit behind destruction of New York's first dinosaur museum revealed--ScienceDaily
96 Hidden views of vast stellar nurseries--ScienceDaily
97 The discovery could expand scientific understanding of fire histories to arid regions around the world--ScienceDaily
98 A new study shows the carbon-capturing phytoplankton colonized the ocean by rafting on particles of chitin--ScienceDaily
99 Hammerhead sharks hold their breath on deep water hunts to stay warm--ScienceDaily
100 Measurement of the Universe's expansion rate weighs in on a longstanding debate in physics and astronomy--ScienceDaily
101 Astronomers find no young binary stars near Milky Way's black hole--ScienceDaily
102 Did Noah's flood really happen?
103 Why do we fall for certain people?--ScienceDaily
104 African rhinos share retroviruses not found in Asian rhinos or other related species--ScienceDaily
105 Language used for app tracking privacy settings causes consumer confusion--ScienceDaily
106 Astronomers puzzled by 'largest' ever cosmic explosion
107 Scientists create CRISPR-based drug candidate targeting the microbiome--ScienceDaily
108 Polarized optical emission from tidal disruption found to be caused by colliding streams of material from a star
109 Flip-flopping magnetic fields hint at a solution for puzzling fast radio bursts from space
110 Best treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness--ScienceDaily
111 Flooding in Somalia displaces 200,000 people: official
112 Birdwatchers' hearts flutter for Global Big Day
113 Six lions killed by herders in Kenya