File Title
1 When an earthquake strikes, how do Mexico city hospitals respond?
2 Hidden contents of 6 ancient Egyptian coffins, sealed for thousands of years, revealed
3 Beaver ponds with deeper sediments store more nitrogen, simple mapping reveals
4 Findings could improve understanding of how nutrition affects macular degeneration--ScienceDaily
5 Worms and humans both get 'the munchies,' despite 500 million years of evolutionary separation
6 New research on megafire smoke plumes clarifies what they contain, how they move and their potential impacts
7 Awareness of seismic hazard could prepare the population and the science community--ScienceDaily
8 SpaceX launch of Starship a success, despite explosion minutes after takeoff
9 Whales stop by Gold Coast bay for day spa fix with full body scrubs
10 Astrocyte dysfunction causes cognitive decline--ScienceDaily
11 New look at 'Einstein rings' around distant galaxies just got us closer to solving the dark matter debate
12 Highest concentrations found in the West and South and among Mexican American and other Hispanic participants--ScienceDaily
13 Arctic ice algae heavily contaminated with microplastics, reports new research
14 One-step solution-coating method to advance perovskite solar cell manufacturing and commercialization--ScienceDaily
15 Scientists invent 'shape-shifting' antibiotic to fight deadly superbugs
16 360-million-year-old Irish fossil provides oldest evidence of plant self-defense in wood
17 New USGS-FEMA report updates economic risk from earthquakes--ScienceDaily
18 Surprise discovery of world's 2nd deepest blue hole could provide window into Earth's history
19 How restoring the Everglades can save the Florida panther
20 Researchers discover new way to replace biocrusts damaged by human activities--ScienceDaily
21 Eerie sounds triggered by plasma waves hitting Earth's magnetic field captured in new NASA sound clip
22 Cells send maintenance crews to fix damaged protein factories
23 A gene involved in Down syndrome puts the brakes on neurons' activity in mice--ScienceDaily
24 Great white shark washes up on South Carolina beach in rare, unusual stranding
25 UN reports 'off the charts' melting of glaciers
26 Do higher-order interactions promote synchronization?--ScienceDaily
27 Hidden symbols and 'anomalies' discovered in 800-year-old 'Stone of Destiny' to be used in Charles III's coronation
28 Nanowire networks learn and remember like a human brain
29 Synthetic biology meets fashion in engineered silk--ScienceDaily
30 Hellbender salamander dads are cannibalizing their young, and deforestation may be to blame
31 The West Texas effort preserves one of the largest dark sky reserves
32 Massive crowd-sourced study comes from 327 co-authors at 186 institutions from 14 countries--ScienceDaily
33 Pancreatitis: Causes, symptoms and treatments
34 Ridgecrest faults increasingly sensitive to solid Earth tides before earthquakes--ScienceDaily
35 Biological aging' speeds up in times of great stress, but it can be reversed during recovery
36 Most people feel 'psychologically close' to climate change, find researchers
37 Researchers reveal a map to study novel form of cell-to-cell communication--ScienceDaily
38 230 million-year-old bizarre-beaked reptile was a relative of modern-day crocodiles
39 Scientists save ancient Arctic ice in race to preserve climate history
40 Reintroduction in India must consider their spatial ecology--ScienceDaily
41 Will Earth ever lose its moon?
42 CERN takes first small steps towards giant particle accelerator
43 Elephant seals drift off to sleep while diving far below the ocean surface--ScienceDaily
44 Aspirational recycling: How bad is it to put things in the recycling that can't be recycled?
45 A forgotten and neglected ecosystem covers a third of Earth's coastlines, with a collective value of $500 billion
46 Protein design software developers have adapted an artificial intelligence strategy proven adept at chess and Go--ScienceDaily
