File Title
1 Gene responsible for severe facial defects identified--ScienceDaily
2 A new nondestructive method for assessing bioengineered artificial tissues
3 Gamma delta T cells can fight aggressive breast cancer--ScienceDaily
4 Why good weather isn't a good thing for stock markets
5 Older people have better mental well-being than 30 years ago--ScienceDaily
6 Warming climate could deliver new crops, and blights, to New Zealand
7 Understanding self-directed ageism--ScienceDaily
8 Gas observed moving into a massive galaxy offers evidence of material recycling
9 Study in Florida Bay finds healthy recruits in open bare patches after seagrass meadow mortality--ScienceDaily
10 Why do coughs linger after a cold?
11 'Black sheep' of helper T cells may hold key to precision allergy treatment--ScienceDaily
12 Predict what a mouse sees by decoding brain signals--ScienceDaily
13 International study reveals genetic link between modern wine grapes and ancient varieties
14 Scientists find chemical that stops locust cannibalism
15 The 'water cops' of Las Vegas make city a model in drought-hit US
16 Toll from DR Congo floods rises to nearly 400: official
17 Thailand chokes on pollution but greens struggle to be heard in election
18 Slow-paced nature TV captivates Swedish audiences
19 Nose shape gene inherited from Neanderthals
20 What's the oldest known case of cancer in humans?
21 7,000-year-old tomb in Oman holds dozens of prehistoric skeletons
22 NASA launches two small satellites to track hurricanes
23 Using nanopore single-molecule sensing to identify glycans
24 Evolution of the largest of the large dinosaurs
25 Research team investigates links between molecular structure, function, and dynamics in enzymes--ScienceDaily
26 Governing for our descendants
27 Multi-site trial of belonging exercise improves college students' academic persistence--ScienceDaily
28 Endangered Dupont's lark population declined by 66% after the storm Filomena
29 Scientists find an auto-signaling mechanism driving the T cell anti-tumor response--ScienceDaily
30 Maine sees its 1st measles case in four years
31 Researchers discover a cause of rapid ice melting in Greenland
32 Discovery provides potential clues for Lewy body and frontotemporal dementias--ScienceDaily
33 4 of Uranus' biggest moons have secret, underground oceans, new study suggests
34 Atmospheric research provides clear evidence of human-caused climate change signal associated with CO2 increases
35 New probe aids novel findings on cell functions--ScienceDaily
36 Mysterious 'golden' fossils from the Jurassic aren't what they seem
37 Tiny microbes could brew big benefits for green biomanufacturing--ScienceDaily
38 8-year-old girl unearths Stone Age dagger by her school in Norway
39 Researchers extend the concept of directionality and propose a new class of materials
40 Astronomers find remnants of the oldest stars in the universe
41 Fame-seeking mass shooters more likely to plan 'surprise' attacks, finds study
42 Breakthrough holds promise for disease treatments, precision medicine--ScienceDaily
43 Scientists raise concerns about popular COVID disinfectants
44 Waters off Alabama, Louisiana and Texas are home to 14,000 nonproductive wells--ScienceDaily
45 A new protocol on isolation and quantification to optimize patient care
46 Claims that climate change is natural are inconsistent with atmospheric temperature trends--ScienceDaily
47 Drought spells 'catastrophe' for Spain's olive harvest
48 Study suggests extent of future sea level rise could be vastly underestimated--ScienceDaily
49 Illegal mining booms in Brazilian Amazon 'promised land'
50 Fresh look at old data reveals novel details about galactic formation--ScienceDaily
51 Pollen production could impact climate change by helping clouds form--ScienceDaily
52 Study reveals color changes in China's 2,550 lakes over past 40 years
53 Researchers improve materials for radiation detection and imaging technology--ScienceDaily
54 Engineering self-integrated atomic quantum wires to form nano-networks
55 Webb looks for Fomalhaut's asteroid belt and finds much more--ScienceDaily
56 Good forecasts, drains and risk maps are urgently needed
57 Bird species body size predicts rate of change in a warming world--ScienceDaily
58 Weird demon shark with bright white eyes discovered off Australia
59 Researchers identify a new protein that controls the production of strawberries' red color
60 Human simulators that talk and listen to each other facilitate research on the head's acoustic properties for better-designed audio devices.--ScienceDaily
