File Title
1 New technology more efficiently removes heavy metals from water
2 Brain circuits for locomotion evolved long before appendages and skeletons--ScienceDaily
3 Rare, 1,000-year-old Viking Age iron hoard found in basement in Norway
4 CryoSat reveals ice loss from glaciers
5 Near-universal T cell immunity towards a broad range of bacteria--ScienceDaily
6 Scientists discover never-before-seen brain wave after reading octopuses' minds
7 Estimating the impact of new high seas activities on the environment: Removing ocean-surface macroplastic
8 Previously unknown group of bacteria in the deep sea regulates energy balance--ScienceDaily
9 Meet 'Scary Barbie,' a black hole slaughtering a star in the brightest way possible
10 How do experiences of the justice system affect their self-esteem?
11 Antimicrobial use in agriculture can breed bacteria resistant to first-line human defenses--ScienceDaily
12 Watch thousands of worms 'explosively' untangle themselves from a knotted ball in milliseconds
13 A versatile deep-learning model for accurate prediction of plant growth
14 Horses living in groups are better at following human indications than horses living in individual paddocks--ScienceDaily
15 Newfound 'brain signature' linked to multiple psychiatric disorders
16 How a hypoxic environment is conducive to organic carbon storage in the coastal ecosystem
17 'BeerBots' could speed up the brewing process--ScienceDaily
18 Mind boggling' array of 19,000 undersea volcanoes discovered with high-resolution radar satellites
19 Cross-stacked super-aligned carbon nanotube membranes
20 This gel stops brain tumors in mice. Could it offer hope for humans?--ScienceDaily
21 Behold the first direct image of a supermassive black hole spewing a jet of particles
22 When and how did dextral strike-slip movement of the Tanlu Fault Zone in the late Cenozoic occur?
23 New tools capture economic benefit of restoring urban streams--ScienceDaily
24 Mysterious 'painted people' of Scotland are long gone, but their DNA lives on
25 Old dogs with dementia sleep less deeply, just like people with Alzheimer's
26 New machine-learning method predicts body clock timing to improve sleep and health decisions--ScienceDaily
27 Bold jumping spiders can literally go blind with hunger
28 Researchers reveal structure of unusual hormone receptor
29 Pioneering research sheds new light on the origins and composition of planet Mars--ScienceDaily
30 Scientists propose theory of [sigma] bond resonance in flat boron materials
31 Testing antibiotic resistance with a fast, cheap, and easy method--ScienceDaily
32 Quack 'aphrodisiac' from lizard a hit in Pakistan
33 Outstanding performance of organic solar cell using tin oxide--ScienceDaily
34 Mystery of 'impossible' ancient Egyptian statue may be solved
35 A model system of topological superconductivity mediated by skyrmionic magnons
36 Libya green group battles to save remaining forests
37 When employees leave their jobs, coworkers call it quits
38 Study finds some selfies help capture the meaning of an event--ScienceDaily
39 Ground wide angle camera array detects prompt optical emission of gamma-ray burst
40 Superflare with massive, high-velocity prominence eruption--ScienceDaily
41 Seemingly 'empty' burial mound is hiding a 1,200-year-old Viking ship
42 'Self-driving' AI lab awarded $200 million grant to pursue new drugs, materials
43 A new way forward or a return to the past?
44 Two massive touching stars in a neighbouring galaxy are on course to become black holes that will eventually crash together, generating waves in the fabric of space-time, according to a new study by researchers at UCL and the University of Potsdam.--ScienceDaily
45 1st mega-tsunami on record since antiquity was triggered by Tonga volcanic eruption
46 Isotope study shows vascular plants had colonized land extensively by the early Silurian
47 What makes 'junk food' junk? Study examines how three decades of U.S. policies define junk food for taxation and other regulations--ScienceDaily
