File Title
1 A supermassive black hole and its jet, all in a single picture
2 Electrical current modulation in wood electrochemical transistor--ScienceDaily
3 China's Mars rover finds signs of recent water in sand dunes
4 DNA study of famed US sled dog shows what made him so tough
5 Self-checking algorithm interprets gravitational-wave data--ScienceDaily
6 Genetic research reveals all we share with animals
7 How spheres become worms--ScienceDaily
8 How do quantum particles share information? A peculiar conjecture about quantum information has been experimentally confirmed at the TU Wien.--ScienceDaily
9 Speaking a tonal language could boost your melodic ability, but at the cost of rhythm--ScienceDaily
10 Predators decrease prey disease levels but also population size--ScienceDaily
11 The explosion of beekeeping in cities may be overwhelming other species competing for the same resources--ScienceDaily
12 Life on land and water teeters between haves and have-nots
13 Costa Rican sloth antibiotics offer hope for human medicine
14 Which animal kills the most people every year?
15 Ancient 'urine flasks' for smelling (and tasting) pee uncovered in trash dump at Caesar's forum in Rome
16 Low-income areas shown to experience hotter temperatures in L.A. county
17 Researchers present RNA-based nanodrug treatment for ovarian cancer
18 Researchers produce important amino acid from greenhouse gas CO2--ScienceDaily
19 Double hoard of Viking treasure discovered near Harald Bluetooth's fort in Denmark
20 Harmful fisheries subsidies are leading to more fishing vessels chasing fewer fish: Study
21 New technique for identifying FRBs offers promise of further discoveries--ScienceDaily
22 Mammals with pouches are 'more evolved' than humans--sort of
23 Epic snowpack upends rhythms of life for many species in Sierra Nevada range
24 The algorithm pairs machine-learning techniques with classical beam physics equations to avoid massive data crunching--ScienceDaily
25 Surges of activity in the dying human brain could hint at fleeting conscious experiences
26 A lake under a kilometer of ice preserves the ice sheet's past, hints at possibility of advancing even after large-scale retreat--ScienceDaily
27 In rare attack, 30 orcas 'badly wounded' 2 adult gray whales in California
28 Measuring the value that US residents place on clean water
29 Discovery of a new protein complex helps scientists understand how plants interpret changes in temperature over time--ScienceDaily
30 Why does your life flash before your eyes near death?
31 Prolonged power outages, often caused by weather events, hit some parts of the U.S. harder than others--ScienceDaily
32 Environmental groups sue FAA over SpaceX Texas rocket launch
33 Following cataract removal, some of the brain's visual pathways seem to be more malleable than previously thought.--ScienceDaily
34 The science behind the life and times of the Earth's salt flats
35 A new technique for recording and analyzing surface-acoustic waves can enable nearly any object to act as a touch input device and power privacy-sensitive sensing systems--ScienceDaily
36 Scientists describe carbon cycle in a subglacial freshwater lake in Antarctica for first time
37 Thrift shops thrive when disorder is balanced with high seller knowledge
38 A small study finds intriguing brain wave patterns in comatose patients who died following cardiac arrest--ScienceDaily
39 Study finds gender pay differences begin early, with the job search
40 Webb finds water vapor, but from a rocky planet or its star?--ScienceDaily
41 Magnetic imaging unlocks crucial property of 2D superconductor
42 Exposure to airplane noise increases risk of sleeping fewer than 7 hours per night--ScienceDaily
43 Scientists use ultrabright X-ray beams to characterize broadly neutralizing antibodies against a range of coronaviruses
44 Europe's produce at stake in Spain's water war
45 Lithography-free photonic chip offers speed and accuracy for artificial intelligence--ScienceDaily
46 Scientists develop plant-based cell culture scaffold for cheaper, more sustainable cultured meat
47 Real-time data collected at the two-lane roundabout will be used to efficiently test the safety of autonomous vehicles--ScienceDaily
48 Too much water can make whiskies taste the same
49 Brain activity decoder can reveal stories in people's minds--ScienceDaily
50 Integrating STEM majors won't end gender segregation at work
51 New research on herpes infections of the eye adds to the understanding of how to target anti-viral drugs--ScienceDaily
52 'Zero plant extinction' is possible, says plant ecologist
53 Feces of 'grazer' fish contains high levels of coral pathogens--ScienceDaily
54 Giant phallus-shaped iceberg floating in Conception Bay surprises residents of Dildo, Canada
55 Stinky seaweed smothers French Caribbean beaches
56 Dynamic network in the pores of the nuclear envelope blocks dangerous invaders--ScienceDaily
57 Scientists discover closest star-shredding black hole to Earth ever seen
