File Title
1 For birds, blending in may result in more diversity
2 Significant variation in anatomy of human guts--ScienceDaily
3 Lost' 2nd-century Roman fort discovered in Scotland
4 Raw materials, or sacred beings? Lithium extraction puts two worldviews into tension
5 New biologic effective against major infection in early tests--ScienceDaily
6 NASA's Perseverance rover loses its hitchhiking 'pet rock' after more than a year together on Mars
7 Researchers reveal an ancient mechanism for wound repair
8 Protecting big trees for wildlife also benefits climate, says study
9 Massive iceberg discharges during the last ice age had no impact on nearby Greenland, raising new questions about climate dynamics--ScienceDaily
10 The exoplanet was detected using machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence--ScienceDaily
11 Searching for ancient bears in an Alaskan cave leads to an important human discovery
12 First-of-its-kind study suggest researchers' stress levels stay the same with or without deadlines--ScienceDaily
13 Increased risk of Alzheimer's disease due to exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, suggests study
14 120-year-old storm's secrets key to understanding weather risks--ScienceDaily
15 Debunking false beliefs requires tackling belief systems
16 Unique smart fabric is the first to change both color and shape in response to two different stimuli--ScienceDaily
17 Women experienced greater loss in partnership quality than men during the pandemic
18 Future clinical trials to determine if combination chloroquine and venetoclax addresses disease comeback--ScienceDaily
19 Study finds red blood cell particles are effective drug carriers in suppressing muscle loss caused by cancer
20 With the help of neural networks, the complexity of the layer around the Earth can be reconstructed much better than before. This is important for satellite navigation, among other things.--ScienceDaily
21 The playbook of forecasting US Treasury bond returns
22 Better superconductors with palladium--ScienceDaily
23 A panoramic view on lithium-mediated electrochemical dinitrogen reduction reaction
24 Algae in Swedish lakes provide insights to how complex life on Earth developed--ScienceDaily
25 Eggshell waste for bone graft material
26 Effects of brain stimulation amenable to conditioning: Neuroscience--ScienceDaily
27 Enhanced performance of oxygen vacancies on carbon dioxide adsorption and activation over different phases of ZrO2
28 Revolutionary design could combine superconductor levitation, lossless electricity transmission, and liquid hydrogen transportation into one system.--ScienceDaily
29 New machine learning framework for more accurate plant disease diagnosis
30 Cryo-imaging lifts the lid on fuel cell catalyst layers--ScienceDaily
31 Exploring the promotion of anthocyanin synthesis in red-fleshed apples
32 Arterial stiffness may cause metabolic syndrome in adolescents via an increase in fasting insulin and LDL cholesterol--ScienceDaily
33 The dynamics of 'hotspot forming' high-energy quasiparticles in a superconducting nanowire
34 Mudskippers could be key to understanding evolution of blinking--ScienceDaily
35 Mind-control' parasite Toxoplasma hides from the immune system with 2 key genes
36 Condensed matter physics inspires a new model of cellular behavior
37 Scientists detect seismic waves traveling through Martian core--ScienceDaily
38 Newly discovered jellyfish is a 24-eyed weirdo related to the world's most venomous marine creature
39 Supermassive black hole tears apart a giant star
40 The printer generates vaccine-filled microneedle patches that can be stored long-term at room temperature and applied to the skin--ScienceDaily
41 Rosalind Franklin knew DNA was a helix before Watson and Crick, unpublished material reveals
42 Artemis II astronauts see mission as 'setting the stage' for deeper space travel
43 Japan firm's pioneering Moon landing fails
44 Astrophysicists reveal the nature of dark matter through the study of crinkles in spacetime--ScienceDaily
45 A pioneering artificial intelligence method to fight urban air pollution
46 Real-time classification of underwater earthquakes based on acoustic signals enables earlier, more reliable disaster preparation--ScienceDaily
47 Disastrous SpaceX launch under federal investigation after raining hazardous debris on homes and beaches
48 Researcher's new book reveals spirituality is a powerful force in women's prisons
49 Mixing theory and observation to envision a warmer world
50 Heidelberg researchers describe mechanisms that could help prevent infections with the influenza A and Ebola viruses--ScienceDaily
51 Astronomers solve the 60-year mystery of quasars, the most powerful objects in the universe
52 Computational 'short cuts' offer fast answers to complex supply chain problems--ScienceDaily
53 Hispanics with disabilities making historic rebound in job market post-COVID-19 shutdown
54 Asteroid's comet-like tail Is not made of dust, solar observatories reveal--ScienceDaily
55 Burnout has far-reaching consequences for teachers' physical health, shows study
56 Almost half of people with concussion still show symptoms of brain injury six months later--ScienceDaily
57 Paper identifies best practices for inclusive authorship to reduce barriers to participation
58 Elusive intermediate-mass black holes take a few bites, then eject the leftovers--ScienceDaily
59 Simulations capture the interaction between a rocket plume and the surface and find ways to make planetary descents and ascents safer--ScienceDaily
60 COVID market disruptions were tougher on small firms spread up and down supply chain, study finds
61 Global research reveals countries where record-breaking heatwaves are likely to cause most harm--ScienceDaily
62 Woodpecker guides post-fire forest management
63 How long-lasting memories form in the brain--ScienceDaily
64 Global research reveals countries where record-breaking heat waves are likely to cause most harm
65 Poor air quality linked to cognitive problems in babies--ScienceDaily
66 Self-driving lab accelerates the discovery process for materials with multiple applications
67 2,600-year-old stone busts of 'lost' ancient Tartessos people discovered in sealed pit in Spain
