File Title
1 Volcanic eruptions could be ruining our ability to predict climate change
2 NASA's Lucy captures Jupiter Trojan images for the first time
3 James Webb Space Telescope could be finding galaxies that shouldn't exist
4 Argentina battles major dengue outbreak with atomic radiation
5 Hybrid solar eclipse on April 20 brought both total darkness and 'ring of fire'
6 New grasslands revelation could rewrite how humans evolved
7 Old NASA satellite falling to Earth, risk of danger 'low'
8 Rocket science: Alaska sky spiral caused by SpaceX fuel dump
9 Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship rocket explodes mid-flight after launch
10 Watch: SpaceX's Starship rocket explodes minutes after launch
11 New flexible OLED display technology can be stretched to twice its size
12 Earth day 2023: Scientists are engineering plants to produce 'sex perfume' to replace pesticides
13 You think you need more sleep? Tell that to an elephant seal
14 Earth Day 2023: Meaning, history & significance of the day celebrating the planet
15 Solar Orbiter gets closer to answering mystery of why Sun's atmosphere is hotter than surface
16 ChatGPT could not master this test, experts warn that it may outdo humans soon
17 In latest ISRO launch, solar panels to power final-stage experiments
18 Earth Day 2023: UN report points to continuous advance of climate change
19 China to test out 3D printing technology on moon to build habitats
20 Japanese company: 'High probability' lander crashed on moon
21 NASA chief sees Russians and Americans together on space station through 2030
22 Study details differences between deep interiors of Mars and Earth
23 China unveils plan to build satellite system for space exploration
24 Rosalind Franklin's role in DNA discovery gets a new twist
25 Machine learning helps astronomers detect new alien planet
26 Japan's Hakuto, India's Vikram & Israel's Beresheet: Moon landers that never made it
27 In Ukraine, Russia pounds Bakhmut and Avdiivka with air strikes as war tightens on eastern front
28 What do peace talks in Yemen mean for its 8-year war?
29 At least 50 killed as Myanmar military attacks rebel gathering: Reports, militias
30 Russian volcano erupts, spewing out a vast cloud of ash
31 US, Philippines joint war games send a signal to China
32 Airstrikes on Myanmar village feared to have killed 100
33 'See the tension in that video': Louisville police shares footage of mass shooting at bank