47 Fusion power key to Earth's survival, says Bill Nye in exclusive interview
48 Research on 2,400 languages shows nearly half the world's language diversity is at risk
49 Melosira arctica has ten times higher concentration of plastic particles than surrounding seawater--ScienceDaily
50 AI's 'unsettling' rollout is exposing its flaws. How concerned should we be?
51 World's 'oldest' tree able to reveal planet's secrets
52 Evolution of two contagious cancers affecting Tasmanian devils underlines unpredictability of disease threat--ScienceDaily
53 Climate change, farmers draining ancient Balkan lake
54 Cracking the case of mitochondrial repair and replacement in metabolic stress--ScienceDaily
55 Rescued alligator that was recovering at NYC zoo has died
56 New review study released in the journal Science offers new solutions for combating climate change and biodiversity loss--ScienceDaily
57 New federal program targets abandoned crab, lobster traps
58 Greenhouse gas release from permafrost is influenced by mineral binding processes--ScienceDaily
59 New approach to developing efficient, high-precision 3D light shapers
60 Mycologists want to take advantage of new surge of interest--ScienceDaily
61 Simulations with a machine learning model predict a new phase of solid hydrogen
62 Study shows most children recover from Lyme disease within six months of treatment--ScienceDaily
63 New research is helping scientists better understand how microstructures change
64 International report explores community legal services for better access to justice
65 How alcohol consumption contributes to chronic pain--ScienceDaily
66 Preston's economic development boosts health and wellbeing of local residents
67 Too much insulin can be as dangerous as too little--ScienceDaily
68 New breeding program produces purple tomatoes with high anthocyanin content
69 A case of 'the chicken or the chili pepper?' and coming to grips with a new timeline--ScienceDaily
70 New tracking technology reveals the hidden foraging lives of desert ants
71 360-million-year-old Irish fossil provides oldest evidence of plant self-defense in wood--ScienceDaily
72 Why are deserts dry? / Live Science
73 Functional textiles: An alternative to antibiotics
74 A cell therapy using myeloid cells bound to drug delivery microparticles reduces disease burden in a preclinical multiple sclerosis model--ScienceDaily
75 3,300-year-old ancient Egyptian tombs and chapel with 'amazing' decorations unearthed at Saqqara
76 Social media data provides first glimpse at increased popularity of air conditioning worldwide
77 Cheaper method for making woven displays and smart fabrics--of any size or shape--ScienceDaily
78 Black patients may need breast cancer screenings earlier than what many guidelines recommend
79 Scientists ID Caribbean sea urchin killer
80 Geochemical analyses of stone artifacts reveal long-distance voyaging among Pacific Islands during the last millennium--ScienceDaily
81 A new way to entangle high-dimensional quantum systems--ScienceDaily
82 Organic high-capacity battery--ScienceDaily
83 New tool facilitates clinical interpretation of genetic information--ScienceDaily
84 Explorers find WWII ship sunk with over 1,000 Allied POWs
85 Biological age is increased by stress and restored upon recovery--ScienceDaily
86 The mathematics of cell boundary 'ruggedness'
87 Most people feel 'psychologically close' to climate change--ScienceDaily
88 Microfluidic circuit for pulsatile filtration of extracellular vesicles from whole blood samples
89 Greater insect diversity in the Cretaceous period--ScienceDaily
90 Communication about quantum technology offers many opportunities (but there are risks too)
91 Paradigm shift in lung preservation could increase donor organs and change practice worldwide--ScienceDaily
92 Whales stop by Gold Coast bay for day spa fix with full body scrubs--ScienceDaily
93 Newly sequenced hornet genomes could help explain invasion success--ScienceDaily
94 New study sheds light on the subterranean microbreweries of ground-nesting bees--ScienceDaily
95 Using ultrasonic waves that propel drug molecules into the skin, the patch could be used to treat a variety of skin conditions--ScienceDaily
96 Cannabinoids give worms the munchies, too--ScienceDaily
97 Making better measurements of the composition of galaxies--ScienceDaily
98 These tunable proteins could be used to create new materials with specific mechanical properties, like toughness or flexibility--ScienceDaily
99 Cedars-Sinai investigators found using expandable engineered cells is a promising new strategy to treat neurodegenerative diseases--ScienceDaily
100 And yes, they are looking to miniaturize it for smartphone dead reckoning--ScienceDaily
101 New programmable smart fabric responds to temperature and electricity
102 Versatile, high-speed, and efficient crystal actuation with photothermally resonated natural vibrations--ScienceDaily
103 Researchers found a peptide that's never been described before, an interaction that's never been appreciated before, and a potential new avenue for therapeutics in Parkinson's disease--ScienceDaily
104 Scientists find weird holes on the ocean floor spewing ancient fluids 'like a fire hose
105 First-of-its-kind research could provide key insight to fetal neurodevelopment--ScienceDaily
106 Mystery of prehistoric, alien-like tully monster deepens once more
107 China approves coal power surge despite emissions pledge: Greenpeace
108 More research needed to determine if sleep medications prevent, delay Alzheimer's--ScienceDaily
109 Does it matter what time of day you get cancer treatment?
110 Hidden RNA repair mechanism discovered in humans