61 Even mild concussions can 'rewire' the brain, possibly causing long-term symptoms
62 How the ancient messengers cAMP and cGMP deliver their messages
63 Kangaroo Island ants 'play dead' to avoid predators--ScienceDaily
64 Scientists discover secret 'symmetries' that protect Earth from the chaos of space
65 Designing cameras for harsh environments? Be sure to account for lens mount details
66 Study proposes role for gamma oscillations in future treatment--ScienceDaily
67 Scientists discovered a 2,200-year-old condor poop pile in the Andes. Here's what it told them.
68 Researchers switch from helium to hydrogen weather balloons
69 Evidence of Ice Age human migrations from China to the Americas and Japan--ScienceDaily
70 Astronomers claim to have solved mystery of the runaway supermassive black hole
71 Extracting the best flavor from coffee--ScienceDaily
72 Salt marshes protect the coast, but not where it is needed most
73 First observational evidence of beaufort gyre stabilization, which could be precursor to huge freshwater release--ScienceDaily
74 Scientists discover microbes in the Alps and Arctic that can digest plastic at low temperatures
75 Study suggests wolf spiders may turn to cannibalism, preying on related species--ScienceDaily
76 'Perfect storm' of heat, dryness fuel western Canada's extreme wildfires
77 Engineers' new technique analyzes the 3D organization of the genome at a resolution 100 times higher than before--ScienceDaily
78 Australia told to shoot kangaroos before they starve
79 Detailed image of the human retina--ScienceDaily
80 New breathalyzer for disease sniffs out COVID in real-time, could be used to detect cancer, lung disease
81 Findings may aid design of targeted drug delivery into the brain and central nervous system--ScienceDaily
82 Gene-edited calf may reduce reliance on antimicrobials against cattle disease
83 Physical activity crucial for poststroke recovery--ScienceDaily
84 Breakthrough research could bring stem cell therapy to the masses
85 Scientists have developed a potential anti-depressant that exhibits anti-stressing as well as anti-depressant effects with minimal side effects--ScienceDaily
86 Researchers discover liquid quasicrystal with dodecagonal tiling pattern
87 Symmetric graphene quantum dots for future qubits--ScienceDaily
88 What is the deadliest shark attack ever recorded?
89 Lianas found to have large vessel dimorphism
90 Small wildlife surveys can produce 'big picture' results--ScienceDaily
91 1st draft of a human 'pangenome' published, adding millions of 'building blocks' to the human reference genome
92 Stephen Hawking and I created his final theory of the cosmos--here's what it reveals about the origins of time and life
93 Crab populations are crashing. Could losing their sense of smell be one of the important reasons why? New study looks at the physiological effects of ocean acidification on Dungeness crabs--ScienceDaily
94 Humpback whales caught on film for 1st time treating themselves to a full body scrub on the seafloor
95 Report explores role of dollar stores in food landscape
96 Researchers chart oilcane microbiome
97 Tuberculosis disease intensifies HIV antibody response in people with HIV--ScienceDaily
98 Rock that crashed through New Jersey home may be 5 billion-year-old chunk of Halley's Comet
99 UK report reveals majority of gig economy workers are earning below minimum wage
100 The super-resolution imaging platform technology could be used to improve the engineering of safer and more effective nanomedicines to advance the translation of these technologies into the clinic.--ScienceDaily
101 Sleep apnea linked to changes in the brain's wiring that may raise risk of dementia, stroke
102 Protein nanoparticle vaccine with adjuvant improves immune response against influenza, find researchers
103 Plastic can drift far away from its starting point as it sinks into the sea--ScienceDaily
104 How songs of the oceans raise environmental awareness
105 These health impacts affected communities in states with high oil and gas production, as well as states with limited or no gas activity, underlining the need for comprehensive regulatory action to protect Americans from pollutants.--ScienceDaily
106 Some of the 1st ice age humans who ventured in Americas came from China, DNA study suggests
107 Study proposes a new urban model
108 A perfect interface between free-space and integrated optical systems--ScienceDaily
109 'Sea butterfly' life cycle threatened by climate change may impact Southern Ocean ecosystem
110 Nose shape gene inherited from Neanderthals--ScienceDaily
111 Wildfires abate slowly in western Canada
112 The influence of AI on trust in human interaction--ScienceDaily