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1 COVID may be moving towards the endemic stage in India; here's what it means
2 Uterine cramps after childbirth may be painful, but are a natural part of the postpartum healing process
3 Here's why having chocolate can make you feel great or a bit sick--plus 4 tips for better eating
4 To avoid post-meal drowsiness and keep your glucose levels stable, this is what you should do
5 Parasitic worms found swarming underneath Vietnamese woman's skin after she ate raw blood pudding
6 'Selling Sunset' star Mary Fitzgerald opens up about suffering a septic miscarriage; know what it is
7 TikTok may be bad for privacy, but is it also harming our cognitive abilities?
8 Owning houseplants can boost your mental health--here's how to pick the right one
9 Why regular exercise is crucial for managing PCOS symptoms
10 Study suggests air pollution affects antibody response to COVID-19 vaccine; here's what an expert says
11 Can body shaming be outlawed?
12 Waist circumference is a good indicator of possible health risks; here is what you need to know
13 Understanding Delboeuf illusion and how it can be used to one's advantage
14 Expert shares underrated habits that have the 'highest return on investment' on mental health
15 If you cannot sit at one place and meditate, Sonnalli Seygall suggests practising this 'fast and intense' technique
16 World Hemophilia Day 2023: Tips that will help you take good care of kids with this rare bleeding disorder
17 How ovulation prediction kits can help identify peak fertility period with greater accuracy
18 Do you feel an irresistible urge to move your legs while sleeping? This is why
19 Women, find out why your underwear may often get discoloured in the middle
20 Between fresh and frozen vegetables, you should pick...
21 Bhagyashree highlights the importance of zinc to boost immunity: 'Just a little bit, will keep your life fit'
22 What causes motion sickness? Here's how to reconcile the mismatch in what your senses are telling your brain
23 Five Indian herbs that have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties
24 All you need to know about Arcturus, the new coronavirus variant causing COVID-19 surge in India
25 These widely-consumed foods can make you feel gassy and bloated
26 Dark knuckles can be a sign of an underlying health condition; things you must keep in mind
27 'I would lie there wide awake; it felt like a constant daze': People share their struggles living with insomnia
28 In a first in Kerala, hospital performs rare 3D ankle surgery
29 Anxious about your health? Here's how you can cope
30 These seven foods are a blessing for thyroid health
31 A Beauty treatment promised to zap fat. For some, it brought disfigurement
32 New COVID variants are showing signs of 'immune evasion'; what does it mean?
33 Know more about 'Benadryl challenge,' the TikTok trend that claimed a 13-year-old boy's life
34 Sonnalli Seygall starts her day with ash gourd juice and soaked curry leaves; know benefits
35 World Liver Day: Essential tests experts recommend to monitor the health of this important organ
36 Why everyday decisions feel so stressful--and what to do about it
37 Is it advisable for pregnant women to watch movies in the theatre?
38 Understanding the nutritional profiles of rice and oats for successful weight loss
39 The secret for better energy levels isÉ
40 Air pollution, heat linked to lower sleep quality, study finds
41 Here's what makes curd and dates the best combination to break your Ramadan fast
42 Things you must keep in mind when getting a gel manicure
43 Experts on whether consuming ghee in the last months of pregnancy helps during vaginal delivery
44 Things people undergoing liver transplant need to be careful about amid rising COVID-19 cases
45 'Health + flavour': Masaba Gupta shares 'how to curb chaat cravings'
