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1 We know that carbon capture from the atmosphere is possible. But how do we get there?
2 The carbon capture method works by using carbon to make acetic acid--ScienceDaily
3 European company designs a space station with artificial gravity
4 Scientists have warned of the 'devastating' impact that fungal disease in crops will have on global food supply unless agencies across the world come together to find new ways to combat infection--ScienceDaily
5 Flood-threatened communities strengthened by their collective insights
6 Surfactants give the celebratory drink its stable and signature straight rise of bubbles--ScienceDaily
7 Researchers detect and classify multiple objects without images
8 Earth will meet a similar fate in 5 billion years.--ScienceDaily
9 What will the Artemis Moon base look like?
10 Scientists recover an ancient woman's DNA from a 20,000-year-old pendant--ScienceDaily
11 Researchers radio-collar 1st bear in mountains near LA
12 New tusk-analysis techniques reveal surging testosterone in male woolly mammoths--ScienceDaily
13 Indigenous people in South America are twice as likely to die from wildfires, finds study
14 Study reveals how gut microbes alter the body's response to cancer immunotherapy--ScienceDaily
15 Enhancing thermoelectricity with guided impurity position control
16 Scientists hope 'islands' of exciton condensation may point way to new discoveries--ScienceDaily
17 Researchers construct non-interpenetrated 3D covalent organic framework for Au ions capture
18 High-speed method uses less computational power, could be useful for autonomous driving--ScienceDaily
19 Fact or fiction? New sci-fi series 'Extrapolations' explores a climate-changed future
20 Chimpanzees combine calls to communicate new meaning--ScienceDaily
21 Weirdo blinking fish could hold the secrets to how our ancestors evolved to live on land, new study reveals
22 Married couples who merge finances may be happier, stay together longer--ScienceDaily
23 Leaking' cell phone towers could lead aliens straight to Earth, new study suggests
24 Colorado cements plan to reintroduce gray wolves but a snag lingers
25 Research aimed at dealing with catastrophe also shows method to reduce malnutrition--ScienceDaily
26 For the first time, scientists watched a dying star swallow a planet whole
27 How seaweed has been misleading scientists about reef health
28 First time that individual beta-arrestin molecules are directly observed as they control receptor-mediated signals in living cells using advanced microscopy--ScienceDaily
29 1st-century burial holds Roman doctor buried with medical tools, including 'top-quality' scalpels
30 Altruism can make jobseekers afraid to negotiate salary
31 Researchers use generative AI to design novel proteins--ScienceDaily
32 FDA approves 1st RSV vaccine
33 'Space waves' offer new clues to space weather
34 One popular explanation for properties that result in dry land is unlikely according to new experiments--ScienceDaily
35 Environmental groups sue US government over explosive SpaceX rocket launch
36 Researchers discover an alternative to ATP for string-shaped motors in cells
37 Study describes marine worms that can synthesize phytosterols de novo, and shows that many other animals have the genes to make these plant sterols--ScienceDaily
38 Nitrogen addition and mowing alter drought resistance and recovery of grassland communities
39 Scientists begin to unravel global role of atmospheric dust in nourishing oceans--ScienceDaily
40 Researchers develop high-adsorption phosphates for radionuclide cesium ion capture
41 Alternative 'fuel' for string-shaped motors in cells--ScienceDaily
42 Identifying drivers of forest clearances in Switzerland
43 How seaweed has been misleading scientists about reef health--ScienceDaily
44 Secret behind Amazonian 'dark earth' could help speed up forest restoration across the globe
45 Researchers develop an additive to efficiently improve the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells--ScienceDaily
46 Archaeologists map important archaeological landscape where first Australians lived more than 60,000 years ago
47 Study hints that antidepressants could help slow reproductive aging--ScienceDaily
48 Alexandrite laser crystals found to be well suited for space applications
49 Indigenous youths use tech as 'weapon' to protect Amazon
50 DNA archival storage within reach thanks to new PCR technique--ScienceDaily
51 Researchers generate cattle blastoids in lab to aid farm animal reproduction
52 Novel ultrasound uses microbubbles to open blood-brain barrier to treat glioblastoma in humans--ScienceDaily
53 How CEO political leanings affect their international deals
54 New guidance to help diagnose hoarding disorder--ScienceDaily
55 Underwater phenomenon bringing relief to hot corals