48 Bear kills jogger in Italian Alps. What does this mean for the effort to bring bears back to the region?
49 Genomes from 240 mammal species explain human disease risks--ScienceDaily
50 Ancient necropolis unearthed just feet away from bustling Paris train station
51 Machine learning helps scientists identify the environmental preferences of microbes
52 One famous dog and a powerful new approach for understanding biology and evolutionary history--ScienceDaily
53 Spain, Portugal smash April temperature records
54 Information 'deleted' from the human genome may be what made us human--ScienceDaily
55 Key radar antenna stuck on Europe's Jupiter-bound spacecraft
56 Prolonged droughts likely spelled the end for Indus megacities--ScienceDaily
57 Researchers use genomes of 241 species to redefine mammalian tree of life
58 New findings indicate gene-edited rice might survive in Martian soil--ScienceDaily
59 New chemical strategy delivers universal dynamic crosslinkers into mixed plastics streams--ScienceDaily
60 Improved gene editing method could power the next generation of cell and gene therapies
61 How the Amazon rainforest is likely to cope with the effect of future drought--ScienceDaily
62 Stories of resilience and struggle
63 Neuronal activity shapes the development of astrocytes--ScienceDaily
64 Nitrogen found to affect soil invertebrates and insects
65 Danish researchers have developed a chemical process that can disassemble the epoxy composite of wind turbine blades--and simultaneously extract intact glass fibres as well as one of the epoxy resin's original building blocks in a high quality.--ScienceDaily
66 UK public among most trusting of their neighbors internationally and increasingly comfortable living next to outsiders
67 Brain region size controls behavior preferences in adult rats--ScienceDaily
68 Is Colombia's deadly Nevado del Ruiz on the verge of a major eruption?
69 Prehistoric scat reveals 'Waves' of extinction in Colombia--ScienceDaily
70 Consumer sentiment unmoved amid persistent high prices
71 New research sheds light on how circadian rhythms work--ScienceDaily
72 Tree diversity increases storage of carbon and nitrogen in forest soils, mitigating climate change--ScienceDaily
73 Are some people actually tone deaf?
74 New viruses related to both giant viruses and herpesviruses
75 The device, which uses electricity to boost hormone production in the stomach, could help to ease nausea and counteract appetite loss--ScienceDaily
76 Scientists take a portable laboratory into the Amazon to study adaptation of trees to drought
77 Nifty nanoparticles help 'peel back the curtain' into the world of super small things--ScienceDaily
78 The most powerful black holes in the universe may finally have an explanation
79 New Zealand fights to save its flightless national bird
80 Humidity may increase heat risk in urban climates--ScienceDaily
81 Researchers explain origins of dangerous coronavirus variants
82 Maths unlocks molecular interactions that open window to how life evolved--ScienceDaily
83 Extremely rare white killer whale spotted off California coast
84 An artificial intelligence method for rapid plant phenotyping under complex conditions
85 New test reveals existing antibiotics, hiding in plain sight on pharmacy shelves, can treat superbugs--ScienceDaily
86 Researchers monitor real-time single-breath exhaled hydrogen cyanide profiles
87 Scientists optimize biomaterials screening, identify 'winning' formulations--ScienceDaily
88 El Nino--Southern Oscillation correlates well with following-summer cloud-to-ground lightning in China
89 Studying yeast cells, researchers build a biosynthetic genetic 'clock' to extend lifespan--ScienceDaily
90 Colombia urges evacuation near volcano
91 Research provides answers to long-standing mystery of bacterial spores, illuminating new paths for disease prevention--ScienceDaily
92 Study finds only 6% of nations provide for citizens in a just, sustainable manner
93 Early-nesting ducks at increased risk due to changes in climate, land use--ScienceDaily
94 Fallow land found to promote bird biodiversity
95 Study examining habitats across centuries reveals an urgent need for sustainable land-use and conservation strategies to avoid dangers for wildlife and human communities--ScienceDaily
96 Scientists design new bio-inspired molecules to promote bone regeneration
97 The ant mounds on the heath, in the forest and in your garden are oases for life. The heat and nutrients from ant mounds make them the perfect home for unique plant and animal species, according to new research.--ScienceDaily
98 Could African farmers slash their reliance on mineral fertilizers by growing legumes?
99 Scientists discover antibiotic resistance genes in clouds--ScienceDaily
100 Colorado River water plan could trigger unprecedented supply cuts, ripple effects on key industries
101 AI tool scored more than 10 percent higher one month later--ScienceDaily
102 Artificial photosynthesis for environmentally friendly food production
103 Rather than start from scratch after a failed attempt, the pick-and-place robot adapts in the moment to get a better hold--ScienceDaily
104 Extracting potent COVID-fighting pharmaceuticals for protective sprays
105 Researchers explore techniques to successfully reintroduce captive birds into the wild--ScienceDaily
106 World Chess title heads into rapid-play tiebreak / Chess News
107 Super-charged textile repairs itself, monitors heart rhythm
108 Can jack-of-all-trades AI reshape medicine? Researchers chart course for the design, testing, and implementation of next-gen AI in medicine--ScienceDaily
109 Why do magnets have north and south poles?
110 Study identifies the regions most at risk [of high temperatures]
111 Using microbes to get more out of mining waste--ScienceDaily
112 Taxidermy birds are being turned into drones
113 Human activities have reduced elephant habitat by nearly two-thirds since 1700, dividing population into smaller patches
114 Is the ocean a solution for ushering in the era of environmentally friendly energy?--ScienceDaily