68 Drought threatens Panama Canal shipping traffic
69 Around the world, research reveals, people help each other about every 2 minutes--ScienceDaily
70 Most melatonin gummies have higher doses than what's on the label
71 Could quantum fluctuations in the early universe enhance the creation of massive galaxy clusters?
72 Proponents say real-time sensors, data will improve the everyday lives of citizens. But some worry it could exacerbate existing inequalities.--ScienceDaily
73 Telescopes image M87's supermassive black hole and massive jet together for the first time
74 Researchers find rhythmic brain activity helps to maintain temporary memories--ScienceDaily
75 Biologists compare and select most effective and nontoxic biocides for mobile toilets and dump wells
76 How the principles of evolution can create lasting global change--ScienceDaily
77 World's heaviest Schrodinger's cat made in quantum crystal visible to the naked eye
78 Scientists discover rare element in exoplanet's atmosphere
79 First 'gene silencing' drug for Alzheimer's disease shows promise--ScienceDaily
80 Irregular sleep may increase your risk of dying from cancer and heart disease
81 Study finds biases about bribery in certain countries facilitate corruption
82 Progress in alternative battery technology--ScienceDaily
83 Don't use 'amniotic fluid' eye drops, FDA warns
84 Predators decrease prey disease levels but also population size, study finds
85 Pet rabbits need freedom to exercise, study finds--ScienceDaily
86 1st-ever close-up photo of Mars' moon Deimos reveals the Red Planet's violent past
87 A high-throughput AI method for leaf counting
88 Walking a leashed dog associated with risk of traumatic brain injury among adults--ScienceDaily
89 The biggest snake in the world
90 Backwashing affects the removal of micropollutants and the dynamic changes in the microbial community in sand filters
91 Webb reveals early-universe prequel to huge galaxy cluster--ScienceDaily
92 Type VI secretion systems: Weapons of bacterial destruction
93 Framework for NASA's Roman spacecraft moves to Goddard clean room
94 Astronomers solve the 60-year mystery of quasars--the most powerful objects in the Universe--ScienceDaily
95 Unraveling the mechanism of green emission peaks in single polyfluorene chains
96 Robot fish makes splash with motion breakthrough--ScienceDaily
97 German researchers figure out how lager first developed in Bavaria
98 Matching form and function of brain cell types--ScienceDaily
99 Using microbes to get more out of mining waste
100 Study links nutrients, brain structure, cognition in healthy aging--ScienceDaily
101 Twilight zone at risk from climate change
102 The new diagnostic, which is based on analysis of urine samples, could also be designed to reveal whether a tumor has metastasized.--ScienceDaily
103 WWII ship that sank with 1,000 Allied POWs on board discovered in South China Sea
104 Deadly invader devastating Venezuelan coral reefs
105 New tool turns science into action--ScienceDaily
106 Dark matter's secret identity could be hiding in distorted 'Einstein rings
107 Global warming made Horn of Africa drought possible: report
108 Mixing theory, observation to envision warmer world--ScienceDaily
109 Moments before dying, Japan's lunar lander snaps glorious photo of Earth during a total solar eclipse
110 Historic flooding in Fort Lauderdale was a sign of things to come--a look at who is most at risk and how to prepare
111 How a horse whisperer can help engineers build better robots--ScienceDaily
112 Male California sea lions are becoming bigger and better fighters as their population rebounds
113 Mysterious underwater acoustic world of British ponds revealed in new study--ScienceDaily
114 China finally admits its hibernating Mars rover may never wake up