34 From red carpet to doghouse: Macron returns from China to allied dismay
35 Ukraine President Zelenskyy writes to PM Modi
36 During Ramadan, Palestinians picnic in Aqsa compound to break fast
37 How Ukraine won the war to keep the lights on
38 An online meme group is at the center of uproar over leaked military secrets
39 Airstrikes on Myanmar village: What we know so far
40 Syria and Tunisia restore diplomatic ties after a decade
41 Leaked U.S. intel document claims Serbia agreed to arm Ukraine
42 Taiwan says China planning to close airspace amid military drills
43 China warns as US, Philippines stage combat drills
44 US President Biden is not 'anti-British,' White House official says
45 Myanmar military justifies deadly attack on insurgent ceremony
46 Indian-origin start-up executives convicted on $1 billion corporate fraud charges
47 China records world's first human death from H3N8 bird flu--WHO
48 Prince Harry to attend King Charles' coronation, Meghan to stay in California
49 North Korea fires missile, Japan retracts take-cover warning
50 Trump sues his former lawyer Michael Cohen for more than $500 million
51 Big US intelligence leak was by gun enthusiast in 20s, says report
52 Gulf nations Bahrain, Qatar to restore ties after boycott
53 New leaked documents show broad infighting among Russian officials
54 Miscommunication nearly led to Russian jet shooting down British spy plane, US officials say
55 'I'm comin' home': Biden takes a tour of his Irish heritage
56 Russia's Navalny has mystery ailment which may be slow poisoning: Spokeswoman
57 Norway expels 15 Russian 'intelligence officers' from embassy
58 Trump back in New York for questioning in state civil fraud case
59 Russia says prisoner swap for WSJ reporter can only be considered after trial
60 Rishi Sunak's wife Akshata to earn Rs 68.17 crore dividend income from Infosys
61 US appeals court preserves limited access to abortion pill
62 Biden says US 'getting close' on source of intelligence leak
63 US arrests 21-year-old National Guardsman for online intelligence leaks
64 Who is Jack Teixeira, the 21-year-old arrested in US classified documents leak probe?
65 The young gamers who shook the intelligence world
66 'Innocent grandfatherly' prank: Tibetan leader defends Dalai Lama after outrage over video with child
67 Iran executed 582 people in 2022, say rights groups
68 US classified documents leak: Here's what we know so far
69 North Korea says it tested new solid-fuel long-range missile
70 Taiwan president pledges to strengthen military as Chinese drills ebb
71 China vows not to sell arms to any party in Ukraine war
72 Welcomed in Ireland, 'Cousin Joe' Biden jokes of staying
73 7.0 magnitude earthquake shakes Indonesia's main island
74 Imran Khan appears in Lahore HC; gets protective bail for using 'inappropriate language' against Army officers
75 Minneapolis OKs dawn Muslim prayer call, 1st for big US city
76 French President Macron's pension law passes crunch constitutional test
77 Supreme Court briefly preserves broad availability of abortion pill
78 Watch: Japanese PM unhurt after blast shakes port he was visiting
79 Indians in Sudan's Khartoum asked to stay indoors amid clashes between paramilitary and army
80 Keep the Toilet Lid Closed: Rat Tales for the New Rat Czar
81 Sudan's army and rival force battle, killing at least 27, wounding over 180
82 Gunmen shoot up resort in central Mexico, killing 7 people
83 Over and out: Germany switches off its last nuclear plants
84 Cash-strapped Pakistan hikes petrol price by Rs 10 per litre
85 Diplomats gather in Japan at 'historic turning point'
86 Ukraine brings home 130 military in Easter prisoner exchange
87 Gunmen storm Mexican resort, kill 7, including child
88 Fire in Dubai kills 16, injures 9 in apartment building
89 Shooting at Alabama birthday party kills 4 people, wounds 28
90 World Food Programme halts operations in Sudan after 3 employees killed
91 Lack of security for Japanese prime minister surprised many
92 Sudan fears 'ghost of civil war' as explosions rock capital
93 US warship sails in Taiwan Strait after China's exercises
94 Indian couple who died in Dubai apartment building fire were preparing iftar for neighbours
95 G7 Climate and Environment Ministers' meet concludes, states commit to decarbonise power grids by 2035
96 Putin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza jailed in Russian treason case for 25 years in harshest sentence for years
97 Bombardments rock Sudan capital for third day, US calls for ceasefire
98 Ukraine seeks re-opening of grain transit via Poland as 'first step'
99 Violence in Khartoum: Indian embassy in Sudan advises Indians to not venture out
100 Slovakia gives Ukraine remaining 9 of 13 promised warplanes
101 French court clears Air France, Airbus over Rio-Paris plane crash
102 UK PM Rishi Sunak faces probe over wife Akshata Murthy's business interest
103 Explosive targeting Japan PM renews worry of homemade arms
104 California Gurdwara shooting: Police arrest 17 men with machine gun, AK-47 in possession
105 Indian climber goes missing from Mt. Annapurna in Nepal
106 Sudan violence: 185 killed, 1,800 wounded as fighting continues for third day
107 Chinese man charged with blasphemy in Pakistan
108 Rishi Sunak seeks to reverse UK's 'anti-math' culture
109 Vladimir Putin visits Russian troops in Ukraine's Kherson, Luhansk regions
110 US diplomatic convoy, EU envoy assaulted; Sudan's Khartoum airport attacked as battle continues
111 Qatar and UAE in process of restoring diplomatic ties
112 Ten-time Everest climber dies after scaling Annapurna peak in Nepal
113 Russia upholds detention of US reporter
114 China offers to facilitate Israel-Palestinian peace talks
115 Kim Jong Un says North Korea finishes development of first spy satellite
116 Watch: Parking garage collapses in New York City; 1 killed, 5 injured
117 New York City tops the list of world's wealthiest cities 2023. Here's the full list
118 How much does a US President earn? Here's what Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris' tax returns reveal
119 Why China's shrinking population is a problem for everyone