58 Scientists present evidence for a billion-years arms race between viruses and their hosts
59 What would the Earth look like to an alien civilization located light years away?--ScienceDaily
60 Cosmic rays reveal 2,500-year-old subterranean burial in ancient Greek necropolis
61 Exploring how the hallucinogenic substance in psilocybin mushrooms works on the molecular level
62 'Golden' fossils reveal origins of exceptional preservation--ScienceDaily
63 462 million-year-old fossilized eyes and brains uncovered in 'secret' Welsh fossil site
64 An AI-powered solution for accurately diagnosing tomato leaf diseases
65 Air pollution may increase risk of dementia, complicated by genetics--ScienceDaily
66 New ultrasound device helps powerful chemo reach deadly brain cancers, human trial shows
67 Using plasma against toxic PFAS chemicals
68 Deep neural network provides robust detection of disease biomarkers in real time--ScienceDaily
69 1st-century Buddha statue from ancient Egypt indicates Buddhists lived there in Roman times
70 Dogs may be at risk from high levels of lead from shotgun pellets in raw pheasant dog food, study finds
71 New RNA-seq, metabolomics protocol offers more efficient extraction that maintains data integrity--ScienceDaily
72 3,000-year-old 'bear' bone from Alaska isn't what it seems
73 Scientists create high-resolution poverty maps using big data
74 World tour for model boat inspiring citizen science against environmental pollution--ScienceDaily
75 China's malfunctioning Mars rover may have found evidence of recent water on the Red Planet
76 Researchers study the crowdsourced investigation of January 6, 2021
77 More effectively measuring tissue stiffness could help treat cancer, sports injuries and more--ScienceDaily
78 University of California, Berkeley, researchers have measured brain waves in participants and artificial intelligence systems--a comparison they say provides a window into what is considered a black box of AI.--ScienceDaily
79 Moss-covered forest ditches could provide another tool to combat climate change
80 A touch-responsive fabric armband--for flexible keyboards, wearable sketchpads--ScienceDaily
81 Fighting to save Venezuela's Orinoco Crocodile
82 Alzheimer's proteins rise sharply in response to stress in female mice--ScienceDaily
83 Gender gap found in research grant award amounts, re-applications
84 Upcycling method turns textile trash to functional coatings--ScienceDaily
85 Gargantuan 'superflare' from distant star may have launched one of the strongest solar storms ever seen
86 Dead rivers, flaming lakes: India's sewage failure
87 Joyful music could be a game changer for virtual reality headaches--ScienceDaily
88 Self-folding origami machines powered by chemical reaction--ScienceDaily
89 Examining how cooperation benefits from peer-punishment
90 Astronomers find distant gas clouds with leftovers of the first stars--ScienceDaily
91 The history and future of Australia's botanic gardens
92 High-throughput experiments might ensure a better diagnosis of hereditary diseases--ScienceDaily
93 25,000-year-old human DNA discovered on Paleolithic pendant from Siberian cave
94 AI is helping astronomers make new discoveries and learn about the universe faster than ever before
95 After decades of effort, scientists have finally seen the process by which nature creates the oxygen we breathe using SLAC's X-ray laser.--ScienceDaily
96 Modern humans migrated into Europe in 3 waves, 'ambitious and provocative' new study suggests
97 New high-speed, two-photon microscope for precise biological imaging
98 Targeting opioid receptor pathway could treat pain without addiction, hallucinations--ScienceDaily
99 Fentanyl overdose death rates 'more than tripled' in recent years, CDC report shows
100 Light amplification by stimulated emission from electrically driven colloidal quantum dots finally achieved
101 Fundamentals of water as a solvent could lead to greener cellulose-based products--ScienceDaily
102 NASA's new black hole video is both terrifying and astonishing--National
103 Pressure required to launch a rock from Mars into space much lower than thought, discovers study
104 Make the most of these two teachable moments by planning ahead and spreading the word--ScienceDaily
105 Ancient Roman camps from secret military mission spotted using Google Earth
106 500 million-year-old Grand Canyon rock layer finally gets a name
107 How is sleep affected by changing clocks and seasons? Study finds problems only when getting an extra hour of sleep--ScienceDaily
108 Smelling salt products promise an 'energy boost,' but have reportedly caused seizures, FDA warns
109 Luxury shoppers opting for high-end experiences over goods, suggests study
110 Geologists name ancient rock layer after Las Vegas mountain that contains similar strata--ScienceDaily
111 Experiment demonstrates continuously operating optical fiber made of thin air
112 Health monitoring device--ScienceDaily