56 Faulty versions of the Foxp2 gene disrupt neurons' ability to form synapses in brain regions involved in speech, a new study shows--ScienceDaily
57 Energy of '25 billion atomic bombs' trapped on Earth in just 50 years, all because of global warming
58 Largest freshwater turtle species doomed to extinction after last female washes up dead
59 Herbaceous planting for ecological restoration of urban land based on mechanisms of the assembly of plant communities
60 Researchers create a tool for accurately simulating complex systems--ScienceDaily
61 Woolly mammoths were seasonal sex fiends just like elephants, study finds
62 Archaea in a warming climate become less diverse, more predictable--ScienceDaily
63 COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency, WHO says
64 Researchers call for single approach on wild horses
65 Smart surgical implant coatings provide early failure warning while preventing infection--ScienceDaily
66 Doctors perform 1st-of-its-kind brain surgery on a fetus in the womb
67 One photon in, two electrons out--ScienceDaily
68 Brazilian tree frogs could be the 1st example of amphibians pollinating flowers, study finds
69 A new model for the evolution of honey bee brains
70 By understanding how mutations occur, researchers can better understand and develop therapeutics to combat resistant infections--ScienceDaily
71 For the 1st time, scientists confirm the moon has a solid iron 'heart' just like Earth
72 Fruit fly gut research leads to discovery of new phosphate-storing organelle
73 Single approach on wild horses--ScienceDaily
74 Elusive cannibal fish from the twilight zone are washing up on Oregon beaches and no one knows why
75 Scientists capture elusive chemical reaction using enhanced X-ray method
76 Scientists capture elusive chemical reaction using enhanced X-ray method--ScienceDaily
77 Scientists reveal face of 10-foot 'killer tadpole' that terrorized Earth long before the dinosaurs
78 How to make the faculty job search less discouraging
79 Red Lily Lagoon in West Arnhem Land is an important archaeological landscape with significant implications for understanding the First Australians--ScienceDaily
80 Will Yellowstone's geology produce rock music?
81 A special omega-3 fatty acid lipid will change how we look at the developing and aging brain--ScienceDaily
82 Sand and dust storm research finds answers with AI and ancient knowledge
83 Highly sensitive imaging approach could allow monitoring or surveillance in turbid water--ScienceDaily
84 Why do cats purr? / Live Science
85 Reconstructing ancient bacterial genomes can revive previously unknown molecules, a potential source for new antibiotics
86 Elevated levels of toxic metals in some mixed-fruit juices and soft drinks--ScienceDaily
87 South Korea badger farming linked to illegal wildlife trade and disease concerns
88 Scientist uncovers roots of antibiotic resistance
89 AI could run a million microbial experiments per year--ScienceDaily
90 Star swallows planet in one big gulp
91 Scurrying centipedes inspire many-legged robots that can traverse difficult landscapes--ScienceDaily
92 Who owned this Stone Age jewellery? New forensic tools offer an unprecedented answer
93 Migratory locusts release a toxic substance to fend off their own conspecifics--ScienceDaily
94 Study finds female astronauts more efficient, suggesting future space missions with all-female crews
95 Manual can help debug and design nanomagnet devices--ScienceDaily
96 Botticelli's Venus is an 'influencer' and Italy is not happy
97 Neutron star's X-rays reveal 'photon metamorphosis'--ScienceDaily
98 Archaea in a warming climate become less diverse, more predictable
99 Hubble follows shadow play around planet-forming disk--ScienceDaily
100 When the Fed announces a new monetary policy strategy, do households listen?
101 Offers unique opportunity to study similar chromosomes linked to cancer and infertility in humans--ScienceDaily
102 Best path to fair living wage for global supply chain workers may take an indirect route, new research suggests
103 Research reveals longstanding cultural continuity at oldest occupied site in West Africa--ScienceDaily
104 Researchers demand European Parliament take action to fight pollution in the Mediterranean Sea
105 The underlying mechanism and a potential therapeutic target [of neuropathic pain] are revealed in mice--ScienceDaily
106 Uncovering the mysteries of alfalfa seed dormancy through multispectral imaging analysis
107 Vanishing glaciers threaten alpine biodiversity--ScienceDaily
108 Study reveals intense CO2 degassing process in magmas
109 Reversible logic gates designed for large scale integer factorization--ScienceDaily
110 Old-growth forests continue to disappear despite EU protection commitments
111 Deep sleep may mitigate Alzheimer's memory loss--ScienceDaily