46 Sun poisoning vs. heatstroke: Understanding the differences (and severity)
47 Turns out, Ramadan fasting can have a positive effect on skin health
48 Is honey and curd an expert-approved combination for gut health?
49 You could blame these habits for always feeling hungry
50 Sleepwalking: Know all about the causes, symptoms, and treatment
51 Amid COVID surge, experts suggest precautionary steps to stay safe
52 The dos and don'ts of eating one meal a day (OMAD)
53 Understanding the leg-lengthening process US man spent [pi]1.35 crore on to increase height by five inches
54 How plants can change your state of mind
55 Myth or fact: For better absorption, calcium supplements must be taken with milk
56 Effective Ayurvedic tips to manage menopause naturally
57 A beginners guide to understanding the basics of ultrasound scans
58 Do these simple things and enjoy your favourite foods without compromising on health
59 Why are so many girls suffering from anorexia?
60 3 remedies to take care of your eyes and reduce pressure
61 Gene in Down syndrome patients found to inhibit other neurons' activities
62 Study sheds light on role of glucose in brain activity
63 Heat wave and diabetes: Is there a connection?
64 Orthorexia nervosa: When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession
65 Why you may be waking up in a bad mood
66 Jeera water during pregnancy: Understanding the health benefits
67 To use or not to use: Air fryers
68 Stress can increase your biological age but it can be reversed, says new study
69 World Malaria Day 2023: Simple diet tips to fight the mosquito-borne disease
70 Why experts advise patients to be cautious when using earbuds
71 Morning sickness is extremely common during pregnancy; here's how you can manage it
72 Hay fever could be linked to our gut and nose bacteria--and probiotics may help symptoms
73 Detect adulteration in milk with this foolproof test
74 How following a pre, during, and post-meal routine can make a huge difference to your health
75 3 skincare trends that are popular but 'just not doing any good'
76 Your diet can help regulate body temperature; some foods that can increase and decrease heatstroke risk
77 White sugar vs. jaggery vs. honey vs. brown sugar: Which should you pick?
78 COVID-19 fatigue can lead to mental and physical exhaustion; here's how to manage it effectively
79 Parkash Singh Badal passes away due to 'acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma'; know more about the condition
80 Understanding 'activity snacking' and how it can help people with Type 1 diabetes
81 Know all about vasovagal syncope, the condition Shantanu Maheshwari's Dr. Roy suffers from in 'Tooth Pari'
82 Cooking pollutes your home and increases your health risks--but better ventilation will help
83 Ayurvedic lifestyle changes that can help 'transform you'
84 Cauliflower leaves: Should you consume or discard them?
85 Myth or fact: The body processes carbs differently at night, which may lead to weight gain
86 Biochemical pregnancy: Causes, symptoms, and risk factors
87 Tonight, satiate your hunger pangs with these nutritious snacks
88 Biden would end his second term at 86. What could that mean for his brain and body?
89 Is a month enough to overcome sugar addiction?
90 Understanding the link between obesity and heatstroke
91 The dirty truth about your phone--and why you need to stop scrolling in the bathroom
92 Mini Mathur says her 'morning brew' is rich in iron; find out about the wonder ingredient(s)
93 This simple ingredient can help lose weight, aid digestion, and also keep you satiated
94 Women, here's how much chia seeds you should consume during pregnancy
95 Can low blood sugar lead to slurring of speech? Experts answer
96 As India reports over 9,000 cases in 24 hours, experts on the reasons behind spike in COVID infections
97 This is why some people see colours differently
98 All your questions about compression socks answered: What they are, who needs them, and why
99 As former chef shares the 'most important' way to lose weight, a nutritionist expresses objections
100 Understanding the link between hearing loss and dementia
101 What to know about prescription drugs promising weight loss
102 New image reveals violent events near a supermassive black hole
103 Scientists measure a paradoxical quantum phenomenon for the first time
104 Ambitious genome project shows how humans fit with other mammals
105 This odd reptile with a beak is an ancient relative of both crocodiles and birds
106 NASA's 45-year-old Voyager 2 probe gets new lease of life at edge of solar system
107 Everything you need to know about the penumbral lunar eclipse on May 5
108 Global glaciers lost ice equivalent to weight of 4 trillion cows in one decade
109 James Webb Space Telescope captures 'baby years' of huge galaxy cluster
110 Jerry Springer, politician-turned-TV ringmaster, dies at 79
111 Elderly Japanese man opens free cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv
112 Vice News Tonight' to go off the air as company cuts jobs
113 Russian missile and drone attack in Ukraine kills 23 people
114 China flies 38 warplanes near Taiwan, 6 navy vessels in area
115 Ukrainian troops repel Russian attacks, and hope Western arms turn the tide
116 Donald Trump 'raped me whether I screamed or not,' Jean Carroll tells court
117 Looting, roadblocks: Paramilitary is a scary neighbour in Sudan's capital
118 BBC chairman Richard Sharp resigns after breaching rules over Boris Johnson loan
119 Japan to restore preferred trade status for South Korea
120 Dutch court bans sperm donor who fathered at least 550 children
121 Spain, Portugal swelter as April temperature records broken
122 Vladimir Putin signs decree paving way for deportation of people from annexed Ukraine